Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Double Header

Race to the Bottom

It's only June, but the Nobel Prize judging committee in Stockholm has officially closed further nominations for "Most Despicable Woman of the Year." And unsurprisingly, the award is once again going to Nancy Pelosi.

Following the vote to find Eric Holder in contempt of Congress for his repeated lies and stonewalling tactics, Pelosi made the jaw-dropping assertion that the entire congressional investigation of the "Fast & Furious" gun-walking program - and the many deaths resulting from it, including that of Border Agent Brian Terry - is really just a scheme to take Eric Holder off the playing field.

Why? So that the GOP can distribute ax handles to polling places around the country to beat the living crap out of black voters in November, the better to return America to the grasping claws of cackling, albino-white billionaires.

Okay, those weren't her exact words - though it was quite clearly her implication. What she actually said was "They're going after Eric Holder because he is supporting measures to overturn these voter suppression initiatives in the states. This is no accident, it is no coincidence. It is a plan on the part of Republicans."

Unlike, say, the plan on the part of Democrats to continue making a mockery of the Constitution, and to cry "racism" again and again to try to cover their withered, anti-American, lying asses.

Very Rank Hath its Privileges

And gosh, let's not leave Barack Hussein Obama out of this mess! At the point Eric "New Black Panthers" Holder could no longer stonewall about his agency's (and perhaps his president's) role in arming psychopathic Mexican murderers, Obama invoked "Executive Privilege" so that Holder wouldn't have to reveal anything which might be politically inconvenient for the world's most transparent president.

Unsurprisingly, the family of Brian Terry was disappointed (to put it mildly) that the conspiracy to hide the details of the Border Agent's death now reaches all the way into the Oval Office.

And what are we to make of the notion that there is something more "top secret" and highly-classified about "Fast & Furious" than there was about the mission to take down Osama bin Laden - about which this administration has leaked everything to filmmakers who are making an action movie with Barry as the hero?

What about this administration's self-congratulatory leaks about the Stuxnet and Flame computer viruses? Or their leaked stories of Obama keeping a deck of cards with pictures of terrorists, which he looks through to personally select who will take a Hellfire missile up the ass?

Clearly, the only "secrets" this administration keeps are the ones which would hurt them politically. Meaning that if Obama has invoked Executive Privilege, this secret must be a lulu - potentially something which would immediately end the president's chances for reelection.

With that thought, and the memory of Brian Terry, in mind - we hope that congress will keep digging into "Fast & Furious."

And that after November's election, Barack Obama will be unable to get a job which even gives him access to the executive washroom - let alone Executive Privilege.



Coon Tasty said...

I *still* cannot understand how a popular revolt has not overthrown the Obamunist regime.

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

@ Coon Tasty:
Patience, my friend. November is not far off. That is how we manifest a "popular revolt". I'd rather not consider all the ramifications of a second Obama regime. I have faith that most of the voters will feel the same way.
Unfortunately, we are stuck with Nanzi Pelosi until she dies or retires. The people of her district are a lost cause and best forgotten.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Holy Fuggoli Spicoli, I wonder what the weather is like on Planet Pelosi? The ONLY votes Repubs (well, most of 'em, anyway) want to 'suppress' are the illegal and the dead. As opposed, say, to "Eric Holder's People" who were using batons to actually intimidate and suppress votes. Someone needs to bitch-slap her w/ a carp and point out the absurdity of that comment.
Hey, I'm up for it...
AHD, sad but true @ her constitutants, I'm afraid. There's a special kind of stupid that seems to happen in San Fran - may be it's the water?

FlyBoy said...

Hey, Stilt: I appreciate your efforts to make make the strip more colorful, but geez-do you have to do it to Nancy, too? Seriously (not really), I've always thought that Pelosi's natural "color" is pasty white-giving her a pinkish hue is NOT an enhancement!

As for Nancy's deluded constituents, I believe it's no coincidence that Northern California has some of the highest potentcy marijuana available and her continually being reelected.

Colby said...

Look out, Barack, Nancy's orbiting Uranus!

I do wonder if San Fran Nan just plain dropped too much acid in the 60's. I forget who, but somebody on Hannity last night commented something like, "Is that the best she can come up with?!" Truly... pretty lame, Nancy.

Also, I couldn't help but notice when the DNC here in Carolina met a while back, you had to have a (GASP!) photo I.D. to get in. Where was Nancy and that dog turd Holder then?

AND, yes, there must be something REALLY juicy in those documents, but we will likely never find out what it is. BO himself will man the shredders if the heat gets any higher.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Coon Tasty- I'm beginning to ascribe it to pure laziness.

@Angry Hoosier Dad- We'll always have Nancy Pelosi around, but happily she won't necessarily wield much power. Even now, she's largely toothless - though still has the media-granted clout to get a lot of airtime, and say the darnedest things. And by "darnedest," I mean steaming verbal diarrhea.

@Pete(Detroit)- The same picture IDs which represent racist voter suppression at polling places are also being required to get into the Democrat national convention, and booksignings for Michelle Obama's gardening book. Eric Holder is working overtime to ensure and enable voter fraud in November.

@Flyboy- Yeah, Nancy does look pretty bad in color, doesn't she? I'll give an advance warning if I ever decide to present her in 3D.

@Colby- In all seriousness, Pelosi's assertion might be amusing if she was just nuts, but I think the remark was planned with malevolent intent, and will no doubt be echoing through the usual political and media channels. The MSM, if reporting the story at all, tended to call this a "partisan" attack on Holder. Well yeah, it looks partisan when no Democrat will stand up for the Constitution. Or, for that matter, fallen agent Brian Terry.

And regarding whatever the Bamster is hiding with Executive Privilege, I'd imagine that the shredders are working overtime already.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

Funny. I've been going, as my kids say "ham" on Pelosi the last two postings on my blog. I think I'll be giving her the third strike over this one.

Frankly, that the likes of Øbama, Plegosi, "idiot prazident vice" Biteone, Karl "Marx" Levin, Conyers, Waters, and their ilk got to where they are causes me the most fear for this country. Like that now-old, foreig-written article said: it is not the buffoons in office that will be our undoing, but the buffoons who would elect them to positions of power...

Gang of One said...

@Coon and Angry -- The Obama administration and its lackeys, toadies, lick-spittles and poltroons in media, academia, entertainment and government are in full meltdown mode; this is what loss of control looks like. As long as the New Media and fed-up Congressional Republicans keep shining a light on this, Obama is finished.
Faster. Please.

"This is Obama’s first bona fide, full-scale scandal. The president, with his assertion of executive privilege, has now placed himself at the center of the storm. And he’s done so with less than 140 days before the election. One can only imagine what the administration has to hide in order for Obama to have done what he did."

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Emmentaler- Your point is well taken; all of these people are elected representatives, meaning they actually DO represent the opinions, prejudices, and hatreds of many voters. And stupidity - did I mention freaking stupidity?!

@Gang of One- I don't know how much I should ascribe to what I hope to see, but what I think I'm seeing is the wheels starting to fall off the Obama train. If the Supreme Court votes down Obamacare (or even just the mandate) I'm looking forward to watching the Bamster go into full Captain Queeg meltdown mode.

mlester101 said...

Obama doesn't know anything about FF and then exercises EP in a nutshell: there's an old Bill Cosby bit about a kid who puts a bullet in the school furnace, it goes off and teacher say's "whoever put a bullet in the furnace has got to have a pretty rotten Mother" prompting the perp to confess, "I didn't put a bullet in the furnace and stop talking about my Mother."

I think that pretty well sums up BHO.

CenTexTim said...

The general concept underlying executive privilege is to enable the president to have forthright and candid exchanges of information with his staff and advisers. By claiming executive privilege, obama is implicitly admitting that he knew or should have known about Fast and Furious (or, alternatively, that Eric Holder, acting on obama's behalf, knew or should have known).

In either case, obama is setting coequal branches of the federal government on a collision course, potentially setting up a constitutional crisis. I don't know if he's doing it out of ignorance, arrogance, or desperation. Probably all three.

You'd think a noted constitutional scholar would know better...

John the Econ said...

Oh, when will they ever learn? The cover-ups and the generated mystery surrounding them always get more attention than whatever the crime was.

So instead of letting the truth out and being done with it all now, we will get to speculate wildly about whatever it is that Holder and the Obama Administration is hiding for the next 4 months It's yet another true gift to Romney & the GOP.

The only thing that confuses me is why Obama hasn't yet concluded that Holder is a real liability and hasn't thrown him under the bus like all the other Administration embarrassments. I guess he's going to have to wait until the New York Times tells him so.

txGreg said...

(now entering tin foil hat zone?)

Given what has already been exposed in the aftermath of Operation Fast & Furious, as well as what everyone thinks they already know... I too had to wonder what more could be hidden.

I found myself wondering if he's invoking executive privilege under the "diplomacy" umbrella. I wonder if the full accounting would expose that this was a joint operation between the U.S. and Mexican governments? After all, they both frequently sing from the same Brady Campaign hymnal.

There's enough "international fallout" already from the Mexican citizens killed by mistakes made by our government. I'd think the stink might reach all new levels if it was found that the Mexican government colluded.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@mlester101- Whatever Obama is hiding is enough to take him down. Otherwise, he wouldn't make such a large, attenting-getting move this close to the election (especially with his numbers not looking good already.) He forced mainstream media to mention "Fast & Furious" for the first time to puzzled viewers - so what's not being revealed has got to stink to high heaven.

@CenTexTim- I think Obama's only real expertise when it comes to the Constitution is in looking for loopholes. The claim of executive privilege is essentially a declaration that Holder has been lying/stonewalling until now, and that the Whitehouse is involved.

And by all means, let's have a Constitutional crisis pitting the branches of government against each other at the same time we'll be facing a government shutdown over the Bamster's insistence on raising the debt ceiling AGAIN. It's time for the American public to see that Obama's disastrous presidency leads only to ruins.

@John the Econ- My guess is that Holder knows way too much for Obama to throw him under a metaphorical bus. However, if I were Holder, I'd definitely be looking out for any real bus that I could be "accidentally" pushed in front of.

@txGreg- Interesting and very plausible theory. My conspiracy bet is that there are more documents showing that the expected outcry from the use of these guns in violent crimes was going to be used to wage war on the 2nd Amendment, under the totally false claim that American gun dealers were ignoring laws and selling to dangerous criminals - ergo, tougher laws are needed.

Then again, I heard a pundit yesterday with a decent Occam's Razor theory: that the hidden documents simply show that Holder is totally incompetent, and there was Whitehouse collusion to help hide that now DOJ and the Whitehouse are in the soup.

Mike Porter said...

The only thing worse than stupid is evil stupid, which Pelosi and her ilk most certainly are.

As to executive privilege, my understanding here is that it can only be invoked by the President as concerns issues of which the President has intimate knowledge – specifically: “under those precedents, the privilege, which is constitutionally rooted, could be invoked by the President when asked to produce documents or other materials or information that reflect presidential decision making and deliberations that he believes should remain confidential”. So clearly, he must be directly involved with the situation for this to be a valid move.

With this, Obama and his advisors are either:

a) completely ignorant of these rules or
b) stupid enough to believe that a man can defend himself against charges of wife beating by pointing out that the bruising appears on the left side of her face, and he usually beats her on the right.

Being that this is the same bunch who tried to argue that the federal mandate was at once a tax and not a tax, a fine and not a fine, well, I’ll take ‘b’ for two hundred, Bob.

Sam L. said...

Oh, I'm pretty sure some foundation or George Soros or Michael Moore will find a place for him. MO, though, will be mightily ticked at America again.

Pete (Detroit) said...

mlester101 - LOVE that routine! And just only realized that due to the relative weights involved, the bullet will fire the casing, NOT the other way around. Not nearly as dangerous as it sounds the first time you hear it (unless, of course, it's standing on end, or firmly against a wall) (and not to imply by any means that it's "safe" - but not like having a bullet flying around the room)

Goldenrod said...

I have wondered if the EO wasn't just another distraction for the right wingers to talk about. I doubt the MISUSE of an EO would stop Obama from enjoying the outcry from our side. If it's more sinister than that I would suggest Holder keep a sharp eye out for any drones.

Colby said...

There are only two explanations for BO poking his big fat executive nose in this. He is either so arrogant and stupid as to believe it will all go away because of his extreme and most gnarly presidential mojo, OR... Holder has him by the short hairs. He has world class arrogance, but I would never assume he is stupid. This leaves the short hairs theory.

Where DID you get that picture of Nan? This is the first time I've seen her with her spackle job actually cracking. She needs to tell her drywall guy to use LATEX paint next time.

A Nonny Mouse said...

@AHD Hm. I think with a corrupt, but actual, politician to get rid of, waiting 'til election to take them out of office might be a reasonable approach. I'd submit that when you know you have a rattlesnake in your boot, it's best to dump it before a fatal bite. Dumping this 'snake' out now would hopefully lead to the negation of Zilch's legislative and Exec Order "achievements" to date. It would also forestall the probable heinous cataract of lame-duck legislation-by-tyrannical-order that could take a generation to undo, assuming that an election loss has consequences reparable by court action.

Chuck said...

Fast & Furious and Executive Privilege will have no impact whatsoever on the election in November (assuming we have one). Once the LSM is done crying “racist” about the whole F&F “witch hunt” and defending the Øne for “having” to take this step (and blah, blah, blah) they will simply stop talking about it. Remember, it isn’t news of they don’t report it. Had to believe, but in a recent poll, only 47% knew about the presidents “the private sector is doing fine” comment. That 47% already know the score and will not be voting for Øbama. Unfortunately, many of them will sit out the election, holding both political parties in contempt.

I do not thing a Romney win is a slam-dunk. With voter fraud being protected by the inJustice Department, voter apathy and general voter ignorance about actual events in the real world (not to be confused with the “reality world”), I don’t have a lot of confidence heading into the November election (assuming we have one).

The stakes are so high! I’m still an ABØ voter, if for no other reason than the Supreme Court. I HOPE for a conservative majority in the House and Senate, but suspect even that won’t CHANGE anything. Where is the outrage in congress that should be there right now about the blatant disregard for the constitution and separation of powers by this administration unilaterally making laws and deciding not to enforce existing laws?

Totally unbelievable and yet so very predictable.

Here’s to a brighter future (assuming we have one).

Chuck said...

Sorry for the typos above, but I hope you get me drift. Hard to see the screen and keyboard clearly with all that smoke coming out of my ears!

Time for a brew ...

Suzy said...

This whole situation reads like a bad suspense know, one of those you finish reading and complain that the author was way too unrealistic and too conspiracist-theory for your taste.


CenTexTim said...

@Chuck - Where is the outrage indeed? Not just in Congress, but in society at large?

My biggest fear is that the apathetic and ignorant will outnumber the informed and concerned come this November.

Keep your fingers crossed and your powder dry ... and your brew cold!

REM1875 said...

Yeah yeah that's the ticket why agent terry attacked rifle toting Mexican narcos with a bean bag gun just to embarrass president zero yeah that's how it happened. Pretty clever fellow that agent Terry. Way way ahead of the game on that vote suppression thing. I go to go tell Nancy and carney.

Gang of One said...

Eugene Robinson has always been a partisan hack, but he really beclowns himself with his latest:

"These are the facts, and they don’t cover any Justice Department officials with glory. But neither do they remotely justify the partisan witch hunt by House Republicans who threaten, without legitimate cause, to hold Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. in contempt of Congress. Obama has responded by asserting executive privilege — effectively shutting down the inquisition."

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Mike Porter- I actually think that there's an answer "c" which applies: executive privilege has been claimed even though they KNOW it's inappropriate, because whatever they're trying to cover up is a lot worse than demonstrating their ignorance of the law.

@Sam L- Sadly, Barry is going to be on the scene for a long time in his post-presidential life. He'll no doubt hit the lecture tour for huge money, and have Bill Ayers crank out a few more alterbiographies.

@Goldenrod- I wondered about that, but I don't think at this very vulnerable period in the run-up to the election, Obama would play the executive privilege card if he thought he had any other options. And Holder had better watch his butt. Maybe he should just step away from the limelight and do something safe, like going on a Ron Brown-style trade mission.

@Colby- It's entirely possible that the whole coverup is just intended to hide what a waste of space Eric Holder is. For his incompetence to be documented at this critical juncture would make a mockery of Obama's positions on immigration, voter rights, and a lot more. So Holder either has to be protected or, um...well, I'd rather not say. But he won't be in the situation room when it goes down.

@A Nonny Mouse- I, too, would like to see Obama/Holder confronted on ALL of this right now. I know there are those timid types who will whine that it looks like a partisan mugging, but I don't care. You want to inspire conservative votes? Then show that the GOP representatives currently in Washington have got the courage and resolve to actually (and finally) stand up against the Left's abuses.

@Chuck- Hey, your typing was fine and your sentiments on the nose. The truth about many things would be devastating to Obama's reelection bid...which is why the mainstream media actively covers it up. People who rely on ABC for their news never heard of "Fast and Furious" until the president invoked executive privilege. When I hear from people on the Left, their ignorance of actual facts and current news is staggering.

@Suzy- No decent author of fiction would come up with such preposterous, over-the-top clap trap as that which spews from the mouths of those on the Left on a daily basis.

@CenTexTim- The apathetic and ignorant worry me almost as much as the highly-motivated and ignorant.

@REM1875- I hated even writing the words I put in Nancy's mouth in that last panel... but it essentially IS what she's saying. Agent Terry's death is meaningless and not looking into. And, to her, Terry was just a cog in a big racial oppression machine. I hope botox takes an extra long time to burn in Hell.

@Gang of One- Suddenly, I'm a fan of Eugene-ics. (For those who need help deciphering the joke, google Margaret Sanger).

PRY said...

God forbid o should get reelected...or ANY lefty for that matter! Either that will happen...or (hopefully) we will all witness one of the biggest "falls from grace" any man has ever experienced!

I like the latter!

BS Footprint said...

I can't decide whether Pelosi's off her meds or she overdosed on them.

Seems it's paramount to push the agenda, stir up the hate, and pander to Pelosi's mock constituency (and her actual constituency, the true believers of the Left.)