Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Townhall Meetings

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The Democrats continue to lecture outraged citizens on the fine points of political decorum and manners, without addressing the issues that have angered so many. Indeed, rather than hear from their constituents, some Democrats are now cancelling public meetings or, like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, appear only as a voice on a speakerphone.

Unable to accept the idea that such vocal opposition to their policies is spontaneous, many Democrats are now suggesting that the rabble have been stirred up by Community Organizers. Which, suddenly, they find offensive - despite their smug assertion last November that Jesus, like Obama, "was a community organizer."


Richard D said...

Wow - you sure nailed that one. I had not even thought about the "community organizer" thing. You're absolutely right. The Dems are so pathetic.

Philip said...

Sen. Specter Shouted Down Over Health Care


Philip said...

Un-American and Nazi wasn't enough. Now the Protesters are the equivalent of the KKK - according the Rep. idiot Dingell (D).