Thursday, March 25, 2010

It Gets Better and Better

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Democrats claimed that their Healthcare legislation would help create jobs and, for once,
it turned out they were right. Because the IRS now needs 10 billion dollars (which, oops, the Democrats forgot to factor into their bill) to hire 16,500 new "health insurance enforcement agents."

Yes, the same federal agency that writes
incomprehensible tax forms, conducts life-disrupting audits, and has the power to impose and collect fines will be checking every American, every month, to be sure you own the "right kind" of health insurance. Or else.

That's one small step for giant leap for the IRS.


Pete(Detroit) said...

yet another reason this needs to go back to the drawing board..

Suzy said...

They "forgot" alot of common sense things in this bill, and instead put in tons of needless crap.

Proves again that forgetting things like important budget items and including children with preexisting conditions (didn't they say children are "most important"???), that the motive really wasn't health's a red herring for socialism and record-breaking taxation.

Anonymous said...

I hope all 219 congressman and 56 senators that voted YES for Obamacare get the short end of a stick very soon and everyone one of these anti-american socialists democrats are removed from office come November.

The same logo we used for 9-11 applies here, "We Will Never Forget" and until justice is served "We Will Not Rest".

The 219 and 56 found at the URL above need to be gone, asap.

The sooner, the better.