Friday, February 20, 2015

Sweeping Statement

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Responding to the widespread derision of State Department spokeschick Marie Harf's assertion that ISIS can best be defeated by creating job opportunities and encouraging neck-slicing radical teenagers to "start a business" rather than "pick up an AK-47," John Kerry has entered the fray to explain what she meant for those of us too stupid to understand nuance.

"Terrorists don't exist in a vacuum," Kerry said in a Wall Street Journal opinion piece. "Especially if you change the bag on a regular basis."

Okay, he didn't say that last part, but it's still a good idea in case your home is teeming with radicalized Islamic dust mites.

However, regarding ISIS he did say that “success requires empowering leaders from Los Angeles to Lagos, Paris to Peshawar, and Bogotá to Baghdad to take the reins in this effort," once again establishing that in the war on terror, America's greatest weapon is alliteration.

Meanwhile, following Wednesday's cartoon and commentary criticizing Marie Harf, our liberal correspondent has insisted on an equal time rebuttal...

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Almost, Lucy.  It was actually Rudy Giuliani who said "I do not believe — and I know this is a horrible thing to say — but I do not believe that this President loves America."

“He doesn't love you. He doesn't love me," Giuliani continued (inadvertently revealing Obama to be the prophesied Anti-Barney). "He wasn't brought up the way you were brought up and I was brought up - to love this country."

Nor, sadly, were most of the young (and not so young) nitwits working in his administration.


Bonnie Houghton said...

Obama married a woman who wasn't proud of this country until Mr. and Mrs. Narcissist became royalty.

Geoff King said...

If terrorism doesn't exist in a vacuum, I vote that we blow the entire Middle East into outer space.

Wahoo said...

Kerry looks like he dressed for a game of Monopoly (if he gets the "Go Straight to Jail" card), wearing those prison stripes.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Bonnie Houghton- Great point. I've heard various talking heads debating whether or not Barry "loves" this country (spoiler alert: the answer is "no") and too many of them say "we can't know what's in a man's heart." But as you point out, we do know that Michelle had no pride whatsoever in this country at the point she and Barry met and married - presumably because they shared the same worldview.

Another good point: someone on the Internet observed "if you love something, you don't try to fundamentally change it."

@Geoff King- We'll need to get an environmental impact study done first, but once that clears I think your plan should work.

@Wahoo- At least he's not wearing a Nehru-collared, flowered mumu for a change.

Geoff King said...
'Nuff said.

Neal Hilistic said...

@Geoff King

Motion seconded...

All this in favor? Say "Aye!"

Colby Muenster said...

I have a great deal of respect for Mayor Giuliani, and his opinion is (for now) protected by the first amendment. The anti-free speech crowd is attacking him, but dammit, he's just coming to an obvious conclusion, and I'd challenge any of them to offer proof of O'Liar's love for this country. Actions speak louder and all that. No one will ever convince me that O'Liar's goal from the start was to bring us to our knees and abolish The Constitution once and for all.

Anonymous said...

I can see that this website suffers deeply from Obama Derangement Syndrome. Pretty epic, the extent to which you all will distort what is said and done by our President and the First Lady to fit this meme of Obama as "Muslim-loving -- no, make that Muslim Jihadist Terrorist-Loving -- and America-hating" President, when that characterization is absolutely preposterous, an insult to the slightly more than one-half of US voters who do not share your particular political views, who do support the President, and who elected him by wide margins despite unprecedented spending in opposition to his candidacy.

There used to be a time when people could actually disagree about political issues without all of the disgusting personal attacks (in Obama's case, running the gamut from playing too much golf, being born in Africa, loving our enemies more than the US, all the way to actual accusations of treason). I guess conservatives now think that anybody who votes for a Democrat -- moderates, independents and actual Democrats -- hate America and are enemies of a free society?

That nobody here seems to recognize just how stupid and delusional it is to see Obama as someone who doesn't love America is a big part of what scares the crap out of those of us who want a secular federal government which uses the powers that the drafters gave to the Federal government (and the Executive Branch in particular), in the actual text of the Constitution, without overreaching. It's this unyielding and unmitigated extremism and dishonesty that makes it all but impossible to support Republicans anymore.

I get it. Losing two presidential elections hurts so bad that the only way to cope is to demonize the man who defeated you twice, with the most vile accusations imaginable. Conservatives can't even bring themselves to acknowledge that the economy is doing very well right now, or, as importantly, that it was in a state of complete collapse before President Bush (43) left office. But "cognitive dissonance" doesn't begin to describe the outrageous things said about our President by conservative activists. Let's start with "rank hypocrisy": Rudy Guliani has to be the last person with standing to lecture anyone about loving America, or how they were raised by their parents:

Money quotes:

". . . . Giuliani went so far as to rebuke the President for not being "brought up the way you were and the way I was brought up through love of this country," a bow no doubt to the parenting prowess of Harold Giuliani, who did time in Sing Sing for holding up a Harlem milkman and was the bat-wielding enforcer for the loan-sharking operation run out of a Brooklyn bar owned by Rudy's uncle.

Though Rudy cited Harold throughout his public life as his model (without revealing any of his history), he and five Rudy uncles found ways to avoid service in World War II. Harold, whose robbery conviction was in the name of an alias, made sure the draft board knew he was a felon. On the other hand, Obama's grandfather and uncle served. His uncle helped liberate Buchenwald, which apparently affected him so deeply he stayed in the family attic for six months when he returned home.. . . . "

bocopro said...

Soetoro's ability to love anything other than his self is questionable.

My only quibble with Julie Annie is that the assessment didn't go far enough. Mr. Mayor had to further explain himself in various places later, amplifying his diagnosis with more facts about Senor Surrender's symptoms.

I was hoping that his mention of chronic apologiosis and extreme criticismitis would produce greater resonance in and eventual disintegration of the skulls of such notable leftie loonies as Debs Whatsername-Slutz and Bill I-Forgot-Part-Of-My-Name Blase.

drjim said...

Rudy would sure make a better President than that poser we have now....

Rod said...

One wonders why Obama & buddies don't just shut the fuck up for a while. Just that would be helpful.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Anonymous- Even though you're clearly trolling, I've posted your comment because it's at least civil. And as such, deserves a civil reply.

You make the accusation that I "distort what is said and done by our president and first lady" but you fail to cite specifics. I think I tend to present their words and deeds with admirable accuracy.

Personally, I don't think that "anybody who votes for a Democrat" hates America or is an intentional enemy of a free society. A lot of them are well-meaning fools. Although a good number of them are also not so well-meaning fools.

And Obama clearly doesn't love America. Have you even bothered to read his autobiographies? Are you familiar with the socialists who raised him? Are you really saying that his childhood in Indonesia, in Muslim surroundings, has no bearing on his current beliefs and behaviors?

Let's see - you say that Conservatives can't bring themselves to admit that "the economy is doing very well right now." I guess so - if you don't mind having more people out of the workforce than ever before in our nation's history. Or the fact that the roaring stock market is really a product of printing money, and is only providing (temporary and illusory) value to the upper class. And 50 million folks on food stamps? Yeah, there's a feather in your progressive cap.

As far as Giuliani's family goes, I don't really give a flying f*ck. I like Rudy because of what he did to clean up New York - and later, what he did in the aftermath of 9/11.

Meanwhile, you're blowing smoke trying to suggest that Barry "loves America" because of what his grandfather and uncle did (neither of whom, I'd guess, were fighting with the hope of making it possible for a teenaged relative to eventually get knocked up by an already-married man from another country).

Incidentally, when Barry himself has spoken of those relatives who served, he got confused about who they were and what they did. He even said that the uncle helped liberate Auschwitz rather than Buchenwald. He doesn't truly know or care about those relatives or their service, except to the extent they can give him some political cover.

But he DID write a book about his biological father, who was vehemently against the evil colonialism of the United States. These were the "dreams from my father" that Obama wrote about, and is acting on every day.

And don't even start me on a first lady who was never proud of this country until her hubs was nominated for high office, and who wrote her college dissertation on how white people made her uncomfortable.

American Cowboy said...

"I get it. Losing two presidential elections hurts so bad that the only way to cope is to demonize the man who defeated you twice, with the most vile accusations imaginable."

Even after President Bush has been out of office for over six years!

John the Econ said...

As I said yesterday, my definition of "nuance" in the political realm comes from when the "nuanced" John Kerry was running against GWB: "Nuance" is obfuscating what you really mean as to convince your opposition that you mean the opposite while making them feel too stupid to realize it." It's simply another sign of the contempt that the leftist elite have for the rest of America. The only reason to “nuance” something is to try to fool someone. The irony is that these people are so dense that they don’t even realize that doing it in the open is pointless. “Nuance” doesn’t work if everyone knows that’s what you’re trying to do. (Remember, these are the people we're supposed to think are smarter than Bush)

John the Econ said...

As for why countless people are joining ISIS, Boko, the Taliban and similar movements:

As a young econ student back in the ‘80s, I spent much time pondering the situation in Central America. For those old enough to recall, these were the twilight years of the Cold War, and the Communists were doing all they could to ferment trouble on our back doorstep, and the Reagan Administration was doing all they could to maintain the Monroe Doctrine with their hands largely tied by the liberals in Congress who were quite comfortable with communist expansion in the hemisphere. With everything else going on in the world at the time, it seemed that this was all they could find to talk about on NPR for a better part of a decade.

The situation the liberals of the time couldn't seem to get a handle on (and obviously still can’t) was why so many young people were giving up their lives living the green-collectivist dream on the farms to join the various militias and “death squads” that roamed the countryside’s.

I didn't think the answer to that question was all that difficult to understand. The militias offered young people a lot that life as an oppressed dirt farmer never could. For one thing, life as a subsistence farmer was pretty precarious. Even if you did have a good season, you were certain to have your bounty raided by either the government or militia thugs. Life for these people was devoid of power; you were ultimately set up to be a victim of either nature, man, or both. The militias offered an alternative to this; They put a gun in your hand, and all of a sudden you had power. This had to be a rather intoxicating feeling, especially for poor kids who’ve known nothing but victimization and poverty. The militias rarely went hungry. After all, you could just take what you need from those who were not armed. Your militia became the stable family you might have never had. And finally, you had a sense of survival, and some degree of control over your life that you never had on the farm. And then to add meaning to it all, they’d sprinkle on a layer of self-righteous Marxist politics so that those who might question the morality of what they were doing could fool themselves into feeling good about it. Quite frankly, it was little different that joining a street gang in any Democrat-controlled big city in the US.

So who wouldn’t choose that over being a subsistence farmer or working in a squalid factory?

So these are the main motivators in joining the movement:
Beats a job in the fields or factory
Surrogate family
Cause with meaning
They’re winning!

So fast-forward 30 years to the Middle-East today, with numerous failed states and little social order. Obama, Harf, and the Progressive idiots at the State Department honestly believe their community organizer shtick about “jobs & health care”, and that solving the whole Middle-East problem is no different that fixing the south side of Chicago. (Never mind the fact that after a half-century of trying, these boobs haven’t yet fixed the south side of Chicago either) And the large number people are leaving their relatively comfortable existences with free health care in the European socialist utopias to join the IS fight. So it’s got to be more than about just jobs and free health care. be continued...

John the Econ said...


Our biggest problem is that unlike the denizens of the State Department, the fighters of ISIS et-al are not insane, nor are they stupid. They are actually acting quite rational. It's the fact that the supposedly oh-so-enlightened multiculturalists among us can't seem to realize that it's their own frame of mind that is flawed. Seriously, why would these people give up their AK-47s to "start a business" (outside of organ harvesting) when they are living in a sea of people with AK-47s who will confiscate anything they make in the name of a larger cause? (For that matter, why would you start a business on the south side of Chicago, when you know that your hard-won profits would ultimately be seized by government agents, who also have guns, in the name of the larger cause of "spreading it around"? But I digress...)

And remember, from their point of view, the IS fighters are winning! They've seen the multiple "red lines" drawn, and then crossed with no consequence. They see the supposed leader of the free world who like the Ministry of Magic can’t bring himself to say the name “Voldemort”. They're making millions in ransom money. They see that attacks in western counties are highly successful at promoting their political goals, like censorship, world-wide. And they're getting hot chicks from the west to come and be their sex slaves, er, wives.

This is the true irony and hypocrisy of the multiculturalists currently running our policy over the last 25 years. Progressive “Multiculturalism” is the belief that our view of the world and other cultures is inherently flawed because it’s based upon our religious and social values and pre-conceived notions of civilization. And yet they arrogantly dismiss the violent and vile antics of the Islamic State as “extreme” or just plain insane. That’s a mistake. Remember Bush’s post-911 speech about “the religion of peace”? Anyone who’s actually studied any history of the last 1500 years knows better. I know we’d all like to think of the vast majority of Muslims as peace-loving people like we are. And many, if not most of them are. I’d love to go back to the pre-911 world, where Islam to most people only meant pop stars and NBA players with unusual names. But that’s clearly not the only Islam. If multiculturalism is all about being culturally non-judgmental, then just who are we as western Judeo-Christian descendants to say which “Islam” is the correct one? Just because we prefer the one with the harmless folk singers and sports stars may not make it so.

WMD said...

First of all, that comment from anonymous is the exact same comment word for word that I have seen on two other comment threads today.
Copy and paste much?
Secondly, I love Lefty Lucie. She could have her own blog, like Johnny does.

Grizzly said...

Horseface said, "success requires empowering leaders from Los Angeles to Lagos, Paris to Peshawar, and Bogotá to Baghdad to take the reins in this effort". In other words, he's saying that the Obama administration sure as hell isn't going to do anything stop ISIS, so we have to look to ... the mayors of LA and Bogota?? ... to try to stop them somehow. What a pathetic poltroon Our Dear Leader is.

Geoff King said...

Speaking as a Libertarian, I find Anonymous' post quite humorous. I do not dislike Øbama simply because he is a Democrat. I have no love for Republicans either. I dislike the man because of everything he has done or not done for our country and our Constitution. True unemployment is now around 20%, not the fake numbers his administration quotes. Racial division and unrest has been amplified at least tenfold under his guidance. He has turned his back on our military and our greatest allies. He has weakened our standing in the world financially and our credibility when it comes to dealing with practically any foreign occurance. Then there is the unimaginable national debt he has rung up. I can not name a single of his campaign promises that he has actually delivered except perhaps his saying that he would change America. His promise of a "transparent presidency" is beyond laughable, considering the fact that all of his personal records have been sealed. Forget the questionable birth certificate and Social Security number, I am not even convinced his parents were who he says they were or that his children are actually his. Show me one picture of a pregnant Michelle, and I may change my mind on the daughters.
The man brought nothing to the presidency. No business or military experience, and only a partial term as senator in which he generally only voted "present" if at all. Now, as the leader of the free world, he still is only "present". He seems to find his duties to be an extreme inconvienience. When leadership and direction is needed the most, is exactly when he seems to head to the links or on another multi-million dollar vacation. Now, when possibly the greatest threat to the human race since the Nazis is growing at an unbelievable rate, he not only refuses to deal with the problem, he cannot even call them what they are: Muslim extremists. Why is he the only one that can't say that? Why is he the only one that says ISIL instead of ISIS? The L for Levant suggests that he believes that Israel should also fall to those barbarians. He may not actually be a Muslim, but he certainly sides with them more than any other group on this planet.
Then there are his unconstitutional Executive Orders which change laws at his whim and undermine the Legislative Branch's authority.
I could write paragraphs more of reasons I dislike the man, but suffice it to say his being Democrat or black are not among them.

Judi King said...

To Stilton, John & Geoff, thank you for answering the troll's rant. You've said it all. The reality that people like him/her actually exist is depressing to me and leaves me with a feeling that there is no hope for America. The founders meant our Consitution to be used for checks and balances, not a "secular" federal government with MORE power to the executive branch The people who believe this are delusional and are destroying this once great country piece by piece. If half of the people are for this, then I hope they live long enough to reap what they have sown.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@American Cowboy- It's funny (in an entirely unfunny way) that Anonymous thinks our problem with Obama is that he won elections rather than with what he's done while in office. But then, I'm not sure progressives actually pay attention to what happens between elections.

@John the Econ- A tip of the HnC hat to you, sir, for another excellent post.

@WMD- Actually, Lucy does have her own blog over at, though currently it's just a collection of the cartoons which have appeared here (with new ones added simultaneously). I still haven't decided whether to expand her website or have an official publication schedule.

Not long ago, I posted here about needing to take some time off. Since then, I think I've skipped posting maybe once, while starting a new strip and blog. I suck at creating leisure for myself.

@Grizzly- It is a magnificently dumbass statement, isn't it? And alliteration when used like this annoys the crap out of me; this is the sort of linguistic tomfoolery I expect to hear out of a Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton.

@Geoff King- Well said.

@Judi King- I recently saw that Gallup has Obama at a 50% approval rating, which left me slack-jawed. History, if any, will be less kind.

REM1875 said...

Patriotism is love of ones country, can you name anything berry has done to show love of this country? Patriotism is not defined by what ones Uncles did (Dad and his 4 brothers fought on the front lines in WW II- 2 never came home) but on what I do. Have you served, anyeemoose?
Doc here serves with sacrifice by providing commentary and sites for exchange of ideas and reaches far more than I ever have, but you, how have you served? Any self sacrifice that puts love of country ahead of yourself? Mr oboma point to anything? Either of you voted for anything that was not self serving or in the interest of the party?
By their fruit we will know them and I think by now we know beyond a shadow of a doubt.

REM1875 said...

Anyeemoose, how I wish you had lived the Bush years and simply did not go on what the leftist in school or the media told you. You would have enjoyed yourself in the never end recriminations and protest against our president and the majority of Americans who elected him,but you would not stand here and barefaced lecture us on obummer derangement syndrome without knowing it was true and unadulterated hypocrisy.

Judi King said...

The punk troll probably only knows what he/she has been brainwashed/taught by by it's state owned teachers and or professors. If any of these leftists had the intelligence they think they have, they would have the initiative to actually check facts before they open their collective mouths!

Popular Front said...

Well look who's back. America's own walking,talking personification of Rectal Itch himself - Anonymous!
Yes he's back to lecture and hector us about how we are all reactionary rednecks who simply can't appreciate the brilliance of Obamayomama because we are all too stupid.
I've got news for you Anonymass, Tony Bliar tried the same tack when he was UK Prime Minister and it took the electorate around the same amount of time - 6 years - to realise that his administration was a complete failure in all areas, mainly due to hideous incompetence combined with a hugely overblown ego, just like Obamayomama.
The parallels between these two phonies are endless; both surrounded themselves with obsequious yes-men & women, both have nasty manipulative women behind them, in Bliar's case the Wide-Mouthed Frog Cherie and in Obamayomama's case the appalling Michelle, hater of her own country and its' citizens and with an ass so big she has to sit down in shifts.
Unfortunately these days in the USA the press/media is totally emasculated (a prerequisite for leftist acceptance) so there are no Woodwards or Bernsteins to ferret out the concealed information being repressed by Obamayomama's puppetmasters. It will all come out of course, not long after he's been prised out of the White House but he'll be quite happy playing a lot of golf (badly it seems) and sitting on the beach in Maui earning 20%.

WMD said...

Sorry Doc, I guess I didn't notice the StiltonJarlsberg/ in the upper right corner of the cartoon itself.
Sorry, my bad. I should have known better.
And I don't give a rats ass what anyone says, Rudy would make a great President. Literally almost anybody would be better than jug-ears.