Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Legal Paperwork

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Although the CBO said that tort reform (limits on trial attorneys' fees and damage claims) would reduce consumer healthcare costs by half a TRILLION dollars over 10 years, Nancy Pelosi's enormous "healthcare" bill actually imposes penalties on any state that dares to put tort reform into action.

All of which goes to remind us that A) the "healthcare" bill is not about healthcare, B) that healthcare "reform" isn't really about saving money, and C) if you give enough campaign money to the Democrats they'll be sure to keep your fat, wriggling ass happy.


Bob Singleton said...

I have a medical reimbursement plan, not insurance. It is a REAL option that works by lowering my medical costs over 50%, compared to my old insurance policy. The new 1900 page mess of a bill will make my plan illegal, and force me to buy much more costly insurance. So much for "competition," "options" "lowering prices" and "keep your current plan." Lies.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Bob, there is a genuine need for insurance reform, and a lot of interesting ways to accomplish it. However, as you point out, the Democrats plan has nothing to do with it.

Here at Hope n' Change Cartoons, we're self-insured and have an HSA plan. The healthcare bill will eliminate most of the benefits of the HSA (if not killing it outright), and early estimates are that the cost of self-insurance will double or triple. But hey, if I can't afford it, I can always get the government plan, right? Uh no - estimates are that the public option insurance will be even more expensive than private insurance.

So the only beneficiaries of this healthcare bill are the trial attorneys, who'll be rolling in dough, and the Democrats who will control our government because they control our healthcare (and therefore our lives).