Thursday, June 30, 2011

Crass Warfare

Yesterday, Barack Hussein Obama finally commented publicly on the debt ceiling impasse and demonstrated his gift for bipartisan outreach by saying that Republicans want to "compromise your kids' safety so some corporate-jet owner can get a tax break."

The president went on to say that there's nothing "radical" about his plan to dramatically raise taxes on "millionaires and billionaires," except for perhaps the part where he somehow defines people - and small businesses - who earn a couple hundred thousand dollars a year as "billionaires." You know, like when his billionaire wife was (ahem) "earning" $322,000 a year working in "community affairs" for a hospital.

Rather than cut any real spending, the president and Democrats are insisting on dramatic tax increases on oil companies (yeah,
that'll bring those gas prices down!), small business owners, and evil venture capitalists who risk their own money investing in new American businesses hoping to make a profit (the bastards!)

And what will happen if taxes
aren't raised? According to Mr. Obama, college scholarships will end, no one will get warnings of tornadoes or hurricanes, medical research (especially for children's diseases!) will grind to a halt, there will be no more food safety inspections, senior citizens will live under bridges holding pitiful signs saying "No dentures - will work for applesauce," and blind orphans won't get tickets to the circus.

All because of the Evil Rich and their GOP puppets.

Mr. Obama clearly is trying to inspire class hatred...and perhaps class
warfare... in hopes of calling the GOP's bluff about not allowing tax hikes. Which is why, more than ever, Hope n' Change hopes that the GOP is not bluffing and will allow the debt ceiling to go unraised if the Left won't get serious about spending reductions.

If America defaults on its debts, the politicians will have
no choice but to make serious and painful cutbacks. Because as long as they do have a choice, venal political hacks like Barack Obama will always choose ugly and divisive demagoguery over responsibility.

According to the president, if evil billionaires continue to get tax breaks,
poor people
will be forced to feed their children kitten smoothies.



Jazz said...

I'll believe that Obama is serious about corporate jets when he makes Michelle and the girls fly commercial. Until then, it's all blather!

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

Didn't I read that Obama's stimulus included tax breaks for corporate jet owners? Think his fluffers in the media will point this out? Nope. Still too dazzled by his glowing blackness. "Look, Earl, he's clean and articulate. How does he do that?"
Not that I blame him for playing the class envy card. Other than the race card, it's the only one he has left. Then again, he may be holding his economic recovery card up his sleeve.

Colby said...

The Dork in Chief was also blathering about how his daughters always get their homework done early, and scolded Congress for not getting the budget done. He said if something needs to be done, just do it and don't put it off. Oh... I guess he meant they should get it done the way he got the surge troops sent to Afghanistan after 6 months of dithering (and then it wasn't near what the commander said he needed for success).

I am so tired of this creep and his arrogance, million dollar vacations and weekly golf outings. He has his head so far up his ass, its sticking out his neck hole again. I just hope Boehner et al stick to their guns and don't cave in.

Stilton, I predict you are going to catch hell for the cat in the blender thing, but I had to snigger a bit when I saw it.

John the Econ said...

Class warfare is all he's got economically. It's all he's ever had, really. It's all he really understands. His actual economic agenda has been a complete disaster for the lemmings who still think he's capable of making their lives any better.

But you have to remember that when he says silly things like this, he's not speaking to people like us. Fortunately for him, the people he is speaking to are economically (and frequently just plain) illiterate. They don't know, understand, or care that Obama has been working diligently an agent of the rich in the financial and crony-capitalist industries.

Progressives like the lemming class to think that they are slaves to the evil rich, when in fact they will always be slaves to progressive politicians. It's just sad.

But the real threat is that that is not enough for the progressives; they want us ALL to be slaves to their agenda. And that is why Obama and his ilk have got to go.

Earl said...

He's a wordy thug. I was going to say articulate but that word denotes clarity.

Anonymous said...

The Kitty-blender reminds me of a cartoon I did playing with the Sesame Street "That's Elmo's World" song. It's a blender full of red fluffy material with two big eyeballs floating around. I call it "That's Elmo Swirled" :o))

Pete(Detroit) said...

I just LOVE how he picks the 'hot button' scary - feelie programs to cancel. Never mind the DOE, that does NOTHING, the EPA which is largely counterproductive, the DoEd, does next to nothing... never mind the 38,000 duplicate departments / services....
Effing piss me off!
(and that still doesn't start on 'entitlements' - which, as any honest person will tell you, are clearly un-sustainable)

Jim Hlavac said...

Can any man be more moronically, stupidly socialist and economically illiterate than our current president? I'm not sure. History has shown, however, that every society that hits the 50% tax rate simply goes into convulsions -- either in revolution or repression or both. And I'm having palpitations already.

And I read this morning that now people in trouble on their mortgages will qualify for up to $50,000 "Loans" which need not be paid back.

Hey Obama, why not just print up $1,000 bills with your kids pics on them and hand them out so we're all "rich." Egad, I'm disgusted.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- I've added a link to a good Washington Post "fact check" of the president's speech (click on "dramatically raise taxes" in the commentary). Unsurprisingly, his facts don't add up any better than his math.

And you know, it's getting harder every day to discuss this president and his policies without using expletives...

@Colby- I didn't put the kitty in the blender. Obama's "Coercion Czar" put the kitty in the blender.

Suzy said...

Obama's net worth is between $2 million and $7 million. The man makes more money than any of us, probably, on this forum. Yet his own voters are stupid enough to believe that he cares about them. Stupid enough to get mad at the rich but hold on to the rich man in the Oval Office lying to them.

When are they gonna get it?! Obama is RICH. He does not CARE about YOU. He cares about VOTES. Obama cares about OBAMA. He's one of those evil millionaires they like to talk about all the time, and "evil" is certainly a good word for him.

Its beyond me, anymore, how ignorant people are. Obama telling people to hate the rich is like Bill Gates telling people that Microsoft is out to get their money. haha. Whatever!!!!

WMD said...

...and the cat's in the blender at the silver moon
Little boy blue and the man in the moon....
(somebody had to do it)

Seriously, he's not stupid, king hussein that is, he knows EXACTLY what he is doing. Going about the business of destroying this once great republic.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Suzy- According to the president's math, an individual earning $200,000 is a billionaire. In other words, when applying presidential labels we should actually multiply an individual's earnings by 5,000.

By these standards, Obama's 2010 income of $5.5 million translates to $27.5 BILLION annually. So why doesn't he just whip out his checkbook and help balance the budget himself? Unless he'd like to admit that his math just doesn't add up.

@robert- On behalf of Harry Chapin fans everywhere, I salute you. Cat fanciers, on the other hand, will not be pleased.

WMD said...

Stilt, I'm not much a cat fan. Dogs are far more useful and I can prove it. After the towers fell on 9/11, how many cats were out there helping to search for survivors/remains?

By the way, I don't believe in mistreating any animals. I'm just a typical guy and therefore lean more towards canines as companions, aside from humans of course.

Good Lord, this is getting more convoluted as I go.

Colby said...

First there was Obamacare; now we have Obamamath.

Eliminate tax breaks for corporate jets = $3 billion in the plus column.
Education financial aid budget = $52 billion in the minus column.
Does this add up to zero, kids? Why, yes it does.... in the world of class warfare it does.

I punch you in the eye; you cut off my arm. I kick you in the knee; you cut off my leg. It all balances out, doesn't it?

Robert, With due respect to Harry Chapin, that's FUNNY! But I think it's silver spoon, not moon.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@robert- I had to chuckle at your post above. Makes me think of the old adage about "when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging." I you weren't saying anything negative about cats, and neither was I. I like cats! And not through a straw!

Buzz Bannister said...

Bambi was "sold" to us as a hole in one, then an eagle, birdie and now he's in the rough with no chance of puttin' for par.

Anonymous said...

God help me, I hate that SOB.
I will continue to pray on that
issue, but every day he does something that infuriates me.

Pete(Detroit) said...

robert, you were perhaps thinking of this?

and good god, PLEASE can someone get up and yell that if you want to RAISE revenue, you CUT taxes? it works every time... Kennedy, Reagan, W... Every frikkin TIME!!!
The problem is, as revenue goes up, spendign goes through the effing ROOF...

WMD said...

Colby, yeah, I know it's "spoon" I was attempting to make it sound like the name of a Chinese restaurant. (grin)
And Pete, I'm at work right now and don't have access to youtube, but I'll check it out when I get home. But I think I know what it is.

SC said...

I never, ever thought that I would say this, but, I WANT a tax increase, yes, I do. I want the 46% of Americans that pay nothing to pay their fair share and that does translate into a tax increase. There are plenty of folks that get more back than they paid in = welfare. It has to stop. I know it is nowhere near the trillions that we need; we absolutely have to cut spending.

Andrew said...

There's an important and effective new meme here:'Multimillionaire Obama'.
Make the two nouns inseperable. Automatic word-association.
"Multimillionaire Obama refused today another request for personal financial records..."
"Multimillionaire Obama announced another vacation destination..."
:Multimillionaire Obama addresses laid-off workers at an aerospace plant'
"Multimillionaire Obama compares 14 Trillion US debt to working class family budget..."

"Multimillionaire Obama'. Let's make it a universal new catchphrase everywhere.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Pete(Detroit)- Obama said that he wanted to raise taxes on the rich even if it would bring in less revenue for the poor because it would be "more fair." In other words, his goal isn't to reduce poverty... it's to punish the wealthy.

@SC- I'm in favor of that tax increase too.

@Andrew- "Multimillionaire Obama" - I like it! It might remind people of what a disingenuous (and wealthy) weasel he is.

Reaganite Independent said...

This one is great Stilton lolol


Enjoy your weekend, sir