Saturday, October 24, 2009

Stimulus Surprise

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A Whitehouse economist has released a news bulletin for the millions of Americans waiting for Obama's $787 billion dollar "stimulus package" to start doing something to help them: "it's already over." If you blinked, you missed it.

Despite unprecedented (and unsecured) government spending, 49 of 50 states continued to bleed jobs as unemployment levels soared to new highs. Put another way, the "stimulus" didn't stimulate squat. Meanwhile, the Whitehouse continues to claim that the stimulus package saved millions of imaginary jobs that "might have been lost but weren't", and also deflected giant asteroids that "could have struck the Earth but didn't."


Suzy said...

Too true.

Buzz Bannister said...

"Chef Boy-Am-I-Angry"

Matt said...

That about sums it up right there!