Wednesday, July 13, 2011


There's a time-honored saying that "When the going gets tough, the tough threaten defenseless little old people." Mind you, it's
only a time-honored saying in the Democratic party, but it's still as true - and despicable - today as it ever was.

In his effort to blackmail Republicans into agreeing to potentially job-killing tax hikes on businesses and investors, Barack Obama has announced that he may choose to not send out Social Security checks to senior citizens on August 3rd, sneering "there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it."

Which strikes us as a little odd. After all, if no debt ceiling agreement is reached, the government's bills will be paid
in the order that Obama decrees. And money is flowing in to Social Security every day, meaning that its "coffers" should be full-to-bustin' with cash which has allegedly been accumulating for decades...suggesting that it should be other programs that bring in no money which should be the first to go unfunded.

But nooOOOooo, the president would prefer to inflict the
greatest and most visible pain that he possibly can... essentially making his elderly hostages shriek in terror in hopes of getting the Republicans to pay a $2 trillion ransom.

Of course, the president - who has claimed he's "bent over backwards" to negotiate with the Republicans - has yet to put a
single actual fiscal proposal on the table. And he's flat out refused any short term solutions, saying that our country is "not a banana republic." And he should know, considering that he's the only president to hail from banana-growing Indonesia and Hawaii.

And so the debt-ceiling game goes on, with no guaranteed winners...but millions of guaranteed
losers as long as Obama's hostage-taking strategy goes unchallenged.

Millions of elderly people like this are afraid of losing their Social Security checks, wait.
This is just Obama's taxpayer-supported Aunt Zeituni who is watching her soap operas. She'll be fine.


Anonymous said...

The Proper order of those bills not to be paid
1) Obama
2) PLO
3) The U. N.
4) Every Government Employee
5) Planned Parenthood
6) Extras and perks for every prison in America
7) N. E. A.
8) Welfare
9) Mexico Bailout
10)Shut down Camp David & Air-Force One
11)Cut up Obama's Sasquatch Wife's Credit Cards
1100) Social Security

Anonymous said...

If I have to forgo my Social Security check this month, fine. Just please, please hold the line Republicans! Don't let one man jeopardize America's future.

Dave said...

Isn't wonderful how Mr. Obama automatically threatens the elderly and disabled? The Democrats always want to use Social Security as a way of buying votes....but when push comes to shove they are willing to throw anyone under the bus as long as it advances their agenda. I just wish more American voters could see this blatant abuse of power as just what it is an attempt to scare Americans into supporting a non sustainable policy of big government, huge spending, and crippling taxes

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

These vile scare tactics are used because they work. At least they always have. It would be nice to know that people aren't buying this crap, but that would require awakening sleeping neurons and too many of us can't be bothered to think for ourselves. I hear Duh Won crowing about having the two sides over every day until this is resolved, but he offers nothing of value to the argument. That tells me that his bluster is for public consumption and nothing else. Campaign mode as usual. It's especially galling when the bully pulpit of the presidency is occupied by such a bully. And like most bullies, this one is just a pussy. (Sorry, other way to say it)

Ricko said...

The Villiage idiot must tread lightly...if it is Class Warfare he wants...he might be shocked. Pitting Old Dudes against him, he just might find out just how tough us old birds are. We're not grouches, we just don't take anyone's crap anymore. His included...

John the Econ said...

It could be argued that the real purpose of Social Security all along was to hold the electorate hostage to the wills of the state. This argument was made in the mid-30s before the act was passed. Alas, it didn't take long to become true; in the first election cycle after its passing in 1935, Democrats were using Social Security as a weapon against Republicans, telling voters that it was in their interest to vote Democrat, lest Republicans take their Social Security away. Yesterday's despicable act was just another example of the truth of the original argument.

Effectively, we had the President of the United States tell people that they'd better let him have his way, or else he'd literally take the food from old people's mouths. Despicable.

Of course, this only works for two reasons: Most people are totally ignorant when it comes to economics, and too many people have become totally dependent upon the government for their sustenance.

Of course this is a standard tactic of the state when the budget gets tough; threaten to cut the things that people like, want and need. The massive waste continues in the background unabated. (Remember <3% unemployment in the DC suburbs)

To those people, I can only say this: What do you think will happen to you when America really runs out of money; when nobody will loan it a penny more and the people who are paying the taxes that go directly to pay your benefits decide it's not worth the trouble to work anymore and quit? What will you do then?

Suzy said...

Impeach this terrorist in office....

And I think John is right about the entire purpose of social security...that, and a way to get more money into the gov't accounts.

Anonymous said...

The earliest benefit paid in August is the 10th.
Here’s the link from the govt.

Veteran benefits are paid on the 1st of the month for the preceding month unless the 1st falls on a weekend or holiday.
August 1st falls on Monday, so deposits will go out that day.

Where did this jerk reporter get August 3rd? Unless he’s been planted to ask that question.

Cookie said...

Oops, I had the quote wrong...

Proverbs 29:2 ...when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.

I believe there is much mourning among the people--at least those whose eyes are open.

Earl said...

On the radio today, I heard a local conservative radio host make what at first sounded like a painful metaphor/analogy. He was addressing those in the media and elsewhere who accuse conservatives of hating government. His analogy was comparing a bloated government to your obsese child. Would you still love your kid if they slimmed down? Maybe Michelle can give Obama some budget dieting tips since he's not listening to anyone else.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why the Republicans in the House don't craft and pass two simple bills and forward them to the Senate:

1. "The debt ceiling is raised to $15.5 trillion. The Patient Affordable Care Act is repealed."

2. "The debt ceiling will remain at $14.5 trillion. The U.S. Government will from its revenues first pay necessary interest/creditors' costs on its debt, then all military paychecks, then all Social Security costs. Other government expenditures will then be allocated from remaining revenues."

Then let the Democrats in the Senate and the White House choose which option they want. Why wouldn't that work?

Suzy said...

Oh yeah...and interesting that he'd rather take money from the older people who have worked all their lives instead of the ones on welfare who won't work!!!

I say Obama eat some peas and give up his paycheck for awhile.

Doktor Paulie said...


That won't work because the democrats are not interested in doing what is right or solving the country's economic problems. They are only interested in seizing and holding power and using it to promote their socialist agenda to render their grip on power permanent. So they want a huge mess to occur and are working furiously to promote one which they can then blame on the republicans and George Bush. The republicans have drunk Frank Luntz's make nice-nice kool aid and are afraid to tell the truth about the democrat's actions and lies, plus they are by-and-large just not constitutionally, I mean in their psychology, equipped for a nice long protracted nasty fight. You know, wimps.

So the republicans won't introduce your proposed laws in the first place because they know the democrats would defeat them in the Senate on the basis that the evil republicans were trying to starve, slaughter, and generally be mean to old people, the pooooor, and the chil-dren.The republicans then would wimp-out on standing up to the vile assaults and lies of the democrats, and the democrats would sweep to victory in 2012.

We're in a civil war of values and it's a war to the knife and the knife to the hilt. The democrats have always known this and most conservatives do, but there are many republicans who just refuse to see it. It is an irrepressible conflict and given economic and national security realities, it is not a conflict that will sweetly resolve itself as we all hold hands and sing Cum-by-yah. Hard fighting will be required.Hopefully of the sort utilizing words and ideas, not physical weapons.

Earl said...

I meant "obese" child.

Chuck said...

My bet? The Republicans will fold. I hope they don't but I am sure they will. The deck is stacked against them. The President has the bully-pulpit AND the media. It's like Mr. Smith goes to Washington ... the conservative message won't be heard because it won't be broadcast. Sure, it's a little different now because we have the Internet, but the only ones reading conservative news are conservatives (and those that hate us). I don’t think there are enough of us to counterbalance the economic leaches and power hungry letches.

And remember the end of the movie: the only thing that saved the day is that the bad guy developed a conscious … and that isn’t going to happen for us.

I could be wrong, now ... but I don't think so.

Doktor Paulie said...

@Chuck, you're probably right about the republicans folding, but in the end,out there beyond next month and the next election, we still win because there really IS an economic asteroid headed this way and it really WILL kill off all the dinosaurs and their useful idiots, those sheep who want Daddy Government to take care of them and shower them with goodies. Meanwhile, we mammals will deal with it and be okay.

That's one possibility. The other is that we fight this culture war and win that way. John Adams said that in The Revolution there were about one-third Tory, one-third indecisive, and one-third True Blue. We have about the same percentages now and the thing that WILL communicate beyond all ability of the lying left to conceal it is the continuing flacid state of the economy. That gives us True Blues all the ammunition we need. War to the knife, and the knife to the hilt.

SC said...

e-mail I sent today to my Rep & Congressmen:

Vote NO to raise the debt ceiling. It’s way past time to get our fiscal house in order. NOW is the time!

It is the fault of ALL the politicians in DC that we are in this mess in the 1st place. Please ‘share’ this message with your colleagues: If you don't clean up this financial mess that YOU created, the voters will find someone who will.

Cut Spending.
Cut up the credit cards.
No New Taxes.
Increase the tax base by getting the 46% that don't pay at all to pay their fair share.
Get folks back to work to help them & increase the tax base.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- Great comments above, seriously. WE are the reason that these negotiations are so contentious right now. And by "We," I mean Tea Party types who love this country, have no more patience for the BS (from either party), and are demanding fiscal responsibility.

Today, Barack Obama jumped up from the negotiation table and ran from the room - ending the session. Why? Because the Republicans aren't backing down. Because they can't. Boehner and company know that they're now dealing with their last chance to hang on to conservatives. Blow it, and we're going to make some big changes. I don't like the idea of a third party, but I'm quite happy with the idea of totally taking over the Republican party and throwing out anyone who lacks the cojones (Latin for "principles") to support our country and our constitution.

Sneak Preview: despite my attempts to cut back the number of cartoons each week, there WILL be a Thursday cartoon because I'm pissed off again (you guys know me way too well at this point!). Since it's not an official "MWF" cartoon, I took the liberty of being (ahem) more "candid" than usual. So if you're looking for "funny" instead of "subtle," I hope you'll check out Thursday's cartoon (which will be available here at 12:01 AM central standard time).

Ron Russell said...

I liked this cartoon, so much I used it on my cartoon site with like back!

Quite Rightly said...

Grateful to have been able to quote you at Bread upon the Waters.

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