Monday, July 19, 2010

Slow Cooked

Thanks to Barack Obama's decision to leave large portions of America's southern border open, and Eric Holder's decision to sue Arizona for attempting to enforce immigration laws, July is on track to break the record for the most people who have died in the desert while attempting to enter our country.

In just the first two weeks of this month, 40 corpses have been collected from the blistering no-man's many that Arizona's Pima Country morgue was overwhelmed, and a refrigerated truck had to be rented to store the overflow of bodies. Federal law, of course, prevents the medical examiner from "racial profiling" and saying how many of the deceased looked Hispanic... and he presumably risks being charged with "existential profiling" if his report states that the victims "look dead."

Death by dehydration is a slow and excruciating indescribable torture. And it's a torture that Barack Obama could order stopped, by truly sealing the border instead of callously leaving open the deadliest crossing spots.

But as the president made clear to Arizona Senator Jon Kyl, the democrats feel their best chance of passing "comprehensive immigration reform" is to keep the borders open and immigrants flooding in, as a form of pressure and extortion against the GOP.

And if hundreds of men, women, and children die horribly to advance the president's agenda, it's an acceptably small price to pay.

Plus, the president can count on getting the vulture vote.


Philip said...

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio Warns Illegals: “We’re Gonna Have Enough Firepower To React to Any Assaults On Our Deputy Sheriffs”…

Biden: Failed stimulus all GOP’s fault

Frank: What we need is a lot more government intervention

MSNBC's Ratigan: Tea Party 'Full of Crap;' Guest Compares It to Terrorist Organization

Obama Bumper Sticker Removal Kit

Anonymous said...

Ouch. Blunt and tough. The truth can hurt. Sadly, your cartoon shows it can also kill people.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Anonymous- In law, there is a principle referred to as the "Attractive Nuisance," which is frequently applied to swimming pool owners.

It holds that if a landowner has something attractive, inviting, and appealing on their land, that the landowner bears the liability for trespassers who are injured or killed attempting to get to, or use, the "attractive nuisance."

Which is why the law requires, for the safety of potential trespassers, that fences are built. But of course, laws are for the little people...and so Obama has prohibited a fenced border. And, in the past two weeks, another 40 human beings are dead because of it.

Philip said...

Approval of Obama drops to 28 percent in new Arizona poll

pryorguy said...

This immigration debate is probably the most intense I have seen in some time. There has been a lot of talk on the tube of the rampant racism in our country lately.

Certain segments of our society have no problem throwing out the race card if it suits their purpose. No one will touch a black panther spewing hatred on tv for whites, when its well known that most homicides of blacks are committed by blacks.

And, bring up the immigration debate, and more than likely, if your name is of latin heritage, you will be against doing anything about it. Thats racism, brother. A bunch of you folks with roots in Mexico and such, buck up and be an American first for a change! Or get the hell out!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

pryorguy- we, too, are sick of the race card (which seems to make up the liberals' entire deck). The Tea Party movement is not about race. The demonstrable need for closed borders is not about race.

However, the president's apparent belief that the lives of those trying to cross the border are somehow unimportant may very well be race based.

pryorguy said...

I agree completely, bud. Obama is doing nothing about this border problem just to appease some hispanics, (the great appeaser) but cant they see he doesnt give a whit really, letting some die in the desert when he could at least TRY to close the borders. It is a war down there and the guvment does not care! Their course of action is to SUE a state for their own purposes!

Thanks for a great website, Im a cartoonist too, really enjoy yours!

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Anonymous said...

I am hispanic and disagree with Pryorguy's comments. I do agree that closing the border is a good idea. There are a few things I would like to see done that would help the situation.

1. Improve the ease for legal immigrants to come into this country. Getting approved is a huge process which could take up to 10 years, not to mention a lot of money. In addition, legal immigrants pay taxes, whereas illegal immigrants do not. Now you see why illegal immigration is so popular, it's much much easier.

2. Increase restrictions on welfare, medical, education. One of the primary reasons they are here in the first place. I think a lot of people in Arizona and California know or suspect of those getting a free lunch. I remember hearing about a hospital reporting them to ICE but getting the response to the likes of, "We won't do anything if they haven't committed a crime." I also feel that if Arizona had just gone for heavier restrictions on welfare and medical then we really wouldn't have need for SB 1070, only those immigrants who really were looking for jobs and the opportunity to work would be here.

3. Tax illegal immigrants. Self explanatory.

4. Go after drug cartels and gangs in the state(although preventing illegal immigration will help tons with this). Reason #2 for SB 1070 becoming a reality. I live in a border town in Arizona and don't see much going on here but from what I hear Phoenix is #3 in the nation for kidnapping/drug related incidents. Although most kidnappings are illegal immigrant to illegal immigrant.

Suzy said...

Re. racism...

When I taught school...if a parent disagreed with a teacher in front of their child...that child would then come to school cocky and arrogant against the teacher, because they knew they had their mom or dad on THEIR side.

I am seeing this racially in our country, worse than ever before. Unfortunately, it seems minorities in this country see Obama as on "their side" and as a white person who has never been racist...I am seeing more and more "attitude" being shown towards myself, while just out and about, doing errands or on the roads in my area, than ever before. Many minorities are getting that chip on their shoulder, and will snub their nose at us wicked white people...who did nothing more than they did...we were born into our color and race. And any black person who wants to stick up for whites are accused of "acting white" (yes I had a black friend inform me of this.)

I remember as a kid playing every day with the "black" kid next door, thinking nothing of it. And one day I think my grandmother was quite shocked, as we sat in McD's enjoying some fries, when I announced rather loudly that the black lady who just walked in was beautiful and I wished I were black. haha. (I'm still always working on that elusive tan....)

The racial divide in this country is completely tearing us apart. Its like the minorities won't be happy until they can enslave whites, as revenge for the mistakes of our forefathers. Why can't we all just get along?

Its so sad.

(And yes sometimes I vent on this blog because there's no other place safe to do it. haha.)

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Anonymous (two above)- I may be missing something, but it sounds to me like you and pryorguy agree on more issues than not.

Regarding your first point, you correctly say that illegal immigration is faster and easier than legal immigration. This is also true of virtually every other crime on the books: it's faster, easier, and cheaper than attaining things legally.

Your second point: Restricting the "goodies" is a good idea for decreasing illegal immigration. Raise the threshold on proving citizenship to obtain benefits.

Your third point: Taxing illegal immigrants makes sense, but the only way to do it is by somehow making them legal and therefore accountable...perhaps through a guest worker program.

Your fourth point: going after the drug cartels and kidnappers is absolutely essential. It's sickening to see the federal government erecting signs that simply say "this part of the United States isn't safe for citizens because of the uncontrolled crime." If the government knows where to put the signs, then they know where they should be putting troops.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Suzy- You can always vent here (especially because you do so in a thoughtful and constructive way). You make an excellent point that there will never be real racial peace as long as one side or the other wants to get revenge for whatever injustices they feel were done to them.

And yes, as a white citizen that's perhaps easy for me to say...but we all know that it's the truth. A cycle of revenge is, by definition, a cycle...and what goes around, comes around. Black people are in no way compelled to forget past injustices, but if they punish white people who aren't guilty of those injustices, it will only perpetuate resentment and hatred.

And as we've said before, Barack Obama's greatest legacy could be healing this divide. But instead, he throws gasoline on the fire...and this country will be burned for decades to come.

Suzy said...

I will point out that nobody was treated worse than the Jews in the holocaust...and I don't see Jews demanding we start throwing Germans in gas chambers, or that Jews deserve to have equal rights in Germany...etc. They just go along minding their business and MAKING business....and thus they tend to be prosperous, in general.

Suzy said...

I just found out that we are letting other countries join in supporting the lawsuit against Arizona!!!! Good grief!!!!!

I truly think Obama is guilty of treason and there's probably enough proof to convict him if someone would just have the guts to do it.