Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ding Dong Merrily On NPR

Just when it seems that political correctness can't possibly get any more annoying, NPR's Nina Totenburg has managed to lower the bar.

While appearing on PBS's Inside Washington, Ms. Totenburg said "I was at – you should forgive the expression – a Christmas party at the Department of Justice."

This wasn't an idle slip. Viewing the video, you can see her deliver the apology with an added little shrug of guilty shame, as if saying "I was at - you should forgive the expression - an orgy for pedophiles," or perhaps "I was at - you should forgive the expression - a baby seal clubbing party."

Because obviously even the word "Christmas" is that offensive to her...and she expects it to be equally offensive to her listeners.

We rather doubt that Ms. Totenburg feels the need to apologize when discussing Ramadan or Kwanzaa. And we also doubt that Ms. Totenburg is apologetic for accepting the check she received for appearing on Inside Washington...even though she was surrounded by, you should forgive the expression, Christmas decorations.


Anonymous said...

Pretty hard to imagine being bound to a doctrine so excessively warped that you feel guilty for saying the word “Christmas.”

Why so constipated, Nina? You went to a Christmas party, so Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and get your stupid benighted head out of the liberal sand.


Nina Totenberg, you are, forgive the expression, a liberal douchebag.

Ricko from Texas said...

Why are we shocked at anything that the Progressive, socialist, left does? We the People have given them Carte Blanche for decades, allowed them to assume the role of "ruling elite" and just trucked on down the road without a care as they Cloward and Piven us into 3rd World status. we have allowed them to bastardize the "their" inturpretation of the Constitution and basicly, get away with murder in both Houses of Government in D.C.

Everybody who ever "thought" they had a cause, felt discriminated against, purports being offended or who might be offended is given entitlement and apologized to as if it were OUR fault they can't make it.

America, this is we reap after the crop WE sowed by allowing the socialists to nibble away at OUR country. As they said, "Give a mouse a cookie and he'll want a glass of milk". Their goal is the utter and complete destruction of all American values. Their goal is install THEIR will upon us and strip us of our identity as is happening now. They are coming out of the wood work like so many roaches and rodents...and WE allowed it happen. So don't express shock, don't express wonderment at their boldness. For they are just doing what comes natural to them because we haven't stopped their BS in the past.


Jeff H said...

I believe, if you'll forgive the expression, "Jesus" forgives Ms. Totin-a-burger for her "lack of faith". He may or may not "find it disturbing".

I also believe Matthew 10:32-33:

"Whoever acknowledges me before others, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven. But whoever disowns me before others, I will disown before my Father in heaven."

John the Econ said...

I know exactly how she feels. The other day, I embarrassed to say so someone "I was listening to – you should forgive the expression – NPR..."

My Dog Brewski said...

Nina is a genital wart, the existence of which, while it may be a fact, should not usually be discussed in polite company. On this occasion, however, ridicule is acceptable.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if there was a different explanation for her words, perhaps embarrassment that she was at a "party" while federal worker bees were fretting over how THEY were going to keep the government running. Nah. If that was the case she'd have said "holiday party" because that's just knee jerk liberal political correctness. She seems to have deliberately selected the word "Christmas." And I hear a bit of snarky derision in her voice. She deserves coal in her stocking.

Anonymous said...

Well at least she realizes its embarassing to do be a primitive, hate-mongering, fear-driven religion.

Suzy said...

I find it amazing that the government hates Christmas so badly but they won't actually cancel the holiday because it brings in too much revenue for the stores. Since it brings in so much revenue for the stores, it can't possibly be an unpopular holiday.

We should band together and determine NOT to get the government and the media change our country...we are still the majority unless we LET them change us.

Dixie Quilter said...

1837: First state to declare Christmas a holiday--Louisiana

1875: Christmas declared a National holiday by Congress

1885: Christmas is declared a Federal Employee holiday

1894: Christmas is now a Federal Legal Holiday

It took about 100 years for Congress to decide that the holiday everyone celebrates on Dec. 25th should be a National Holiday. I wonder what holidays will be considered "National" Holidays in another 100 years.

Anonymous said...

Considering Christmas is as much a secular holiday as a religious one celebrated by people of other faiths and people of no faith, what's the big deal? Call it what it was. Even NPR listeners as a group can't be so PC as to take offense at someone attending a Christmas Party and then calling it that.

The PC movement is so full of self hatred. One will dismiss their own culture, religion and traditions and then turn around and celebrate those of the most vile, evil and backwards people on earth. Marriage is an outdated ideal, promiscuity and homosexuality are touted as equal alternative. America is an evil, selfish, consumptive society, while the brutal totalitarian regimes around the world are misunderstood and deserving of our tolerance. Liberalism is indeed a mental disease.

moronpolitics said...

These people live in a bizarre world of their own. If you dropped them into a family gathering in some town 100 miles from....Indianapolis, say...Rockville IN... they would be as lost as were they at a Klingon wedding feast. Remember, the new/old governor of California was married to Linda Ronstadt. After getting fired for making certain remarks on stage she informed the press she could never perform if she thought there might be "A" (pronounced "UH" rhymes with "DUH") A Christian in the audience. Good luck, Puta.
NOW, as to the absurd lie Ms. Totenburg. The budgets of the various departments don't depend on the amount of revenue generated by taxes. How COULD they??? Eh? No matter WHAT the rate are the congress decides on they have no really good idea what the resultant revenues will be. They just have a budget line to spend to and they spend that. Does the idiot REALLY not understand that? You just want to scream and tear out your hair when they babble like this. Just think about what she is saying for a minute. She hasn't.

moronpolitics said...

I apologize. Unfortunately I cannot edit my comment. She meant because the OMNIBUS bill hasn't passed they don't know. Well, guess what? Businessmen and women NEVER know what will sell etc so AT LEAST we could give them tax laws that stay stable for a decade at a time rather than switching around for political effect.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

moronpolitics- This is a point that was driving me nuts too. Budgets can't be set by how much money you think you can squeeze out of people; they need to be set by what you need to do, what it will cost and (oh yeah!) what you can freakin' afford.

Clearly the mindset here is "to hell with establishing a budget, we'll just spend every cent we can steal." Astonishing.

The Dark Knight said...

Anonymous said...

Well at least she realizes its embarassing to do be a primitive, hate-mongering, fear-driven religion.

That's rich... she wasn't talking about Islam, was she?

Anonymous said...

This lady makes me sick. Another great government official.

Stilton, while were on the subject of CHRISTMAS, why don't we talk about what a great and generous man our Vice President is.

Mr. 455

boots said...

Happy Ramahanakwanzxmas y'all!

Jim Hlavac said...

You all may be happy, or unhappy (though I hope not,) to know, that while Totenberg, NPR and the rest of the Left is Christmasphobic in 35 years of going to gay bars every one I ever went to during the Christmas Season (more than 200 by now) has had a Christmas Tree, and Christmas Decorations, and a Christmas Party and a Christmas Day Buffet (for the guys not allowed home for family values) and even a Christmas Pageant (even if they would give Carl Paladino a heart attack. Sugar plum fairies and donning gay apparel indeed.) Often there's a toy drive or food drive for the less fortunate, too. And the word Christmas is used, if I might pun, liberally. Why, even the bouncers in Santa hats wish folks a Merry Christmas. I've been to four Christmas parties already this year at such "threats" to Christian values as the local gay bars. Just thought you'd all like to know about this bit of the "gay lifestyle," which never makes the Mainstream Media or the FRC's campaigns.

Which is quite a bit different than the real threat from that Old Grinch Totenberg and her merry gang of miscreants' "Socialist Lifestyle."

Have a Merry Christmas everyone. Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Jim Hlavac- You paint a jolly picture, and there's no question that I'd rather attend one of the parties you describe than anything happening at, you should pardon the expression, NPR.

Anonymous said...

Ricko- Well put!

Jeff H - Good One.

Naked Liberty: Marriage is only an outdated ideal if it is between a man & a woman; it is now sought after, desired & considered ideal (by some) if it is a same sex couple.

Re: Nina Totenburg: What was she doing there in the 1st place? What a hypocrite! She critizes other for celebrating Christmas, yet, there she is....partying it up!

Many 'progressives' are hypocritical:

They believe in "choice" yet critize Sarah Palin for 'choosing' to have Trig. They believe in higher taxes yet won't pay any extra. They do not believe in Christmas, yet they attend Christmas parties? I bet they they even give each other presents!

Merry Christmas to All