Saturday, April 9, 2011

HnC Vault: Ear of the Beholder

Originally published January 14, 2011

At Wednesday's Memorialpalooza rally in Tucson, Barack Obama asked our nation to start speaking "in a way that heals, not a way that wounds." Which is excellent advice, even if many people couldn't hear the president over the chanting crowds, t-shirt vendors, and trumpeting vuvuzelas.

But Hope n' Change got the message loud and clear, and we're putting Mr. Obama's advice into practice immediately.

We won't accuse talk show hosts of murder, nor will we accuse politicians of anti-Semitism when they deny false allegations. We will not suggest that heartless doctors saw the feet off diabetics to make money, nor will we threaten bankers with pitchforks. We won't say that police historically act stupidly.

We won't falsely accuse any news network of saying "wouldn't it be fun to kill people we disagree with?" We will not equate military veterans with terrorists. We will not treat the word "Caucasian" as a synonym for "racist." And we will not disparage America or American values overseas.

Thank you, Mr. Obama. You've opened our eyes.

In fact, it happened right after you left our room.


We also promise not to do this.
Update 4/9/2011

For these weekend updates, I usually like to go back a couple of years to show how little has changed... but in this case, I'm pulling out a cartoon that is only a few months old to show how quickly and thoroughly the Democrats can go back on their word.

At this writing, a government shutdown has narrowly been averted with an eleventh hour budget agreement. But the ugly and hate-filled rhetoric from the Left over the past few days has destroyed any pretensions of bipartisanship. Far from using "words that heal," as Obama requested while invoking the death of a murdered child, the Democrats have been attacking cost-cutting Republicans in the most personal and vicious ways imaginable.

Nancy Pelosi declared that Republicans wanted 6 million housebound seniors to go without meals. Harry Reid fumed that Republicans wanted to shut down the government "to keep women from getting cancer screenings." And then Democrat Eleanor Holmes lowered the bar even
farther, stating that the Republican effort to reign in spending "is the functional equivalent of bombing innocent civilians."

Clearly, when the Democrats have to make a choice between
healing and spending, they're going to go with spending every time.

Even if the money has been gone for a long, long time.

Even if, by creating and nurturing a real "climate of hate," they encourage blood to be spilled.



pryorguy said...

Exactly! Well, congress managed to squeeze out a deal late last night, keeping the guv going a few more days until they have to do it all over again! Obama and his bunch are such a bunch of clowns, only, they are not funny at all! They are destroying America's image because the world is watching and this country is seen as weak and powerless in many eyes. I have never seen so many politicians packed together and shouting the same old lies over and over. Like we commented a couple of days ago, so many of the folks out here will believe what they hear on the Mainstream Media, but I do believe right will prevail when all is said and done! Keep the faith!
And...that shot of Bill Maher is priceless and portrays the true feelings of many libs nowdays!

Jim Hlavac said...

Ay, Incivility, I know thee well. So let's be fair about all this incivility in this nation.

Why, just the other day the Supreme Court ruled 8-1 that it was perfectly fine to say "God Hates Fags" and essentially call for my elimination by any means, as Westboro wants to do. And presumably they could do it right at my front door, though on the public street of course. Or could they come a-knockin'? That hasn't been decided.

And that's because the FRC, AFTAH, Exodus, NOM, NARTH, and a raft of others have all called rather openly for my elimination by one means or another -- up to and including, as Bryan Fischer of the American Family Values has said: Incarceration and forced "reparative" therapy, to make me, I guess, to pursue happiness according to Mr. Fischer's dictates. And Peter Sprig of the FRC has once or twice been quite blunt that he'd just as soon round us all up and "Export" us.

I'd say there's a bit of incivility among this crowd that is quite astounding. Though, of course, I'm biased I suppose. But, we're told, incivility is now a well confirmed constitutional right.

Sadly, many a Republican biggie has gone trooping on over to Mr. Fischer to find out all about whatever plan he seems to think he has.

Which is why I do, sometimes, rarely, fear the knock.

I don't care if you don't like us, but in all this don't tread on us stuff, just don't tread on us either. Thanks.

John the Econ said...

A couple of months? The left could barely last we week before breaching the "era of civility". Of course, this wasn't their fault. When progressives preaches "civility", it's mainly intended only to apply to those outside the proper mindset; theirs. The only reason that the right needs to be restrained is because we are both intellectually and biologically inferior:

pryorguy said...

You know, John, we really need a book of 'new definitions' so we can understand what the heck they are saying! Newspeak? hm, now where have I seen that before?

Suzy said...

And yet, they continue to fool at least 47% of the country. To me, that's the saddest part of the whole thing.

pryorguy said...

It is unlikely that people of our culture will wake up and pay attention, or even care! Our relative prosperity in the world keeps many from thinking outside the status quo box, so life goes on,(as long as the govt checks show up).

Pete(Detroit) said...

John, the thing I find most tragic is 'biologically and intellectually inferior' minorities of ANY persuasion are held down, or virtually enslaved, by "compassionate" liberal entitlement programs. Not only do said groups not see this as a problem, if you try to point it out to them and attempt to free them of the servitude, they scream and moan like you're threatening to eat their momma. Sad.

Agreed, Jim - I've never understood the whole 'anti-gay' thing... the more guys there are out there looking at other guys, the more women for the rest of us... I understand negative reactions to the extreme / bizarre behavior exhibited at parades / festivals, but that's not a function of orientation, so much as just plain old kink. I don't care if a person is gay or straight, scrotal inflation (for instance) is just bizarre, and I do NOT want to see it!
(Google if you feel you MUST guys, but you will want brain bleach if you find a picture.. )

Harvey said...

You missed Louise Slaughter saying Republicans want to "kill women".

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@pryorguy- Rather than just "a few more days," the budget agreement actually keeps the government doors open for the rest of the federal fiscal year. In essence, what was passed was the budget the democrats never bothered to write last year. Minus about $38 billion in cuts now that the Republicans are getting serious.

@Jim Hlavac- Unfortunately, incivility is a right...but actually using such language is a choice. Good people won't go there, Bad people won't go anywhere else. And so the Democrats and the Gay-haters take the low road. Again and again and again.

@John the Econ- Believe me, I already knew that the Dems broke the "healing words" barrier almost immediately after they'd scrolled off of Barry's teleprompter. The Wisconsin democrat who told his Republican counterpart "You're fucking dead!" for her vote is a good case in point. Was he disciplined in any way? Did Obama call him to say to ratchet it down? Are those crickets I hear in the distance?

@Suzy- To paraphrase Mr. Lincoln: "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time...but you can fool fools every time."

@Pete(Detroit)- George Bush referred to "The soft bigotry of low expectations," which I think sums up much of the problem. Of course, I'm less tactful than Mr. Bush, so I'll say that Liberals enjoy the role of "Good Massa" so much that they'll do anything to keep their plantation nation intact.

@Harvey- Sadly, there aren't enough hours in the day for me to catalog every abusive comment from the Left.

JustaJeepGuy said...

@Jim H,
If they knock on your door, you are under no obligation to answer. If they break open your door, it will be perfectly acceptable to most of the world for you to sweep them out with a shotgun. The Lefties will be beside themselves trying to find a way to condemn you for using a firearm to save yourself.

Anonymous said...

Jim, The supreme court did not call for your elimination. It's a free speech issue. We do not always like when it is used: Westboro, flag burning, Koran buring, gay bashing, Bush bashing, etc. But, all Americans gay, straight, holy rollers, black, white, whatever ALL have it. And for me, as unforgivable & distasteful as some ( a lot) of it is......I'd rather us have it than not.