Friday, October 26, 2012

Red Ink

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After repeatedly and dishonestly accusing Mitt Romney of offering no specifics about his plans to turn around our nation's economy, Barack Obama has finally released his own specific proposals for a second that the debates are safely over. And his timing is excellent, because even the normally voracious Candy Crowley would find the president's "new ideas" hard to swallow.

Mr. Obama has released his agenda as an expensive, colorful 20-page pamphlet with the thoroughly insulting title: "The New Economic Patriotism."

As in, you're not a patriot if you don't support redistribution of wealth, metastasizing growth of government, and quite possibly a new film ratings board controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood. (Just kidding about that last one. We hope.)

Unsurprisingly, the heart of Mr. Obama's "new economic patriotism" is raising taxes on small business owners in a way guaranteed to kill jobs for yet another four years. The booklet also explains that the president has made Medicare more secure by cutting $716 billion in payments to doctors and hospitals,  created 5 million jobs (give or take 5 million), and how he intends to bolster our economy by making more "green" investments in companies like Solyndra.

In other words, Obama's plan is to repeat every failed policy of the past four years but with higher taxes - because damn it, if "patriotism" isn't coerced labor and job-killing tax rates, then what is it?!

Seriously, if Karl Marx had a slicker, better-funded Public Relations team, this is exactly what he would have been passing out decades ago.

We've already seen the devastating results of "The Audacity of Hope." We want no part of Barack Hussein Obama's new, unimproved "Audacity of Crap."

To paraphrase Nancy Pelosi, we have to pass on it, because we've seen what's in it.      


Velcro said...

Is it bound as a little red book?

Earl said...

And to deflect attention from this piece of crap, Obama actually called Romney the bulls****er the other day. How I loathe this president in so many ways.

SeaDog52 said...

The 'Little Blue Book' was released in conjunction with the Obama campaign's reset to the 'Hit Mitt' strategy that also has failed miserably. Is it a coincidence that the Allred/Stemburg suit was litigated to have the Testimony/Gag Order lifted the same day as Obama went on the 'Bain is Bad/Romney Hates Women' meme? I LMAO when the judge denied lifting the gag order because Allred forgot to include it in her brief, and the testimony wasn't damaging, but lifting the gag order would have allowed the ex-wife, an Obama supporter, who is a known religious bigot against Mormons and who has a deep hatred of the Romneys, to rant about Mitt Romney and 'Queen Ann', and I thought my ex-wife was a psychotic sociopath. As far as Allred, I guess that MA doesn't have a law against frivolous lawsuits, but her history should lead to disbarment proceedings (fat chance of that).

Irene Peduto said...

As you indicated, Stilton, the "plan" wasn't introduced until after the debates - saving O from having to explain it. After having seen 2016, Occupy Unmasked, Dreams from My Real Father, & The Hope & The Change I am flabbergasted at how this regime came to power & how it is still considered to be a close race. Loved your reference to Ayers re: Marx & his composition of "the plan". Behind O are legions to take his place - the People must choose to right America.

SeaDog52 said...

@Irene: If you really want to be scared, read Amateur. Jimmy Breslin wrote a book titled The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight, some one ought to write one about the Campaign That Couldn't Do Anything Right. The 'plan' was bad enough, but this newest ad "The First Time" is disgusting and IMO is demeaning - though I thought only Republicans did that???

SusieBee said...

Like Irene, I recently watched Dreams of my Real Father, and it was definitely food for thought. I've read The Roots of Obama's Rage, The Ameteur, Obama Zombies, The Obama Diaries, and can't wait for the chance to see 2012 (I've been following Dinesh D'Souza's career for the past 11 years). If more people knew the truth about the man in the White House, there would be no question about who to vote for. We should not be scared, but totally fired up to encourage as many people as we can to get out and vote for Romney. It's time for us to be bold and courageous!

Pete D said...

Velcro, unfortunately, thanx to the communocrats running public education, many (most?) people of voting age have even heard of Mao, much less his 'Little Red Book.'
Those who do not study history, and all...

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

Only fair...Clinton got to redefine "sex" to exclude fellatio and the odd cigar. Obama gets to redefine "patriotism". In his case it truly is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

TrickyRicky said...

My wife and I were lucky enough to attend the R&R rally at Red Rocks earlier this week. I know that the election is way, way closer than it should be in any sort of a rational universe, but the energy and enthusiasm in that crowd were a wonder to see. We stood in line for an hour and a half to go through full on TSA-type security and there was not a hint of grumbling.

The contrast between that type of hope for real change and the insipid drivel coming out of the Obama camp couldn't be more distinct. I cannot wait for November 7. I am still wary of dirty tricks from the cornered animals, but I feel like liberation is just around the corner.

CenTexTim said...

I'm with TrickyRicky. Why would any rational person even consider voting for four more years of the same crap?

Oh, wait...

Mike Porter said...

An oldie, but always age appropriate:

The Plan.

In the beginning, there was the Plan, and then came the Assumptions.
And the Assumptions were without form, and the Plan was without substance.
And darkness was upon the faces of the Workers, and they spoke among themselves saying, "It's a crock of shit, and it stinks."
And the Workers went unto their Supervisors and said, "It is a pail of dung, and we can't live with the smell."
And the Supervisors went unto their Managers saying, "It is a container of excrement, and it is very strong, such that none may abide by it."
And the Managers went unto their Directors saying, "It is a vessel of fertilizer, and none may abide by its strength."
And the Directors spoke among themselves, saying to one another, "It contains that which aids growth, and it is very strong."
And the Directors went to the Vice Presidents saying unto them, "It promotes growth, and it is very powerful."
And the Vice Presidents went to the President saying unto him, "This new plan will actively promote growth and vigor of the company with very powerful effects."

And the President looked upon the Plan, and said that it was good.

And the Plan then became Policy.

Gang of One said...

@TrickyRicky and Pete D -- Those communocrats are finding any and all reasons not to accept the truth of a likely RomneyRyan win, and they are in the midst of finding others to blame for the loss. This is sheer infantile desperation and denial.

rickn8or said...

Mike Porter, thanks for "The Plan". It's been several years since I've read that. The version I saw substituted various levels of the U. S. Naval Air force.

Irene Peduto said...

@SeaDog52 - I've heard of Amateur but am still reading 50 Things Liberals Love to Hate by Michael Gallagher - for a respite from the really bad things I've learned. It's on my list, now.
@SusieBee - the O Admin. has unearthed some dirt of Dinesh - he was forced to explain himself thanks to the dirty players in the O Admn.
@PeteD as a former educator in Hudson County, NJ (read corrupt & Democratic), it is true that almost all are biased and share their beliefs with the students. They revere people like Alinsky & Guevera for the most part.
This election is for the heart & soul of America. If you haven't seen the new ad by the Romney/Ryan camp, go see it. I will search for the link and post it here asap.

Irene Peduto said...

This is the link to the best most positive ad to date. Makes you proud to be an American.

Hope you can link to it from here.

John the Econ said...

Economic Patriotism: Something the liberals trot out every 15 years or so. Last seen during the pre-boom Clinton years as their deficit solution. My favorite definition? The Democrats have turned "patriotism" from bleeding for your country into being bled dry by your country.

An observation: Over the last week-and-a-half, I've driven hundreds of miles through many unfamiliar neighborhoods. About half-way through, it occurred to me how few Obama signs I saw. (And most of these miles were in a "university town", no less) If I were to hazard a guess as to the ratio of Romney to Obama signs, I'd guess it would be 15:1. Seriously. If the media is correct and this race is honestly neck-and-neck, Obama supporters certainly aren't very proud of it.

I think it will be Romney by a decisive margin.

Gloria Allred: She is the textbook example of three things:

A) A legal whore.

B) The caricature that liberals like to paint of the "evil capitalist"; one who seeks out the weak and dumb, then exploits them for all they are worth, and then dumps them like toxic waste when they are done with them and they can no longer serve her purpose.

C) The reason people make up lawyer jokes.

As far as I am concerned, any issue she touches is instantly delegitimized. And anyone who's watched her career for any length of time would agree.

Gloria Allred is a general in the real "war on women".

Colby said...

Has anyone actually seen one of these pamphlets? Are the Socilaists actually handing them out, or did BO just print one out on his Lexmark to wave around in front of the camera? If it's for real, I'll bet it is mostly pictures and nonsensical graphics, and has extra large margins. It is probably pretty to catch the eye of your typical BO supporter who can't bear to read books without pictures.

I'm currently reading "Amateur." It's pretty damn telling, but I'm not really sure why I'm reading it because I made up my mind about this guy over 5 years ago. the poeple that really NEED to read these types of books or see "2016" wouldn't be caught dead doing so.

I once had a professor who had PhD after her name. The first day of class, she told us to not be too impressed by that. She said, "You all know what BS stands for; well MS is 'More of the Same,' and PhD is 'Piled higher and Deeper.'" Obama's BS started back in about 2005, the MS came in January 2009, and his silly little pamphlet is the PhD.

@Mike Porter,
That is awesome!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Velcro- It should have been.

@Earl- Even worse, Obama was putting that word into the mouth of a 6-year old supporter (albeit one who wasn't in the room at the time). Obama said, "You know, kids have good instincts. They look at the other guy and say, 'Well, that’s a bullshitter, I can tell.'"

@SeaDog52- It was delightful to see Allred shot down for being a crappy attorney, let alone a PITA. If I understand the big "attack" Gloria had planned on Romney, it was going to be that the mormon-hating divorcee (Allred's client) had received $1 million worth of STAPLES stock in her divorce settlement, but the stock would have been much more valuable in the future if she hadn't sold it. Her complaint? Romney didn't tell her the stock price might rise. Hardly a war on women.

@Irene Peduto- I also approach Obama's materials from the standpoint of an advertising copywriter, which was my primary job for years. And believe me, I can easily spot a big heapin' helpin' of sweetly worded nothing when I see it. Obama's plan for "economic patriotism" consists only of lies and vapor.

@SeaDog52- I've been meaning to read Amateur, though I'm hoping to do so in the delicious afterglow of Obama's defeat on election day. And speaking of afterglow (he segued deftly), "The First Time" ad in which a young woman giddily describes surrendering her voting virginity to Barack Obama is appalling.

@SusieBee- Almost no one voted for who Obama really was, they voted for the man they imagined him to be. But four years later, and with evidence of his actual goals so readily available, I can't understand why anyone would vote for hima gain.

@Pete D- Sadly, I have no doubt you're right. In a culture where many people can't even identify our current vice president, there's little chance of them knowing who Mao was, what he did, or how he did it.

@Angry Hoosier Dad- Frankly, it's Obama's redefinition of patriotism that I find far more insulting.

@TrickyRicky- I'm feeling good about Mitt's chances, but am very wary of the dirty tricks. And just because even my optimism is tainted with worry (hey "Johnny Optimism" didn't come out of nowhere) I'm concerned that if Mitt wins the election, we're going to see Barry go on a lame duck sabotage spree to do as much damage by executive mandate as possible.

@CenTexTim- The answer is always contained in the question. Or at least that's what my last fortune cookie said.

@Mike Porter- An oldie but goodie!

@Gang of One- Good links! The media is going to have a total meltdown if Mitt carries the election. And Mitt will be facing greater media enmity than even George W. Bush had.

@rickn80r- It's hard to imagine "The Plan" not being applicable to almost any large enterprise. It certainly resonates with experiences in my strictly-civilian life.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Irene Peduto- The "dirt" on Dinesh is exceedingly mild. After being separated from his wife for two years, Mr. D'Souza began courting another woman. He stepped down from his job as president of a college so as not to be a distraction, and has filed divorce papers to clarify any confusion about his honorable intentions (and as nearly as we can tell, his entirely honorable actions to date). This isn't a scandal - it's simply (and almost boringly) real life.

Regarding the Romney/Ryan ad, here's a clickable link people can use. People can cut-and-paste an URL here in the comments, but creating links that work takes a little jiggery-pokery with HTML.

@John the Econ- Great comments, as usual. And Allred is, frankly, pure evil.

@Colby- Your questions about the pamphlet are answered right here. The Obama campaign printed 3.5 million copies, and the New York Post describes it thusly: It cobbles together his current policies with some ill-defined new bullet points to barely cover 20 pages largely devoted to nice pictures of the president.

Make no mistake: What the Obama agenda lacks in substance, it makes up in graphic design. The pamphlet has as much gloss and as many soft-focus photos as a copy of Playboy.

Stan da Man said...

"copy of Playboy"
And many O'Bots and MSM types will use it for the same purpose. I understand Matthews is already on his third copy...

Gang of One said...

This just will not go away, and hopefully should be the death-sentence for this Administration and its inept, incompetent and criminally disastrous officials.

Colby said...

Trying to stay optomistic, From the NC Tea Party:

My analysis of North Carolina voter turnout through October 24th, 2012, compared October 24th, 2008.

As of October 24th, there have been 502,855 Democrats that have voted in the state, thus far. This is down 30,529 voters through the same date in the 2008 election. This hints at a lower Democratic turnout in this election.

There have been 302,684 Republicans that have voted as of October 24th, that is up by 42,871 voters over the 2008 election on the same date. This hints at a higher GOP turnout in this election.

There have been 184,505 Unaffiliated voters in this election through October 24th. This is up 24,436 voters over the same date in the 2008 election. This bodes well for the Republican Party also. If the primary election support ratio by Unaffiliated voters holds true, over 60% will vote for Republicans.

Voter Registration as of 10/25/2012 Democratic: 2,846,973 Republican: 2,039,305 Unaffiliated: 1,696,655 Libertarian: 18,601 Total: 6,601,534

Chuck said...

I drove to the airport today (a drop-off) and saw a few (very few) Øbama/Biden stickers on cars on the way. A couple of them stood out and really made me take notice. One was a car that had 2 (count ‘em – 2) of the stickers on the back of the trunk in a haphazard, skewed, slap-it-on kind of way. The car was a wreck of a thing, belching smoke and barely able to keep up on the interstate, and I thought, “How totally appropriate”. The second was a single sticker centered on the top of the back bumper. Like the car it was on, the sticker was old and faded. The blue was no longer blue the red was faded to extinction. I think it was actually from the 2008 campaign, and I thought, “How absolutely descriptive.”

I am heartened.

As for Ø and his antics … well … I’m not a proctologist, but I know an asshole when I see one.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I can bear to read the Five Year Plan, but here's what strikes me about the cover: It features a promise of "Middle Class Security." Please realize that is not supposed to be a promise, but a sentence--the final coup de grace.

To anyone who's been paying attention, it's obvious that the middle class knows he's not their friend. And the campaign is aware of it, but must try. Obama's been draining the middle class of their energy and assets and hope, and now wants to make them dependent captives. It's all in the "you didn't build that" speech. Go back and look it up; you'll find he believes that for the middle class to reap the rewards of their work, he has to be right in the middle of it, redistributing, or as he often puts it, "making sure." No, he can't leave the yeomanry the bleep alone to look after themselves, because he cannot achieve his ideal society with them in the way. See, what he knows and what more of us need to keep in mind that middle class is a mindset, not just how much money you have at the moment. The genuine kind of middle class security is their knowledge that in a normal, healthy economy, with their attitude and work ethic they will be just fine. And whether they hit a temporary snag or make it big, they remain middle class because they believe in taking care of themselves and each other, not living just for today, and not expecting someone else to hand them everything.

And by the mindset measure, by the way, Romney is a middle class guy! He was raised by a self-made dad who passed along his values. You would think this would be perfectly obvious.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Not only that, but he gave away his inheretance, Romney is *also* a "Self Made" man.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Stan da Man- Boy, do I wish I wasn't visualizing what you just described.

@Gang of One- The more we hear about Benghazi, the worse it gets. But in the MSM, people aren't hearing about any of this. It's Bizarro world.

@Colby- The suspense is almost literally killing me.

@Chuck- Maybe someone else slapped the stickers on the wreck of a car as a statement. Or maybe it was exactly what it seemed to be.

@Anonymous- Great post! You need to enter a username by clickling the Name/URL radio button so I know who to compliment by name!

Obama is going to destroy the middle class - financially and spiritually, exactly as you're describing. The changes Obama wants to make to this country can not be funded by taking every cent from the "evil rich." Rather, it is the great middle class which will eventually have to pay the bills, in return for the "security" of having no one to turn to but big goverment.

@Pete(Detroit)- Good point! Yes, it's easier to make money if you have money (and connections), but Mitt has done the heavy lifting to earn his fortune - and has done a very impressive job of sharing his wealth (and time, and caring) with others.

C C Writer said...

Thanks Stilton. I was Anonymous. I didn't realize I could simply give a handle without jumping through somebody's registration hoops. Thanks.

I will add that is the vast middle class whose energy and productivity (in a better economy) will generate enough revenue, as long as taxes are kept to a reasonable level and spending is limited. We could even afford to give a bit more than we get, as long as we're not made slaves to the idle and their bureaucrat enablers trying to put a ceiling on our success.

As for those who own the businesses and have more than we do to invest--they're hardly the enemy and we know better than to treat them as such. The simple secret is that when the economy turns around and workers are in demand again, the working class and the middle class will be in charge as employers compete to hire them! That's how you get better pay, hours, benefits, working conditions. Things used to be that way not long ago, and they can again.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@C C Writer- Good to have a name attached to your comments!

I completely agree that the middle class can again be an engine of prosperity instead of a demoralized demographic increasingly dependent on entitlements. Obama's class warfare rhetoric is destroying the people he claims to help.

I'm personally sick of Obama pretending that capital gains tax rates are a gift to the rich, instead of admitting that they are purposefully kept low to encourage people to put their money at risk by investing in our economy. It's a simple concept, but the man keeps lying about billionaires with lower tax rates than secretaries. And along the way, he continues killing jobs.

And despite what this president has said, the government has no ability to create jobs in the private economy. What the government can do (and will, under Romney) is get out of the way and allow the economy to start creating jobs again.

There's a reason this has been the worst recovery since WWII. And Barack Obama is that reason.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

Obamster is the ew Wesley Mouche. This is yet another play seemingly taken directly from Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. Economic patriotism, indeed...

C C Writer said...

Stilton--He has a very different understanding of what "investment" means. In his world, it is directed by the government.

In a second term, I expect him to make more overt moves in the direction of nationalizing businesses, forcing them to create jobs, completing the process of turning the economy upside down and inside out.

I'm not a conspiracy or paranoid type, just have connected the dots.

Thanks for your work on this terrific site!

Ogrrre said...

"...there's little chance of them knowing who Mao was, what he did, or how he did it." Or Stalin or Trotsky or Kruschev or Fidel or Che or Pol Pot. The only thing they "teach" about Hitler is that he was a Republican.

Necron99 said...

@Ogrrre, Blame the NEA, No Child Left Behind... they dropped Orwell from the required reading lists, and American History 101 starts at the Civil Rights Movement, and they no longer give "F's", but rather "H's" for "needs help", etc, etc.

DougM said...

Not only is it in a binder,
it's … it's a COOKbook!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Emmentaler- I've got to admit that the phrase "Economic Patriotism" makes my blood boil. It's such a lie, and such an insult to genuine patriots.

@C C Writer- I think you're absolutely right about Barry's second term agenda, and even if he can't hold the Senate or retake the House, he'll get a lot done by executive orders. As you say, it doesn't take a conspiracist to believe this - just someone who's been paying attention.

@Ogrrre- There was a good piece in the Wall Street Journal today (or maybe yesterday?) about the millions upon millions who starved to death (or were executed) under Mao. If memory serves, the number was around 45 million. You'd think history like that would NEVER be forgotten...and no civilized culture would fail to teach it as a warning.

@Necron99- You're right. And I'm so old that I remember when schools were about education instead of re-education.

@DougM- A tip of my hat for the reference to my favorite Twilight Zone punchline! And in this case it's entirely accurate.

alan markus said...

Little late to this party, but I just saw this.

Sometimes history repeats:

George Herbert Walker Obama:
Andrew Ferguson, campaign veteran

The president, it was said, had no agenda.

Again our campaign leapt into action. Frantic phone calls were placed to federal agencies and cabinet departments: Who’s got an agenda? From the Department of Health and Human Services came a “health care reform”—something having to do with tax credits. The Education Department sent over scraps from an “education reform” that the president hadn’t been able to move through Congress; something with tax credits. And child care—a big issue in ’92—where the hell can we find a child-care policy? Somebody dug one up at Labor, where it had been buried a year earlier. A child-care tax credit.

The agenda was strung together and packaged in a booklet with glossy blue covers. The president could hold it up at rallies, with a look that said: No agenda, eh? What do you call this, smart guy? Chopped liver? The word renewal was testing very well with focus groups—better than reform, even — so our booklet got called Agenda for American Renewal. Millions of copies were mailed to voters. Perhaps you still have yours?

Me neither. Indeed, I hadn’t thought of the Agenda in years, until I saw President Obama on TV, at another campaign appearance. His opponents say he has no agenda for a second term. In response his campaign has produced a booklet. It has glossy blue covers and a title to make a focus group swoon: The New Economic Patriotism. It’s a hastily assembled ragbag, stuff from the agencies and cabinet departments. Three and a half million copies will be mailed to voters. The president waves it around at rallies. It looks suspiciously like chopped liver.

alan markus said...

Here's another example of history repeating itself.

I began to pay attention! President Obama, one of the news readers said, was giving a speech in the Midwest to road-test a new theme for the campaign’s final weeks: “trust.”

“There’s no more serious issue in a presidential campaign than trust,” the president said. “Trust matters!” The Midwesterners cheered.

At these words my attention loosened and my mind, what’s left of it, flew backwards in time, 20 years almost to the day, and I was sitting in a room in the White House, in 1992, huddled with two other speechwriters around a little speaker set on a table in a high-ceilinged room. We were listening to a closed-circuit transmission from a campaign rally in the Midwest. A different president was desperately seeking reelection. This was President Bush—the first President Bush, I mean, the one that Democrats hated but later pretended to like after they decided they hated his son more.

We speechwriters were anxious that afternoon because—well, because presidential speechwriters are always anxious—but we were particularly anxious because at this rally in the Midwest, the president was going to road-test a new campaign theme.

One issue surpassed all others, President Bush said. “It’s called trust. When you get down to it, this election will be like every other. Trust matters!”

The Midwesterners cheered. We looked at each other across the tiny speaker, satisfied. We had our new theme! The president’s senior staff, at their daily meeting the next morning, gave the chief speechwriter a standing ovation.

Of course, we all know how that election turned out.

John the Econ said...

It's always fun to see what our allies overseas think of what's going on here.

I thought Obama was supposed to wow the world and bring us all together.

SeaDog52 said...

A couple of thoughts, first - to all our friends in the Northeast, hunker down and stay safe. Despite what Mayor Bloomberg said, as a veteran of Claudette, Alicia, Allison, Katrina, Rita, and Ike, if it ever rose or flooded, it's gonna flood! FEMA is almost close to useless for immediate aid. In Ike, they managed to deliver ice/water 3 days after and you were allotted 1 $50K 8lb bag of ice and 1 $75K case of water - Walmart had 4 18-wheeler vans in their parking lot with 40lb bags of ice given away for free.

Voted early yesterday, arrived when the polls opened at 7 am, and there was a significant line waiting (significant for in the past, you just walked in - no line). Haven't seen any yard signs for Obama, but plenty for Romney/Ryan, same with 'bumper stickers', the only Obama ones were exactly as previously posted, on wrecks that couldn't qualify for 'Cash for Clunkers'.

Noticed 'ol Hope and Change floated the idea of another 'payroll tax cut' but backed off, probably because someone pointed out that if he cut any more out of FICA, Social Security/Medicare would go into the toilet, and for what? Average from the last time was about $50/month difference in take home.

Off the wall idea, but we used to have an aggressive US Savings Bond program, where you could buy bonds through payroll deduction, etc. I know that as an investment vehicle it was crap compared to other vehicles, but in light of today's 'passbook' savings interest??? Why not re-float the program with a bond series similar to the 'War Bonds' that was restricted to only paying down the national debt, could not be robbed by the politicians for any other purpose.

PRY said...

Fantastic stuff, John! Another clip is very telling, too...and shows how 'progressives', aka 'socialists' have always been around, via our buddy Ronald Reagan... right here...

Necron99 said...

Between their media slaves (MSM, CNN, etc.) and the dumbing down of their voting base, I keep waiting for the dim"0"crats to drop all pretense and declare "Ignorance is Strength" as their official slogan.

JustaJeepGuy said...

@Necron99, I think they like the slogan "Freedom Is Slavery" even more. Everything Barack Hussein has done to the country leads to it...

JustaJeepGuy said...

Oh, and @Stilt, I can't find the title right now, but I think it's "Mao: The Untold Story" gave a figure of SEVENTY MILLION Chinese starved to death by Mao for his "Great Leap Forward" in the late '50s. But of course, Mao never missed a meal. Ever. Even during the Long March.

Necron99 said...

@JustaJeepGuy, it may not be the same book you read, but a couple years back I read one written by a Chinese journalist who had documented first hand how wide spread cannibalism became during the famines caused by "The Cultural Revolution". The narrative & photographs were incredible proof of the fruit that "redistribution of wealth" bears.