Monday, February 16, 2015

Time Flies (Unless It's Hit By An RPG)

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Hey, you can't blame a guy for taking a shot. At least, that's going to be the defense we plead when we're hauled in for these classic Presidents Day cartoons from the vault...


We wanted to keep things light today, but just couldn't following the beheadings of 21 Coptic Christians by ISIS...and Obama's lightning fast response of going golfing.


George in Houtx said...

hope ya feel better, big cheese! political situations are quite discouraging!
I keep waiting for the rally cry of "wolverines" , but the populace has not awakened.

Geoff King said...

On this Presidents Day it is a good time to remember all of the 43 previous leaders of the greatest country in the world, and to hope that the country survives it's 44th leader.

Fred Ciampi said...

Well Stilt, we Hope you're feeling better and that you Change the illness within. We huddled masses look forward to the humor, satire, and truth that you bring to our humble existence. I'll take a shot to your health.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@George in Houtx- Glad to say that I'm feeling mostly better already. Just some sort of a stomach bug that I seem to have had ever since watching the Obama video with the selfie stick, smudgy mirror, and his inability to dunk a freaking cookie in a glass of milk.

@Geoff King- Barry does sort of bring a scary new dynamic to Presidents Day, doesn't he?

@Fred Ciampi- And by "shot" I assume you're not talking about a vaccine (grin).

Chuck McCarroll said...

PRESIDENTS DAY!! ...wish we had one.

CenTexTim said...

President's Day past, present, and future:

Past - Jimmy Carter
Present - barack obama
Future - Hillary Clinton

Sigh... I need some 'coffee'...

txGreg said...


And if the image of an American President cavorting around the White House with a camera and a selfie stick wasn't bad enough on it's own... There's the fact that he was doing so only a couple of hours they received confirmation that Kayla Mueller was dead thanks to the jihadis from the religion of piece.

Maybe this is his new way to get the rest of us to feel as much shame for living in America as he exhibits.

graylady said...

@ txGreg
"Maybe this is his new way to get the rest of us to feel as much shame for living in America as he exhibits."

During a recent trip to Europe, I was asked repeatedly, "What is going on with Obama? Doesn't he realize the world is in a really bad state?" or variations thereof. All I could say was that the actions, behaviors and beliefs of Obama and his administration DO NOT reflect those of MOST of the American people. The next question, "But you elected him?" usually leads to a long and often difficult discussion of race relations and their place in politics in the US.
Obama has no idea how badly his actions, reactions and behaviors are damaging the US in the minds of average Europeans. He is destroying us and our country at home and abroad..

Neal Hilistic said...

Oh Doc, I was a laughing so hard - until the end.

Honestly, the left HATES religious people so much - as long as they are Christian. But if you are Muslim, "Yeah, sure, babe, slice some heads off! Love ya!"

I effing hate "progressives".

"Progressives" are low-life scum, worse than fermented sewage.

HEY! Maybe we can import some of the ISIS characters and tell them "progressives" are actually Coptic Christians? Make it a reality show to pay expenses, and when the last "progressive" is beheaded, nuke the set. ISIS is done as are their "progressive" allies in one fell swoop.

Ya think? Maybe?

John the Econ said...

While the President golfs and takes selfies:

We have a perfect example of the fraud of the "hate crime": "Hate crime" statutes are Orwellianism at it's worst; they are actually crimes that are defined by politics based upon what prosecutors argue what a person may have "thought" when he/she did something. Unlike most other crimes, a "hate crime" cannot be proven through hard evidence. Worse than that, they only work one-way, depending upon the prevailing politic of those directing the state.

So in North Caroline, some atheist misanthrope kills three Muslims over a parking spot. Since the killer was white and the victims were not, the usual leftist chorus screams "hate crime", even though the evidence at hand seems pretty clear that this was really the case of a nutcase pissed off over a parking spot.

Can anyone cite an example of where a Muslim committing a crime against a non-Muslim in the US was tagged with a "hate crime" charge? Will Dzhokhar Tsarnaev be charged with any?

No, the reality is that "hate crimes" are the legal extension used by progressives to prosecute what they like to call "white privilege". It's a political crime only. Stalin would be impressed that this has happened in a supposed "democracy".

Speaking of actual "hate crimes": Meanwhile, in Copenhagen we had another episode of what the President has previously called "random violence" at a free speech event and at a Bar Mitzvah. I've yet to see a sensible explanation as to why a Bar Mitzvah in such a tolerant and peaceful European city has need of a security guard, but obviously they didn't have enough. Less than a century after the holocaust, more and more Jews are questioning their future in Europe.

Speaking of questioning their futures: ISIS filled out the weekend by chopping the heads off of 21 Christians. If Jews should be questioning their future in Europe, it's long past time for Christians to be questioning theirs in the middle east.

Speaking of "free speech", my "We are not Charlie" file grows thicker by the day:

National anti-terror unit handed list of Charlie Hebdo stockists to local forces who then went round demanding to know who bought copies

Once again, Progressives prove my point that it's not the terrorists or criminals that they are really afraid of, it's you! Anyone who'd buy such a subversive publication must be a troublemaker, and must be monitored.

That's enough. Hope you're better soon @Stilton.

Colby Muenster said...

Nero had a fiddle; Barry has a putter. I just pray our country survives the fire and that Cen Tex Tim is wrong about the future!

Chuck McCarroll,
Presidents Day is to honor Presidents. O'Liar will have to wait until Residents Day rolls around.

I have close relatives in Sweden (brother and family), and they all think O'liar's the best thing since Absolut vodka. They applaud the turd for trying to drive our country towards socialism because things are so peachy in Sweden (seriously). Obviously, THEY see what he is doing; too bad our own population can't see it.

John the Econ,
I never understood the whole "hate crime" BS. I figure you kill somebody, you get punished the same no matter what you thought of the person you killed. They are just as friggin' dead, right?

Rod said...

I'm thinking by the time 2016 election rolls around with the I's & R's having plenty of negative records & facts to hold against him; the healthcare law really kicking in; 20 more months for US to lose respect overseas; but especially D. contenders all having distanced themselves from him... the nutcake will be fully exposed for EVERYONE even those nuttier than him) to see.

One wonders if he might even have a handgun on selfie stick by then. What's left after being King of the World in one's own mind?

I hope he's just kept hobbled & throttled until then; we sure don't need a martyr like this.

John the Econ said...

Colby Muenster, it's interesting that your Swedish relatives have that point of view. The socialist utopia Sweden that my Progressive friends so admired in the '70s and '80s doesn't exist anymore. In fact, it could be argued that Sweden today is actually to the right of the US in the Obama era. Sweden today embraces tax cuts instead of spending to stimulate their economy. They've spent the last two decades paring back their cradle-to-grave socialist democracy. Sweden today has implemented reforms that the left here would call "extreme", "draconian" and worse. Heck, they even have "school choice" there now.

Understanding "Hate Crimes" isn't difficult. They are really "thought crimes". It's the leftists idea that killing someone because of race or religion (unless the killer is a Muslim, because that's totally understandable) is somehow more heinous than killing someone over a parking spot. Does it matter to the victim why they were killed?

It's part of the left's effort to make people they hate behave properly. Since they hate so much, they assume everyone else must as well, but even more so. It's also part of the psychological pathology that is required to make the rest of their world view work in their heads.

Rod said...

It's alarming how time flies; 14 years ago I spent an enjoyable week in Gothenberg, Sweden working on a major project.
My Swedish associates were probably on their conservative side; but they all seemed very similar in views to us. Very prepared, polite & friendly people. Some of the things noticed were: One of our young hosts apologized for selfishness in buying a new car(Saab) that only got 35 MPG; he thought it was a gas hog. Their ATM cards & cell phones were several years ahead of ours in capabilities. Beautiful clean place with excellent, coordinated transport systems including heavy use of water, rail & bus. Impressive manufacturing & craftsmanship. Progressives may or may not authorize and fund such things; but capable, skilled get-it-done working people design, build and operate them. And it's true: Being a college town & major city, the abundance of beautiful women(esp. blondes)was amazing.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

Love the thought of the ghosts of REAL presidents digging into the Pussbucket In Chief as he sits and smolders. Can't wait to get this festering pile of fetid excrement out of the Whitehouse.

Harry Houston said...

What's left after being King of the World in one's own mind?

The next SecGen of the UN...then he won't have to deal with trivia like elections...he becomes "President of the World" for life, and can golf all around the world!!

John the Econ said...

@Rod, another observation about Sweden during the heyday of democratic socialism: Sweden, at least back then was not the least bit "diverse". There was no such thing as "multiculturalism". My observation at the time was that the only reason that socialism worked as well as it did was because Sweden was a monoculture, people were racially, politically, socially, and religiously similar enough to each other to be able to agree on what the state should provide and how it should function. (Of course everyone is happy in a nation where blue-eyed blond beauties were the norm and not the exception!)

But look at Scandinavia today. The influx of immigrants, mostly from Muslim nations has changed everything. IMHO, a "multicultural" socialist democracy is not possible. In fact, the once sexually liberated Swedes are now being told to cover up, or face the consequences. Like the rest of Europe, only now are they realizing the suicidal mistake they made by opening their boarders at such a rate that it has allowed their former utopia to be overrun by people not interested in assimilation, but domination.

John the Econ said...

Oooops. Another fascist gun-control fanatic let the truth slip:


"According to the Summit Daily, “Michael Bloomberg representatives have asked the Institute not to distribute footage of…[the] appearance…where the three-term New York City mayor made pointed comments concerning minorities and gun control.” Both the Institute and Grassroots TV, “the organization that filmed the event,” are honoring Bloomberg’s wishes and “will not broadcast the footage online or on television as planned.”

During the speech, Bloomberg talked about persons who are “male, minority, and between the ages of 15 and 25.” He claimed that “95 percent of all murders fall into this category,” so taking guns from them would not only reduce crime, but would also “keep them alive.”

He said “cities need to get guns out of [the]…hands” of young, male minorities for these reasons."

And they say we're the racists.

John the Econ said...

...and I apologize for continuing to bombard @Stilton and you all with this off-topic content, but I seriously feel like we here are the only sane ones left in this formerly great nation...

Military approves hormone therapy for Chelsea Manning

ISIS is overrunning the country we spent a trillion dollars and thousands of lives liberating. Our veterans are being denied even basic health care. And yet, this is what what our military under Obama cares to worry about.

Progressives complain that it's the GOP that is denying our veterans the vital health care they're entitled to. But how can that be when they have enough money sitting around to convert a convicted traitor into a woman.

Three observations:

1) This is why responsible Congresspeople need to hold up spending. Either they already have way too much money, or their priorities are *&$@ed-up.

2) If Manning had been shot as military traitors should be, this would not be happening.

3) This is the "transformed" military under Obama. Could anyone imagine this happening under Reagan?

These are the people we're depending on protecting us?

Arrrrrgh! All is lost!

CenTexTim said...

@John the Econ - I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who is flabbergasted about the Bradley/Chelsea Manning nonsense.

Why on God's green earth are we spending our tax dollars on gender reassignment therapy - or whatever the Hell it's being called these days - on a friggin' TRAITOR?!?

Just shoot the SOB...

Bruce Bleu said...

Regarding lamont's addictive penchant for golf, I would like to make a comment to the "mulligan-in-chief"... FORE Q!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now, a word from our sponsor: Dickweed-be-gone. After a hard day at work, (if you aren't on unemployment or disbility), isn't it frustrating to come home and see dickweeds infesting YOUR White House. Well, Dickweed-be-gone is how you get rid of the problem. Each package of Dickweed-be-gone comes with two Senators and one Representative that are certified to have a SPINE, and will act IMMEDIATELY to get to the ROOT of the dickweed and REMOVE IT from your White House. This product was BANNED after the Reagan Presidency because of dickweeds choking out healthy growth, and the result is what you see today... DICKWEEDS RUNNING AMOK! It's taken a long time to get our product back into your life, but it will be banned again unless we put vertebrate Representatives into office. Please get involved today to nurture those who ALREADY have a spine to run for office. Spine donors are VERY rare, so transplants are NOT the best alternative, (broomsticks up recta effect NO spinal reinforcement PLUS they make the recipient walk funny.)

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Chuck McCarroll- Considering the current job-holder, it seems appropriate that Presidents Day has "no male."

@CenTexTim- "Coffee" is not just for breakfast anymore...

@txGreg- I genuinely can't wrap my head around Obama's shameless mugging after hearing that an American was killed by terrorists. He's not even pretending to give a shit about terror anymore.

@graylady- I can't remember if it was Jay Carney or Josh Earnest who said that the U.S. is more widely respected around the world now thanks to Obama. I can't imagine a more preposterous assertion - and your firsthand experience bears it out.

@Neal Hilistic- I think we'd see a huge difference in our country's approach to terror if either Hollywood or Ivy League schools were hit by a significant attack.

Regarding your reality show idea, I'm afraid that it would be a ratings hit - and that the progs would be rooting for the ISIS team.

@John the Econ- I hate "hate crimes." As you say, it's actually "thought crime" - and that's not just a slippery slope, it's the world's highest cliff.

Your other points are, as always, right on target too.

@Colby Muenster- Returning to the "hate crime" topic, my thought is that you can't really make murder worse by calling it a hate crime, so all the progs can really do is make some murders less offensive to society than others. "You killed him but you didn't hate him? Okay, that's not so bad..."

@Rod- Sadly, I think there have always been plenty of facts to expose Obama, but not enough people give a flying flip for it to matter.

And I don't think Barry will ever tire of the delusion that he's king of the world.

@John the Econ- Interesting observations about Sweden. Also good insight about the Left's obsession with "hate crimes." As you quite rightly point out, in psychological terms it's pure projection of their own tendency to hate. They can't even imagine another way of thinking.

@Rod- Thanks for the short travelogue. I really should get out more...

@Emmentaler- It's a lovely fantasy that at least once a year, the previous presidents give this one crap and he has nowhere to hide. Although maybe that's why he went golfing instead of staying in the White House with the ghosts.

@Harry Houston- For a long time, I've said that Barry sees the presidency as a stepping stone to something "bigger." I, too, am guessing the UN - but a more powerful and dangerous UN intended to be an actual governing body.

@John the Econ- Interesting perspective on the relationship between socialism and multiculturalism - and why the two can't successfully coexist.

And for the record, the Swedish Bikini Team should never be forced into wearing burkas.

Interesting to read about Bloomberg's horrible profiling of people who look like his son. And appalling that when he says something that accidentally flirts with common sense, he appeals to the media to cover it up and they do.

Regarding "Chelsea" Manning, I agree that there are better ways to spend taxpayer dollars than on sex changes. And seriously, WTF difference does it make if you're a "woman trapped in a man's body" if your entire future is going to be locked in a prison? Unless, maybe, women's prisons are easier to escape from.

@CenTexTim- Agreed.

@Bruce Bleu- Now I want to see James Whitmore doing a Dickweed-be-gone commercial...

John the Econ said...

...and one more off-topic item:

It’s Too Cold To Protest Global Warming At Yale

"Fossil Free Yale, a group pushing the university to divest itself from fossil fuels, told the Yale Daily News that frigid, snowy weather set for this weekend will mean their global warming protest will have to be postponed."

I've always had to laugh at these groups, who always seem to schedule their protest confabs in the middle of winter! You'd think they'd make a more convincing point by scheduling them in August, when having to cancel due to record sub-freezing temperatures and snow would be far less likely, and much further removed from people's minds.

txGreg said...


Actually, I'd probably need a new keyboard if Nick Searcy got hold of the idea for it and made a commercial for Dickweed-be-Gone. Can you imagine the epic rant he could make!?

PRY said...

I admire that quality in people who can snicker in the face of really grave danger, which is what has to be done to keep from crying I suppose.

Judi King said...

Colby Muenster said...

My brother emigrated to Sweden around 1971 or so. He was a died in the wool Liberal, member of SDS in college, and has not changed much other than becoming way more mellow and more tolerant of us Conservative types. We get along great. But his kids still drink the "Swedish socialism is the BEST" koolaid, and are totally mystified at the thought of capitalism.

Yes, I'll admit Sweden was a pretty nice place to live back in the 70's and even 80's when their society was closed and close knit. The socialism actually sort of worked, and the citizens didn't seem to mind the horrid tax rate.

I have visited many times, and watched the societal slide over the years as the country was invaded by less than desirable immigrants. My brother laments the loss of great companies like Volvo and Saab, but even at the age of 66 fails to understand why those cars are no longer made in Sweden.

And I remember the days when they could go to a doctor and not pay one red cent. Now they pay the astronomical tax rates, AND pay at the doctor. We are headed that way, folks!

Geoff King said...

On the topic of Global Warming:

1) It's the Sun, stupid!
2) The Little Ice Age, which occurred from the mid-1300's until the mid-1800's, caused more famine and starvation than at any other point in recorded human history.
3) It's the Sun, stupid!
4) The polar caps on Mars are also melting.
5) It's the Sun, stupid!
6) The world was a lot hotter, and life still abounded when the dinosaurs were in charge.
7) It's the Sun, stupid!
8) CO2 is nescessary to life on this planet, and is the least detrimental "greenhouse gas" there is. Methane is worse, but the major cause of Global Warming is water vapor....try to outlaw that.
9) It's the sun, stupid!
10) I have yet to hear a Canadian or Siberian complain that the world is getting too hot.
11) It's the Sun, stupid!
12) Forcing laws against CO2 emissions on US business and industry will only cause manufacturing to move to China and elsewhere, where there are no such laws, thereby actually incresing the greenhouse gas emissions on this planet.
13) It's the Sun, stupid!
14) If Al Gore is truly that concerned about it, why does he own 5 mansions with the combined carbon footprint of various small European countries, and why does he fly about the planet in his personal Lear Jet?
15) And finally: It's the Sun, stupid!

Rod said...

We lived in interior Alaska for three years in mid 70's. I also worked in Siberiain the 90's. Didn't mind the cold; but now I'm cold-natured & already tired of this mild mid-western Winter. I'd enjoy a little bit of warming.

IMO there is global warming aka climate change as there always has been, demonstrated primarily by loss of massive ice. Geoff is probably correct: It's mostly the sun cycle. And Earth has ways to counter these cycles.

Conversation & political funding should focus on How we're going to adapt. Sea level change and masses dependent upon summer melting glaciers for fresh water being a priority. Not who did it, nor should USA sacrifice our economy for the world. Stop the endless hysteria and let's do as we have always done and exploit it before we get left behind.

John the Econ said...

@Geoff King, you about summed it up. My AGW (anthropogenic global warming) friends really get annoyed when I mention warming in Mars. I guess it's all the SUV's NASA has been launching there.

As for methane, a far more serious and effective greenhouse gas: The #1 source of methane is "wetlands". Since the '80's, the Federal government has spent billions on restoring wetlands, and effectively stealing private property in the name of restoring wetlands. Want less methane? Give the property back and start paving them over again.

My eco-historian friends love bemoaning the short-sighted and evil pioneer white folk who carelessly shot the millions of buffalo that formerly walked the planes in flyover country. In retrospect, they may have saved Victorian society from AGW, since there were a lot more buffalo roaming about than there are evil domestic cows busy flatulating before they become burgers at McDonalds.

And you are dead-on about China. The net effect of CO2 (and other overwrought environmental) policy here is that it's simply chased manufacturing away to China, where they don't give a damn about C02, heavy metals, or much anything else environmental. To the Progressive environmentalist, out-of-sight is out-of-mind.

The narrative of the anti-Keystone people is that the pipeline must be stopped because of CO2, as if the pipeline isn't built, Canada won't bother extracting the oil and selling it to someone else. Silly people. If we don't build the efficient pipeline and buy the oil and process it, (in up-to-date EPA-approved fashion) then the Canadians will simply put it on inefficient trains and ship it to the coast where they'll sell it to the Chinese. And again, we all know how much they care about the environment.

I've been annoying my anti-Keystone friends by arguing that building the pipeline would be the CO2-efficient thing to do. Needless to say, they're not amused or interested in facts. They'd much rather make a statement that literally nobody beyond themselves takes seriously or even cares about.

And Al Gore. You'd think he'd be living in a tee-pee if he took any of his BS seriously. I figure that as long as I keep my carbon footprint somewhere between Al Gore's and Leo DiCaprio's, I'm a pretty responsible citizen.