Thursday, August 5, 2010

"No Comment" Is Not Acceptable

An earlier draft of the cartoon above contained images which were much more graphic and disturbing...and we decided that it wasn't fair to subject readers to such sights without warning.

But the men, women, and children in the World Trade Center on September 11th weren't given any warning before their lives ended in smoke, fire, indescribable pain, and desperation...caused by a terrorist attack from Islamic radicals.

And now, an Islamic mosque is to be built at the site of Ground Zero. A mosque which is intended to either heal the wounds between Islam and the West...or to celebrate radical Islam's greatest contemporary victory over the heretics and infidels. A mosque which will cost $100 million...with an unclear funding source.

Our Constitution ensures religious freedom for all religions, including Islam. And that's an argument in favor of building the mosque. And yet, many people feel that the Ground Zero mosque is an insult, a provocation, and a desecration of sacred ground. And their feelings deserve to be considered too.

But although passions run high on both sides, there is one man in America who has no opinion whatsoever: Barack Hussein Obama.

Through his official Whitehouse spokesperson, the president has said that he feels the question of the Ground Zero mosque is entirely "a local matter," and so he has nothing to say.

Barack Obama has seen the pictures above, and other pictures that are even worse. He knows
America's pain and loss. Barack Hussein Obama also has deep ties to the Muslim world, and has often referred to Islam as being one of the great influences on American culture, and the Muslim "call to prayer" as one of the "prettiest sounds on Earth."

All of these factors being the case, we can assume that the president must actually have an opinion about whether a mosque should be erected at Ground Zero.

We can also assume that he is not sharing his opinion because it would not be popular with those people who look at the images above as an occasion of tragedy...not triumph.

Obama had the tremendous gall to vote "present" for most most of his Senatorial career, rather than taking an actual stand on any issues. In a recent interview, when asked to grade his presidency, he claimed "incomplete." But for the president to consider the carnage and tragedy of the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil and claim he has "no opinion" is completely unacceptable.

There are three possibilities: he is lying, he is a coward, or he is a traitor.

And sadly, in the absence of his voiced opinion, the likelihood is that all three are true.


Unknown said...

Good man. I like a man who is not afraid to use a sledge hammer when the job calls for a sledge hammer.

Really good one!

Thank you!

I'm looking for the Internet Quote that Brigitte Gabriel gave on Hannity radio, on August 3, 2010, where she gave the TRANSLATION of the Title of the Book published by the IMAM behind the Ground Zero Mosque which sounds so very benign in English, but in Malaysia where it was FIRST published, the translation of the TITLE says the Mosque at Ground Zero represents the American GAZA in the USA.

I don't remember her precise words, but I sure remember the GIST of it!

Maybe Brigitte would give you an interview! She is a nice lady!

God Bless you and your home and your business!

moronpolitics said...

yes, America wanted to elect a Black Man. They got neither.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

Obama is absolutely correct. Islam has had great influence on our culture. Prior to 911, most didn't give Muslims or those who are from that region a second thought. In fact, they laughed at Col. North when he gave voice to his concerns over Bin Laden and Al Q'aida. Now look at us!

Now, as for that mosque. $100M may not fund all the sabotage of the building site I expect to read about in the coming months, assuming the shovel actually hits the ground. I know, Cousin Stilton, we do not condone such things at Hope n' Change, but as a realist, I expect at least that. Pragmatically, I can see it becoming the laser-like focal point for all of the pent up rage against radical Islam, this administration, and aloof politicians of all stripes in this country. If that happens, site sabotage and vandalism may be the least of their worries. I fear for public safety in the region should this go forward (and a huge bill for New Yorkers for the police protection that will be demanded for the construction site).

So, am I way off base with this prognostication, or are they using low salt, reduced sugar, no trans-fat pudding for brains in the political circles of New York?!

Jim L. Chitty: Chancellor, College of Common Sense; President, Institute for Political Incorrectness. said...

By far one of the best articles you have ever written. You are so right.

My Dog Brewski said...

My master has promised me, if that monument to murder is built, we will take a trip to New York so that I can pee on the building and poop on their front steps. He's promised to protect me by throwing shoes at any Islamoscum who tries to stop me. I look forward to desecrating their desecration. It's the least any American dog can do.

Pete(Detroit) said...

We KNOW he's a coward, and a traitor. Is he a liar? Are his lips moving?
The truly disturbing thing to me, about Obama, is that he actually seems to believe the crap he spews.

Anonymous said...

When Carmelite nuns established a presence at Auschwitz, the Pope got involved and said they had to leave. Their good intent was to pray for the souls of the dead, but the Pope rightfully concluded that this was sacred ground for Jews. How dare the governor of New York state and the mayor of New York City defend the building of a mosque at Ground Zero and accuse we who object as being intolerant of religious freedom. There are plenty of other places to build the mosque in New York City. Here's a call for cultural sensitivity from the Muslims behind this project. Show US some respect. If they start to build a mosque on the proposed site, I encourage all budding street artists to decorate the work site with images of Allah.

John the Econ said...

There is no way that building this Mosque near Ground Zero can be interpreted any way other than as a provocation. The name alone (Cordoba Project) implies provocation in a historical sense. Living victims of 911 absolutely should feel insulted.

However, I am not convinced that allowing this is necessarily a bad thing.

For one thing, it will serve as a daily reminder to all New Yorkers (home of the liberal hear-no-evil-see-no-evil elite) that the enemy is among us.

Second, I expect that various government agencies (both domestic and foreign) will be setting up shop on every corner around this thing, paying close attention to everything that happens there. And I suspect that there will be some private organizations doing the same.

As it has been said, "Keep your friends close; keep your enemies closer"...

Anonymous said...

I think the most insulting part about this to all 9/11 victims, alive or dead, is that you use the images of this most gruesome day as a parody for your selfish political edge. What if you knew the man in the middle picture?

Red said...

We know what it is. We are not stupid. Too bad Bloomberg is.

Anonymous said...

Some random thoughts:

If we changed from Islamic radicals to Saudi radicals wouldn't that be more accurate?

Back in the 80s Elie Weisel pleaded with President Reagan to not make a trip to the cemetary where SS soldiers were buried. He did it with Reagan present. Is there someone with similar courage to tell our emperor something similar?

Face it America, we have our first beta male as President.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

Anonymous two up: You missed the point - but, of course, most who support The One would.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Anonymous (three above)- For starters, there is no "parody" going on in today's cartoon. There are no jokes, no laughs. And it wasn't a "most gruesome" day (as you daintily assert) or a "man-caused disaster" was a devastating attack on America from enemies abroad.

And you say I'm using the images for my "selfish political edge"? I'm not sure how it's selfish of me to expect the president of the United States to have enough respect for this country, and for the dead of 9/11, to at least voice his own opinion about the erection of the Ground Zero mosque and stand by it, whether I agree with his position or not. Barack Hussein Obama insults both the dead and the living by dismissing 9/11 as a "local matter" and refusing to comment.

And no, I didn't know the man in the middle picture, and I'll never get the chance to know him. His life was snuffed out on September 11th, 2001...and I'm still fucking angry about it.

Suzy said...

There are SO many places in this country to build a mosque. It would be appalling to build one at Ground Zero.

And speaking of offense, a few days ago...

pryorguy said...

well, Obama has had trouble finding a place to worship.....maybe this will solve that problem!

Bobo said...

On the upside, I wonder how many American construction workers, craftsmen, contractors and vendors will sign up to build this monument to terrorist.

If true-blooded Americans refuse to participate in building the "Islamic dream" it won't get built, unless of course, the unions supporting the Annoying One follow their puppet master orders.

On the downside, if no Americans work on the project we can look forward to O'blah-blah-blah ordering ICE to issue green card visas to foreign nationals Muslims... from abroad to come to NYC to build it, then disappear into the woodwork and reform their sleeper cells. It would be too much work for Janet's Homeland Security goofballs to keep track of...even if they wanted.

Or, they can hire the 20 million illegal Mexicans who will be granted anmesty before 2012 to work on the project, ensuring we have another four years under OB.


alan markus said...

In reference to using the "Falling Man" picture, sometimes you need to exercise "artistic license" - in this case I see it as necessary and key to the points you are making. Sort of the rationalizaton for accepting artwork like the crucifix in urine, et al. Not having to do with artistic license, but I recall seeing gruesome images/video of Jews being starved, being stacked in piles after being gassed, etc. I remember a video of men being lined up (Russia?) and shot by soldiers and then their bodies falling into a mass grave.

As to the "Falling Man" image, it was quite controversial to show it so soon after 9/11. Here's a quote from an article about the picture (the woman in quotes lost her husband to 9/11). This is going to be long, but the main point is that after time passes, such evidence ("witness") of atrocities can not be left in the "memory hole":

".....she felt that Fischl had the right to create and exhibit it. Now she's come to the conclusion that the controversy may have been largely a matter of timing. Maybe it was just too soon to show something like that. After all, not long before her husband died, she traveled with him to Auschwitz, where piles of confiscated eyeglasses and extracted tooth fillings are on exhibit. "They can show that now," she says. "But that was a long time ago. They couldn't show things like that then...."

In fact, they did, at least in photographic form, and the pictures that came out of the death camps of Europe were treated as essential acts of witness, without particular regard to the sensitivities of those who appeared in them or the surviving families of the dead. They were shown, as Richard Drew's photographs of the freshly assassinated Robert Kennedy were shown. They were shown, as the photographs of Ethel Kennedy pleading with photographers not to take photographs were shown. They were shown as the photograph of the little Vietnamese girl running naked after a napalm attack was shown. They were shown as the photograph of Father Mychal Judge, graphically and unmistakably dead, was shown, and accepted as a kind of testament. They were shown as everything is shown, for, like the lens of a camera, history is a force that does not discriminate. What distinguishes the pictures of the jumpers from the pictures that have come before is that we -- we Americans -- are being asked to discriminate on their behalf. What distinguishes them, historically, is that we, as patriotic Americans, have agreed not to look at them. Dozens, scores, maybe hundreds of people died by leaping from a burning building, and we have somehow taken it upon ourselves to deem their deaths unworthy of witness -- because we have somehow deemed the act of witness, in this one regard, unworthy of us."

The Falling Man

Keep on keeping on, Stilton. Sometimes reality is a bitch, deal with it!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

alan- thank you for the great post. If I was using "the Falling Man" casually, or out of self-interest, or without the deepest personal respect, I'd deserve to have my ass handed to me. But that isn't the case.

As I mentioned in the commentary, the original cartoon was much stronger...and far more horrendous. Not because I wanted to shock or exploit, but because the reason that the president can even conceivably attempt to slide by with the "local matter/no comment" position is that the nightmare of 9/11 has been sanitized to such a degree by the mainstream media.

Thousands of real people died agonizing, ugly deaths that day. They deserve and demand our advocacy, our anger, and our promise to "never forget." And that means that we must see these images again whenever the media and "ruling class" would prefer that our memories fade.

And again, I'm not asking the president to agree with my personal position...I'm saying that he doesn't deserve to be president, or call himself a leader, if he's not willing to take any position on an issue of such significance.

Suzy said...

Is it appropriate for the Germans to build a crematory in Jerusalem?

(Wait...Israel wouldn't even let THAT idea get as far as asking the question...)

As far as the Prez...its funny that he is suing Arizona for their "local issues" but is turning his back on NYC's "local issue" (even if it does affect a good portion of the Northeast, emotionally)....

Unknown said...

hussein did not give a damn about the Americans killed by Lockerbie boober so I am not surprised about this. He hates Americans, plain and simple. hussein has no balls as Ms Paline said. We know he is in favor of it but he does not have the balls to stand up and say it.

Colby Muenster said...

What powerful comments above! I almost hate to add my two bits, but need to say it.

The liberal wiener-heads who brought you such great things as banning kids from praying to Jesus in school, are now defending this $100 million slap in the face. "Co-exist" my red rosy ass!

Red said...


Buzz Bannister said...

Stilton, you are becoming masterful in your message my friend.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Buzz- thanks...but frankly, this isn't a message that's particularly complicated or hard to figure out. I'm pleased by the passion that everyone here has shown today...which only underscores my basic point that anyone human must at least have an opinion. So where is Obama's?

Quite Rightly said...

Stilton - Finally, viewing your message, tears came.

Stopped in to say that I am with priorguy. I expect to see Hussein praying in this mosque. America is going to need one massive coast-to-coast air-sick bag for that speech about "tolerance."

I don't have the courage and the stomach to allow myself to imagine what Bloomberg's decision (and don't tell me a directive didn't come down from Hussein) is doing to the NYPD, so many of whom were lost on 9/11 and who will be called on to protect the Ground Zero mosque and its occupants.

Front Woodsman said...

Amazes me that none of our dumbass politicos have evidently ever spent one minute of time learning anything about Islam. Even the most cursory research would show them that the building of mosques has always and forever been an Islamic tradition celebratng their victories over their enemies, with the wonderful musical call to prayers daily serving as a song of celebration of their defeat of whatever enemy's churches used to be on the sites the mosques now occupy. This huge project is going to be just the latest monument to Islam's defeat of another religion/culture/nation and they will be able to laugh at us from the top of the minarets every day into eternity, or at least until they, with the blind, pure PC stupidity of the politicos assisting them, manage to turn the USA into yet another Islamic state. About as appealing as a USA nuclear technology studies center built at Hiroshima, or a National Socialist History Club building built at Treblinka. This Imam has in interviews refused to agree that Hamaas is a terrorist group, and has stated his opinion that the USA was complicent in the 911 attack, and also that Osama is an "American Creation" whose attacks on us are in response to our "massacre of the innocent" in unspecified locations and unspecified past times. How anyone can fail to see that this whole thing is just intolerable is a mystery to me. As to the Worthless One, a local matter? What are you, effing crazy? Largest loss of American lives on American soil by a terrorist attack, EVER, and it's LOCAL? You think of yourself as THAT much of a literal God that such petty human trifles are beneath your attention, you moron? The mind reels, the heart breaks, words fail me. This is how far we've fallen? Feels like "Feed the Chistians to the lions week" all over again, with our Anointed One opening the cage doors to release the beasts.