Monday, May 18, 2009

Notre Dame Commencement

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In his remarks at Notre Dame (which were sporadically interrupted by protests from pro-life Catholics) the President called for "open minds." Opening the mind, and cranium, of a full-term fetus is called "partial birth abortion" - a procedure which Obama endorses.


Suzy said...

I love it how an "open mind" means "agreeing with a liberal"....

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

In his remarks at Notre Dame, the President cited an ad he'd been running which said "right-wing idealogues were attempting to steal a woman's right to choose," but that he changed the language to something less inflammatory after a doctor emailed him to complain.

He then went on to say, in essence, that he did NOT change his underlying beliefs...just the way he expressed them.

Okay, Hope n' Change is all for civility, but changing your rhetoric without changing your mind isn't a sign of having an open mind, of really discussing issues, or seeking some sort of compromise.

Clearly, the President is not open-minded on the topic of abortion...he is only open-minded on the topic of evasive semantics.

oliverandjazz said...

open minded, yes, but dont let the brain fall out. Evasive Semantics is his mode of operation.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Evasive Semantics is his primary tool, and Peggy Noonan recently wrote an excellent column about it.

In essence, words that can mean anything mean nothing.