Saturday, May 28, 2011

HnC Vault: Barack Hussein Embalmer

Originally published February 6, 2010

Just when we thought this president couldn't
possibly be more self-worshipping, he's made a speech in which he bragged about one of his campaign supporters being buried "wearing an Obama t-shirt."

Knowing a marketing niche when we see one,
we proudly present the stylish new Hope n' Change burial t-shirt for liberals who wouldn't be caught dead wearing anything else!

Obviously, "The
One" size fits all...

Update 5/28/2011

Today's cartoon has been summoned from the past because it made us think of the recent push by president Obama to raise campaign funds by selling t-shirts which display his birth certificate.

It's too bad that the woman with a death certificate passed away before she could get one. After all, the new t-shirt design would have been much more appropriate for in-casket wear considering how long that birth certificate had been buried.


Dave said...

I know that all politicians have to have a very inflated opinion of themselves, otherwise they couldn't decide that they were so perfect for the job of ruling an entire country, but Mr Messiah has raised himself to new heights of self-worship. According to himself Jesus had nothing on him. I think the first thing Mr Jacka**-in-Chief needs to learn is he is not the be all and end all of the world, He is not Allah's gift to mankind!

Pete(Detroit) said...

And, perhaps the 2nd is how to balance a checkbook. Then there's an old saying about splinters and beams - lecturing Israel about their borders, while refusing to do anything about ours (well, other than sending guns and ammo to the drug cartels) is just pathetic. Unless, as previously noted, he wants US to return to "pre '67 borders" as well - 1867, that is.
Ship-Dit that he is...

Doktor Paulie said...

Sitting here doing my usual early-morning Bible reading (Zechariah 2, into NT later this weekend) and holding my rifle (mulling why the thing fails to extract properly).

Back in '09 wife and I visited Springfield, I'LL, and I bought a t-shirt with a terrific portrait of Lincoln on it, in reaction to all the people in the airport that I saw were BO shirts. I wanted to wear my shirt to show those dupes what a REAL president looked like. Going home, wearing Lincoln, I'd look at the BO shirts and smile a smug little smile and, while nobody said anything, I'm sure from the body language that many people got the message that day.

Over the next year, the BO-shirted went from wearing their shirts proudly to wearing them deiantly. That's the attitude those still wearing them, the few, the clueless, the dupes, that's the attitude they still have, and I still rub their noses in Lincoln, every chance I get.

Doktor Paulie said...

Woops! Need more coffee! That's Springield IL, and people we're wearing, not wereing BO SHIRTS.

Jim Hlavac said...

Not only was the lady buried with BO's t-shirt on, she's voting for him in 2012 too!

Stuart Brogden said...

The man referred to as President Obama spoke this trash in Feb 2010. Why am I just now hearing about it? Could it be, the only news about this usurper that's allowed out must be "good news"? (That, of course, is good news from Obama's perspective - not the mere mortal.)

Bobo said...

I'd like to have the Hope N' Change watch-face design on a T-shirt with lettering reading - KISS THIS! I wonder where I could get the artwork...??

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Dave- How can you think Mr. Obama has an inflated opinion of himself? He claims to have humility in both of his autobiographies!

@Pete(Detroit)- Obama lecturing about borders is one of those things that make my head explode.

@Doktor Paulie- The ever-fashionable Mrs. Jarlsberg sometimes sports a t-shirt carrying the images of Washington, Franklin, and Jefferson along with the slogan "Right Wing Extremists Founded Our Country." The sentiment is nicely unambiguous.

@Jim Hlavac- Great punchline! Where's a rimshot drummer when you really need him?

@Manfred- Yes, "news" about Mr. Obama is carefully filtered before going mainstream. That's why he enjoys as much support as he does; not because the voters are necessarily evil, greedy, or stupid (though there are plenty of those), but because they are misinformed by the media.

Bobo- To look good on a t-shirt, the artwork would need to be upscaled and in high resolution. Maybe I'll work on that...

Suzy said...

Ooooh love Mrs. J's t-shirt slogan!!!!! Want that as a bumper sticker.... 'cept I don't want my car keyed.

The only place "BO" is appropriate on a shirt is under the arms. I suppose it would look okay on the back of a pair of shorts or something too....

Pete(Detroit) said...

Suzy - Heh, like the ones w/ some corporate logo... The Prez on the left side, puckered, and on the right "Why THANK you!"

Doktor - My experience, it's a fouled / broken extractor clip (if it's sudden onset), a worn extractor rail (the thing that provides the the 'flip' push) if it's gradually gotten worse, or the slide is not retracting fast enough.
Just my $.02

Stilt, I assume this is the shirt? (tho I certainly hope that's NOT your wife! Not that he's a bad looking dude, or anything...)

Can't find where to buy one, but similar bumper stickers seem to be avail -

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Pete(Detroit)- Yes, that's the shirt. And no, that's emphatically not Mrs. Jarlsberg.

Doktor Paulie said...

Thank you, Pete. The bolt stays engaged to the cartridge, but the latter is stuck HARD in the chamber. I THOUGHT I cleaned the chamber thoroughly, but maybe I had a Biden moment and got some oil up there. It's got to be that, or some kind of burr. Think I'll clean it with brake cleaner, after the bore solvent, and shine the brass like the 4th of July, then see. If it still sticks, I'll examine the casings for witness marks, and maybe polish the chamber. OR take it to a gunsmith.

Sorry to bore the rest of you. :-D

@SJ If you produce some really rude t-shirts, I'll buy some for myself, wife, and relatives. I expect if we get the artwork, though, we can go to Wal Mart or Walgreens or someplace similar and get it printed on appropriate articles. Still compensate the artist, though. Really!

Wife (She Who Must Be Obeyed!) and I only took a two hour bicycle ride today, but the message to Obama care is still the same: "Sit on it and spin!"

george / Alvin,Tx said...

doktor p : a buddy of mine had similar problems. had me look at it. bolt action rifle ... bolt was open but would not pull back to eject cartridge. wrapped soft rag around bolt handle & gave a sharp smack with a hammer (big enough but not too big) .... bolt opened & ejected spent shell. seems someone had tried to close bolt on a spent, dinged up case. anyway, lotsa luck!

Jim Hlavac said...

Um, Stilt, you ask me ... "Where's a rimshot drummer when you really need him?"

Are you sure you want to ask ME that question?

Giggle. Sorry. Too funny, the unintended comedic consequences of using certain words with certain people.

Doktor Paulie said...

Thanks George! I get my M1A semi-auto bolt open approximately the same way, but the cartridges are all good and shoot fine, just refuse to come out afterwards. Could be similar problem as you describe, though, just with the chamber instead of the cartridge.

Tinsley's is the place where I got my Lincoln shirt with the portrait entitled "Steel Mind", if anybody's interested in getting one. You have to call them or email them; can't order directly online. Google " tinsley springfield" and it ought to get you to their website.

Good night, friends!

Pete(Detroit) said...

Dok - ayup, shell sticking in the chamber is a WHOLE 'nother can o'worms.
Agreed, check cases for scarring/ burring, or get it to someone who can a) look at the thing b) polish it. In any event, you seem to have the issue well defined - have fun!

Jim - HARF!!! You a FUH-Knee kinda guy!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Doktor Paulie- I'll think about what I can do with artwork for t-shirts and such. I don't really want to go the CafePress route because I think people have to pay too much for the merchandise. Maybe I'll come up with some artwork that I can just make available, as well as look for limited-time deals like I found for the Hope n' Change wristwatches which would let people express themselves without going broke.

@Jim Hlavac- The moment I wrote those words, I knew how it could/would be interpreted, but decided it only added an additional layer to the fun.

@Pete(Detroit)- I doubt there's another conservative blog out there in which gun repair and rimshot innuendo are so freely intermingled.

Reaganite Independent said...

Classic, linked at RR: