Friday, June 3, 2011

Battle of the Bulge

Without a doubt, Barack Obama's favorite thing in the entire world this week has been Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner's weiner.

Because that's seemingly all the news media wants to talk about, despite the fact that every conceivable economic indicator went straight into the toilet this week. Home prices are falling, home sales collapsing, joblessness remains through the roof, the GDP is lifeless, consumer spending is down, and debt ceiling talks are at an impasse.

In fact, the
only rising indicator in Washington DC appears to be in Anthony Weiner's jockey shorts.

Hope n' Change has found Mr. Weiner's "defense" to be spectacularly unconvincing, as he claims that some total stranger somehow hacked into his Twitter account to email a photo which the Congressman, after careful review, concedes may be of "Little Anthony." Moreover, rather than file a criminal complaint against the alleged hacker, Weiner's office is now calling the cops on reporters who ask questions about his Kodak moment.

Inspiringly, Congressman Weiner is now suddenly
obsessed with working on the serious challenges facing America...for the first time in his career, as nearly as we can tell.

For that reason,
Hope n' Change thinks that if we could get our hands on more pictures of Democrats in their fruit of the looms, our nation's legislation might look less like the fruit of the loons.


Angry Hoosier Dad said...

While there is great sport to be made of Weiner's peccadilloes, the treatment of this as a joke distracts from the seriousness of the ewww factor that surrounds it. He had the opportunity to deny outright that he took a picture of his own junk and sent it to a young lady, not his wife, and he punted. Ick! Yes, schadenfreude is in play here because Weiner is a hard-left, progressive POS and deserves any agony he bears, but more than that, do his constituents in New York deserve this ridicule? Weiner's contortions attempting to salvage his career are funny and sad at the same time. Not sad for him, sad for us. Have we lowered our expectations of these people to the point where no behavior is beyond the pale?
Everything is excusable as long as the ideology fits.

Jim Hlavac said...

I don't think we'll have Congressmen Weiner to kick around anymore, I'd say, oh, by next Friday.

But we'll still have a lousy economy. And the poor media will have to go look for some other thing to fill their addled minds.

John the Econ said...

Open letter to all public figures: It is not advisable to take photographs of your privates. It is even less advisable to upload them to an Internet-connected mobile digital device. It is even less advisable to upload them to a social media service, where a single click or character misplacement might cause said photo to be broadcast to the entire planet within seconds.

This goes double if your name already happens to be "wee-nur".

Upon discovery, people who insist on doing so will be immediately recognized as being too stupid even for public service.

But the Democrats have to appreciate that at least this takes some of the heat off of this weeks housing report, the continuing stock market drop, and today's employment report, which is not likely to be as funny as Weiner's wiener.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Angry Hoosier Dad- There is plenty of behavior which is still considered "beyond the pale." Unfortunately, the standards are only applied to those on the Right.

@Jim Hlavac- I dunno. Somehow I think Weiner may make a public apology, ask for some privacy to work things out with his family, and then be back on the job within a day or two. If I remember correctly, the Rev Jesse Jackson similarly announced that he was stepping down from public life after fathering a child and learning that his mistress had been keeping his semen-filled condoms in her freezer. The Rev Jackson's self-imposed "time out" lasted about 3 days.

@John the Econ- I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the idea of being "too stupid even for public service." Just when I think we've hit bottom, the bar gets lowered again (which isn't intended to be a weiner pun). And yes, how about that unemployment report? We don't seem to hear the term "created or saved" used in association with jobs much anymore, do we?

CenTexTim said...

"We don't seem to hear the term "created or saved" used in association with jobs much anymore, do we? "

Only when speaking of jobs in China...

John the Econ said...

Stilton, actually, on the radio this morning I did hear some administration hack spout on about "jobs saved or created", not that anyone bought it.

For nearly everyone outside the beltway who has any interaction with the real economy, the dismal jobs report was not a surprise. Anyone who does react with surprise should be removed from office at the next opportunity.

Like I've said before, 6 years ago the progressives and their media allies aggressively marketed the idea of a sagging economy with the premise that even if you were not personally suffering from it, assuredly someone somewhere else that you didn't know was.

Unfortunately for them, this tactic does not work in reverse. (outside the Beltway, anyway) Today, pretty much everybody knows somebody, or many somebodies that have lost a job and has not been able to find a new one. No amount of blown sunshine from the New York Times or the alphabets can compete with people's unfortunate realities.

As for the bar getting even lower, the only metaphor I can conceive is the President, his economic advisors and Paul Krugman standing there with their Slurpees as stimulus-funded union workers on triple-overtime dig the ditch even deeper to accommodate the new standards for which they keep setting.

Suzy said...

This country is just becoming shallow. Our reality-tv-show-mentality has really taken over the entire country to where our leaders think they have to go on talk shows in order to get people to listen to them. Other leaders are doing the same junk that the people who live in the projects (or the jails) are doing. Everybody is so shallow...nobody thinks about the future, nobody thinks about other people, its every man for himself. The Bible says "A house divided against itself cannot stand" and I don't see how our country can stand much longer, with half of the country still wanting the greater good, and the other half acting like "Lord of the Flies". Sigh.

JustaJeepGuy said...

I'm still stuck on the difference between Demo_rats and Republicans when something like this comes up. A Republican (stupidly) puts up a pic of himself shirtless and he resigns the day after it's discovered. A Demo_rat does something seriously more sleazy and nobody on the left says anything but the convoluted "theories" about how the guy's account(s) were hacked. Tells you a whole lot about the Demo_rats and their MSM co-conspirators, doesn't it?

Chuck said...

I just marvel at how aptly named Weiner is. What a coincidence.

Earl said...

Meanwhile, we now have to hear the details of how our (almost) Vice President Edwards allegedly misused money from private donors to keep his love child and her mother secret from his wife who was in the process of dying from cancer. I always wonder what the kids caught in the middle think of the so called adults in their lives. What sleaze.

Andrew said...

Further note to pols: when you have busted yourself beyond denial and your only prayer is to go dark and wait for your friendly MSM enablers to move on t the next not book a marathon of 'exclusive interviews' in the megalomaniac delusion that you are SO much brighter than all around you that you can always sell whatever new contradictory lie of the moment pops into your genius punkin' head. Weiner is still in 7th grade.

This ongoing reality drama is brought to us like so many other travesties by trailblazer Bill Clinton. Seeing Boehner hand Chris Lee the pistol with one bullet left revived some hopes, but cynically I expect Weiner will pull a Clinton, hunker down, and proceed as if nothing happened. Unless Congressman Can't-Say-With-Certitude knows he's sent some really fatal pics out there--say, with his face, and a goat, or a Page--and the bomb is ticking. (Tell us again how social-media-savvy you are, Anthony)
Sadly, if he resigns, he'll be MSNBC's new Spitzer within the week.

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

Excellent point. In the Army I learned to cuss with the best of them and still do, regularly...but never in front of my daughter and hardly ever in front of my wife. I care about what they think of me. It is not hypocrisy, it's respect. If Edwards respected his family at all he may never have cheated. But then, he's a trial lawyer and "respect" is nothing but a song.

Doktor Paulie said...

Most leftists believe that there are no absolutes except the absolute that there are no absolutes. So they do not believe in an absolute standard of right and wrong. The only real sin for them, then, is hypocrisy. As long as Weiner doesn't act hypocritically, he'll be fine. Unless he panics and either shows weakness or stupidity, two things leftists can't stand, even though they don't think of them as "wrong". If Weiner just sneeringly keeps repeating his cover story, the denizens of the left will admire him for his chutzpah while not believing a word of it, and re-elect him.

That sort of thing is why we are fighting a tremendous civil war of values, not just carrying out a discussion of policy.

Jim Hlavac said...

@Justajeepguy -- the reason is perhaps that the Republicans laud themselves as "family values" - oddly, mostly, sadly, by being anti-gay [thanks Stilt for your comment at my blog, truly appreciated], we who rarely get caught in such "scandals." It's a hetero game. But still; Foley was gone, Frank remained, which lends credence to the party concept. Maybe it's expected of us, to be a little randy, I don't know, therefore it has no impact. And the hypocrisy is too bright for Republicans -- and perhaps, knowing that they've been caught, see the valor of falling on their sword or hoisted by their own petard, and in the last moment attempt a conversion of sorts, and a lobbying job.

While Weiner et al, are not so much for family values -- you can't be pro-abortion and tell me you like families, sounds like you're killing them before they get going -- and thus the hypocrisy is not as obvious, though it is the same, for women's rights. Though the media has a hand it it, it is also a truism that a man who's known to get drunk at office Christmas parties is hardly the shock when the next party he's drunk.

And that's as much sense as I can make of it.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Andrew- "Weiner will pull a Clinton" is my favorite "man bites dog" juxtaposition of the day!

@Readers- I agree with the general theme above that Democrats get away with things Republicans can't because it's not "hypocritical" for Dems to act in ways that are either amoral or immoral.

As far as John Edwards goes, I think he's the lowest kind of scum on Earth. And I'll never forget (nor forgive) that the mainstream media not only hid his misdeeds, but continued to shill for him after the National Enquirer broke the story. It's flat out sad when a supermarket tabloid shows more journalistic integrity than any of the (formerly) more respected news outlets.

John the Econ said...

Right on, Earl. There's a part of me that wishes Edwards had won; not because he'd be any better a President than Obama has been (Just another stooge socialist with pretty hair) but because this whole scandal built upon self-absorbed idolatry would be just too entertaining.

The Democrats really dodged a bullet with that one.

Earl said...

Angry Hoosier Dad- I admire your restraint. I have not been able to control swearing like a sailor when someone does something stoopid in traffic. I take it personally when I'm ferrying precious cargo (i.e. family, especially children). At least my daughter was able to make some money off me. She got $1 per swear word. And yes, as an adult she's been known to blister our ears when under stress, for which I am to blame. But she's a great person.

SC said...

@ Andrew: Pics with a goat, LOL

I don’t like to generalize……so, of course I’m going to: libs are not long in moral fiber, content of character, substance or integrity. So, to the left it’s just not that big of a deal when they eff-up.

Weiner is just a big whiner. Or is it the whiner is a weiner?

I swear like a truck driver mostly in my car & in front of the TV while watching political shows. (My kids have stopped running into the room to see if I’m OK).

Reiuxcat said...

Speaking of Edwards, certainly it was not serendipity that his indictment came out on the jobs reports day. All heard about was Edwards all the live long day. ('cause ya gonna sleep all night, ya gonna sleep all day...') sung to camptown ladies, attributed to Dr Hook "Do downs"