Thursday, July 30, 2009

Teachable Moment Party

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Today, the Whitehouse is teaching us all a very important important civic lesson: when a president wrongly accuses a white policeman of being a stupid racist, and a Harvard professor makes false claims of racism while declaring the policeman to be a "rogue cop," then no one should apologize, and everyone should have a beer.

With no need for embarrassing apologies prior to making up, we can now look forward to Hillary Clinton sitting down for brewskis and laughs with Iran and Israel. And gosh darn it, who's to say that after so many years in the desert, Osama bin Laden wouldn't mellow out over a frosty mug of ale with the president?

Let the record show that Hope n' Change is the first major media outlet to officially label the president's bold new direction as "Beer Goggle Diplomacy!"

Bonus from the Hope n' Change Gift Shoppe - free "Teachable Moments" poster!


Suzy said...

That poster is TOO funny! Love it! haha.

We probably really don't want to find out how similar the two men in the poster really are, in secret....

Anonymous said...

So comments that contain offensive materials is cause for deletion, but this "poster" isn't?

How about you explain the imagery you chose in this poster?