Thursday, September 11, 2014

Never Forget

Hope n' Change doesn't have a lot to say today, ironically because there is so much more to express than we're capable of. Words fail and emotions reign. Remorse. Pain. Inspiration. Fear. And most certainly anger.

On the eve of this sad anniversary,  Barack Hussein Obama went before the American people to sell a new war on terror that's neither new, being a necessary continuation of a battle from which the president had fled, nor really a war at all. "American forces will not have a combat mission," he deadpanned into the television camera. "We will not get dragged into another ground war in Iraq."

Nor, apparently, will we be taking a stand against radical Islam. Because according to Obama, "ISIL is not Islamic."  An interesting display of sensitivity from a man who has shown so few qualms about attacking Christian institutions and activists domestically.

Polls show that the majority of Americans feel less safe from terror than when this president took office - and for good reason. Our borders are porous and our enemies revitalized. Barack Obama has now been pushed into taking action (or promising to take action, which is hardly the same thing) but he clearly doesn't believe in either the mission or the existential nature of the threat.

“I want the American people to understand how this effort will be different from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan," the passionless president read from his teleprompter. "It will not involve American combat troops fighting on foreign soil."

No, of course not. Because this president finds the political risk of "boots on the ground" far more worrisome than the possibility of a new attack of the type which left smoking rubble and dead bodies  on the ground in New York City, Washington DC, and Shanksville, Pennsylvania thirteen years ago.
Those are sad and harsh words; ones we take no pleasure in writing - especially on this painful day. But in the names and memories of all those who died on 9/11, it is also a day for plainspoken truth.

Unless you happen to be president.


Geoff King said...

So, we will now once again be throwing billions of dollars worth of hardware at an enemy that is almost invisible and nearly indistinguishable from the other side. I am sure the Military Industrial Complex is very proud of Øbozo. As no war has ever been won without ground troops, all this will accomplish is to further bankrupt our country, rile up the enemy against us with our borders convieniently wide open, and ultimately make Iran the evil empire we will need to deal with in the future.
Here's another idea: either go in there full force to win this thing, or get the hell out of the Middle East completely. They have been fighting each other for millenia. The only way we could ever change that is by turning the entire area into radiiactive glass.
We now have the ability to supply most of our energy needs domestically, or at least dramatically lower the cost, if Øbaby and congress would only let us. If we stopped giving those barbarians tons of money for their oil, they would no longer be a threat to anyone but themselves and we could simply ignore that part of the planet.

Dobro Player said...

Barry is showing either bias or ignorance when he claims "ISIL is not Islamic". The Muslims have been trying to take over the world for over 1400 years. September 11 is the same date that the Muslims lost the Great Siege of Malta, and is the day before they lost the Battle of Vienna. I don't think it's any coincidence they chose that date for the attacks in NY and Benghazi.

Anonymous said...

I know that you and other conservitards are very very eager to help the terrorists achieve each and every single thing they could possibly ever want from a war and hand them an unequivocal victory, but unlike yourself, Obama can actually think in more complicated terms than a caveman who thinks "Me bash other man - me win".

See, he knows that spending another several trillion dollars, sacrificing more young American lives, worsening Americas reputation among the allies and trying to inflame over a billion people into despising America - that's what means the terrorists have won. And while you spend 9/11 trying to give Bin Laden more to smile at from the deep layer of hell Obama sent him to, Obama is trying to end the insane madmen who pervert a noble religion, and not leave a hole for another group of even more insane madmen - you know, the trick that George W. Bush (the W, of course, standing for "Worst President Ever - it was odd when his parents named him that way, but it ended up being oddly prophetic) missed when he was personally destroying Americas prosperity, respect, future and freedoms in the name of killing brown people.

Cat Whisperer said...

9/11 should be remembered like it was for centuries–As the anniversary of the date that Islam got spanked by Christiandom at the gates of Vienna in 1683.

SusieBee said...

In Barry's opinion, and in the opinion of other progressives, America is not innocent, and is fair game for the brave warriors of "the religion of peace". It is the goal of this religion to rid the world of infidels (us). He was raised in this tradition, and has nothing but sympathy for their cause.

At this point, our tax dollars would be better spent securing our borders than fighting a war we cannot win. I'm sorry Americans were beheaded, but they chose to go overseas and put themselves at risk for a news story. They were looking for fame, and they got it.

Despite what he believes, this president is not our savior. He is doing his best to destroy us from within. God help us if he succeeds.

Pamecon said...

Why doesn’t he bend over backwards to be this ridiculously fair to Republicans? To Law Enforcement? To ‘Teabaggers’? To Americans of European descent? To rich people who worked hard to become rich? To Rush Limbaugh? To those who want school choice and can't afford Sidwell Friends? To those opposing Obamacare because it forever destroyed their health plans? etc

Geoff King said...

Where to begin?
"worsening Americas reputation among the allies and trying to inflame over a billion people into despising America"
Too late on both counts. Our best allies, such as England, no longer trust us, and billions already either despise us or consider us impotent thanks to your messiah. But his bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia, where women are treated worse than dogs, is bound to win us many good friends.
"trying to give Bin Laden more to smile at from the deep layer of hell Obama sent him to"
So, Øbama was on the medical staff overseeing Bin Laden's death in December of 2001?
"Obama is trying to end the insane madmen who pervert a noble religion"
A "noble religion" founded by a pedophile, polygamist, slave owner, and mass murderer. I know you Libs want to legitimize all forms of deviant behavior such as pedophilia since so many of you are into such things, but I did not realize that you also glorified slavery and murder.
"George W. Bush (the W, of course, standing for "Worst President Ever"
As a Libertarian, I cannot dispute that Bush was not good for our country. However, I will dispute his being the worst ever. At most, he was 2nd worst. The current Atrocity in Chief will easily be viewed in history as the worst thing to ever happen to our country.

John the Econ said...

@Anonymous, you do realize that the rise of Islamic extremism only seems to happen when America retracts from the global stage, don't you? It first emerged during the post-Cold War retreat during the Clinton "vacation from history" era, and again during the Obama retreat from everything era.

Nature abhors a vacuum, and the more that America retreats from world affairs, the more that vacuum is being filled by characters even more unsavory than "American imperialism". Europe hasn't had the spirit to be great since WWII, the new Russia is as corrupt to the core as the old, and radical Islam sees the logical conclusion as simply killing everyone who doesn't agree with them.

In a previous century, most people were content to let the tribalists run free and kill each other when the killing was mostly confined to far-away places few really cared about. But that all changed 13 years ago. They made it our business, once and for all. I don't feel sorry for them at all.

But I don't know why I bother, since your sign-off comment about "killing brown people" concedes that you know you have no real argument, as the Tsarnaev brothers so eagerly proved.

Anonymous said...

@Goeff: You know, Republitards can repeat that Obama makes America look weak by not being a total and complete asshole as long as they want, it doesn't make it true.

And oh, boy, a fat, sarcastic libertarian conspiracy theorist. You must be a wiz at parties.

I'd go on, but I've never seen any sort of point in trying to argue with people who are so removed from reality they try to claim that a dead man was somehow still making topical videos in 2006.

Geoff King said...

I have just discovered that my reply to analmouth appears differently on the mobile version I normally use than on the desktop version. In mobile, there is a reply option which attaches one's response to the post you are actually replying to. In desktop, it simply posts it in the order recieved. Hence, my not prefacing my reply with "@Anonymous".

CenTexTim said...

"ISIL is not Islamic."

I guess the I in ISIL (or ISIS, as the rest of the world calls it) stands for Ignorant.

As for arming 'moderate' rebels, isn't that how we got in this mess in the first place? That's the best strategy barry could come up with in the couple of weeks since he declared he didn't have a strategy - give some rag-tag group of rebels guns?

Here's my strategy - drink plenty of 'coffee'...

Geoff King said...

@Anonymous: Being 6 foot 3 inches tall and 165 pounds, I hardly qualify as fat.
Yes, all those magical videos of Bin Laden through the years in which he is sometimes heavyset, sometimes thin; has a large nose in one, a small nose in the next; grey hair one year, black hair the next; and his accent keeps changing in each video proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was alive until Øbama had him taken out. The fact that no autopsy was done before the body was quickly disposed of at sea, and the fact that most of the Seal Team were later killed in a "tragic accident" before they could be questioned, obviously proves that Øbama got his man.

Anonymous said...

@John who doesn't Catch On: Oh yeah, America had so totally retreated from the world stage for the entire 80's when they were training the extremist Mujahideen to fight the soviets as a proxy war. How'd that turn out again? Oh right, thats how we fucking got Al Qaeda in the first place.

Here's how it actually works - Republicans act like assholes, by degrading Muslim holy ground (Tell me, how exactly would you feel if Al Qaeda had a training camp in Arlington? Pissed off? And why exactly do you think Muslims would feel any different?). Because of this insult, some dogfucker like Bin Laden attracts the angriest people around him together to try and fight back. They engage in an act of senseless mass murder the likes of which the world has never seen.

Bush goes into Iraq, and wrecks the place like a chimp, destroying homes, killing hundreds of thousands of civilians. From the wreckage, an even crazier man emerges, who now has tens of thousands of people whose families were murdered by the US, and want revenge.

Its amazing how your "nature abhors a vacuum" talk is, word for word, fascist propaganda. Actual fascism, by the way, not your "IT MEANS BAD!" type - it starts with the assumption that the world needs to be controlled and dominated. How very, very Naziesque.

And how you think that there was absolutely no intervention at all from any outside western powers in the middle East before 2001. Quick question - who exactly drew all those borders, started ll the fighting, hmm?

Anonymous said...

@Goeff: you don't understand the concept of age? Or stress? And then imply that there was no way to interview people in 3 months? Or be able to count the members of ST6 who were not involved in the tragic crash?

Do you actually understand time? Or, judging by how badly you did that little self check, any system of measurement? You already admitted you don't understand the internet - do you actually understand anything?

Geoff King said...

@Analmooch: Obviously I do not understand those concepts as you do. I was under the impression that age caused hair to grey, not turn black as in Osama's case. Also, I did not realize that stress could cause one's nose to change size and shape. As with everything else that Øbama claims, no proof of Bin Laden's death was given. We must just accept his word on it. If you like your Osama dead, you can keep your Osama dead. Period.

American Cowboy said...

@ Geoff King said, "...either go in there full force to win this thing, or get the hell out of the Middle East completely."

I agree completely. However, a simple solution is often too complicated for the simple minded. They waste too much time and money trying to appear intelligent, and decisive and end up accomplishing very little if anything.

Like the old saying, "Talk is cheap. It takes money to buy whisky." The so-called leaders will try to talk the job done, instead of bending their backs, getting hands on, breaking a sweat, and ever getting the job done.

American Cowboy said...

Please folks, let's not feed the anti-American idiot troll on this one day?
We only play into their hands when engaging in a battle of wits with unarmed persons.

John the Econ said...

Good morning class. It's time for today's lesson in "how to dissect a liberal".

He's right when he states that our supporting the Mujahideen to fight the soviets as a proxy war turned out of have unfortunate consequences. Good shot at the Reagan administration there.

But does he not realize that less than 24 hours ago, our current President Obama outlined is "new" strategy that is exactly the same, except that it's doing it in hindsight? If equipping the Mujahideen (who were supposedly "moderate" at the time) was a mistake, then how can doing the same thing now be any smarter? With this logic, we should be arming al-Qaeda, since they too are at odds with ISIS.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, well, it must be Reagan or a Bush's fault?

I don't know about al-Qaeda camps in Arlington. But I do know that there are several set up elsewhere in the US. What's your point?

The remark about the Middle East borders is, surprisingly, legitimate. But do remember that the US has very little to do with that. Today's Middle East borders were drawn up for the convenience of French and British bureaucrats after the collapse of the Ottoman empire during WWI. No Bushes around to blame back then.

But back to racism - Here's an appropriate thought for today: The 911 report includes the narrative of the gate agents at Portland Maine who checked in 911 mastermind Muhommad Atta and fellow hijacker Abdulaziz Alomari for their flight to Boston. Speaking of his interaction with the two, the agent "got an uncomfortable feeling" that "just sent chills through you". And yet, he didn't say or do anything at the time because he didn't want to be thought of as a "racist". Now, for the rest of his life, that gate agent has to live with the knowledge that 3,000 people are now dead and countess thousands of other lives ruined because he didn't have the courage to stand up for his common sense against the mindless political correctness of the type Anonymous represents.

Happy 911 day everyone.

Judi King said...

This should be a day of mourning for two attacks that occurred on 9/11. Kudos to everyone's posts except, of course the idiot anon. And the W stands for walker. Get it right! B0 is continuing to ignore the truth of who the enemy really is and idiot anon. continues to defend him. Same $h!!, different day. I agree with Geoff, Bin Laden died years ago...that "raid" was too phony to be believed.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- I initially considered nuking the comments from Anonymous as being particularly offensive today, but decided to let them stand.

It's important for us to understand the mindset of those who believe that Hobby Lobby is a greater threat to humanity than radical Islam - whether that person is Anonymous or the president.

But I also agree that today is NOT the day for back and forth debate and offensive name-calling. For that reason, I'm cutting off comments for the rest of the day.

This extended "moment of silence" will be lifted on Friday, at which point Anonymous can return to further enlighten us in the combined wisdom of Ward Churchill, the Rev Jeremiah Wright, and Barack Hussein Obama.

Hug your loved ones extra hard today.

Anonymous said...

@Goeff: Its called hair dye and camera angles. I suppose you say these are totally alien concepts that there is no possible way that the group could ever gain access to.

@Judi: Why are you so bad at understanding this? Fox lies poorly to you about how Obama "hates Christianity" and "tries to destroy it" (which is an odd thing for a Christian man to do), and you've taken that as a call to try and destroy America to get back at him. If Obama actually tried to, instead of just fighting the 10-40,000 members of Inebriated Sackmunchers Indebted to Satan, to make this a fight against 1.62 billion Muslims, what exactly do you think would happen?

Hint - over 20% of the population of earth would be trying to kill Americans. Are you getting this? The fight is against the dogfuckers, because if you try to make it a fight against Islam, then Islam will hit back.

Or maybe you think a little show of might is all it would take for them to denounce their religion? Ahuh, when they showed off their might by mass murdering civilians, did you change your religion? No? So once again you think that they would act totally different to you? Why is that again?

Also, unlike yourself and Goeff, I don't think it was fake, cause I think the elite and rained men and women of Seal Team 6 were just that good.

@John who knows nothing of Econ: They're not being trained the same way. The only way you could think that is if you think the United States more closely resembles ISIS than it does the USSR. The plan is to repel and stop the continual push of a group that is reliant on a rapid spread to keep its momentum, reputation and recruitment up. The Mujahideen were being trained how to fight off an invading force with superior weaponry and numbers through guerrilla style tactics - something that was easily transferable to fighting the US army.

No, that was a comparison, to highlight how you'd feel if Al Qaeda had bases on American sacred ground, since Al Qaeda was pissed that America had military bases on their sacred ground. You see how this works?

I didn't say that it was Bush, Reagan or even Americas fault, just that you can't act like the region was always warlike and that somehow western powers had nothing to do with it. That said, there is a long, loooong history of the US personally fucking around in the area at the behest of corporate masters. The 1953 Coup of the democratically elected Iranian government because they threatened the oil supply springs immediately to mind.

Geoff King said...

@Anon: I realize it is impossible for you to believe that your lord and savior could possibly lie to you, and that your health care actually did drop down to the price of a cable bill, and that he actually did cut the deficit in half his first year in office as promised, etc., etc. However, in the case of the Bin Laden raid, why is it that the "most transparent presidency in history" refused to release one single bit of proof that Osama had actually been killed? No DNA, no photos, nothing. Many news agencies including The Associated Press, Reuters, CBS News, Judicial Watch, Politico, Fox News, Citizens United, and NPR all filed FOIA requests for any proof whatsoever of his death, and the Øbama administration blocked each and every one of them. Also, the photo we all saw of Øbama, Clinton, Biden, and the rest all sitting on the edges of their seats in the situation room during the raid was later proven to be faked as it was admitted that there had been no live feed of the event. Not to mention the fact that the photo shows laptop computers open in front of most of those present, and not a single one was turned on. Why did Mr. Transparency feel the need for a fake photo-op, and why does he not want to prove to the world and future historians that he actually accomplished what George Bush could not?

Jim Hlavac said...

Well, as the brother-in-law of a NYFD man -- himself Hero of the Year several times -- who died in the murderous attack - last seen on the 31st Floor going UP - and in every documentary -- as the brother of the sister-widow (even I cannot call her this day, but only her and their children are together) -- as the uncle of the nephew who now runs the South Street Seaport Museum in Lower Manhattan, his job forever in view of the place his father died ... as the uncle to the niece who stays hidden in the woods you will know not where, herself but 13 that year ...
As the nephew of the uncle, and his own godson's too, of the man who walked down 58 flights back in 1993 --
As the guy myself who used to work right where that second plane hit - the 78th Floor and on up to the 105th -- do you know the views? astonishing -- I knew them well ...
As the guy who knows dozens killed, wounded, maimed, survived, grieved, of the countless others -- of my friends, and their friends and families --
of someone who is so intimately involved in this horror upon our country -- in ways, frankly, none of you can ever imagine ...

And, not so unaware of our corrupt nutjobs in DC and their drunken wanderings around the Mideast ... and the obnoxious press ...

I dare say -- it is my strongly held Religious belief - To be sure my religion -- Hussism -- (600 years the family is Hussites, jezi smaria jozef) ...

That I get to bop in the nose anyone creep or crud comes to this entire discussion with crappy information, or bizarre conspiracy theories ...

Or say: "Homosexuals are anti ... [fill in the blank]" and "deserve no rights to pursue happiness" -- well, you get a cranky sissy right away -- a sissy smasher instead of smoocher -- I prefer the later, trust me -- but, I'm not adverse at all to the former, and have freely exercised my rights with wild abandon for decades -- and my family, friends, children, and on and on through that list of people above who are on my side are well aware ... Let My People Go -- and stop this anti-gay nonsense in this nation. It is abominable as ISIS and Obama, Senator Ted Cruz and Cardinal George of Chicago.

Frankly, the Catholic Cardinal Of Chicago this very day called for "Homosexuals" (so moron is the nut that he doesn't know an ancient-modern English word - but uses a Greco-Roamn hybrid invented by a German) says to Obey his religion -- as much as ISIS demands people obey theirs as frankly as I'm concerned -- asking me and my family to trash myself forever is as abhorrent as cutting off my head - worse even -- at least one I wouldn't have to listen to the man in the dress protecting child molesters bitch about drag queens ... egads. Ooooh!

For as Goldwater, my state senator of long ago said, sort of, "a sissy smoocher smashing vice in the pursuit of Liberty is not that bad, you know."

Well, that's my quick take this eve ... 9/12/2012, 1:10 AM my time, a time, 13 years ago, when I was holding together my sister, her kids and many other relatives in some semblance of order as the chaos whirled about "where's David" continued for the first hours of what became hundreds.

Do Not Tread On My People - as I say. And who shall question me and my strongly held beliefs by My Creator -- who did endow me with certain inalienable rights?

Cute how I tie that all together, yes? :)

Anonymous said...

@Goeff: You're really gonna stick to this, aren't you? Okay, I'll play along.

When the US captured the compound, they also took into custody all of Bin Ladens children who were living there (and they have the DNA to prove with no uncertainty they're Bin Ladens kids) - one being born in 2006 (Zainab Bin Laden), one being born in 2008 (Hussein Bin Laden). Tell me, how exactly does a man dead for 7 years conceive a son?

Judi King said...

Excuse me Mr.idiot anon....I get much of my info from different sources, not only Fox News, including the internet....the thing you claim to be so proficient in. EG muslims have killed 1791 people in the last 14 days. And, what's with your "brown" people thing. The Mid-East is of the Caucasian race...(this means white in your language). The muslim goal is to rule the world and has been since their self proclaimed "prophet" made up his religion about 1400 years ago. They have been conquering and butchering for centuries. The radical islamists ARE at war with us and are therefore the enemy. You have obviously been brainwashed by islam and need a reality check. As for bin laden, how can anyone look at ALL those pictures and not see the phoniness? B0 needed something to tout before the 2012 election...period!!!!

Judi King said...

DNA from a close family member can be present in a child.......On the internet!!!!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Analmousse- Just to steer things back to where my commentary started, let's return to Obama's statement that "ISIL is not Islamist."

If he'd said "ISIL is not Islam" I would have agreed - the two are not synonymous. But "Islamist?" Yeah, they are - big time. And without at least addressing the ideological underpinnings (a messy and complicated thing), we're unlikely to achieve any lasting peace between our cultures.

I agree that those at the top of ISIL, ISIS, or Al-Qaeda are foaming-at-the-mouth crazy. But are all of their followers and supporters just "crazy" and not practicing a radicalized form of Islam? Well, how about those Muslims who practice honor killings in their own families, or beat women to death with stones for having been raped? As "Imam Anonymous" are you able to declare that those people aren't Muslims either - but just nuts? And do you believe Sharia law is Islamic or not?

No- the United States should not declare war on Islam. It would be a fool's game - and the televised beheadings of American journalists are deliberate provocations hoping to light the fuse on just such a war.


We don't have the luxury of pretending that ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Sharia law, and countless human rights violations as a way of life are not part of Islam. A part which is incompatible with our values, our beliefs, and our safety.

Where possible, these are issues best addressed through the use of diplomacy and - when necessary - military force. Barack Obama has failed miserably in the exercise of both of these options, either through ineptitude or design.

Which is why we again find ourselves in a place where there really aren't any "good" options on the table, because the time for such options came and went while B. Hussein was golfing, fundraising, and ignoring a year's worth of daily briefings about the rise of ISIS.

Anonymous said...

@Stilton: We don't have the luxury of pretending pedophile priests, the Klan, the LRA, spree killers like Anders Breivik, anti-choice bombers, pushes for merging church and state, and far, far more human rights abuses (particularly for LGBT individuals) are not a part of Christianity. A part which is incompatable with our values, our beliefs, and our safety.

Geoff King said...

In addition to Øbama's insistance on calling ISIS "ISIL", which shows his acceptance of their desire to control the entire Middle East - including Israel, his calling on our great "allies" in the region, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, is quite ironic since they have been proven to have been funding and arming ISIS all along. Also, his desire to support the "moderate rebels" in Syria is totally ridiculous because those groups also desire an Islamic State. They just want to be the ones in charge. There really is no such thing as "moderates" in this conflict, they are all extremists of one faction or another. The last time he gave weapons to the "moderates", most ended up in the possession of ISIS anyway. Let us also not forget that it was these very same " moderates" that turned both Foley and Sotloff over to ISIS in the first place, and their supposed beheadings are the main reason we are again getting involved in a religious war that has gone on for centuries. Should we actually succeed in bringing down ISIS, as unlikely as that is, it will simply mean that Iran will be empowered to attempt their own takeover of the Middle East. Then we will likely be drawn into a war with them and, unfortunately, their ally Russia.
Right now I would vote for total non-involvement in all things Middle Eastern. Either that or give every country there 7 limited range nuclear missiles, pull all our people out, and text them all the launch codes simultaneously. It would then be up to them to launch or come to peace. Either way, problem solved.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Analmousse- That's right, when you're backed into a corner go for the "false equivalency" debate tactic.

However, I'll certainly allow that there have been many egregious deeds done in the name of Christianity, and that we have strict laws forbidding and punishing those types of actions.

While the Constitution guarantees freedom of religion for all religions, including Islam, that freedom does not give anyone a religious "get out of jail free" card for breaking the law.

But in wide swaths of Islam, the religion and the law are indistinguishable. (And on a side note, I'm pretty sure that doesn't work out as well for the LGBT community as you seem to imagine).

For us to stand up for basic human rights unavoidably means taking issue with some parts of Islam. By denying that, B. Hussein and those such as yourself have made the world a far more dangerous place.

Judi King said...

It doesn't matter which faction the US or the West backs in the Mid-East, the winner will be islam which is their age old goal. They are at WAR with anyone who is NOT islamic period. It IS part of their religion. Call them ISIS, ISIL. IS, shiites, sunnis, al-qaeda, whatever, they are all MUSLIM!

Judi King said...

The only way to defeat an enemy is to destroy them.

American Cowboy said...

I would like to share a small bit of horse training wisdom I learned many years ago; and I believe my fellow intelligent, patriotic, hard-working, legal, Americans will understand the principle behind my story as it relates to debates with the typical liberal/democrat. Those who don't, likely won't understand much of anything sadly.

As a younger man I had some horses over the years that were bad kickers. Not being very experienced at the time I bought into the philosophy that they should be hit with a buggy whip on their ankles each time they tried to kick, in an attempt to stop them from kicking. The only trouble was, while it had some limited success, it didn't seem to be a permanent solution to the issue. After all, what is the normal reaction to even modest pain? To get away, or somehow stop it.

Then I learned a better way from an older, seasoned horseman. He showed me how to tie the horse, and every time the horse would try to kick to direct a light spray of water at the horses hind legs. Of course the horse would kick trying to stop the water, but eventually tire itself from having nothing to make contact with, or any "pushback". The horse never was in any pain. I was in no danger of getting hurt. I never got tired out, just the horse, who eventually learned there was no benefit to kicking at nothing.

In that same line of reasoning I refuse to engage in pointless debates with those who blindly, and unreasonably swallow the present koolaid being dispensed courtesy of ANY politician who is looking out solely for their own benefit at the expense of the American citizenry.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@American Cowboy- An excellent lesson for us all.

WMD said...

American Cowboy, of course you are right, however, there are some people who simply don't get enough fiber in their diet.

Geoff King said...

Yup. The Free Syrian Army - that wonderful group of "moderates" which Øbama plans on heavily arming, admits to being aligned with ISIS in their attempt to overthrow the Assad government:
Therefore, our glorious leader is not intent on taking out ISIS, but is evidently more driven to continue where he left off when Russia put a stop to his attempt to totally destabilize Syria. Gee, I wonder which "moderate" force will then sweep in to take Assad's place? What a joke.

Geoff King said...

This whole scenario reeks of false flag propaganda. First the fake beheading videos to stir the American people into retaliation, then the prez committing us to what will be an extremely drawn out war with, most likely, never any clear victory. The globalists are laughing their heads off. I now change my previous comment. Instead of giving them all nukes and let them fight it out, let's just carpet bomb the entire area into radioactive glass and be done with it. We may be called evil for doing so, but future generations will no doubt thank us.

Geoff King said...

Sorry for carrying on, but just how many 1 and a half million dollar Cruise Missiles do we need to launch against $500 Toyota pickup trucks before we either go totally bankrupt or we realize that we have absolutely no chance of stopping radical Islam in that manner?

Geoff King said...

Quite illuminating, I think, that Øbama ordered US flags at half mast for the death of Nelson Mandela, who had absolutely nothing to do with our history, and even for the drug-addicted death of Whitney Houston, but not for the anniversary of the deaths of almost 3000 innocent American citizens. But, I digress and rant again. My apologies.

Geoff King said...

I guess I am racist for feeling that the unforeseen and extremely violent deaths of several thousand people of all ethnicities is somehow more worthy of rememberance than the death of one washed-up, alcoholic, drug-addicted BLACK pop singer who passed out and drowned in her own bathtub.

Anonymous said...

@Stilton Jarlsburg: "However, I'll certainly allow that there have been many egregious deeds done in the name of Christianity, and that we have strict laws forbidding and punishing those types of actions."

You mean in the same exact way that Indonesia, the worlds most populous Islamic country, has laws strictly forbidding stoning women and honor killings?

"While the Constitution guarantees freedom of religion for all religions, including Islam, that freedom does not give anyone a religious "get out of jail free" card for breaking the law."

Really. Because thats not what the all male Christian conservative justices of the Supreme Court argued when they said that they think a corporations (Christian, of course) belief trumps law.

"But in wide swaths of Islam, the religion and the law are indistinguishable."

And this doesn't apply to what Republicans try to do with the law, how?

"For us to stand up for basic human rights unavoidably means taking issue with some parts of Islam."

Just as we must do with Christianity, and yet its unacceptable to find any flaw in the bible.

Geoff King said...

From the NewYork Times:
Alex Aan, a 30-year-old civil servant, is a gentle, soft-spoken, highly intelligent young man who simply gave up his belief in God when he saw poverty, war, famine and disaster around the world.

He faces the possibility of up to six years in prison, charged with blasphemy, disseminating hatred and spreading atheism. Radical Muslims came to his office, beat him up, and called the police after reading about his views on Facebook.

Alex is the first atheist in Indonesia to be jailed for his belief, but his case is symptomatic of a wider increase in religious intolerance in the world’s largest Muslim-majority nation.
Yep, those Indonesian Muslims are highly tolerant of other's beliefs. C'mon Anon, can't you support your ridiculous point of view better than that?

Geoff King said...

I again apoligize for dominating this discussion thread, but I will blame it all on the lack of other posts and an abundance of one of Stilton's favorite beverages - Black Velvet.
Here is the point where I need to say something very, here goes.......................................K. I'll get back to you tomorrow on that.

Geoff King said...

Øbama's foreign policy: We will defeat our enemies by giving them all the money and weapons they can handle.

izquierdistas son culo-toallitas said...

So I have been staying out of this - haven't read the postings. Just vaguely aware that some idiot lefty is masturbating with his keyboard again.

So idiot lefty, what are you trying to accomplish? You will not change anyone's mind here - everything you leftists say is the verbal equivalent of drool and pablum (and that is when I am being nice). It's truly embarrassing - you remind me of a kid back in grammar school - he peed all over the floor while sitting at his desk. He just sat there, fully clothed and let it rip. A "progressive" from the get go.

I try to keep an open mind to facts should they occur but that is really hard when dealing with your kind - facts just are not forthcoming from your lot. Your kind is like a broken clock - right twice a day by accident. And you have obviously have abused your "twice a day" allotment spitting into the wind.

Do you just like pounding keys as a sexual substitute? Do you have no other life? Change your diapers and get lost.

Geoff King said...

Anon? Come and tell us why saint Barry's decision to arm the very same group that attacked us on 9/11/01 is a good idea.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- I've been gone for awhile; other things to do and the anonymous troll has ceased to amuse.

But in response to Anonymous before I just start spraying water on his hind legs...

You cite one Islamic country with laws against stoning women and honor killings. That's a start, I guess. What about the rest of 'em?

The Supreme Court did not say that "belief trumps law." What they said is that this particular part of a poorly written law fails to meet the requirements established by our nation's Constitution - and is therefore not law at all.

On your third point, it's hard to do anything other than laugh at your bias and idiocy. If you're really saying that Republicans have somehow imposed something comparable to Shariah Law in the United States, you're just delusional.

Finally, you claim "its (sic) unacceptable to find any flaw in the bible." Really? Under punishment of death? And where are the heretics (like me!) being locked up?

Meanwhile there are thousands of different interpretations of the Christian Bible - not to mention tens of millions of Christians who believe in the Bible's message without taking every word literally (why, some even believe the Earth goes around the Sun!) So belief or non-belief in the Bible is entirely optional in the United States, and myriad interpretations of the Bible coexist quite peacefully.

All in all you've clearly demonstrated your hate for Christianity. But you've failed to explain your love of violent, radical Islam or your passion for this dismal failure of a president.