Monday, June 25, 2012

Spork Semper Tyrannis

Talk about mixed messages. The president who just unilaterally declared that 800,000 illegal (and mostly Latino) immigrants can be trusted with the rights and privileges of citizenship has also declared that Latinos can't be trusted with least, not if they're in the same room as His Holiness, Barack Obama.

Actually, it seems holes are what Obama
doesn't want...which is why 1000 delegates at the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials were forced to turn over their knives and forks at a luncheon before Barack Obama was willing to appear at the speaker's platform.

And nervous president Barney Fife wasn't exactly appearing in a dangerous Barrio warzone when he had his agents do the fork sweep - he was in the
freaking ballroom of the Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World.

Pansy ass.

Of course, the Latinos present weren't offended because cutlery is
always removed from a room in which Obama speaks and...wait. Hang on. What's that..?

Oh, we need to offer a correction. It turns out there are
tons of dinners and fundraising events where the crowd is considered trustworthy enough to keep their forks. Assuming they're Hollywood celebrities or, you know, not Latinos.

But once all of those dangerous forks, stamped with little Mickey Mouse faces, had been collected - Barack Obama took to the stage and promised the señors and señoritas present that if they donate generously and vote for him in November, America's "salad days" will return.

Of course,
Latinos will have to eat that salad with their fingers.



Jazz said...

Can it get any loonier?????

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

It's not a story until the MSM says so. Until then, it's a right-wing hit job, best ignored by "legitimate" news services. The trend I'm seeing in the news is to admit that things suck and will continue to suck no matter who is president, so we might as well stick with Obama, just because.

p said...

AHD - they HAVE to admit things suck - even Ray Charles can see that! And the utter failure to attach ANY accountability to this admin for ANY thing is starting to really hit them hard - w/o people paying attention they're not able to sell ads / generate revenue. See also AlGore and his useless broke ass network. Too bad, so sad!

Pete(Detroit) said...

Effing postage, takes the name before you finish - GRRR!

Colby said...

As much as I would like to say, "Put a fork in him; He's done," I agree with AHD. The LSM will stay away in droves (thanks Hedley Lamar).

Maybe they should have just served tacos; then they wouldn't have had to explain the lack of silverware.

Colby said...

ARRRRGH! I swear I did not mean to capitalize the word he's! My apologies!

Gang of One said...

@Stilton -- we must be prepared for a second term, and even so, no hay mal que por bien no venga, as the Mexicans say -- 'there is no bad that some good does not come forth'.
The Republicnas are more than likely to gain majorities in both Houses, and historically, second terms have not been pleasure cruises.

"But he is kidding himself if he believes victory in November will make these problems go away. The investigations of these and perhaps other transgressions will only gather steam ... Victory in November will be just the start of his problems, not their solution."

John D said...

how are you gonna feel when Obama wins again. Knowing that the black man is going to be your president and you cant do a damn thing about it?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Jazz- Logic would say "no," which is why I can promise you that it will.

@Angry Hoosier Dad- Yes, now the MSM is saying that the job of the presidency may be "too big" for ANY one man. It's certainly too big for this man.

@Pete(Detroit)- We're starting to see a number of predictably liberal sources starting to say "WTF?" about this president. And we're hoping to see a lot MORE of it in the coming weeks.

@Colby- I think "finger foods only" will be the new rule anyplace the Bamster appears.

And I hadn't noticed the capitalized "He," then laughed when you pointed it out. I know that Obama considers himself a deity, but was pretty sure that you hadn't subscribed to that opinion.

@Gang of One- I'm flat out not prepared for a second term, and am unwilling to even consider it just now. Obama would have a lot of his clout removed if the GOP held the House and Senate, but the resulting impasse isn't going to do anyone much good. Moreover, Obama would get Supreme Court picks - and that would be a disaster.

And speaking of the Supreme Court, Stilton's Crystal Ball says that Ginsburg will announce her resignation within the next few days to allow Obama to replace her with another liberal who will have a longer shelf life. You read it here first. Probably.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John D- Wow, does that "D" stand for Democrat? I'm guessing it does, since you're race-obsessed, and your one sentence rant has A) no relation to the topic, B) a four-letter expletive and C) a misspelling of "can't."

And I'd particularly think you'd get that last one right since your president - not mine - has made it the theme of his first (and soon to be only) term.

Gang of One said...

@John D[ouchebag] -- Oh, we CAN do plenty, even if it is a dead-locked Congress. Nixon's second term was his undoing, and F&F [among other scandals] is more damaging to this sitting POTUS. As I recall, nobody died because of Watergate.
How does that make you feel?

BC said...

I cross posted this from Conservative Blogs Central linking it back to your site... -- I hope it gets you a few more fans.

Stan da Man said...

John D - I'd feel ripped off, as teh ONLY way he's gonna win is if he effing STEALS it. And while there may well be folks out there who dislike him for his fake blackness, those of us that hang here could not care less about the darkness of his skin, it's the pinkness of his policies that jerks the irk. I'd take a stab at belittling you personally, but I think Stilton nailed it in one...

Earl Allison said...

Whether a second term is a pleasure cruise or not, the issue would be that President Obama would feel even less beholden to the public than he is now (assuming such a thing is possible).

Look at what he's done these past few months in desperation, arrogance, or a combination of the two;

He's attacked the Supreme Court and either willfully misrepresented its authority and role, or actually believes what he said.

He's reversed his 2011 position on immigration, blatantly.

He's "evolved" on gay marriage enough to look sympathetic, without actually taking action.

He's actually invoked Executive Privilege for "Fast and Furious," when, if it were actually legitimate and relevant, he could have done so months ago (now it just looks like the stonewalling, butt-covering that it is).

The "but Bush!" excuse train is right back on schedule.

And now this incident. How does he, how do his supporters, justify this? Taking away the silverware? I'd be laughing if this were just bad comedy, but it's really happening. WHY isn't anyone covering it?

Ironic that the first "Post-Racial" President has done more to worsen race relations -- partly by openly and/or tacitly approving the hue and cry of "racism" to silence any and all opposition.

Thanks for posting!

Earl Allison said...

I stand corrected on the utensils issue -- other blogs mention this isn't entirely unusual for the Secret Service to do.

It is pretty tone-deaf, though :)

rickn8or said...

So now he's an Aichmophobic narcissistic SCOAMF??

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Gang of One- It's sad, and more than a little racist, that John D has nothing positive to say about his president other than that he's black. This is a perfectly friendly forum for someone to make their case with an opposing view instead of making a stupid accusation and then running like a scalded dog.

@conservativeBC- Thank you! Always appreciated!

@Stan da Man- And seriously, I think Barry is the least black "black man" since Michael Jackson. As one of his white dates in college said, "he doesn't have a black bone in his body." Except, in the words of Harry Reid, "when he wants to."

@Earl Allison- Great and true points down the line! By the way, the story I linked to includes the information that the confiscation of silverware by the Secret Service isn't unusual...but it's also not universal. You can bet that George Clooney wasn't forced to eat his filet mignon with a soup spoon while sitting at Barry's elbow.

My Dog Brewski said...

@ John D.:
The assumption of racism without evidence is even more lazy than it is stupid...and it's mighty damned stupid.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@rickn8or- Duuuuude! "Aichmophobic?" My good friend Google tells me this is the fear of sharp or pointy things. Thanks for providing our "Word of the Day!"

Gang of One said...

@Earl -- Salient points, everyone of them, Sir. Believe you me, I don't want this putz vaitik oysvurf in the WH another minute, but I am just trying to prepare myself for the shock of the inconceivable. And knowing Dems, and knowing this rat-bastard of an AG is all about stealing this election, I get worried.

Stan da Man said...

Stilton - "not a black bone in his body"? Does that imply that not only is he a nut-less wonder, but a teenie weenie too?

Or is that a racist question?

Emmentaler Limburger said...

@Pete: According to the DNC, not only can Ray Charles see things suck, he's still eligible to vote!

@Gang of One: A second term would have to keep the Supremes very, very busy as they would have to strike down every executive order this asshole would then put out for the next four years... Of course, as Stilton points out, he'll likely be able to stack that particular deck before too long.

@John D: He's the president now. And the only people I hear raising racial epithets over it are, well, the very minorities who those epithets are supposed to offend... (and it would be a "damned thing"; not a "damn thing" - but you're likely a product of the very educational system your "black man" foists upon all of the country except for his own children.)

Chuck said...

The media started chanting their “presidency too big a job for one man” during the carter disministration. Then Reagan was elected and showed how it was done. Whenever a leftist president is in office, the leftist media will make excuses for them, no matter how lame.

Anyone willing to pay actual money to have dinner with Øbama deserves to be made a fool of, but it’s already too late … they did it to themselves.

Colby said...

Everybody sing!

I’m a racist,
You’re a racist,
He’s a racist,
She’s a racist,

Vote for Romney,
You’re a racist too!

John D,
How about a little comparison to clarify the whole racism thing from a conservative's point of view.

Lets say you walk into your house and carefully lock the door behind you and turn to see a huge, venomous snake that wants to kill you. Do you really, at that point, give a rat's ass what color it is?

Gang of One said...

@John Dork -- Today, it must really suck to be you ...

Arizona’s Partial Victory is Trap for Obama

SCOTUS Hands Victory to Supporters of Citizens United

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@My Dog Brewski- "Lazy & Stupid" nicely sums up anyone who could visit this site and make an accusation of racism. Because in truth, it is the liberals who view black citizens as "less than equal" and the rightful (and of course much loved) property of the state.

@Gang of One- There's no way I can actually prepare for a 2nd Obama term other than by stockpiling a lot more liquor.

@Stan da Man- Eric "New Black Panther" Holder said that America is a nation of cowards when it comes to race, so it is our duty to speak frankly and forthrightly about whether or not Barack Obama is actually "black" in any respect other than his melanin. Personally, I'm not seein' it. Which, I presume, is also what Michelle said the first time Barry dropped his underoos.

@Emmentaler- Three pitches, three hits!

@Chuck- The presidency is too big for any one man - unless he accepts the help, wisdom, and readily available guidance of the founding fathers.

@Colby- The accusation of "racist" has pretty much lost its sting through overuse and misuse. Which is a pity, because there are still real racists and real victims of racism. But they've both been lost in the shuffle of liberals treating racism as a game intended for their political benefit and self-gratification.

@Gang of One- In fairness, I suspect it sucks to be John Dork every day.

Larry Sheldon said...

It wasn't that he was afraid of being stabbed. It was that that he was afraid they'd steal them.

Ya' got to keep the racial stereotypes straight here.

John the Econ said...

Can you imagine the furor that would take place in the MSM had it been Romney who had denied (insert favorite grievance group here) the use of utensils at a fundraising dinner?

Move along. There's nothing to see here...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Larry Sheldon- I also understand that chips and salsa were removed from the tables because the chips had points on the corners.

@John the Econ- It's the fact that Obama DOESN'T have the silverware taken from some groups that makes this so insulting - even if it's the Secret Service's call rather than his.

The idea of a lone Latino (an elected official, no less) using a fork to attack Obama's armed Secret Service agents is so preposterous that it made me think of this.

Suzy said...

I can NOT believe how many free passes this president has gotten over the past four years. He continues to get by with everything and anything he pleases, and the media, for the most part, overlooks him.


Jazz said...

@Suzy -- You're only partially correct in your statement. In point of fact, the "media" are more likely to applaud him for what he does than to overlook it. If they can't applaud him for what he does, they will find some other excuse to applaud him. They think he is their creation, which is only fair as he thinks of them as his creatures.

That's my opinion, and y'all are welcome to it!

REM1875 said...

How would I feel about waking up to a black president? Ambassador Keyes, Mr Cain, Congressman J.C. Watts,former Congressional candidate Star Parker, just to name a few would leave me feeling great! Kinda doubt you would feel the same john d.
Remember according to the lame stream media new think - you don't change horses in the middle of the - stable? Ride it till it drops then ride it some more.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Suzy- But will the world's greatest expert on the Constitution get a free pass from the media after the upcoming Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare? I'm holding my breath waiting to find out!

@Jazz- You're right that the mainstream media actually celebrates what we see as Obama's failures. As an old advertising man (among other thing), I've often thought that if you gave me a product's worst quality, I could turn it into a positive sales point without ever telling a lie. This is a skill that the MSM is good at, too.

@REM1875- Exactly.

Gang of One said...

Only slightly off-topic, but the plot thickens ...

"Issa to Obama: Either you’re involved in Fast and Furious or your executive privilege claim is unjustified."

The best part is the 'deal' Holder tried to get Issa to accept.

Colby said...

YES! I can think of many, many Black or Hispanic people I would love to see in the White House. Most fanatical liberals are too damn young (or ignorant) to remember that it was the Republicans that fought so hard against racial discrimination and for civil rights. Imagine a President Rubio or West. Hell, imagine a President COSBY!

Gang of One,
I wonder if any Conservative Republicans in DC have balls besides Issa. They should all be screaming bloody murder over HRH Obama overstepping his authority, and that simpering racist Holder. C'mon guys and gals; he can't do this by himself!