Friday, October 12, 2012

Music To Our Ears

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Readers, what I'd MOST like to be presenting today is a cartoon about last night's debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan. Unfortunately, in order to get the cartoon and commentary plugged into the towering Hope n' Change virtual printing presses by deadline, I'm writing this hours before the beatdown - er, I mean debate - has taken place.

But that's okay too, because there's a pretty hot topic unrelated to the debate that I really wanted to talk about. And that's the fact that Barack Hussein Obama is a despicable liar.

He's lying through his teeth about the terrorist attack on Benghazi - as are Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Jay Carney and others. The more evidence which comes in, the clearer it is that Obama threw our dead under a bus - specifically his campaign bus - to cover up for the disastrous policy decisions that left our Ambassador defenseless in a dangerous part of the world on 9/11...a day which Barack Obama didn't consider "sensitive" enough that any increased security was called for.

Obama was blatantly lying during the debate about Romney wanting to cut taxes by $5 trillion for the wealthy. And if you follow that link, you'll find out that Obama was lying (not misstating, not misunderstanding, not spinning, but LYING) about almost everything else he said about Romney that night.

Speaking of lying, why would Barack Obama invoke executive privilege to hide internal information about the "Fast & Furious" bloodbaths in Mexico while simultaneously claiming that there's nothing to hide?!

And Barry's tendency to lie is nothing new. Recently, a video from 2007 turned up in which "Ghetto-speak Barry" is railing to a black audience that the racist government wouldn't give New Orleans the same support as other disaster-stricken cities because it was largely black. Specifically, he said Congress wouldn't waive the "Stafford Act," which would require New Orleans to come up with seed money to get other benefits.

But he was lying - big time. Two weeks before Barry made his race-baiting speech, Congress had waived the Stafford Act and in fact, allocated more money to New Orleans than any other stricken city. And Barry - who was an Illinois Senator at the time - was one of the very few in the Senate to vote against giving New Orleans the money.  In other words, he was lying to his black audience for the same reason he tried to deny them aid: because his own political future was best served by angry black audiences - even if their anger was unknowingly provoked by this dreadful, truthless little political worm.

I think it's safe to assume that Barack Hussein Obama is much like an iceberg: and that as horrendous as all of his combined lies are, they probably represent only 10% of the anti-American lies he's telling in places we can't hear (except when a microphone is accidentally left on).

Barack Obama is a filthy, reprehensible liar whose presence in the Whitehouse is a stain. He is a moral cancer, aggressively metastasizing. He is a blight, a curse, and quite possibly a Biblical plague.

We have GOT to vote him out of office - AND vote in conservatives for all the "down ballot" positions in order to empower Romney and Ryan to start cleaning up Washington.

Because Obama's lying ways are going to leave piles of BS which will make the clean-up of the Stygian Stables look like nothing...

Not only an appropriate sentiment, 
but one of the best Beatles songs which wasn't a Beatles song

BONUS: This was my initial reaction to Joe Biden's bizarre debate performance ...


SeaDog52 said...

Might as well be the first to address the debate, or was it a shouting match? Mr. Ryan acquitted himself well, considering it was two against one. It has been published that Biden interrupted Ryan 82 times, I wasn't counting, but I haven't seen how many times Raddatz interrupted, cut off, or did not allow Ryan to rebuttal a statement from Biden, and allowed Biden to ramble on. Moderator's grade, F-. I could go on, but it's fairly obvious from the reactions of most legitimate news sources that Biden was out of control, rude, disrespectful, ignorant of facts, and employed the old "When you don't have the facts, or the facts don't fit your premise, baffle them with bulls*** (or do a PowerPoint - usually same thing). Bottom line, truly I turned to my wife and asked her what she remembered at the end of the debate - very few facts/figures, Biden was an a**, and Ryan's closing statement of the choices. My closing would have been to point to Biden and ask "You want THAT to be a heartbeat from the Presidency?".

SeaDog52 said...

The definition of "High Crimes and Misdemeanors" as written in the Constitution has a different meaning today than it did when the Constitution was written. If the President (and this includes his cabinet members) lie while performing official duties OR on the floor of Congress, then it falls under the scope of an impeachable offense under the High Crimes and Misdemeanors provision. The important note - if his cabinet or appointed head lies, it is the same as if he lied. That is why the term is almost never used in the political spectrum, except by Joe Wilson who proclaimed truthfully and with full insight "You Lie". Momma always told me to tell the truth, a lie was too much work keeping it straight. Maybe this WH needs a whiteboard, or possibly an daily broadcast email announcing the "Excuse d'Jour".

FYI - been having problems with posting, either with Google or the site.

Colby said...


It is so maddening that nobody will call obama out on all the lies and deception; it almost seems like he can do any damn thing he wants with zero challenge, and that is really, really disturbing. Even more disturbing is your "iceberg" analogy!

Last night, Crazy Joe was attempting to blame the whole Benghazi thing on the Republicans for defunding security or some other horse-shit. He was spewing one crazy-ass thing after another, and Ryan was given little chance to set things straight before being stopped by Raddatz or having Biden blurt out another lie while making his scary clown face.

Still, against all odds, I think Ryan did an admirable job despite Biden's facial contortions and constant interruptions. He seemed a bit flustered at at times, but who wouldn't be?

Joe spelled backwards is Extremely Obnoxious Jerk. I sure hope some of his supporters saw that as well, and it would have been awesome if Ryan would have done as you suggested at the end when Biden had no chance to respond or interrupt!

I'm looking forward to Stilton's take on this strange debate.

John the Econ said...

Even the media must think Ryan was devastating. "Good Morning America" spent about 30 seconds on the debate, and the rest of the half hour on Jennifer Anniston's hair.

My favorite Biden gaffe? His response to Ryan's "I think the vice president very well knows that sometimes the words don't come out of your mouth the right way."

..."but I always say what I mean."

Really Joe? Need I pull out the list?

Irene Peduto said...

Stilton - loved the song - but as SeaDog52 mentioned with his definition of "High Crimes & Misdemeanors" these are impeachable offenses - but Clinton was able to deflect even that - surely O would be able to dance around anything serious enough as treason.
@ Colby - so right - especially about the iceberg part that Stilton mentioned - I pray we don't get to see the rest of the iceberg.
@ John the Econ - if only Americans would really pay more attention to the lies being told on their campaign trail.
@ Stilton - I remember that Reagan said something about the times making the man (or the President), that ought to be Romney's position - he is not a flip-flopper, he is a man receptive to the needs of the people - plainly & Simply.
To everyone - hope your weekend is filled with enough goodness to detract from this madness.

Mike Porter said...

Watching these debates has given me a strange sense of hope: on the one hand we have lying scumbags who will say and do anything to attain and hold on to power... completely amoral ass-wipes who have never held real jobs or done anything that wasn't primarily self-serving, and by their very nature always endeavor to blow smoke up our asses in an attempt to hide their own ineptitude. Like crap-loving maggots, they care not for the future in as much as they may continue to bask in the warmth of their own ideological feces and ill-gotten gains.

And on the other hand we have actual adults who are stressing the dire nature of our current predicament in clear and honest terms. The contrast here is so stark as to make it nearly impossible for even an imbecile to miss the difference. This is what the likes of Ryan and company bring to the table - a refreshing breath of clear air after decades of wading through raw sewage.

Trust me when I say that last night I caught myself more than once wishing that the maggots would all just shut the hell up and let the adults run the show for a change (OK, not just last night, I must confess - and not just 'shut the hell up' either).

And so my hope here is that this will not only occur, but said adults will as well realize that 'reaching across the aisle' is tantamount to compromising with cancer. The progressive element in this country must be mercilessly smacked down, and with an awakening that ensures that it stays down.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@SeaDog52- Biden was a bad joke. He grinned like a meth-addicted harlequin, interrupted constantly, and constantly blustered about cliches which are known to be untrue (Romney wants to ignore the 47%, Romney wants to destroy Medicare, Romney wants $5 trillion in tax cuts for the "super-wealthy," etc).

I think Ryan did a good job in very difficult circumstances. And yes, the moderator cut him off while he was being substantive, and encouraged Joe to ramble and attack.

Regarding today's commentary about Obama's treasonous lying, I used both terms in a non-metaphorical sense. I've had it up to here (I'm waving my hands way over my head - trust me) with the quantity and nature of his lies.

@Colby- Funny how today's topic of lies dovetails quite nicely with last night's debate. Or actually, not funny at all. Biden's assertion that Ambassador Stevens was murdered because of GOP cuts to security funding needs to be held to high scrutiny, as well as his claim that nobody - nobody - was aware that the Ambassador had requested more security. This is in direct contradiction to the testimony currently being given on capitol hill.

I think Ryan did a great job under very trying circumstances. His thankless task was to try to perform Shakespeare while locked in an elevator with hysterical circus monkies.

@John the Econ- I'd nearly forgotten Joe's aggressively proud statement that "I always say what I mean," no matter how stupid, offensive, or demonstrably incorrect it is. And he's right - it's actually his greatest strength. Joe Biden believes everything that comes out of his mouth because it came out of his mouth.

@Irene Peduto- At this point I think we have a laundry list of impeachable offenses on Obama, but we don't have the courage in Washington to pursue those charges. And for now, an election is quicker.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Mike Porter- I felt the same way last night (and not just last night). I'm thrilled by the Romney/Ryan ticket; the more I hear, the more I like. They are serious, they are grown-ups, and I believe that both men are motivated by a sense of public service rather than a lust for power.

I hope that enough voters will recognize the dangers of these times, and the stark difference in the choices being offered up on election day. But if we lose (heaven forbid), we'll be doing it for the right reasons - because our candidates were brave enough to speak unpleasant truths, and because they treated the electorate as thinking adults rather than mindless, greedy boobs.

Pete D said...

Stilt, I had great pithy things to say, until you brought up 'boobs.' So, while I try to reset my 'titmotized' brain cells, here's a re-post from last nights thoughts on the debate..

(Announcer voice)
"Annnnnd the wiiinnnnnerrrr iiiissss - The Moderator!!!"
Thought she did a REAL nice job of slapping them both around, "you are NOT gonna roll me like they did Lerher (or whoever) last week"
Other than that, Joe was Joe - folksy, friendly, only occasionally going white eyed and all "they want to EAT your BABIES" on "my friend" Paul Ryan and "the Governor"...
Ryan, OTOH, was that dweeb you know in high school, knew all the math,had all the answers, played in jazz band AND was on the Swim Team so he's a Jock TOO and you Just Can NOT even effing TOUCH him..." Yeah, SHE "won" Ryan a close second, and Old Slow Joe right behind him. Friendly and folksy, but not so tight w/ the numbers. Not bad, but not 'tight' - Ryan was TIGHT. Came off as MUCH more "Adult". And God knows, we need more "Adults" about now.
Did Joe do better than O? No Doubt. Did he "win" (vs. Ryan)? perhaps a matter of opinion.. did he win ENOUGH to re-take the lead for Obama? Please. Did Ryan appear to be a pretty likable guy w/ solid cred, fully behind the HUGE winner from last week? Hells Yes!!!
Unless something HUGE happens for The President in the next few weeks (Foreign policy? REALLY?!?!?) I just don't see any other result.
"Don't cry for him,Venezuela" (er, 'him' being Barry, you know...)

Pete D said...

By the way, what happened to Johnny O? No update today?

Pete D said...

This was just a tad creepy!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@PeteD- Your summary of the debate is worth the repost. Nicely done!

Regarding Johnny - D'oh!!! There's a new cartoon up now; Blogger recently changed the behind the scenes interface and I'd screwed up the posting time accidentally.

TrickyRicky said...

This entire administration is far, far below the standards of ANY previous administration in the history of our country. They are beyond contempt. The incompetence, obfuscation, and bald faced lies which they continue to spout vis-a-vis the debacle in Benghazi are mind boggling. Didn't anyone tell Sheriff Joe about the testimony being delivered on the hill? Holy hell, I feel like I haven't taken a dump in almost 4 years and can't take a laxative until November 6.

CenTexTim said...

"Barack Obama is a filthy, reprehensible liar whose presence in the Whitehouse is a stain. He is a moral cancer, aggressively metastasizing. He is a blight, a curse, and quite possibly a Biblical plague."

Understatement of the year...

Necron99 said...

"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world he didn't exist." - Verbal Kint

Mr. Jarlsberg, today's offering is perhaps the most astute and accurate depiction of "0" (and his gang of cronies) yet published in this humble reader's opinion. Why the rest of the nation couldn't see this 4 years ago boggles the mind. Why the people of Illinois couldn't see this when he ran for the senate is just as perplexing. And most of all, how this travesty and miscarriage of our founding father's vision for government has occurred troubles the mind and spirit to no end.

Describing this insidious, despicable person (and administration) as a "stain on the whitehouse" is most apropos. But it goes beyond that..., he (and his administration) are a STAIN on our nation, our history, our culture, and our standing in the eyes of the world. He is a stain on everything that once made this country great and I fear we will be forever tarnished regardless of what the November election holds.

It is my fear that he is indicative of all future democrat-liberal-progressive-socialist attacks in the war to usurp and impose their tyranny upon our government and nation. This is nothing new... We have seen this type of power mad dictator rise in other parts of the world during various epochs. Perhaps we felt because we were "America" it made us immune? But we have felt this yoke before... One only need refresh themselves of our own history to be reminded of other Presidents who's wish was to "fundamentally transform" this nation in part or whole. Andrew Johnson's (albeit he was a Republican), "Radical Reconstruction" of the former Confederacy, which eventually led to his impeachment, should be an object lesson to us all. Woodrow Wilson's failed "League of Nations" being the prototype for the even greater failure of the UN, LBJ's so-called "Great Society" laying the foundations of our current welfare state culture, Jimmy Carter's NEA & bogus fuel crisis (not to mention inept handling of the Iran Hostage situation), and I won't even start on William Jefferson Clinton!

But I digress.

How we as a nation have been hoodwinked and blinded into allowing "people" like "0" to even come near high office is beyond me. A stain? Yes. But not the first. Perhaps the largest, but not, I fear, the last.

JustaJeepGuy said...


Remember, the main reason we're currently stuck with the stain is, the press REFUSED to report the truth about Barack Hussein! The one and only good thing about a press that's so hostile to Republicans is that we can count on the press to hold the Republicans' feet to the fire. Unfortunately, the press will absolutely flat-out lie about a Republican president to make him/her seem worse than he/she is. Why the press can't just tell the truth is beyond me. Why the press was so willing to throw away their honor is way beyond that.

Colby said...

I finally made the connection! Last night, Joe resembled Jack Nicholson's "Joker" character in the old Batman movie (only on bath salts). Am I right?

@John the Econ,

I completely missed Biden's "but I always say what I mean." comment. Ryan should have shot back, "Like when you said the middle class has been buried for the last four years? I couldn't agree more!" Ah well... it's easy to be a Monday morning quarterback. But if I was Mr. Ryan or Mr. Romney, I'd be saying that line every chance I got. It is 100% true and it came out of Biden's mouth.

Bottom line, Joe looked and acted like a lunatic, and Paul Ryan looked like he was the only adult in the room; that's good enough.

Necorn99 said...

@JustaJeepGuy, Ah yes..., the "media". The info-tainment apparatus who's "reporting" bears as much resemblance to reality as "reality" shows do. Another unfortunate side effect of technological proliferation. Its the Damacles Sword of our information age. While it might provide the freedom for individuals such as our selves to communicate our thoughts & opinions, it also opens the flood gates to any and all running dog lackeys of the Alensky school of perverting the truth (MSM, Huffpo, Mother Jones,etc.). Unfortunately the old song "Dirty Laundry" sums it up best. Only now the twist is to hide the bad guys dirty laundry and fabricate dirty laundry for the good guys.

My humble opinion on how this should be handled... I think the Daleks summed it up best; "EXTERMINATE, EXTERMINATE, EXTERMINATE!!!!!!!!!!"

I've been meaning to post this link as well, but keep forgetting. Its a fun site and great for getting a different perspective on the libtards political twists.

I guess in the end it really just takes the wisdom and intelligence to seperate "good media" from "evil media". Problem is,less and less people in each following generation of Americans are being capable of discerning that.

SeaDog52 said...

I believe that the goal last night was five-fold, 1) Attack Ryan on his 'lack' or foreign policy knowledge, 2)Energize the despondent Democratic base, 3)Get the things out that Obama didn't, i.e., the 47%, 4) Rope in the Women's vote, and lastly 5)Divide a wedge between Romney and Ryan on policy.

Raddatz, consciously or sub-consciously led off with the foreign policy segment (some say because of her expertise - I believe that she was following the Dem lead that if they could knock out Ryan early, the rest would fall into place - and one has to know that not only did Obama attend her wedding, her ex is the Obama FCC Czar that wanted to silence talk radio and seize the internet, and that she visited the WH and the OEB numerous times).

Ryan proved that he had a very good working knowledge of foreign policy and when the Libya incident was brought up and Biden's answer so off the realm of sanity, Raddatz moved off the subject before Ryan could nail Sheriff Joe. I believe that they accomplished items 2 & 3, just by looking at the liberal media comments, but it's not hard to excite people desperate for some type of hope. Item 4 was a gross failure. All I have heard all day, both in the media and personally, is that the majority of the women found Biden to be offensive to them - his demeanor towards their real concerns, the economy, employment, the future, they felt he was telling them to get their apron back on and get in the kitchen - many of my wife's friends are rabid at the inference that basically, they can't think for themselves. Finally, Item 5 - they couldn't do it - throughout, Ryan kept to the Romney/Ryan plan and did not divert from it.

I see that Drudge has an article the the Obama campaign is in panic mode, he has dropped in 'solid' to only 10 states.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@TrickyRicky- I've totally had it with this administration. The ones who aren't mind-bogglingly inept are dishonest, anti-American, or all three. I'm not as good a student of history as I should be, so all I can say with authority is this is the worst administration in my lifetime. And I knew Methuselah when he was just a kid losing his baseball over my back fense.

@CenTexTim- I think I've just about run out of euphemisms for Barry, and pretty much run out of patience and barbed wit. Honesty, though, I still have in abundance.

@Necron99- Great post, and you make me feel less guilty about being self-indulgent in today's commentary. I think people imagine there's some sort of wall which protects us from history - as in, "well, that Hitler fellow was certainly evil, but we'd see right through him now." No, we freaking wouldn't. Oh some of us would - and speak up about it, however and wherever we could (like, uh, HERE). But stupidity and self-interest are rich commodities for the unethical to tap, and "history" is written day to day. For reasons I've spent almost four years delineating here, I believe that Obama and the liberal Left (for Obama is only the tip of that iceberg) is the greatest threat to this country ever. The American Revolution? The Civil War? These were nothing compared to today's threat.

@JustaJeepGuy- I'm obviously a "free press" kind of guy, since I'm counting on that very important freedom to protect me from getting a drone-fired Hellfire missile up my ass. But that being said, the way the MSM has become a propaganda arm of this administration is unacceptable to the point of criminality. I have no idea how to regulate the news media to make it fair, but I do know the system we currently have isn't working and should be changed.

@Colby- I totally spotted the Jack Nicholson "Joker" resemblance and started grabbing images to Photoshop, but then I got depressed and decided it was a better idea to have a wee dram o' Scotch under the notion that it was surely 5 o'clock only a few time zones away.

While watching the debate, I saw a lot of places where I'd have liked Ryan to have a snappy comeback - but it's a dangerous game, and Ryan did fine. Biden's insane performance was clearly intended to break Ryan's cool - and there was surely a secondary plan to exploit that. Ryan didn't give them the satisfaction.

@Necron99- It is difficult for people to recognize what the trustworthy news sources are. It can't just come down to who looks and sounds good - it takes an investiture of time so you can track whether a newscasters words prove to be truthful. And far too many people don't have the time or interest to do so - and they are the easy prey for the bad guys.

@SeaDog52- Good analysis, point by point. I don't feel like we lost ANY ground with last night's debate, and I genuinely believe that Mitt is going to destroy Barry in the foreign policy debate. DESTROY him. Barry had better enjoy those "solid" 10 states while he can - and push hard to get people to vote early before that next debate.

JustaJeepGuy said...

@Stilt said, "...push hard to get people to vote early before that next debate." Yeah, Barack Hussein wants "his people" to vote early and often. He won't be able to "win" the election with just the dead who, as has been pointed out, are somehow all Demo_Rats.

PRY said...

Great comments all...I too am thrilled as each debate comes and goes, it is just so good to hear reasonable, good people articulate our nation's ills (the present administration being at the top of the list).

As the country watches these debates, I hope they am struck as I am by the fact that in the debates or on the stump, R and R sound EXACTLY the same in tone and message. Compare that to the smug loud-mouthed lies coming out of the president's orifice! Biden toned it down a bit, but his egocentric personality came through just the same(along with the unrespectful laughter). I expect more good news for Americans everywhere as this campaign winds down and more and more people come to realize what we are up against.

Like a lot of people, I wasn't a Romney fan 4 years ago, but I am now; he's a great man, closest thing to Reagan yet, and that's a good thing in my book!

Pete(Detroit) said...

Still not a Romney "Fan" but he's getting a lot better at saying the right things. Hopefully the next 'debate' will give him enough Mo to actually get Michigan back in play... DO like Ryan, and w/ the help of R congress (we can hope) to hold Mitt's feet to the fire, we might actually make some progress...

OTOH, as One libby associate said the other day "You'd probably vote for Jeffery Dahmer if he was running against Obama." And I agreed that if that were the choice, I'd certainly consider it. For reasons unknown, he is just totally unable to see history through the kool-aid. I just don't get it.

Pete(Detroit) said...

I also pointed out that being Dead, Dahmer would no doubt be on the Democrat side of the ticket. Haven't heard from him since....

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@JustaJeepGuy- It's not surprising that the dead so heavily favor Obama- they don't want jobs, they're not pro-life, they don't care about tax cuts, and they're shovel ready.

@Pry- I'm liking what I'm hearing, too. I don't expect miracles out of Romney/Ryan, just truthfulness and honest effort. And if elected, I think that's what they'll deliver.

@Pete(Detroit)- I'd vote for someone a LOT worse than Dahmer if Obama was the only other option.

But as you point out, Dahmer will probaby cast a posthumous vote for Barry.

Necron99 said...

I don't want to grow up, I'm a Dem "0" Crat kid. There's a million shills at Dem "0" Crat that I can hang with! From dikes, to commies, to welfare mommies, It's the biggest gang of leeches that there is! Gee whiz! I don't want to grow up, cuz baby if I did, I wouldn't be a Dem "0" Crat kid!

Pete(Detroit) said...

Nice! Always did feel those giraffes 'R' a tad creepy...

Necron99 said...

As are liberals...,

take "Laughing" Joe Biden...,



commoncents said...

Powerful new Pro Life ad is out "Who is the abortion extremist"?

SusieBee said...

I had to turn off the debate after about 20 minutes because Joe Biden was seriously creeping me out. He must have smoked a lot of weed before the debate to laugh that much at things that were NOT funny.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Necron99- The Dems are pretty much writing a comedy act for you!

@commoncents- That's a good and important ad. Abortion isn't "pro-choice;" it's taking away every choice a woman (or man) would have made in an unterminated lifetime.

@SusieBee- Biden's performance was insulting because he was laughing at us. Laughing because we worry about the debt. Finding it hilarious that we're concerned that Medicare and Social Security are going under. Chuckling and mugging because we believe that a resurgent Al-Qaeda and a nuclear-armed Iran are matters which should be taken seriously.

And every time Joe looked straight into the camera like a used car salesman and said "Folks, who ya gonna trust?" - the answer was clearly Paul Ryan.

Dr Jazz said...

I'll watch a Vice Presidential debate when they allow physical violence and audience participation, you know, like in Islamic Countries.

Necron99 said...

But seriously Folks, I'd like to know what everyone's thoughts are on the multiplicity of threats coming from the "0" drones to organize mass riots if he's voted out! I've read a few articles from the alternative news sources about the disturbing trend in libtard threats of violence, and all one need do is read their comments on any site from YouTube to Huffpo to see this isn't a handful of random crackpots. I fear we're reliving 1935 Germany this election.

I refer back to Dr. J's comment on average Americans thinking "it could never happen here", and what's scary is most people I've talked about this subject with either don't believe it would ever happen, or are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to go berserk!

PRY said...

Just came across this oldie but goodie....enjoy!

When Obama stopped in at Master Lock in Milwaukee, Wisconsin last week, he was walking the plant and stopped to talk with a plant employee and looked up at the banner hanging on the wall and said to the worker and people around him, "It is great to be in a union shop, especially one as old as this union is " - - - - pointing to the banner. He then said, "A Union shop since 1848" - - - and then he went on to talk on what that banner stood for and how important it was to display it and show your union support.

The worker then said to Obama that it was the flag of the State of Wisconsin - - which was founded in 1848, and that the shop was Non-Union.

This was only reported by a local radio station in Milwaukee (11:30AM) and not by the major news networks.They didn't want to embarrass this "got no friggin' clue"President!

Since they didn't do their job of reporting on this presidential visit, the only way for the news to get around is by us - on the Internet.

The White House media said he skipped Wisconsin & just went to Minnesota & Chicago.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Dr Jazz- I must admit that there were times when I wished that Ryan would just haul off and paste Biden in the kisser.

Necron99- I'm not too worried about violence if and when the vote goes against Obama. Mind you, I think we could see demonstrations - but probably no worse than those after the Rodney King verdict or most rap concerts. I'd be a lot more worried if the Obama crowd was more highly motivated or better armed. I guess I'd worry more about what might happen if the election is cancelled or obviously stolen by Obama. Because that's a situation that the Founding Fathers specifically planned for.

@PRY- That sounds about right.

JustaJeepGuy said...

Personally, I will worry about riots ONLY if the vote is close. If Romney wins in a landslide, they won't riot. And if they do riot, they will only hurt their cause more. Plus, the armed citizenry will contain the riots. There's not likely to be riots where I live, but I'll have a firearm loaded and ready, just in case.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Necron99, I've got to agree w/ Stilt and Jeep Guy - Over at Weasle Zippers (linked above left) they posted several tweets of people threatening to riot if Obummer loses. General attitude was 'Sure, go ahead, burn down your slum. And, if you think you're coming to MY hood, Bring it, bitches.'

Certainly I hope it does not come to that, but I'm going to have all mags loaded that night...

(Given that it's happened here before, you know - back in '67. National Guard, tanks in the streets, all that sh*t...)