Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Great Clarificator

Here at Hope n' Change, we've got to admit that we were initially skeptical that Barack Obama would be able to offer a cogent explanation of why he unilaterally initiated extremely "kinetic military action" in Libya without seeking Congressional approval. And then went sightseeing in Brazil.

But after hearing his speech to the American people on Monday night (assuming you consider 4:30 pm "night" on the West Coast), everything has been made perfectly clear. Except...well...for just one or two points.

For instance, Obama described the great humanitarian purpose of sending cruise missiles into Libya, but neglected to mention that it was in support of rebels who were attempting to overthrow the government. Or that some of those rebels are affiliated with Al Qaeda. Come to think of it, he never mentioned the Libyan rebels at all.

The president emphasized that he authorized military force to protect America's "interests and values"...although his Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, says that our country has no "vital interest" there, and Barack Obama has previously only mentioned American "values" when condemning them overseas.

And now that we review his speech, the president didn't exactly make clear why we want to intervene in Libya but not any of the other hotspots in the world... although the distinction may have been made a bit clearer when an official in his administration announced that Libyan rebels (remember them?) could now start selling oil.

But despite his "go it alone," "cowboy diplomacy," "do it for oil," attitude, Mr. Obama took time to distance himself from President George Bush...making a sneering reference to the many years that "regime change" has taken in Iraq, versus Obama's "days not weeks" miracle in Libya.

Although he didn't quite explain exactly when our military involvement there will end. Or what our ultimate goal is. Or why he prefers to consult with the U.N. on military matters rather than America's elected officials.

But other than that, Mrs. was a great speech.



Louis la Vache said...

Despite PresiDEBT Zero's pledge that "no American boots would be on Libyan soil", Marines from Camp Lejeune are being deployed to a ship offshore of the Libyan coast. OK, so they are going to play on-board tiddlywinks, no doubt.

Since PresiDEBT Zero felt that his March Madness picks were more important than doing anything constructive about helping Japan before flying off to fiddle in Rio, Michael Ramirez and Zombie give us their takes on Zero's March Madness picks.

Suzy said...

Hmm so basically you are saying that you know nothing more after you tortured yourself watching his speech than before? So basically you'd have learned more if you HAD just watched the Three Stooges instead?

Yeah, figured.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Suzy- I'm like those dedicated newsmen who have to actually stand outside in hurricane winds in order to report that it's raining...even though everyone already knew.

Jim Hlavac said...

If a president speaks, and no one listens, does he make a sound? Meanwhile, I think the gay kiss on "Glee" had more viewers (that show is on Fox after all,) than Obama's pontifications. And when gay people are more popular than the president, well, then, that's News!

Though the reason, I think, he didn't mention the rebels is that they don't have any golf courses; and they don't think he deserves that Nobel.

Chuck said...

But, on the plus side, it only took him 26 minutes and 33 seconds to read "his speech" from THREE Teleprompters, one of which was right by the camera so it actually looked like he was looking as us from time to time!

Depressingly, they pre-empted the rerun of Andy Griffith I was planning to watch … for this? I'd have been less nauseous after eating Aunt Bee's pickles, I think. Not everything he said was a lie, but what wasn’t a lie wasn’t anything al all.

Welcome to the New World Order where the U.S. dances to whatever tune the U.N. is playing, and the American people (and their elected representatives) have no say.

Howie Honky said...

The Kenyan bastard's mastery of bollixed-up euphemism is always good for a smirk or two; what with his 'man made disasters' and such, I expect he will refer to Lincoln's assassination as a 'ballistically rendered cancellation of official's remainder of term"
( yeah, I posted the comment in the wrong place, but my posts generally go away after a while anyway, so it all balances out ;o) )

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Chuck- "What wasn't a lie wasn't anything at all." That, sir, is the most eloquent summation of this presidency that I've seen to date.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Yeah. I got nothin'
But at least I'll admit it..

Colby_Muenster said...

Louis, maybe BO bought all those Camp Lejune Marines new Air Jordans, so technically, there would be no "boots" on the ground.

I'll bet Al Qaeda leaders are laughing their asses off right now. Not only are we giving them guns and their very own country, we going to start buying oil from them!!

Pete(Detroit) said...

Nothing new here, Colby - remember when we were arming the Afghans? And who do you think buys most of their Heroine?

Doktor Paulie said...

If I could fake absolute sincerity, competency, and confidence as well as the first hip prez did t'other night in that speech, I could do domething useful like sell encyclopedias door-to-door. Well, we all have our talents. Those are his and mine are uh, uh, uh...

Suzy said...

I kinda liked Jim's "If he speaks and nobody listens, does he really make a sound?"