Monday, May 24, 2010

The Iceman Doesn't Cometh

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The Head of the Immigration and Customs Enforment bureau (ICE) has announced that his federal agency may not even bother to process illegal aliens who are caught by the Arizona police. Not to be outdone, Janet Napolitano has announced that Homeland Security may also choose not to accept "immigrants" who are captured under the new law.

By definition, any individual ensnared by the Arizona immigration law is also guilty of breaking the federal immigration laws that ICE, in particular, is charged with enforcing. But it doesn't matter. Everyone is getting a federal "Get Out of Jail Free" card...written in Spanish.

Basically, ICE and Homeland Security are engaging in a bizarre form of racial profiling: choosing to release suspects based only on their appearance and the color of their skin.

It's not the law.
It's not justice.
And it's not acceptable.


CT Yankee said...

Every day, I feel more and more as if I am living in the Twilight Zone.

When will our elected officials and our government employees be held accountable for their actions?

Buzz Bannister said...

CT Yankee, we must be neighbors because I live there too.

Suzy said...

I just talked to a good friend who is a legal immigrant with a green card and we were discussing how unfair our government is being towards those who have been on waiting lists and stuff, doing things right. Her sister actually is out of work for now until her work visa goes through. While these Mexicans can sneak over, get jobs, and now Arizona is told that its okay and they should keep letting these ILLEGALS steal jobs and opportunities from American citizens and LEGAL immigrants????

This country is getting so scary...every morning a new scary headline or two appears on the Fox News page, and I can't believe we are just letting this happen.

I will say the Hawaii election was a big thing...although now here in PA there are investigations of some underhanded stuff going on with Sestak.....

Hopefully not so much underhanded stuff goes on in November that we cannot send true "Hope n Change" to Washington DC!

Dr.D said...

At some point, we have to find a way to charge all of our federal officials who are neglecting their duty with dereliction and see that they are removed from office chop chop. It is the fact that we are facing such a massive breakdown in the system that is preventing this. The system was designed to enable the removal of isolated refusals to perform, buts it was never designed to deal with a conspiracy in which the entire executive branch would conspire to abort their Constitutional duties. This last is what we face today, from BHO right on down through all of his appointees, they are are working to subvert this nation, not to uphold it.

This is the sort of situation that in other times and other countries has led to military coups. As an example, it was the military that saved Chile from the marxists, and it has happened elsewhere as well. We almost have to hope for something of that sort to happen now in the US, with the hope that the US military is not too badly compromised to right the ship of state. Their accommodations with izlam are not encouraging in this respect.

The problem is our government, without any question. Until we can reign in our own government, we will never be able to control our borders.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Readers- We agree...we feel like we've been living in the "Twilight Zone" ever since Obama was elected. And the feeling gets stronger every day.

Dr.D- Good post, and frighteningly accurate. What are we to do when the executive branch refuses to honor the law, the wishes of the people, and honor their constitutional duties and oaths of office? In the face of this kind of socialist coup, it seems like action is called for that goes beyond waiting for a distant election day to arrive. Impeachments, by the carload, seem a good place to start.

pryorguy said...

I'd like to remind everyone that this fits in so perfectly with those who align with the 'postmodern' way of thinking. You simply do what you feel, not according to those 'absolutes' that have worked for centuries! I used to wonder if the folks in charge were just stupid or had a definite agenda, now I know the latter is true! Napolitano herself has beseeched the guvment for help in this area when she was a guv, now she is on the other side of the deal, I tend to think when you get to DC your mind just zombies out to the clarion call emitting wistfully from the oval office. God help us,,,I believe he will, hang in there.

Anonymous said...

I believe if they do not enforce the law then they should be tried for treason. They are harming the USA.

Anonymous said...

Poeple, we are BSing around with this subject matter. It's really needs to be addressed and action needs to be taken. We have 20,000,000 illegal domestic terrorist on our soil and they are flocking here like geese flying south. Why is it that not all the states have laws like arizona and enforce them to the max. Capture them all and deport them all by tomorrow. Let's Get-R-Done and get it done now. You people really need to listen to what these illegal are costing us and then multiply that $$ you hear by 20,000,000 plus. Let see if this will give you a clue of how you're being take to the cleaners.

Unknown said...

I love the 'ice' man! Well done!