Friday, February 13, 2015

Grey Expectations

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This week, Barack Obama asked Congress for additional military authorization to degrade ISIS but, as in the case of "Fifty Shades of Grey," it's not entirely sure yet who's actually going to get a spanking.

For those who may not know (i.e., conservatives) "Fifty Shades of Grey" is a film based on a best-selling erotic novel in which women are shamed, punished, shackled, spanked, and tortured - and they freaking love it. As do the millions of randy readers and progressives who claimed to be outraged by the far less degrading mischief at Abu Ghraib.

But returning to the president's "Fifty Shades of Fail" strategy, his request for new military powers  contains some odd language which practically sounds like he's begging to have his hands tied (or handcuffed, if that's closer to his fetish). Specifically, he wants Congress to sign off on statutory language which "does not authorize the use of the United States Armed Forces in enduring offensive ground combat operations." Wow, take that ISIS!

But he also wants language stating that "the use of military force shall terminate (in three years) unless reauthorized." In other words,  our kinky commander-in-chief is up for a little playful pain, suffering, and masochism but only if he can first establish a "safe word" which will get him out when he's had enough.

As if all of this wasn't depressing enough, the president (in a recently televised interview) is still describing ISIS as a bunch of non-Islamic "violent zealots" killing "random folks."

Clearly, B. Hussein enjoys wearing a blindfold - but Hope n' Change would never ever ever suggest that it's because he gets an erotic thrill out of it.

Although, it might help explain how he was able to father children.

obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, fifty shades of grey

BONUS: Calendar Girl

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Damn those Gregorians!


Geoff King said...

It must have been difficult for Øbastard to request any form of military intervention against his homeys in ISIS. As he is obviously on their side, he must truly hate being pressured into doing anything about those JV zealots that randomly commit workplace violence. After all, he claims that the climate change hoax is far more dangerous than the "Religion of Peace" followers.
Just when he needed another "look, a squirrel!" moment, Biden stepped up to the plate by calling out for his "butt buddy" in Iowa:
I can still remember when the offices of president and vice-president were respectful and admired throughout the world; not the disgusting slapstick farce they are reduced to today.

Judi King said...

Why is he asking for military force to end in 3 years when he hopefully will be gone in 2? If he decides to invoke Martial Law, after 2 years, then he'll become the dictator he wants to be. I find this extremely frightening. As for his TV interviews...this is from someone who just did A ridiculous Bussfeed commercial to promote the so called affordable care insurance and someone who allowed himself to be interviewed by that crazy fruit loops lady. A major blot on the office of the presidency. The "man" is clueless!

Rod said...

Prezdent Barry O. is going to deal with violent zealots who are killing random folks, without using U.S troops, and needs authorization for three years? Maybe he's going back to Chicago.

Really: ISIS has to be laughing. He's going to further disarm U.S. by mis-using expensive weapons as show toys & not replacing them. Do we really have to put up with this?

On the other side of the story: At least we don't have to worry quite so much about lost/injured US troops because hands are tied by candyass rules of engagement. But we'll still be fighting this more seriously years from now.

This is all about The BO Show for two more years & maybe it can be good for their 2016 election.

Dodger Blues said...

Lefty Lucy ..... OMG.

Doc, you are on to a wiener here! So far as I am concerned, she is outclassing the other humor of yours. Hell, I have no idea what the 50 Shades Of Grey references are all about.

Anyway, Joltin' Joe has dumped his wife, and evolved. He now has "BUTT BUDDIES".

John the Econ said...

That one twisted my head when I heard it the other day; Exactly what is the point of deploying Armed Forces that are explicitly not allowed to engage in "enduring offensive ground combat operations"? That's kind of hiring an butcher that's not allowed to cut meat, or an accountant that's not allowed to use math. Sounds like we're about to spend a lot of money to deploy a bunch of people to do nothing but sit around and play cards while bad people launch projectiles at them.

A possible strategy (which I do advocate) is to use a US deployment as a magnet for the globe's fanatics to converge in a single place so that we can zap them more efficiently. So perhaps that is the strategy here. But tying the military's hands under absurd "rules of engagement" is silly, stupid, and ultimately a failure. That was the real lesson of Vietnam, which our all-knowing leaders repeatedly demonstrate that they never seemed to have learned.

As for the "Grey" phenomenon: After a half-century of the "sexual revolution", this is where we end up. We have Progressives doing exactly what they accuse conservatives of doing by trying to dial back the state of women to the '50s (by portraying women as weak and prone to being victims) in order to deal with a supposed "rape culture". Then these same Progressive academics actively support a literal honest-to-god rape culture, and seeks to censor or punish anyone who says otherwise.

Then, mere weeks after the NFL Ray Rice scandal, at the Grammy Awards, the President does a PSA about violence against women, and then moments later, known pedophiles and women beaters R Kelly and Chris Brown perform and are lauded. Nobody seems to catch the irony or hypocrisy. This would have been like having Ray Rice showing up for an award at the Superbowl. (Everyone seemed more interested in the more-brains-than-talent not-surprising antics of Kanye West) Clearly, there are different standards at play for those in the music end of the entertainment industry than there are for the sports end. (My only guess is that the "music" end has lower standard because music is all about being "hip", "sophisticated" and "edgy" whereas the NFL primarily caters to a more middle-America audience that needs to be talked down to)

And then after all of this moralizing about "violence against women", we get the spectacle of a movie that supposedly sends the message that violence is what women really want. It will make millions.

If all of the above are not the signs of a sick culture, then I'll never know what is.

My suspicion is that after 50 years of the sexual revolution driven by Progressives, many people have grown bored with sex. Since sex in our culture has now largely been stripped of its intimacy component, like with the rest of the entertainment industry in general that has run out of new ideas, the only direction left to them is to keep pushing the edge of what's acceptable in order to keep people interested. Porn is now mainstream. Merely reading or watching people have what was formerly known as "normal sexual relations" is now boring. So they move on.

So when society grows bored with S&M, what comes next?

PRY said...

Yeh, YOLO, Barry! You're just so cooool!

Well, if any of our enemies or allies were on the fence about uknowwho's integrity, this oughta seal the deal!

Quoting Charlie Brown..."Good Grief!"

Geoff King said...

Now, in yet another example of the Øbama regime's contempt for our country, it appears that illegal aliens will be eligible for Earned Income tax credits even though they paid no taxes:

Popular Front said...

What is it about today's dumbass politicians that they have to point at people as if they are totally flummoxed by their presence? They all do it Walking into a room full of people they point out someone and give them a big cheesy smile, oozing insincerity. Walk into a party and see someone you haven't seen for 15 years then OK but these jerks do it every time they're on camera. I bet they don't give a fat rat's ass who's there when they're not.

Popular Front said...

Back again, I forgot something.
@Judi King - I shouldn't worry about Martial Law if I were you. In the USA the armed forces, the police and the security services are all taxpaying law-abiding and loyal citizens and they are not going to stand to and repress their fellow Americans just because some pseudo-commie in the White House tells them to.
For martial law to be declared you have to have ongoing massacres/pogroms, buildings and whole districts ablaze, mass looting (not like Ferguson but trashing whole cities) etc etc then you might see the tanks rolling. In the USA? Never happen.

John the Econ said...

@Geoff King, probably one of the most destructive things to come out of the Reagan Administration was the "Earned Income Tax Credit", which was made refundable, meaning that you can actually get a check from the IRS for money that you never actually paid. This is why ID theft with the IRS is exploding; all you need is a stolen Social Security # and a name to file a phony return with someone else's identity with meager income and a lot of dependents, and the IRS will blithely send you thousands of dollars. Now, in arrears if you're an illegal.

And they said this would never happen.

@Popular Front, perhaps not today. But but I don't think this will be the case in a few years as "trickle-up poverty" through a stagnant economy and welfare for the middle class continues to merge the middle and lower classes. The new "class divide" in America will be like it has become in Europe and other places, where it will be the elite and bureaucratic class lording over the rest of us; not dissimilar to what Plato described as a utopia thousands of years ago.

In this model, the armed forces and police will be aligned with the elitist class that guarantees their standard of living far above that of the masses. In other words, no food lines for them and their families.

Larry Gilbert said...

Are Lefty Lucy and State Department Spokehack, Marie "We cannot win this war by killing them" Harf (rhymes with "Barf") the same person? Except for the hairstyle and the color of the glasses, they could be twins!