Sunday, September 27, 2009

Boxed In

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The president has come up with a remarkable way to keep from getting bad news from the battlefront - he's ordered his commanding generals to alter their reports, so he can pretend that he never saw important information. Allegedly, the president had already made up his mind not to send more troops, and so sent the message that he didn't want to see any reports that said more troops were desperately needed.

This is a criminal dereliction of the president's most important job - that of Commander in Chief. And if these allegations prove to be true, then impeachment is overdue.

Math Quiz: To celebrate Obama's inauguration, he had 10 official balls. How many does he have now?


Unknown said...

This is so damn stupid the cartoon isn't funny. I mean, it's clever, to the point, and there's humor in it, but it's not funny anymore. This clown is ... well look, I have said this on my show many times. Jimmy Carter is an old man. He feels better, no doubt, knowing that when he passes away he no longer leaves us as America's worst President.

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Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Jimmy, I completely agree - even with the assessment that this cartoon isn't funny so much as maddening. Despite appearing on your show and discussing the importance of nailing a punchline in the 3rd panel, it just wasn't happening for me this time. The strip lacks resolution because the real situation lacks resolution; the president of the United States is trying to bury information about the war effort for purely political reasons.

Doesn't anyone remember Daniel Ellsberg anymore? He became the left's liberal darling when he revealed the "Pentagon Papers" which said that the Vietnam war was going worse than the American public had been told. Exactly as is happening now. But where is the liberal media?

If Obama wants to disagree with the generals, he can...but to do so while pretending that he hasn't heard their assessments is cowardly and contemptible.

Read about Daniel Ellsberg HERE (

Blago Bloggo said...

Instead of singing Lalala he should have turned on "The View" in the third panel. Now that would have been funny!

Philip said...

Very good cartoon, Stilt, as always.

Hey, Jimmy. Yes, it's no laughing matter. But that's why Hope n' Change exists.

It's not funny ? We all know that here. In fact, you should tell that to all of the suckers who voted for Bammy.

Thank God for Stilt. His cartoons show us how this situation is sadly laughable.

I remember of all these people who laughed out loud FOR REAL when we warned them about this fraud.

They are now paying for Obama's change. Honestly, it's pretty laughable. But the difference is that we laugh on the wrong side of our mouth.

We tried to warn America during the last election, but America chose to ignore this man's blank resume, zero military experience and history of associations with the radical anti war left.

Belatedly, Americans are learning a lesson: to vote for candidates based on their track record, not on campaign rhetoric and cosmetics.

Looks like the America electorate's chickens are coming roost.

Suzy said...

Wow really? This needs to get out to the public, impeachment really IS in order. Wow, wow, wow. Or is that Mmm, Mmm, Mmm......

Buzz Bannister said...

Our Son is getting ready for a second tour over there, his step mom and I went to Mass early to pray for him and the prayers don't end at that Narthex. This tour weighs harder than the last by far...he's all for it but that's him. Sorry to make this personal but on a gut level it is personal.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Buzz, taking it "personally" should be the only appropriate response for anyone who cares about this country and the safety and sacrifices of our troops.

I can't imagine how hard it must be, as a parent, to have a child going into harm's way. I'm sure there will be additional prayers said by many for your son's safe return.

Dan M said...

Hey, hey, ho, ho .. B-H-O has GOT to go

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

CORRECTION: In the interest of (ahem) transparency, I want to point out that the commentary under the cartoon originally said that the generals were ordered to destroy their reports, but this wasn't quite the case. The reports were ordered to be "scrubbed," and in this case that meant "cleaned of anything the president doesn't want to see" instead of being entirely cancelled.

I changed the commentary this morning to say, more accurately, that the reports were altered. In all likelihood, nobody noticed the revision - and it barely makes a difference in the story or the reprehensible action of the president. But even those of us doing satire have a responsibility to "get it right," so I just wanted to set the record straight. Thanks!