Friday, June 12, 2009

Tropical Palau

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To get someone - anyone - to take some of the Gitmo prisoners, the Obama administration is sending 13 Al-Qaeda trained Chinese Uighers to Palau...along with $200 million in taxpayer money to help cover the expenses. At $12 million per Uighur, that buys a lot of tropical drinks.

And though the media keeps saying that the (ahem) former terrorists will be in Palau's "custody," the men will NOT be going to prison. No, the President of Palau says that (after a brief stay in a halfway house) they will be enjoying "a place of refuge and freedom." In other words, an all-expense paid permanent vacation...for training with Al Qaeda. THAT should put fear into future terrorists!

By the way, for those who don't know much about Palau, here's a handy thumbnail description of the land where "enchantment awaits," and a link to their tourist bureau...

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Suzy said...

Must be nice.

Meanwhile, our credit card company raised our interest rate by 10%...presumably because we were paying the bill every month faithfully, and its time we pay for the ones who don't. When do we get OUR vacation to Palau?

On second thought...