Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tsunami Tsurprise

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(Honolulu, HI) Tragedy was narrowly averted yesterday after an 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile sent a mile-high wall of water hurtling toward Hawaii at speeds of over 500 mph.

With destruction of the entire state a virtual certainty, Hawaiian government officials finally authorized the release of Barack Obama's birth certificate. When the document was held aloft as the towering tsunami raced toward the beach, brilliant light shone and thunder exploded. Astoundingly the water stopped in its tracks and, for reasons still unexplained, turned around and headed for Kenya.

Following the miracle, a pod of dolphins carried the birth certificate out to sea and disappeared beneath the most beautiful rainbow anyone has ever seen.
-New York Times


drjim said...

Uhhhhh, Stilton? You forgot the unicorns.

Suzy said...

I heard that about two minutes after the camera stopped rolling, the document self-destructed and sent dolphin chunks for miles.

I suppose its fitting for the government to feed their fellow sharks.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

drjim- Although not mentioned in the story, the unicorns were on the beach - sounding a warning with their horns. (ba-da-boom!)

Suzy- I like the "Mission Impossible" angle!

Anonymous said...

I'll bet this clown Obama isn't even a US citizen. Does this mean anything he put in place after he's removed from office will be nul and void. That should be the next presidents first EO the first day he takes office.