Sunday, March 28, 2010

Much Ado

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The mainstream media is enthusiastically running with the story that heroic Democrats who courageously voted for healthcare are now the victims of "terrorism" perpetrated by angry conservatives.

We're a bit confused. When Abdulmutallab tried to bring down a jet with a bomb in his underwear, the media agreed with Eric Holder that it wasn't terror... just an "alleged" criminal act. When Nidal Hasan killed 13 soldiers and wounded 32 others at Ft. Hood, the media shared Barack Obama's opinion that we "shouldn't jump to conclusions" that it was terror. And, oh yeah, the attacks on 9/11? Those were "man-caused disasters"...not terror.

But now the media is reporting that Black legislators were attacked with ugly racial epithets from a white mob...even though video from the event shows no such thing, and a $10,000 reward for any proof that it happened has gone unclaimed. And reports that a rock was thrown through a Democratic congressman's office window fell apart when it was revealed that his office is 30 stories from the ground.

Have the Democrats received offensive and, perhaps, even threatening phonecalls from angry voters? We're sure that they have. And we're also sure that this is nothing new to public figures. What is new is the collaboration between the Democrats and the media to create a false narrative of imaginary "terror" in order to discredit any and all dissent about Healthcare.

So let's be very, very clear. No one on either side should ever promote or condone violence to their political opposition. And the only time the Democrats should be beaten like red-headed step-children is at the polls.

Okay, some death threats and hate speech are real


Philip said...

1 in 4 Americans censoring thoughts under Obama

Pete(Detroit) said...

I'm a firm believer in Gun Control - Choose your target and hit it.

I'm a firm believer in Gun Control - you control yours, I'll control mine.

When will pols figure out that passing MORE laws against guns that are ALREADY illegally held by criminals who, by definition, don't pay any attention to LAWS will do NOTHING to get the illegal guns off the street.

But then, that's not the point, is it - members of an armed population are citizens, an members of an unarmed population are slaves.

Ok, sorry to derail the comments here, but Anon touched a nerve (obviously)

Anonymous said...

Only in the intellectual vacuum of a the liberals/progressives is enthusiastic dissent considered "threatening". They so dislike criticism that they are perfectly willing to tacitly infringe upon a group's First Amendment rights to keep their own socialist doctrine unchallenged.

Their own threats and intimidation techniques are a big part of their "social justice" mantra, whereby our society has now moved from "too big to fail" to "nobody should fail" -- and we'll make sure this happens with YOUR tax dollars.

Unfortunately, they plan to accomplish this through a dystopian wealth redistributive economy killing social collective system that will ultimately collapse under it's own unsustainable Ponzi scheme funding system. In the end, the only people that will prosper in this system will be the ruling oligarchy and their pandering accomplices.

Molon labe, progressives, molon labe.

Suzy said...

Most of the tea party "racism" are surely Dem plants anyway.

Not sure what was up with the gunshot through the Rep window....but....the media didn't like reporting it.

Anonymous said...

As a life long introvert, I can only speak for myself. But the Dems and the mainstream media may unwittingly waken a sleeping giant formerly called the silent majority. At this point, they play the game of give aways and fear mongering to keep decent hard-working folks who love this country confused and mis-directed. I still believe this is a center-right country that believes in equal OPPORTUNITY for all. We care about the truly down trodden yet abhor the frauds and cheats of all races and income brackets. We are not racists, stupid, violent, or any of the other labels currently being thrown at us. They've got it all wrong. We are the guts of the tea party movement. Don't rile the introverts. Oops, they already have.

Anonymous said...

This must be a pro-obama site since many comments that are right on the money are being censored and taken down time after time. Are you an affiliate of ABC, CBS, NBC or CNN? beware people, whoever owns this site in on Obamas side.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Pete(Detroit)- For what it's worth, the "Reuters" article about gun control was a phony, so the original post referring to it has been removed.

A real Reuters article about an international gun treaty had several foaming-at-the-mouth blogger-written paragraphs inserted, after which the stitched-together result was presented as a single article from a (semi) respected news source. Nope- it was bogus.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Anonymous- "Beware people, whoever owns this site in (sic) on Obamas (sic) side."

There are over a year's worth of cartoons in the archives, and it's pretty safe to say that they don't reflect a pro-Obama stance.

As far as removing comments, we don't like doing it...and fortunately it doesn't happen very often. The comments you describe as "right on the money" contained racial and ethnic slurs, and suggestions of violence.

None of that helps the conservative cause. Even worse, comments like those can be singled out to discredit or restrict conservative "free speech" outlets like this one...which, we believe, is exactly what this administration would like.

It is because we don't want to give aid and comfort to the Democrats that inappropriate comments will be removed.

Philip said...

Can't wait 2010, 2012 !!!

Obama Defies Senate, Recess-Appoints ACORN-SEIU Lawyer

Acting like a Latin American caudillo President Obama continues to thumb his nose at Congress, daring Republican members of the House of Representatives to begin impeachment proceedings against him.

Anonymous said...

Last week I heard an interesting comment on talk radio, the essence of which was that the Obama administration is vilifying conservatives in the same vein that Hitler vilified Jews as he was coming into power ...

Pete(Detroit) said...

"It is because we don't want to give aid and comfort to the Democrats that inappropriate comments will be removed."

Good call, *I* say...