Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Summer of Our Discontent

Despite Vice-President Joe Biden's tireless speechifying to promote our country's glorious economic "Recovery Summer," new numbers indicate that the economy is actually going from bad to worse.

In fact, there's almost no indication that the huge stimulus package the Democrats pushed through had
any positive impact at all, in part because job creation through taxation is an economic impossibility, as well as the fact that the taxpayer-funded stimulus programs were riddled with typical government fraud and ineptitude.

At this point, economic experts seem to be putting most of their efforts into
semantics, trying to decide whether this is a "slow recovery," an "inverse recovery," a period of "negative growth," a "double dip recession," a "depression,"or simply an extended period of Hope and Change.


Philip said...

Biden Ready For More Spending: “This is a Chance to do Something big, man !”

drjim said...

Yeah, like finishing up the bankrupting of the United States!

John the Econ said...

Since so much of the Obama agenda has been about making us more like the "enlightened" progressive states of Europe, I'd say their economic agenda has been a success. In Europe, unemployment rates around 10% and economic growth of around 2% has been considered the norm for the better part of the last half century. (In the US, we've historically tended to fire Presidents when unemployment is over 5% and growth is less than 3.5%)

This IS the new normal. Congratulations Congress and the Obama Administration. You've done it! Job well done.

Suzy said...

If this President were Republican he'd have been impeached at least five times already.

Larry Sheldon said...

Today's gathering at the Lincoln Memorial is the only GOOD news out of Washington.

moronpolitics said...

None of you understand economics. Read Marx. The purpose of industry is to create jobs. Historically business in the US has fed the capitalist pigs, not the worker. Go to any power station. An old fashioned nat gas station can be run on a normal day by 5 or 6 men. Even including maintenance etc they never need more than 20-30 for all the shifts.
This is insane. A GREEN economy will create thousands of new jobs. However, that is just a start. We need to switch to a system that uses people riding stationary bikes to create power. Even if we cut our usage of electricity by 90 percent this will create more than 75 BILLION new jobs just to power the United States at the new 10 percent usage rates. Instead of just saying NO Republicans need to help improve these ideas. A single suggestion by the Teamsters may improve the numbers I just gave you although studies have not been completed. Under that, known as "The Outfit Proposal?" all union members will agree to not actually pedal their bikes. Studies are needed because it is unlikely they were ever planning to pedal, agreement be damned.

drjim said...

I think you forgot your 'sarcasm' tags.