Sunday, November 29, 2009

Brain Freeze

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The so-called "Climategate" scandal has revealed that top climate scientists have altered, hidden, and invented data to falsely promote the theory of manmade global warming. Yet the president is going to Copenhagen (on his way to pick up his Nobel Peace Prize) to announce a U.S. pledge to cut CO2 emissions by 17%...a target impossible to reach without crippling American industry.

Assuming the president isn't an idiot, and isn't surrounded by idiots, then one can only presume that his actual goal is the crippling of the American economy. If this sends a chill down your spine, you'd better get used to it - "global warming" won't give you any relief...

BONUS: Just in time for the holiday season, the Democrats clarify their position on emissions!


Suzy said...

The crippling of the American economy is one of the main goals of terrorists. Interesting.

Buzz Bannister said...

I am always amazed at what a fool will buy or buy into.
PS You do great work Stilton, you're a class act please keep up the good work.

Philip said...

Sen. Jim Inhofe : 'Cap and Trade Is Dead'

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Philip- I sincerely HOPE that Cap & Trade is dead, but unfortunately, Obama has other options for sticking it to American Industry. He's planning to go to Copenhagen to promise a 17% reduction in greenhouse gasses over the next 10 years, and if Congress approves this "treaty," we'll be subject to international law and supervision.

Alternately, the president was instrumental in declaring CO2 - the same kind we exhale - as a dangerous greenhouse gas that the EPA has jurisdiction over, giving them tremendous powers whether any new laws are passed or not.

"Cap and Trade" is about socialistic redistribution of wealth, and it may be thwarted. CO2 emission reduction is about cripping American industry (and therefore America's status in the world), and may be harder to prevent.

Philip said...

Stilt - You're right. Obama is a radical. So, he has probably other options in his pocket.

But, from what we see every day, his base (and his party) is not in good shape :

40 Percent of Democrats Saying They're Unlikely to Vote, or Certain to Not Vote in 2010 ?