Sunday, November 15, 2009

Let's Do Chinese

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Barack Obama has traveled to Asia, where he will be trying to convince the Chinese that next year he will become a fiscal conservative, and that he will try to rescue the American dollar before all the money we owe the Chinese becomes worthless.

He will probably also autograph some of the "Oba Mao" t-shirts which have become a big seller in China, and engage in some friendly pick-up basketball games during which he can trash talk the Dalai Lama.

Have fun, Mr president! Don't hurry back!

"What size does Anita Dunn wear?"


Suzy said...

Good comic!

Proof said...

Heh. And still growing!

Gabriel said...

Are those Oba Mao T-shirst one of your jokes, or real? If they're real, I shake my head.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Gabriel- The shirts are real. More importantly, the enthusiasm and sincerity with which many Chinese are proclaiming Obama to be like Mao is real too. So it looks like the joke is on us.

WashUinHK said...

I can assure you, living in China, that Chinese see about as much of Mao in Obama as they also did in Bush. You know, inarticulate country bumpkin with good intentions but disastrous policies that resulted in the suffering of millions. They are sincerely enthused about Obama mainly because he is not Bush, not because he is Obama. I can't tell you how many times, sitting in poly-sci classes at HKU, I hear the analogy of "hitting yourself in the face so often that it feels good when you stop" when referring to Bush leaving office. So yes, virtually all overseas Americans I work with did get the change they hoped for: Change. Dems could have put a lemur on the ticket and won. Hell, I think even Kerry may have been able to pull this one off.