Saturday, September 11, 2010

Nine Years Ago

Somehow, impossibly, it seems to happen multiple times every day: a casual glance at the clock shows the time to be 9:11...and the pain is instantly there. A searing stab into an eternally raw wound.

364 days of the year, Hope n' Change has a lot to say about the events of 9/11 and how they've reshaped our country, our politics and our lives.

But not today. Today is about remembering, mourning, and honoring the fallen by reflecting on our memories of that terrible day. And nothing we could say would be as profound or appropriate as a dignified and respectful silence.


Scott McCray said...

Never, ever forget.

Thank you.

Unknown said...

Never forget - Never again.

No Dhimmi Status Here!

Good Neighbors - Yes! Yes, yes, yes!!!

Good Neighbor Treatment for Murderous Robber Gangs - No!

Eph. 6:10-18 - And having done all, Stand [and stand praying].

- Rose

Shang said...

May the Perpetual Light shine upon them, Lord. May their souls and all the souls of the faithfully departed, rest in peace. Amen

Anonymous said...

I was in an office just 3 miles north of the Pentagon on that day. What I witnessed is etched in my mind and psyche forever.

Suzy said...


Emmentaler Limburger said...

To all who have lost their lives that day, and as a result of that day:

Eternal rest grant unto them, oh Lord, and may Your perpetual light shine upon them.

Anonymous said...

Many ordinary people became heroes that day. God bless them and our country.

Anonymous said...

And thank you. Always.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Readers- I was asked if someone really said we should "flush the trauma" of 9/11, or if those were my own words.

It's a quote from Maureen Dowd at the New York Times, on August 22nd. Here's what she said:

"The dispute over the Islamic center has tripped some deep national lunacy. The unbottled anger and suspicion concerning ground zero show that many Americans haven’t flushed the trauma of 9/11 out of their systems."

Nine years ago, I wouldn't have believed it would be necessary to remind people to "Never Forget." But in my wildest nightmares, I couldn't have envisioned that there would be a broad political class which takes pride in forgetting, and sees it as a measure of their presumed intellectual and moral superiority.

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

Maureen Dowd is one of many reasons the New York Slimes has been morally bankrupt for years. Financial bankruptcy is finally catching up and it couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch. My life will not be negatively impacted if that fish-wrap goes under. Will yours?

Mike Wilson said...

Yeah. Never will. Thanks for this.

Bobo said...

Along with my sorrows for the civilians killed, my heart goes out to my fraternal family of police officers and firefighters who perished. May God keep them and their families in his hands.

Never Let Them Walk Alone.

Melissa "Darla" In Texas said...

I will never, ever forget and nor should our country.
Thank you, Stilton.

Cookie said...

Forget? Are they kidding? We should always remember the lives that have been given and all that has shaped this country from Valley Forge to Pearl Harbor to 9/11. We must always remember and pray that God will continue to watch over this great nation--those of us who actually do pray!
Thanks for this solemn post, Stilton.

Jenny said...

Right you are, SJ. Painful even today. Hard to believe, too. Never forget!