Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mea Gulpa

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After David Letterman's bizarre on-air admission of serial sexual escapades with female staffers, he won't really be able to joke about the indiscretions of others anymore. This means that his opening monologues will now consist entirely of gags about the weather, knock-knock jokes and, of course, attacks on George Bush.

Bonus: "Top Ten" poster from the Hope n' Change Gift Shoppe!

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Buzz Bannister said...

Although I am a bit younger than David Letterman I am originally from the same area and we both graduated from Ball State. David was known in his neighborhood for the crappy way he kept his home, he decided to then start putting used major appliances on his front porch because he wanted to anger his neighbors even more. In college many found him to be egotistical and often boorish. Dave hung around the (then) local ABC station and had a crappy little weekend show called Clover Power which was left on because Channel 13 needed to fill a weekend afternoon time-slot when College Football was not in season. Sometimes he did the weather on weekends but he was a pain in the fanny and nobody watched the weather on Channel 13 anyway...we all watched "Swoop McClain" on channel 6.
Dave's mom often came into my eating establishment, she was very kind and a good tipper...a very good tipper. Dave on the other hand was a complete ass that to some fame has glossed over but to most his money and fame are proof that good things are often handed out to complete assholes.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Buzz - what a small world! I, too, am from Dave's neck of the woods. Many eons ago, I wrote short comedy bits for an overnight movie show "Jack O'Hara" on that same ABC affiliate. Because O'Hara didn't come in until late at night, I would sometimes hand my script to the weatherman - Dave Letterman - and ask him to pass it along. Who knew?