Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Fuel Me Once

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(The remarks in panels 2, 3, 4, and 5 come directly from Obama's Ferguson statement)
The Grand Jury's verdict is in - Officer Darren Wilson did nothing wrong using deadly force as a last resort to save his own life when attacked by a huge, drug-fueled thug who had just committed robbery and assault.

But because Wilson is white and his assailant was black, "protestors" (we sure as hell don't want to call them terrorists) are looting and burning all over Ferguson, Missouri and making considerable mischief across the country.

What this incendiary situation does not need is Barack Hussein Obama second-guessing the Grand Jury and telling the looters (in wink-wink nudge-nudge fashion) that they damn well should be angry at filthy awful white people. Unfortunately, that's the subtext that came through loud and clear in his statement following the announcement of the Ferguson decision.

Need more proof that Barry is a deliberate race-baiter? How about the White House weekly address on the president's executive order granting amnesty to 5 million illegals. As a special "screw you," the address was delivered in Spanish and asserted that "being American is about more than what we look like or where we come from."

Only that's not the debate and never has been. The White House (or La Casa Blanca as they actually called themselves) is casting the immigration debate entirely as a fight between racists and non-racists.

So whether it's Ferguson or the U.S. border, this president wants us to know that "lawbreakers of color" are good and cops and white people are bad.

As hateful as Hope n' Change finds this attitude, we do feel like we should offer something in the spirit of compromise. Which is why when the (ahem) protestors finish burning down Ferguson, we'll be happy to donate bus fare to take them to Washington DC to continue their highly kinetic pursuit of Barack Obama's new American dream.


Fred Ciampi said...

Talk about throwing gasoline on the fire, the New York Times ("all the news that's fit to eat") published officer Darren Wilson's home address. The reporters are Julie Bosman and Campbell Robertson. Someone should publish their address.

Bruce Bleu said...

I want to know WHY lamont isn't being pursued by the Ferguson authorities as being COMPLICIT with the CRIMINAL activity of his africriminal-americriminal brethren!!!!!! If I were the attorney general or governor of Misery, I'd be on lamont like ugly on a gorilla, (no offense intended to magilla obama). This STUPID IRRESPONSIBLE HORSE'S ASS is fulminating discord and trouble all over MY nation and I've HAD it! I'm going to look for one of those blow-up clowns with the sand in the bottom, (like the Mike Tyson character had in "Loaded Weapon"), give it a George Hamilton tan, put Ferengie ears on it, and BEAT THE LIVING HELL out of it!

REM1875 said...

Credit where credit is due, Mr Obama has done more with racial issues than any president since woodrow wilson. Just wish he had choosen to improve them.

Bobo the Hobo said...

Funniest line of the night: We are a nation of laws. Thought I was going to choke on that I was laughing so hard.

Judi King said...

LOVE your plan for DC! I'm sure America can survive without that hell hole. Ferguson was targeted as an example to further the divide and conquer agenda of the "dic". If I were the merchants there, who lost everything, I'd take the insurance money and get the ---- out of town. Let the "fine" citizens live without the jobs, goods and services these merchants represented. The so called governor could have called for an enforced curfew and sent the National Guard immediately, so, I assume, he was part of the agenda.

Geoff King said...

Had Øpendejo, Holder, Sharpton, and Jackson kept their noses out of what would have amounted to an unnoteworthy local shooting, the MSM would have ignored it and Furguson would not be burning to the ground. Then, for the president to legitimize anger at the verdict of legal and just court case that found no guilt in the actions of a white cop on one hand, and then push for the further militarization of those same cops on the other hand, leaves only one explaination in my mind - they want as much civil unrest as possible to bring about Marshal Law and the complete suspension of the Constitution. These "coincidences" further support that theory:

Colby Muenster said...

So, I've had it wrong my entire life. Here's the truth: If a white person says anything even remotely derogatory about a black person, it is racism. If a black person says anything derogatory about a white person, it's an absolute fact and they had it coming because their great great grandfather's cousin's husband owned a slave.

And, why isn't the Sharpton crowd having an aneurism about the young black man killed by police a few days ago in New York?

It would seem that the "Great Uniter" must have been born on Opposite Day.

Cat Whisperer said...

Pouring gasoline on the fire isn’t going to help global warming. Barack needs to have the taypayers fund some wind turbines near Ferguson to fan the flames.

Chuck Baker said...

A Grand Jury does not hand down a verdict; they only decide if there is enough evidence to indict. In this case, they decided there was not. Unfortunately, the 24/7 media and national race baiters decided immediately after the event that the cop was guilty. Mob rule. Lynch mob. Here is a succinct take on the complicity of the media in the current lawlessness in Ferguson:
- sorry, I didn't feel like making it an active link today.

Meanwhile, locally, those who make a living from racial strife (local race baiters) are calling for calm. I have my home security system at the ready just in case.

As an aside, this should not even be national news, and if the cop had been black and the thug been white, we never even would have heard about it.

Just my 2 cents.

Standlow said...

I think you've got that 'subliminal' (wink wink) message just right, Stilton!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Jim Hlavac said...

So nice of the grand jury to wait until evening to release their findings -- because the fires look so much nicer at night -- and warm the place up from the unprecedented cold that global warming is bringing to the midwest -- and the cover of darkness makes it hard to identify the looters -- who have targeted many black owned businesses because, well, that's where some good stuff is.

In other Missouri news -- the Republican legislature is still trying to impeach the governor for *gasp* being willing to accept joint tax returns from job holding gay couples who are apparently the true destroyers of the place.

Up in Michigan, with Detroit as the prime example of big government and riots and the breakdown of the family for decades now -- the Republican Attorney General stated clearly in his court briefs that recognizing the reality of gay couples tomorrow will mean that no Michigandians will ever get -- um, not get married, abort or abandon their kids, live in poverty on the public (gay) dime and riot and burn down the place yesterday.

Meanwhile - soon the illegal immigrants are going to find they left sclerotic big government corrupt nations to come to an, um, sclerotic big government corrupt nation ... they shall be so happy! Maybe they'll go back, eh?

In other states justice is flopping around like a fish on a dock in the on again off again rulings of court after court -- that can't decide whether job holding taxpaying non-rioting citizens are destroying the place while illegal aliens will be allowed to get married immediately after the riots and protests.

I could go on -- but in joyous news, a little fur ball of a cat showed up at my house yesterday -- and I have to start to get ready a scrumptious Thanksgiving feast ... which I hope you and yours all enjoy as best you can ... as we gay folks shake our heads like Ronald Reagan and say "there they go again."

Pete (Detroit) said...

If you haven't seen this, it's heart warming...

CenTexTim said...

@Jim Hlavac -

re: your 'sclerotic big government corrupt nations' comment ... it's like Halloween - this sbgcn gives out better candy than the other sbgcns on the block.

Good luck with the new family member. And best wishes for Thanksgiving.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- I haven't been able to comment here this morning but will try to ASAP. In the meanwhile, I'm not posting any comments which give the address of the NY Times reporter who gave out Officer Wilson's address. Yes, I think "turnabout is fair play" and she richly deserves it - but I'd rather that this blog wasn't a party to it.

That being said, the reporter should be looking at criminal endangerment charges of some kind. There was no point in publishing the officer's address other than to point him out to a demonstrably dangerous mob.

John the Econ said...

So I see that Eric Holder will continue conducting investigations into this incident, even thought the physical evidence (after no fewer than 3 autopsies) is quite irrefutable, and is totally consistent with the credible eye-witness statements. So the agenda is clear; We’re going to keep conducting investigations until we get the result we want.

As an aside, why isn’t Michael Brown‘s friend Dorian Johnson being charged for giving false statements in an investigation? Are we “a nation of laws” as the President asserts (at least in this situation) are aren’t we?

The other day, just as I tuned in to watch the morning news I saw a thug walking with an angry mob, shouting “This is what democracy looks like”.

I couldn't have said it better myself. “Democracy” is just the polite word for “mob rule”.

The other day as we were watching the thugs running amok, Mrs. Econ looked at me and said “You know who I feel sorry for? It’s all the young, black men who aren’t thugs. Their lives just get harder every time this kind of nonsense happens.” And the fact of the matter is that the majority of blacks are not running through Ferguson and torching the place. They’re the ones that will be left jobless as the destroyed businesses leave forever. And they’re the ones that bear the burden of having to say they were from Ferguson when they apply for their next job, and the prospective employer raises an eyebrow. As much as the race pimps and their collaborators in the media would like for us to believe that the thugs running amok represent the majority in the black community, I’d like to think that’s not true.

But on a brighter note, this Thanksgiving week there is one thing that I am thankful for: Within my lifetime, there was an age where authority figures could harass, beat, and even murder racial minorities at will and with complete impunity. Fortunately, that age ended a long time ago. (Today, over 90% of blacks are not murdered by police or whites, but by other black thugs in their own community)

So this week, I am thankful that I live in a country that treats its minorities so fairly that the racial provocateurs who need strife to remain politically viable and make a living from it have to struggle by only being able to use the inevitable plight of obvious thugs as evidence of injustice.

Sandy Link said...

When Nobama said it was an "understandable reaction" regarding how the crowd reacted to the decision handed down, I looked at my husband and said "did he really just say that?" I couldn't believe that the so-called leader of the free world would utter those words to the viewing audience, essentially saying that all people of color should be pissed at the decision. How can he stand there and dare say to remain calm with one breath while baiting the haters by saying it was an understandable reaction with another? What an idiot!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Sandy Link- Here's another way to look at Obama's comments. If the Grand Jury decision had gone the other way, would he have said that it would be "understandable" that white people were angry? Would he have said that racial animus is due to a legacy of crimes being committed disproportionately by members of "communities of color," and that it's a real problem that white people aren't making up?

I think not.

SC said...

@ Bobo the Hobo: "We are a nation of laws"

Bark: Take my lead....just follow the ones you want to.

He has barley shown any leadership at all in the last 6 years, yet, his example of picking & choosing laws is coming through loud & clear.

My opinion: Michael Brown made bad choices that day and it cost him his life.

Sharpton, Jackson, etc. could make this a 'teaching moment'...not just for young males of color in a dicey community:

Don't shoplift or rob stores
Don't bully or assault shop keepers
Move to the side of the road when requested to by authorities
Don't swear at or disrespect authorities
Don't reach into a police car
Don't try to grab an officer's gun
Don't charge at the officer that has said gun

And somehow they are blaming a police officer who is trying make a living with one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. It couldn't possibly be the disastrous decisions that the black 'unarmed' youth made that day.

Anonymous said...

When Obeyme said we were a nation of laws, I had to rage vomit. How can this piece of crap who JUST got done making the Constitution squeal like a pig with his amnesty executive order say that we're a nation of laws? Kudos to the driver in Minneapolis who plowed into F_ktard protesters who tried to block the interstate like they did here in Cincinnati!

Barbara said...

The reaction in Ferguson was planned violent "Direct Action". It was easy to whip up racial animus because the press and agitators helped shape the narrative. Facts just do not seem to matter. Who knows how much more this crowd has planned? Call me cynical but I would guess they have far more subversion up their sleeves. Well.... I would call it subversion. Revolutionaries would call it fundamental transformation.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

The New Black Panthers:

Stupid Terrorist Tricks - Use Your Girlfriend's EBT Card to Build Your KaBoom

Ya Can't Make This Stuff Up....

Grumpy Gurmudgeon said...

@SC: More simply put: "Live Like A Gangsta, Die Like a Gangsta"

David in SoCal said...

@Stilt: Nice 'toon today of Ogomer at the pumps spraying high test on the Ferguson flames. I'm sure Ogomer can't wait for Ogoober(played by Reggie Love) to show up so Ogomer can 'check' his oil.

Was watching Megyn Kelly's interview with Richard Fowler a couple nights ago, and now wondering if 'Mr.' Fowler is practicing to be the next Sharpton or Jackson tool for the black community. Now I know why some 'Richards' are called 'Dick'.

Wishing y'all here at Hn'C a very blessed Thanksgiving filled with family/friends/and good memories!

Pamecon said...

Love the HopeNChange!!! WHAT is Grubama's problem? The cop's INNOCENT. Couldn't believe that fruitcake horned in during prince time to make his paranoid, inflammatory comments within mins of the decision. unnecessary, awkward, bizarre

David in SoCal said...

'president' Racebaiting Obama just announced that "If I had a dead felon thug 300# gentile giant son, he would look just like Michael Brown"...... ;-)

John the Econ said...

Aww crud: Quite frankly, I don't care much for "Black Friday". There's nothing that I need that justifies such insanity.

But now it seems that some Ferguson provocateurs have called for a boycott of "Black Friday" under the mantra of "No Justice, No Profit".

So damn, now it's my turn to get off my ass and protest injustice.

See the difference? When I protest, commerce will be generated and my community will be supported as opposed to being burnt down and destroyed.