Monday, July 4, 2011

Rockets Red Glare

On the 4th of July, Americans think of parties, cookouts, and fireworks. The snap of firecrackers and the rocket's red glare. But this year, the phrase "rocket's red glare" seems to be ironically mocking us from the headlines.

For instance, this Friday's launch of the last rocket-powered space shuttle marks the effective end of America's manned space program. We no longer have the vision, the will, or the money to continue... but will occasionally buy tickets for Americans to ride Russian spacecraft. And NASA? Well, Barack Obama already established that their main mission under his administration is "Muslim outreach," which requires neither budget, engineers, nor a belief in America's future.

The rocket's red glare. Like the rockets which Iran just tested, some of which are "nuclear-capable" and have Israel's name written all over them, and others which would be "game changers" if used against US ships. Not to mention the rocket-propelled weapons Iran is shipping to Iraq to target US troops. Meanwhile, Barack Obama continues to tell everyone that a nuclear Iran is "unacceptable," while taking no actions whatsoever to stop them...and giving a wink and a nod to those nations that want to see Israel wiped off the map.

The rocket's red glare. Just in case you're getting the idea that Barack Obama doesn't like
rockets, you can banish the thought. It turns out that despite the president's assurances that the United States isn't conducting any "hostilities" in Libya, but only providing intelligence, surveillance, and refueling missions, our country is actually still firing rockets and bombs in Libya on hundreds of missions that Mr. Obama refuses to talk about or justify.

And if you'll allow us to stretch the "rocket's red glare" metaphor, we think it's also worth mentioning the inconceivable amount of red ink which is now breaching America's levees. We are now less than a month away from defaulting on America's debts...and some experts say it may already be too late to put a deal in place. Not that there appears to be any interest in making a deal to reduce deficit spending in Washington. This president, and too many politicians and voters in both parties, are willing (even eager) to see America destroyed from the inside...allowing their own greed, vanity and stupidity to do to our nation what no foreign enemy ever could.

We're sorry that this 4th of July message isn't happier and more purely celebratory. Because there is much to celebrate and, thankfully, there seems to be more meaning and genuine patriotism behind the flag-waving this year than we've seen in a long time. For many, those stars and stripes aren't just a party decoration...they're a banner for a strong and growing movement to protect and preserve our nation.

So despite (or perhaps because of) the "red glare" in Uncle Sam's eyes...let's celebrate this 4th of July with friends and family, take time to give thanks to our military members and their families, and use this occasion to rededicate ourselves to the fight that lies ahead.



jselvy said...

The Tree of Liberty has not been watered here for a long time. That os a debt that cannot be defaulted on. Unfortunately I predict that there will be blood aplenty or 'Obama President for Life' in 2012.

Ricko - Tyler, Texas said...

Excellent, could not have said it better myself. This 4th is the first in which I felt that it might be the last. I am afraid that Team Obama has done so much to divide and ruin this nation. But, then I meet with my fellow Patriots and know what the real meaning beind this historic day is all about. The "red glare' is in their eyes, also. And it has nothing to do with surrendering this great nation to a Progressive Socialist way of life.

Earl said...

Fantasy moment here. I'd love to see Uncle Sam focus his "rockets red glare" on a certain president and his party and say, oh I don't know, maybe something along the lines of, "What the hell do you think you're doing to my country?" Stilton, I love the glare. It's not nice to piss off Uncle Sam.

Pete(Detroit) said...

And with respect to fireworks, both commercial and homemade (now THERE is a Darwinian concept!) "let's be safe out there, people"
Tough to type w/ missing fingers.

A couple of years ago, someone had a misfire (or slow fuse, actually) and looked into the launch tube. Yep, you guessed it, it went off, partially embedding the firework in her forehead. She was knocked back, then the shell exploded, taking half her head off in a blaze of glory.
Killed, instantly, of course.
In front of her kids.
Please people, don't be 'that guy'...

Don't get me wrong, I'm all about the pyrotech - just remember it's deadly serious fun.

Brian R said...

Great commentary Stilton, as usual. Just one small thing: please use the phrase "family and friends" not "friends and family." This is a socialist construct intended to diminish the importance of family, placing it after friends. It is a subtle distinction, but not to be dismissed.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@jselvy- I deeply hope we'll never have to see violence within our country to sustain the cause of liberty...but I'm increasingly pessimistic about the odds. And let me clarify that I'm not talking about taking up arms to "throw out the scoundrels," but rather my fear that when the economic cuts come (and they will, whether by legislation or simply running out of money) that the class warfare rhetoric of this president will turn into actual class warfare.

@Ricko- Team Obama HAS done much to ruin this nation. A recent study found that 4 out of 10 Americans now believe that things will never get better. The only provable legacy of the "Hope and Change" president is the increasing death of hope.

@Earl- The last frame of today's cartoon is what I imagine Barack Obama seeing just before receiving a well-deserved ass kicking. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

@Pete(Detroit)- Wow, thanks for the impressive visual (gulp...!) Good advice, though, and I hope everyone here will show good sense. Which means no matter how good an idea it seems when your buddy with an iPhone proposes it, do NOT try to shoot a bottle rocket out of your butt.

@Brian R- That's an interesting and probably linguistically significant point. But when I wrote the phrase "friends and family," I was simply thinking about proximity, and the fact that in our far flung and widespread country a lot of people don't have the choice to get together with family on the 4th. So I'll let the phrase stand...but between your comment (and this one) I think we've dodged the semantic bullet and encouraged people to actively think about the importance of family.

Suzy said...

Happy Fourth...and I hope and pray that someday our kids will be able to celebrate too with their families. I would hate to have to sit around when I'm 80, telling my grandkids stories of when America used to be free. *shudder*

"Really, Gramma? You could get surgery right AWAY if you needed it?"

" mean people really owned their very own homes? With their OWN money?"

"Nawwww, Gramma, people really didn't go out and work JOBS, did they, and earn as much as they wanted? As MUCH as they wanted? And they got to KEEP it? Wow. You guys were RICH back then. Isn't that bein' selfish?"

"Gas??? In CARS???? Gramma, what's gas? Why did they put it in cars?"

"Gramma...what's a Happy Meal? That sounds so cool."

"Bye, Gramma, I'll talk to you tomorrow...I hafta go home and take my government-issued Ritalin to make sure I believe everything the government tells me so I can grow up to be a good little government servant. Anyway, the government doesn't like me talking much about YOUR old days. Its no longer socially acceptable. Its racist."

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Suzy- Ouch! All of that sounds frighteningly possible. But as Ebenezer Scrooge would say, "Is this the way things must be, or only the way things might be? "

Doktor Paulie said...



Obama and the rest of the socialist creeps and the socialist sheep shall not prevail. We shall.

They want a war, a civil war of values, and we welcome it.


Jim Hlavac said...

And a Happy Fourth of July to everyone -- at 11:15 PM I say it -- after witnessing thousands of people in rural Pennsylvania gather to watch the fireworks, with patriotic music heard over the waters of the lake -- and as I drive around this rural outpost I see a lot of "Don't Tread On Me" flags -- and well, somehow, and maybe I'm nuts -- but I'm very positive about our future, despite any bumps in the road ahead. There's a reawakening of our American spirit. This president has ignited a fuse under our communities -- and we're uniting against him -- and for those who know me -- I have never seen so many of my friends so worried and pissed off even at this president and the Democratic Party.

And many of my most Liberal friends have realized that there's a big difference between handing power to the government and getting taxed out of existence and helping people truly in need. Oh, yes, there's a great spirit of renewal in this land -- and neither the socialists or the theocrats are going to win -- for they are two peas in the same rotten pod of societal control; or royalty without the ermine, as I put it.

Faith in American liberty is being renewed one person at a time -- and I'm helping to spread this message, as we all are. Faith in each other is growing, and faith in government is collapsing faster than anything I've ever seen before. So I'm positive, upbeat and sure that we all will come out of this much better. And perhaps then, weirdly, ironically, Obama is a "great" president -- though not for the good he's done, but the bad. Happy Fourth of July!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Doktor Paulie- When you talk about a "civil war of values," I've got to say that it seems like the other side is totally unarmed.

@Jim Hlavac- You touch on a huge point when you talk about Liberals awakening to the fact that giving the government power and money doesn't actually help many of those who are in need. That's why I think educating liberals is one of the most important tasks for us right now. They're mostly good people who want to do good things...but have been lied to about how to make that happen.

Although the term was mocked, I deeply believe in "compassionate conservatism" - because what is more compassionate than helping give people the skills needed to support themselves, and establishing an economy which is not only hiring but which rewards innovation and the work ethic?

And for liberals who just can't/won't believe that this is the superior method, ask them to point to the "successes" their methods have achieved - while taking us to the brink of financial Armageddon. Have they ended poverty? Improved education? Brought the races together? Strengthened family bonds? Have they even created national optimism?!

Liberals need to learn that Conservatives do care about their fellow men... in fact, we care enough to treat them like men instead of veal cows who vote.

Anonymous said...

I followed the links you posted. Scary, Scary, Scary stuff. I've been spending quite a bit of time on ultra liberal sites, watching blogs and participating wherever possible. I always speak with respect, and NEVER use foul or derogatory language. I'm even a Top Commenter on ThinkProgress! I get beat up on quite a bit, but always hold my own by presenting facts. If I can open the eyes of even a few of these people, then my time has been well spent.

I enjoy my time here because of the highly intelligent converstation, and I would encourage all of you to visit some of these liberal sites and put in your two cents. Just remember, you'll have a target on your chest!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Anonymous (above)- I applaud your courage! Whenever I visit such sites, I'm quickly overwhelmed by the hate and ignorance... but I suppose I should give it another try.