Saturday, December 19, 2009

Heat Waive

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As the shouting dies down, it's increasingly clear that the Copenhagen Climate Summit was largely pointless. Absent a real agreement that he could simply sign on to, Barack Obama made a fumbling, angry, cliche-filled speech which disappointed his fellow eco-communists.

As the purpose of the Summit was always more about redistribution of the West's wealth than actual climate change, many attendees were initially enthusiastic about Hillary Clinton's offer for the US to spearhead a $100 billion a year giveaway to developing nations. Fortunately, it now seems more likely that Hell will freeze over before this "international" fund actually starts paying out.

And so the Copenhagen carnival of climategate, faked data, bad poetry, and economic revolution has accomplished nothing...other than adding untold tons of greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere from the private jets and limos of the Green intelligentsia.


moronpolitics said...

Don't count on it. Obama has announced he believes that it is OK to live by treaties and agreements without the Senate's OK. I predict he will start transferring funds out of the country from whatever source he can find and through whatever method is convenient. He IS the law. He IS the country. Chavez and Castro have been ridiculing his failure to act more quickly for a reason. They know it bothers him and he will react. Remember, he has promised Castro the BASE at Guantanamo Bay. His inability to shut down the prison has delayed turning the bay over. He promised Putin no defensive missiles in Europe in a secret letter before taking office -- that has been fulfilled. Another goal is switching America's debt to some currency other than the dollar --such as the proposed Middle Eastern Currency. Without that done, it is IMPOSSIBLE for the country to actually go bankrupt. He MUST get that done. Where he was born doesn't matter. Emotionally and politically, he is Kenyan --driven by a mindless hatred of the colonial masters. We MUST be destroyed. Nothing else matters.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Moronpolitics- Scary stuff, and I wish you didn't have good justification for these points. Unfortunately, you do.

Obama won't be changing his goal of international wealth redistribution or the end of American exceptionalism... he'll simply be changing his methodologies and rhetoric.