Friday, April 4, 2014

You Want Curly Fries With That?

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Barack Obama, the world's greatest orator (although you wouldn't know it by how cranky Michelle is all the time), unleashed his rapier-like gift for witty, nuanced wordplay on Wednesday when he called Paul Ryan's GOP budget proposal a "stinkburger" and a "meanwich." He may also have said that Ryan has cooties and booger-breath, although Hope n' Change had lost interest in his speech by then and wandered off to the liquor cabinet.

(And speaking of a liquor cabinet, if Hillary is elected president, we bet that's what she'll appoint. Think about it.)

Okay, unlike the president we'll try to refrain from further sophomoric jokes and name-calling because, also unlike the president, we take our nation's debt crisis seriously.

Ryan's plan would cut $5.1 trillion in government spending and balance the books in 10 years. The Democrat budget would...uh...oops - they don't have one again this year. But absent any actual numbers, Barry has been calling for massive new government spending to end the "era of austerity" that nobody but he can see (much like the Unicorns in the White House rose garden).

Sadly, Hope n' Change doesn't expect to hear this president engage in serious, adult discussion of budget issues anytime soon. But maybe he just can't - after all, what's more natural than a third grade vocabulary for a third rate president?

obama, obama jokes, cartoon, humor, political, ryan, budget, stinkburger, stilton jarlsberg, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, ryan, hillary, debt
Order it in a "Happy Meal" and get a free golf ball!


Geoff King said...

The most intellectual and mature comment I can come up with is "Barack Ă˜bama is a poopyhead".

Sunnybrook Farm said...

Does having a liquor license mean they are married?

Frankie said...

Michelle? Bwahahaha didn't you
mean Reggie?

Reiuxcat said...

HEY! My golf ball has a big red stripe on it!!!

Interesting password I got today.

nexNov drained

oldredleg said...

The good doctor's rapier wit is even sharper today than usual. The comment on Shrillary's liquor cabinet was spot-on,plus she'd have a couple of the Supremes come for the sleep-overs. Great article as usual Stilton,thanks.

Kitty said...

L'audace! L'audace! Toujours l'audace!!

WMD said...

WOW! Holy Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars Doc. They're not even going to bother to audit you. At least Leavenworth isn't too far from North Texas. They won't let Penny visit you though...
The wookies stinkburger. You know, I could have gone all day without that mental image.
I mean, that's just horrible, horrible to think about, horrible to imagine, ewwww, I just got an entire body shiver.
And yet it's still pretty effin' funny.
Kudos for daring to go where no man has gone before.

CenTexTim said...

"meanwich," or "manwich?"

barry should know all about stinkburgers (besides Mooch's, that is). That abominable mess of a health care 'plan' he cooked up and shoved down our throats stinks to high heaven. And it's only going to get worse as the delayed deadlines for things like employer mandates and Cadillac plan taxes kick in - not to mention looming rate hikes and increased penalties/taxes for non-compliance.

What the hell - it's Friday. I think I'll have another cup of 'coffee.'

TrickyRicky said...

Damn. I truly haven't laughed that hard in a long, long time. "Want curly fries with that?" Indeed. Have to laugh to keep from sobbing. Screw it, I'm going skiing.

Bruce Bleu said...

WELL, Stilt... I've had to hack a hole in my skull with my pick-axe to pour a gallon of hydrochloric acid onto my brain so I can cleanse my mind of the double entendre of the homophone "liquor" with the name "Shrillery", and a Wookiee "stinkburger", (which I think is more accurately a "mieliepap").
And, as far as sophomoric verbiage from "the boy who would be king", don't forget that he's emotionally "arrested" at about 7 years old, so what level of maturity could we possibly expect?

John the Econ said...

Again, another example of how we're in what I've called "The Post Budget Age". The Democrats (and many Republicans) have figured out that the Federal government can function just fine without one, at least as long as the Federal Reserve is willing to continue keeping interest rates at almost zero and printing dollars that the government then immediately spends in the name of "stimulus".

Budgets are problematic for politicians, since they are actually documents of spending priorities that the political establishment doesn't really want you to think about. And today's cartoon perfectly illustrates just why; Paul Ryan documents a list of what he thinks America's priorities should be (primarily cutting down our insane and unsustainable spending and debt) and then the liberals call it a "stinkburger". Conversely, the liberals have learned that if you don't even bother to submit an actual budget, then there's nothing for the right to criticize. And in a world of short attention-spanned low information voters, that works just fine for them. The left gets to spew epithets like "stinkburger" or "draconian", while they deny the right any opportunity to do the same. Brilliant, really. Or at least it will seem to be until the day arrives when everyone decides that the dollar isn't worth the paper it's printed on.

An interesting thing happened about an hour ago. For roughly a year now, I've been waiting for some real journalist to ask anyone from the Administration exactly how they can possibly reconcile their "wealth inequality" agenda with their "immigration amnesty" agenda.  So rarely do you get two policy agendas so diametrically opposed simultaneously promoted by a single administration.

It finally happened this morning on CNBC, when Jim Cramer (okay, not exactly a "journalist", but apparently as close as I'm going to get) asked an White House spokeshole the question.  I have to give the young Cool Aid dispenser credit for not looking like a deer in the headlights when faced with that.  What we got was a snappy comeback of gibberish about "enhanced productivity" which made little sense, and really had little, if anything to do with the issue at hand. Unfortunately, Cramer, (who for years was rather friendly with the Obama Administration) did not follow up.

But at least someone finally asked. Hopefully someone else out there will notice the question and follow up with it as the November elections get closer.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Give that man a stinkburger.

Jim Hlavac said...

So, the president took the words right out of Biden's mouth, eh?

alan markus said...

If I had a fake Facebook account, I would keep posting that cartoon in the comments section at the OFA site, but that one is too "over the top" to have my name linked with it.

This guy is a real "POS" - you do realize the "stinkburger" is retribution for all those times Obamacare has been called a "Crap Sandwich" (or "Shit Sandwich"). No points for originality there.

The other day, his Obamacare Victory Lap/Mission Accomplished/Spike the Football speech sounded too much like what Hitler would have sounded like if he were pissed off. I suspect some polling/focus group data has shown that Obama needs to take on this aggressive "in your face" tone. Fortunately it is something he can't fake very well for very long and it should backfire on him. It may motivate the base and the low-infos, but I'm not so sure "angry black man" will poll well with the white women, who are considered the demographic that they need to win over for fall 2014.

Gang of One said...

And this is the guy for whom all those candy-sucking pundits were extolling as Lincoln and Churchill, swoon!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Geoff King- That's still better than "Nanner nanner nanner!"

@Sunnybrook Farm- Now that you mention it, I think it does...

@Frankie- I think Reggie is more likely to be the object of Barry's intentions (and dentition), but Michelle was funnier.

@Reiuxcat- "nexNov drained"?! I'm sure it's trying to tell us something about the midterms, but what?!

@oldredleg- Barry will probably try to put me in jail for being a "statutory rapierist."

@Kitty- Just as long as it's not "L'Audace d'Esperer."

@WMD- Hey, as long as I'm already on Barry's craplist, I figure I don't have much to lose.

@CenTexTim- Speaking of the stinkburger that is Obamacare, I just read that insurance companies are going to have to pay a special tax for every customer who actually did manage to keep their existing policy - like I did. The tax will raise the cost of each policy by an estimated $500 a year.

So my penalty for having insurance is larger than the penalty for having no insurance. Tell me again how this law is about healthcare instead of redistribution of wealth?

@TrickyRicky- Glad you picked up on the "curly fries" line (even Mrs. Jarlsberg says that she frequently skips the title and goes straight to the cartoon. But I do try to squeeze an extra joke into the title!)

@Bruce Bleu- Sorry for the unpleasant imagery but, as my good friend Johnny Optimism says, "what doesn't kill you makes you stranger."

And yeah, I was feeling pretty sophomoric myself after hearing Barry dismiss a critically important issue by calling it a "stinkburger." Seriously, I think something broke inside his head a long, long time ago when his father (and then his mother) rejected him.

@John the Econ- Great summary of the situation...and all without getting down in the gutter like I did.

And you're right that the Left can use any insult they want and get away with it, while the Right can't say doodly-squat without being pilloried for hate speech.

@Woodserman (Odie)- For some reason, I really want that slogan on a t-shirt.

@Jim Hlavac- It sounds like a Bidenism, doesn't it?

Geoff King said...

Here is an interesting item:
My home state of Michigan has just signed the state application for a Constitutional Convention, making it the 34th state to do so and therefore meeting the two thirds majority nescessary according to Article 5 of the Constitution. If the Convention is actually held, they will be proposing a Balanced Budget Ammendment to the Constitution, among other things. It will still require a three quarters majority of states to pass said ammendment, however the fact that the Federal Government will have absolutely no say in the matter means it could have a real chance of passing and may set the precedent for reigning in the Feds and returning control of our country back to the people.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@alan markus- I did post the cartoon on Facebook, to mixed reviews. Most people think it's funny, but some think it's too tasteless (mind you, they're not wrong - but the infantilization of political discourse is the point of the cartoon).

Regarding the Obamacare "victory lap," apparently the White House tried to get the networks to interrupt their programming so Barry could put on his best shit-eating grin while crowing that 7.1 million people had been enrolled (although whether that's accurate, or if they've paid, or if they're old or sick is still unknown).

Fortunately, the networks told him to pound sand.

@Gang of One- Barry is supposed to be a master wordsmith, but I doubt that any quote from him will ever be remembered, other than as an example of a whopping lie or a meaningless feel-good non sequitur.

American Cowboy said...

WMD said, "Kudos for daring to go where no man has gone before."

I sprayed my screen. Think about his comment and I am sure you will understand why. LOL

Sparky @ My Thoughts Exactly said...

Excellent cartoon again Stilton! I don't know what I'd do without your always accurate humor. I watched Cavuto's show last night on Fox. He had a team of people actually crunch the Obamacare numbers, looking for the allusive 7.1 million sign-ups. Cavuto's numbers are that only 1 million or less have actually signed up and paid for an ObamaCare policy. So, again, Turd Boy is lieing. My husband has rightly said that America is, or very close to becoming, another Nazi Germany (i.e. Nationalism). I have to agree. And since apparently there are no real men left in the military that are willing to defend the Constitution, I'm beginning to not care anymore. I'm seriously considering drinking more "coffee" so I won't turn into a raving lunatic.
Sorry to be such a downer today. I hope November proves me wrong and we can take our country back from the brink with a velvet revolution.

REM1875 said...

Once again I could use a little help, I appear to have stepped into a big steaming pile of obamacare and can not scrape it off my boots and my wife will not let me anywheres near the house.

Anonymous said...

You're a class act, Jarlsberg. Because...Jesus.

A political opponent of the president makes a crass sexual comment about the presidents wife, shocking the president into silence, who comes off as the asshole?

I cannot imagine the thought process that went into creating this.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Anonymous- I'm sure you can't imagine my, or any other, thought process.

But to help you out, the whole point of satire is to push something to an extreme in order to get people to think about the predicating event. In this case, Obama dismissing a serious proposal about one of our most serious problems with his childish "stinkburger" remark which, sadly, went unrebuked.

I think that pretty clearly makes Barry the asshole.