Saturday, February 12, 2011

Always Leave 'Em Laughing

As thousands of angry journalists shook their shoes in the crowded streets of Washington DC, embattled Whitehouse Spokesman Robert Gibbs finally stepped down yesterday.

Questions immediately arose about who would fill the vaccuum left behind, with many speculating that the radical "Chicago Brotherhood" might use this opportunity to further solidify their power, and impose their barbaric form of "law" on the country at large.

Gibbs, who left the position in order to work full-time on Barack Obama's re-election campaign, is being replaced by Jay Carney, a reporter for TIME Magazine. The same TIME Magazine that thought the biggest and most important news story of the past year was "Facebook."

It is too soon to know whether the power shift from Gibbs to Carney will, in the end, be good for the embattled forces of democracy. But we can say definitively that this is, indeed, an historic incidence of transitional change...and that we're not taking any other questions at this time.


Earl said...

Gibbs fibs.

World of Zero said...

Ahh, nice.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Must admit, I'm kinda gonna miss 'Baghdad Bob' Gibbs... He was entertaining, if nothing else (and yeah, pretty much nothing else..)

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

Doesn't matter. I can't tell one slime trail from another anymore. They all lead to and from Obama. He's the slime king we need to focus on, no matter what his fluffers and minions do.

pryorguy said...

These things too shall pass...kinda like kidney stones!

Fenway_Nation said...

Is Gibbs going to reprise his role as the PC in the "I'm a Mac and I'm a PC" ads from Apple?