Sunday, June 15, 2014

From The Vault: Penalty for Early Withdrawl

This cartoon and commentary is being republished exactly as it appeared two and a half years ago. The current disaster in Iraq was absolutely foreseeable. Including, we assume, to Barack Obama - who didn't care.

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The Iraq War is over. The last convoy of American troops has crossed the borders into Kuwait. And Barack Obama has already turned it into a campaign ad - a video called "A Promise Kept" which is not about the promise of freedom nor America's promise to the people of Iraq, but about Barack Obama keeping his campaign promise to pull the troops out, no matter what his generals said.

It is perhaps the most sneering and self-serving way for the president to end an American war imaginable. A war which Barack Obama called the "dumb war," the "rash war," and "the war of choice, not necessity."

You'd think that a war described as pointless by America's commander-in-chief would therefore be easy to wrap up. But the ever self-aggrandizing Obama chose to take to his presidential podium and declare that "It is harder to end a war than to begin one," neatly praising his own magnificence while taking yet another potshot at President Bush.

But does Obama's troop withdrawal really amount to "Mission Accomplished" if the mission is anything other than his re-election? Senator John McCain certainly doesn't think so, saying "It is clear that this decision was dictated by politics, and not our national security interests. I believe history will judge this president’s leadership with the scorn and disdain it deserves.”

History, however, will never doubt the integrity, honor, and sacrifices made by America's troops and their families over the course of this nine-year war. Over 1.5 million fought... more than 32,000 were wounded... and over 4,500 killed. There are no words sufficient to express our gratitude, nor our sorrow for their losses.

Whether those losses were in vain will be determined in the very near future as we find out whether Barack Obama's "Promise Kept" was to the Iraqi people, our nation's military, or only to Democratic voters who have been losing enthusiasm for their ineffectual president.

In the meanwhile, perhaps Mr. Obama's re-election team would like to raid their 2008 video vaults to make more "Promise Kept" commercials - showing how well the president has fulfilled his campaign promises to lower unemployment, balance the budget, end earmarks, bring peace to the Middle East, close Guantanamo, end partisanship in Washington, create a post-racial society, have the most transparent administration in history, and cause our planet's rising oceans to recede.

All of which were dumb promises. Rash promises. Promises of choice...and not reality.



Fred Ciampi said...

And the most horrible part may well come true; the massacre of the Americans and other foreign national workers abandoned by obama and his minions. It's a sad day for the world.

Geoff King said...

Barry wowed the crowd at the UC Irving Commencement Ceremony yesterday. In addition to describing how he planned to save the planet by effectively shutting down the entire US power grid, he went on to say how he single-handedly is responsible for more Americans than ever having health insurance, more college graduates, and the over 9 million new jobs he created. In keeping with the Father's Day tradition and standard American family values, he and Mrs. Ovomit will be spending the rest of the weekend in Palm Springs at the home of their good friends and openly gay couple, Michael Smith and Ambassador James Costos. Their alledged daughters will be nowhere around to honor their father.

Froaderick Barbarossa said...

Criminal negligence.

I also saw something at the Cato Report (by James Powell I think) about how Osama's "progressive" predecessor and partner in cesspool philosophy, Woodrow Wilson, basically brought on WWII by involving the US in WWI - we were involved for only about 6 months but it precipitated the events leading to Osama's doppelgänger, Hitler, and the holocaust that ensued. And hypothetically, it brought on the Bolshevik Revolution.

I think Osama dearly wants that!

WMD said...

Due to the developments of the past few weeks I have come to realize that B. Hussein Obama is far worse than even I had imagined. It is painfully clear to me now that he not only wants the destruction of this country, he also wants to watch the world burn as well. That much should be clear to everyone but the most ardent believer because of whats happening in Iraq now, and obamas reaction to it, go to fund raisers and off to golf!

Or more precisely, should I say Valerie Jarret? She is the one controlling everything. No one or anything gets through to obama unless it is cleared through her first. They want to burn down everything. I mean that literally.

Having said that, I also think impeachment is exactly what they want. They'll claim insurrection and voila! Martial law. Why else would they be arming every federal agency? Why else do they need, what is it up to now, 4 BILLION rounds of hollow point ammo?

I am NOT a conspiracy kind of guy, but when I read about all this stuff, is it true? And if it is, Why?

Why is it that seemingly almost everyday there is a new manufactured crisis for the last almost six years now. It just never ends and it is obviously on purpose. This entire criminal organization needs to be arrested. And it won't happen.

Eduardo de los Flacidos said...

So, Señor King, I see that your Hussein says, at Mediaite, “When President Kennedy set us on a course to the moon, there were a number of people who made a serious case that it wouldn’t be worth it. But nobody ignored the science. I don’t remember anybody saying the moon wasn’t there or that it was made of cheese.” So you see, manmade climate change is as obvious as the moon, and the science/technology to get to the moon is as clear-cut as that to combat manmade climate change - according to your Hussein.

He is a funny fellow. I hope he golfs better than his knowledge of science, technology, or history.

I do not always listen to what your Hussein says, but when I do .... I LAUGH, I LAUGH, I LAUGH!

Froaderick Barbarossa said...

Ooppss my English is bad - Did I say "osama"? I meant "obama". Many thousands of pardons ....

Bruce Bleu said...

Did someone punch magilla in the mouth, or does she have a pound of Copenhagen in her lip?
Oh, and Froaderick... osama IS correct when referring to the mooselim in the white house! He's as much a Christian as I am a tuna sandwich!
PLUS, ol' shit-for-brains hasn't won any wars YET, which should be obvious to anyone who isn't getting "up close and personal" with their own colon!!!! The ONLY thing lamont is proficient at is NOT KNOWING WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!!!!! I think he should get on his PeeWee Herman bicycle while wearing that pussy helmet, and find a 1,000 foot cliff to ride off of! (I am convinced the best part of lamont ran down the leg of Frank Marshall Davis!)

Tony, Orlando, and Don said...

"All of which were dumb promises. Rash promises. Promises of choice...and not reality."

Heeeeyyyyyy .... Wait just a doggone minute here. Isn't this THE philosophy of progressives, so-called?

We suspect a nefarious connection here.

"Momma told me not to come!"

REM1875 said...

Valarie ferret, Ø's martin bormann, the second most important man in the 4th reich.