Saturday, May 23, 2009

Credit Cards

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Joe the Plumber (remember him?) questioned Obama's intent to "spread the wealth." It turns out that the real plan all along was to "spread the debt" to those who've been careful and responsible with their money.


Suzy said...

Of course. The only way for the government to have absolute and supreme power is to have a country full of blind, following sheep. Independent thinking and personal responsibility are the enemies of a dictatorship.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

As we've said here at Hope n' Change before, "Debt is the New Patriotism." Because debt fosters dependency, and dependency translates to power for those running the system.

The most recent round of stimulus checks was designed to be an amount of money that would be spent immediately...not saved (we certainly don't want to encourage saving). Chrysler's creditors who didn't want to just tear up the IOU's were painted as "unpatriotic" by the current administration. The new credit card rules are designed to make life easier for those who run up massive debts (thereby making it more likely that they'll do so). Free mortgage payments are being made for people who bought houses they couldn't afford, with nothing going to those who stayed within their budgets. And now there's a proposal for a government-backed health insurance plan which would put private health insurers out of business, and force the currently insured into government programs.

After 9/11, Democrats squawked that all we had to do was "connect the dots" to have foreseen the disastrous attack on our country. Some of us are connecting the "new dots" and finding it even more frightening.

Suzy said...

I find it interesting how "new jobs" were promised....but then they are putting the car manu's and health insurers, among others, out of business.

I assume they are going to find all these people jobs with the government? Or maybe they just don't count...or maybe they just want more people on welfare and unemployment.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

I'd guess that many in the health insurance industry WILL end up working for the government (have you ever seen a government service which needed fewer people than the private sector to get a job done?)

I doubt that there will be government car manufacturing jobs opening up, so those folks will either need welfare or...something new. Like enlistment in Americorps, and doing whatever tasks are assigned for the "betterment" of our fast-changing society.