Monday, March 30, 2009

The Horse's Mouth

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For those of you keeping score, the government gifting of $4 billion to ACORN is good and people making donations to charity are bad.


Suzy said...

Privately owned charities threaten full government control over so many charities help the poor and the handicapped.

Not to mention...isn't there some sort of bias against religion in that taxation? Hmmmm.... Its amazing how gays are gaining rights by the day while the religious are consistently losing theirs.

Of course, I guess the smokers are losing theirs, too. While I don't smoke of course, its scary that the government can just choose an item they do not like and tax it so much that people stop buying it. Next it will be cheeseburgers and fries and coke... Or Snickers bars...

Man every day I decide I'm never reading the news again and then I do anyway.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

The tax code has the ability to punish or reward behaviors. By raising taxes on things like alcohol and tobacco, the government discourages their use. By giving tax breaks on things like purchasing a home or buying health insurance, the government encourages good behaviors.

Until now.

In order for the government to have as much control as possible over people's lives, it needs to offer essential services (like healthcare) without competition. Charities are the competition, so the tax law is being changed to discourage contributions.

Similarly, Nancy Pelosi is proposing a new insurance company which will be run and funded by the government, allegedly to make other insurance companies "more competitive" and bring down prices. Except that the government insurance doesn't need to make a profit, and can have premiums set so low that other insurers will be driven out of business. Again, the eventual result is that people will have no alternative other than government care.

Suzy said...

Its scary, really.... especially if anyone has ever studied the quality of health care in Canada or Europe.

I never really realized the power of taxation until now. And good point about the government insurance. Even the tobacco tax, that is for "children's healthcare" is going to further threaten private insurers. I read recently that Blue Cross is going to start approving more people regardless of health status, which means the fear has already begun among private insurers.

Its gonna be a long four years.

Gabriel Girl said...


Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Gabriel Girl - Have you tried listening to a recording of a Calming Electric Fan?