Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Civil Warmonger

Only days ago, the Whitehouse issued "talking points" instructing politicians how to characterize the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on our country. According to that document, Americans are to be told that "we will also draw on the spirit of unity that prevailed in the immediate aftermath of the attacks."

And just how are Barack Obama and his fellow liberals demonstrating their commitment to this ideal? By savaging and maligning their political opponents in the most partisan attacks in political memory.

Within just the past few days, Democrat Maxine Waters has declared that the Tea Party can "go straight to Hell," and Democrat congressman Andre Carson shrieked that the fiscally conservative Tea Party wants black people "hanging from a tree."

Labor leader Jimmy Hoffa, sharing a stage with Barack Obama, declared war on the Tea party and said that the union members were Obama's army which will "take out the sons of bitches" opposing the president and "take" America and give it to whomever Mr. Hoffa sees fit. Apparently, part of Mr. Obama's upcoming jobs plan will involve the unionization of leg-breakers.

The president then jutted his chin and declared that his upcoming jobs speech is actually a test to see if there are any Republicans who are "straight shooters" ("And hey, I'd like to make a special shout out to Gabby Giffords!") who will "put country before party." On the same day, Joe Biden addressed the AFL-CIO and declared that body to be the only ones "keeping the barbarians from the gate."

And all of this falls hard on the heels of the multiple Democrats who labeled Republicans "terrorists" and "hostage takers" for asking for budget cuts before raising the Debt Ceiling.

So it's really no mystery what happened to that "spirit of unity" which once, very briefly, brought Americans together in the aftermath of a terrible tragedy.

It's been attacked savagely and repeatedly from the Left, has been engulfed in flames, and finally collapsed to the ground while the jubilant perpetrators in Washington dance and cheer.

This should not be the legacy of 9/11.

But it is the legacy that Barack Hussein Obama and his fellow travelers have chosen for all of us.



Angry Hoosier Dad said...

There must be something about the very concept of the Tea Party that fills the left with such fear and rage that they would even use the memory of 9/11 as a weapon and motivation to foment real violence against us. I honestly thought they would continue to ignore us and wave us off as a minor nuisance. I guess 2010 was a wake-up call for them to do something...anything, no matter how sick or twisted, to cling to their power. Since they can't attract people to their camp by pointing to all the good things they have done, they seek to destroy their perceived enemy by any means (MSM) at their disposal. What's striking to me is that they now seek to portray any opposition to their radicalism, however weak and from any direction, as Tea Party craziness for which even the most brutish opposition is allowed. This is a level of desperation I hadn't seen before. It doesn't matter anymore what your political leanings are. If you oppose Obama on any issue you are a Tea Party fascist bastard who must be "taken out". Do they know that once they go down this road there is no walk-back, perhaps for a generation, if at all? Are they really willing to throw doubting moderates into the same pit as conservatives and alienate a considerable portion of their own team? Apparently so. As with any awful trend (slasher movies, Zima, hip-hop) what's happening now is bad enough. What really scares me is "what's next?".

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

Correction: We are "sons-of-bitches", not "bastards". Both terms speak poorly of our mothers, but there is a difference and I acknowledge that.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Angry Hoosier Dad- The Tea Party does terrify and anger the Left. They've never seen anything like it, and they know what we represent: the end of their "business as usual" in Washington. And so they're fighting back with every vile and dishonest weapon in their arsenal.

And your question about "what's next" is a good one. The attacks on our character have gone way beyond politics, and it seems like the Left is actually encouraging the idea of violence.

My great fear is that someone who could conceivably be identified as having Tea Party sentiments will eventually crack under the weight of these attacks and do something which point it will be open season (literally) on the Tea Party. I believe that this is what the Left wants, and is actively trying to make happen.

Jim Hlavac said...

On the bright side, my sister had new 10th Anniversary commemorative t-shirts made and I'll get a passel of them for me and my friends. Which means my sister did more to keep the economy going than Obama did, that's for sure. Though I'm sure a quiet dinner with her high school sweetheart hubby would have been more preferable, but alas, not a molecule of him was found.

Meanwhile, you get used to being called "barbarians" and "going straight to hell," trust me. After a while you just say, "there he goes again."

But why Hoffa and the rest don't realize that Obama did more to destroy the workers of this nation than virtually anyone else, I don't know.

My Dog Brewski said...

They've already tried to make the Tea Party the locus of violence. Didn't work. Yes, they will try again. What's really hurting them now is their transparency. Even their allies are nudging away from them.

Suzy said...

"What's Next" as I see it is going to be cheating in the 2012 elections like we have NEVER seen before. We only thought the Dems bribed and cheated and stole in past elections. I think this year the amount of dead, illegal, double, and bribed votes are going to hit all-time highs.

If a Republican candidate is going to win the White house, he is going to have to win it with over 65% of the country's honest support because "60%" of the same country is going to be voting Democrat....if that makes does to me.

Andrew said...

@AHD, well said. The bell curve goes something like this: first They (TPTB/Leftists/RINOs/MSM) ignore you, next They dismiss you, next They ridicule you, next They attack you in earnest, and finally They attack in savage desperation, all because They know that if you survive all these, They have to negotiate with you.
2010 was a huge shockwave for Them. And yes, once they go down this road of demonizing their fellow Americans, there is no walk-back and no road back to civil democracy. They are taking us down the Weimar road...and we know where that leads, and what is 'next', even if many of their pawns do not.
@Jim H, Hoffa and the rest of his gang know exactly what they're doing and have known for decades that their continuing bread and butter is now dependent on aiding and abetting the destruction of the workers and the economy of America. They know. And they're fine with it. And fine with Obama.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Andrew / Jim - totally agreed. Hoffa et al DO realize what da Prez is doign to the fine workers of this country, and simply fail to give a rat's ass. Which is, at the core, what is fundamentally wrong w/ most unions today.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Jim Hlavac- So you're saying that I'll get used to being attacked for being a "Constitution smoocher," right? (grin)

@My Dog Brewski- It is somewhat encouraging that some folks on the Left are starting to treat Obama like he was radioactive. The blinders are at least beginning to fall off.

@Suzy- I'm sure you're right; cheating will be rampant and ugly. Frankly, I sometimes worry that if the pre-election numbers aren't looking good for Obama, "events" may transpire that postpone the election. As Rahm would say, "Never waste a good crisis...or wait for one."

@Andrew- I don't see any way for the Left to walk back from their attacks. For one thing, in order to "walk back" we'd have to forgive and forget their attacks. Personally, I'll never do that.

Regarding Jimmy Hoffa, I don't think he gives a rat's ass about the working man, any more than I think Barack Obama cares about black people. These are power junkies, and all they care about is fooling the people who can deliver their next fix. Or fixed election.

@Pete(Detroit)- Today's unions seem entirely adversarial to employers, rather than complementary. No wonder the systems are breaking down.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- as an update to today's cartoon and commentary, a Whitehouse spokesman has now said that Obama will not be drawn into the "gotcha game" of commenting on Hoffa's threats, and further says that Obama will not be the "speech police" for everything said on the Left. He says it is up to each and every individual to decide what "civil" discourse is. Suddenly he's a libertarian?

Or to quote Gabby Giffords, "We need speech police like I need a hole in the head."

RainCloud said...

But he will happily police the Right, right?

I've said before that I believe we will have a "crisis" that will lead to the suspension of elections. They are NOT going to give it up easily. Our only hope rests in the fact that they were not able to create that "civilian force equal in size and strength to the Military" and they do NOT have the Military in their pocket. The balance between debate and violence is tipped precariously towards the latter at this time, and they are not, as you have noted, going to do anything to reign in the rhetoric. They are not going to go quietly. They are going to do whatever they think it takes to keep their power.

Next up: The TEA Party is outlawed due to their racist, violent extremism. Supporting the TEA Party in any way, shape or form will be cause for imprisonment. “Bobby, do you ever hear your parents ever talk about the President at home? What do they say? Please speak clearly into the microphone.” All protest gatherings outlawed. Night-time raids; Patriots snatched off the streets, carted off to who-knows-where.

Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. I hope this rant is just manic paranoia and that I am as wrong as wrong can be ... but the stage IS being set.

Anonymous said...

Tea Party: A bunch of loosely organized individuals that are concerned about government spending and debt and have little agenda beyond that as a group.

Unions: A bunch of power hungry organizers who force individuals to join them and finance them through force and then use that power in enslave those individuals to the government and the union itself.

Now, who should you be worried about?

Jim Hlavac said...

Yes, Stilt, you will indeed get used to being branded a "domestic terrorist" going "straight to hell" and a "barbarian" and such and more, who needs to "be taken out" for Constitution Smooching.

I've been working on getting close to some constitutional protections for oh, a beer in a bar, you know, for peaceable assembly and political gatherings without the police inquiring "why?" for sometime now, close to 35 years now. And all along the way I was called these things and more. Oh you babes in the woods, they just started on you. Wait to they call you psychologically crazy, a danger to society and in need of forced "repairative" therapy. And look at that word: they made up a new word to come for me! They are quite clever fellows; await you special word.

For socialists are theocrats, and theocrats are socialists -- they do have this thing about them telling you how terrible you are for wanting to be left alone, on paved roads with a balanced national budget and low taxes. They are quite the same, though; it costs as much to support the Marxist State as the Marian State; and the repression isn't much different either.

They just use different old books, from a continent far away, which we all left. Left to tell the government: sit down, shut up, and listen, we are the people, you are the employees.

Alas, the political elites are coming to be one or the other, which aren't different.

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

Remember, even paranoids have enemies.
Seriously, I don't think Obama can manufacture a crisis dire enough to suspend elections. As Suzy suggested, the cheating and election fraud will be epic however. I think Obama would have to decide if he can count on the military to back him up if he suspends the Constitution. Of course, if Bush could "abandon free market principles to save the free market system" maybe Turdboy could project the same idiocy on the Constitution.

Andrew said...

No need for Obama to proclaim a 'suspend' of the Constitution which triggers a Seven Days In May showdown; all he needs to do is continue his daily status quo: ignore the Constitution, rule by decree and through illegal crony-czars. The Chicago Way.

Yes, he'd love a well timed Reichstag Fire, and he'd make excellent use of one--whether a custom-ordered black flag event or some more genuine event that can be twisted to serve his needs. One more good reason to be personally prepared & stockpiled for food/utility/societal disruptions & breakdowns/shortages that can be manipulated & exaggerated to serve the O Crisis Agenda.

The election fraud will be massive, unprecedented, unimaginably brazen on the level of, say, Kenya. And backed by the full authority, might and brute power of the Federal Government. With the MSM dancing blissful attendance. Don't be surprised to see Obama with MSM polls showing that 118% of the American public supports Dear Leader 165%.
Expect a general amnesty-by-decree which will entitle illegals to vote, by the millions, without photo ID or other troublesome anachronisms.
The illegals vote is more than large enough to compensate for the loss of disillusioned 2008 voters who won't vote for him again. And fraud can easily do the rest.
2012 may turn out not to be a catastrophe in the Mayan calendar, but a huge catastrophe for America's continued existence.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Stock up now, on precious metals! 1000 rd per firearm, 10,00 rd of .22. Get some in popular calibers you don't own, for trading purposes. Above all, get out there and practice!
Brass and Lead - precious metals that can be converted to food, used to protect your food, and your family.

Doktor Paulie said...

Ah, friends, it's wonderful to come home after a day of saving NASA from themselves to read this blog. How Sweet It Is!

As for threats or attempts to steal or overturn the government by massive vote fraud or manufactured crises I have two words : 2nd Amendment. That's what it's for. God forbid that we should have to appeal to it, but we will if we have to.

Jim H, I think you are a true friend, and well met and a boon companion on this journey. As a Christian, I know that the Bible, my Sure Guide, says that homosexuality is wrong. But anyone who tries to force you to their way of seeing things or otherwise commit some alleged therapy on you against your will, will collide directly with my friend Mr. Springfield, and they will not be happy. You may count on that. Call on me anytime. But the Constitution protects you in this as well as other things, and we will hug it and smooch it. We have no sense of humor at all about anyone violating it at all for any reason. Personally, I'll fight any form of theocracy.

She Who Must Be Obeyed summons me! Jim H, She says you must come visit us soon. Hope you will. Wish the rest of you would drop by. We'll go shooting. Maybe jump out of a perfectly good airplane. Go annoy some liberals!

Pete(Detroit) said...

Doktor P - you say the Bible says homosexuality is wrong - was that somewhere in the New Testament, or back in the Old part, where they're saying not to eat pork, shrimp; kill any woman who mixes cotton and wool (or linen and wool? what ever) and by all means go sleep w/ your brother's widow - all that crap we no longer pretend to live by (well, unless you're Kosher)?
I'm actually serious here, I have NEVER understood the "Christian" revulsion toward homosexuals - I'm all for it, personally, just not interested. I figure the more guys that take themselves out of the game, the better MY odds, you know? Anyway, if you could enlighten me, I'd appreciate it, thanx!

Note - I can certainly see socio / moral / medical arguments against promiscuity, homo OR hetero, and whether or not homosexuals are promiscuous by nature or conditioning or just stereotype is a discussion that might be worth having... but why all the 'gay hating'? I just don't get that (and it's one of my HUGE issues w/ Santorum)
I certainly think a nice, quiet, stable GLBT couple would make better neighbors (and probably parents) than hetero trash playing loud vulgar music all the time, and who constantly scream and throw things at each other - as many "christian" folks I've had the misfortune to live near did. (yes, arguably the "Christianity" of such people is debatable, however, have to go by self identification)

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

Doktor Paulie:
Had an interesting jump on Monday. After six weeks of healing and with all new suspension lines on my canopy I made a solo from 12.5 and opened high (5K) to get the feel of the new lines and make sure they were in trim. Since God wasn't done laughing at me yet, He sent sudden strong winds to blow me away from the airport and I spent the entire descent scrambling about looking for a landing spot that wasn't highway, power lines and factory roofs. Every time I thought I had a spot picked out the wind would take me away from it. At 800 feet AGL I settled on a narrow strip of grass between two factory buildings but with the right heading into the wind. At fifty feet the winds got squirrely (sic)
and tossed me about like a rag doll. The subsequent landing was ugly and amateurish, but otherwise painless and without canopy damage. I was a mile from the airport with few people about in the industrial park where I landed so I gathered up my chute and started walking back in the general direction of the airport. A considerate (and attractive) red-head offered me a lift in the back of her small pickup truck and took me back to the airport. I thanked her and offered to pay her for the ride, but she would have none of it. I think she was happy to have the story to tell. Back at the drop zone I received a "warm" welcome with much gladness that I wasn't hurt and considerable jesting about having the record for longest off-airport landing to date. When they asked me exactly where I landed, not knowing the area all that well, all I could do was point to the southwest and say "yonder". To be honest, I've ended up much further away from an airport in the past. Several years ago a series of bad choices put me five miles away from the local airport down in Frankfort - I couldn't even find the airport once I got below the clouds (helpful tip: Never jump through solid overcast). I ended up in a farmer's yard and he was kind enough to drive me back to the airport. I know my recent adventures make me appear like the embodiment of the saying "If at first you don't succeed, give up skydiving" but honestly most of my several hundred jumps have been without incident and I'm looking forward to many more boring skydives ahead. I like it around here and hope to stay a while. Blue skies!

John the Econ said...

Welcome to the next "civil war". Ever since becoming "aware" of the difference between the conservative and liberal philosophies as a youngster, it was clear that this day would come.

The popular liberal narrative for the last 90 years or so has been that the political struggle in America was between the "rich" and the "poor", and "whites" versus "black". And this was even true to a certain degree for a time. After most of the substantive issues (mainly worker and racial civil rights) were codified into law by the middle of the century, there was little left to fight for than political spoils. The left used the old narrative to build, buy and then control its constituency. But growing affluence in America raised all ships, and by the latter half of the 20th century, this narrative was quickly changing.

Although the left still clings to its “rich and white vs poor and colored” narrative, it’s hardly the reality, and hasn’t been for some time.

The new “civil war” is the “net consumers” versus the “net producers”, or, those who get checks from big government versus those of us who pay most of the taxes. The left deploys all kinds of purely emotional reasons why theirs is a righteous cause (poverty, racism, saving the planet) but the reality is that they wish the net producers to be their slaves. (And when half of your gross income is in one way or other confiscated by the state to fund lavish pensions, ponzi schemes and cowboy poetry festivals, I think it’s far to call us “slaves”)

We’re living an “Atlas Shrugged” moment through the Obama Presidency, and people are waking up to it. Tonight, the President is going to ask to spend another $300-billion to do what over a trillion was unable to last year. There will be absolutely nothing new to differentiate this economic plan from his previous ones. He’ll pull out the tired canards to tug at heartstrings to justify it. Those who sympathize with the Tea Party now know better. It’s all a fraud.

So the left, now recognizing that their old narrative has been laid bare as a fraud is desperate. They tried ignoring us. Then they tried ridiculizing and marginalizing us. None of that worked. In fact, it just made the Tea Party stronger. Now, it's going to be war. The upside? They now concede that we're legit. Let the war begin.

@Pete(Detroit) said... “Get some in popular calibers you don't own, for trading purposes.”

Why would you get calibers you can’t use? Just get what you can use, and you can still trade if you have to. Seems illogical to do otherwise.

My Dog Brewski said...

John the Econ:
Re: Pete's suggestion...
I can see the logic of it if you don't think you can spare any of your usable ammo, but in this economy I'd just buy the calibers I can use and only trade if I absolutely have to. I do reload .38/.357 for a friend of mine, so I might stock up with components for that extremely popular caliber for trading purposes.
Pete: Excellent idea about stocking up on .22's. Can't reload those, of course, so buying in quantity is very wise.

John the Econ said...

@My Dog Brewski, it's still not logical. If I can afford to purchase 10,000 rounds of ammo, I can do the following:

A) Purchase 10,000 rounds that I can use or trade.

B) Purchase 10,000 rounds that I can't use, but can trade

C) Purchase 10,000 rounds in some combination thereof.

If my objective is to use all of that ammo for my personal use, (A) is the only option. If my objective is to use all of that ammo for trading purposes, then it really doesn't matter. But if it is my objective to be able to both use the ammo and have it available for trade, I could do (C), but why limit my future options as to how much I might want to use versus trade in such a way, when it really doesn't matter to the marketplace?

(A) is the optimal option, since it places no future constraints on whether I choose to use or trade that ammo.

Doktor Paulie said...

@Pete(Detroit) The Biblical proscription against homosexuality is in both the Old and New Testaments. In the NT it's specifically mentioned in Paul's letters to two or three different churches. I've just been reading them, on my 5th read thru the whole thing, and noting those passages in particular because of my niece who is a Christian and a lesbian (oh yes you CAN be both, he said, igniting yet ANOTHER controversy), not to beat her up with but just for purposes of further discussion. I refuse to tell you the ones that she reminds ME about. Perfection lies yet ahead of us all, and is not to be obtained in this life, though we strive toward the mark. Anyway, Pete, I can get you exact references if you like.

As for hating of gays by Christians, or loathing, or other bad behavior, I can only explain it by saying people always like to go around feeling better than other people in order to feel better about themselves and mixing emotions in with that, whether fear or loathing or anger or whatever, amplifies the effect.

Personally, I don't give a big one about hetero/homo, though I'm a raging hetero myself. Copy your point about liking the idea of guys taking themselves out of the game, but note that works both ways, and some of the women do as well. It balances out. You should see the guys heartbroken over my niece. =D

There ARE Christian-based programs, frequently run by people who have come out of the GLB life, that start from the premise that homosexuality is a sexual addiction and proceed to minister to people accordingly. As far as I'm aware, none of those programs hates gays or advocates their arrest, forcible conditioning, persecution, baiting, or exclusion. Any alleged Chrisitian organizations that DO have serious problems, but I confess I have not paid any notice to the question to discover same or mark them. Knowing the great variety within Christianity, I expect there are such organizations, and we should pray for them.

I really can only speak for myself and my own view which is that the Bible, which I think is the truth, plainly teaches that homosexuality and some other things are wrong, and that I need to worry about the plank in my own eye before I worry about the speck in somebody else's eye. So I get along fine with my GLBTG relatives, friends and colleagues. I bring the question up because people seem to have the idea that all Christians have this violent hatred of homosexuals, and most of us really don't. We conservative soldiers in this cultural civil war, which will go hot if Hoffa has his way, need to figure out and understand very firmly that we're all decidedly on the same side and that we can readily work out any differences, mostly by just agreeing to disagree on a few things. We agree on far more.

Phew! I DO go on.

@AHD: any landing you can walk away from. =D Working with astronauts here at NASA I learned the extreme value of staying way in front of the aircraft, and I also learned that sometimes all you can do is make the best of a really bad situation, which you evidently did. You walked away and no harm done and the redhead got a good story out of it. Whoop! "Boring" is not yet an adjective that I am willing to associate with the word "skydive", but I hope you have nothing but boring skydives from here on out. So to speak.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- Wow! I got pulled away from my computer by other business, and now there are vast numbers of interesting comments that I'm behind on! Political chicanery, Obama's speech, ammunition stockpiling and barter, homosexuality and the Bible, and leaping out of perfectly good airplanes!

Fortunately, the conversations work fine without my two cents' worth...though I'll still toss a couple of pennies in.

@Andrew- I worry about the possibility of illegal voters as the push continues to remove the need for identification at polling places. I also worry about the possibility of "kinetic" voter intimidation now that Eric Holder has declared the actions of the Black Panthers to be acceptable.

@Doktor Paulie- I've got to say that I got a warm glow out of your nice post about your friends Mr. Hlavac and Mr. Springfield. One of the truest rewards of working on this blog is enjoying the company of the little community we've all created here, and seeing the way people relate to one another.

And I don't recall hearing previously that you work at NASA. I'm impressed! (Well, assuming that you're not the Muslim Outreach Director.)

@Pete(Detroit)- I'm out of my bailiwick when it comes to commenting on anything in the Bible, so won't go there. But as I've said here repeatedly in the past, I don't personally make any moral distinction between homo and hetero orientation, but am intolerant of promiscuity in either camp. More than anything, I can't understand the anti-Gay mentality that would consider sexual orientation to be a significant threat to our country when compared to the apocalyptic events in Washington. If viewed only from the perspective of priorities, sexual orientation simply shouldn't be on the current political radar.

@Angry Hoosier Dad- Thanks for the entertaining (and somewhat nailbiting) description of your latest jump! Somehow, this still isn't nudging me any closer to the yawning maw of an open aircraft door at altitude. Although I'd be willing to let a redhead drive me around in the back of her pickup truck. Carpe Diem, right?

@John the Econ- Great post. I thought I was reading a WSJ editorial there for a minute (that's praise, by the way). And I think you're exactly right: the war between the net producers and net consumers is officially on. And I wince to think what fuel Obama will pour on that particular fire in his speech tonight.

@My Dog Brewski- I can't really weigh in on the ammunition debate, as the deadliest objects in my home are a baseball bat and a dog who is lovable but a little wacky around strangers. Though I've got to admit that the crazier things get, the more I'm thinking I need to look into firearms.

Andrew said...

So here is the bright Tomorrowland World Of The Future 21st Century that Americans have come to on the 50th anniversary of the liberal-socialist Great Society--earnest debates on bullet caliber for subsistence barter.
Thank you LBJ, Nixon, Carter, Clinton, Bush, Obama and all the lesser players in our imperial decline.

If bullets are currency, choose a popular currency. Unpopular or obscure calibers (currencies) are often unpopular for good reasons. In Zombieland, the mouse-handgun calibers may not thrive, and those with mouseguns may have little of interest to trade (nor have it for long).
Firearms in Zombieland may be much carried as deterrents but less often discharged.
Lots of security problems with barter economics in Zombieland. How to keep yourself and your inventory safe once word gets around that you HAVE inventory to barter. Challenges abound.

Past experience of collapses suggests that Authority (traditional or newly self-appointed) will continue to make itself a problem long after ceasing to be useful. IE, the same Authority that made no useful plans or preparations for shortages then goes house to house brutally 'confiscating for the greater good' food/fuel/tools/everything useful from those prudent individuals who DID prepare. There won't be any Authority law enforcement to protect you from looters/raiders/predator gangs, but there WILL be just enough law enforcement to come around later to disarm/arrest and possibly try/convict/execute you on the spot for having defended yourself in Authority's absence.
Time to re-read Pat Frank's 1959 'Alas, Babylon', the first & still the best depiction of an American community plunged into postapocalyptic collapse.

Colby said...

Wow, great blog over the past couple of days, but I can't wait for the one tomorrow.

Stilton, we assume that you will be taking yet another hit for the team tonight, and will have an inspired cartoon and commentary in the morning. We have come to expect no less.

Mrs. Colby and I will be getting out the guitar and fiddle tonight to play some Irish music along with some friends, and down a few pints of Guinness. All of this will be done in honor of our fearless leader once again proving that he doesn't have a clue. We will with heavy hearts and weepy eyes be truly upset that we have to miss the speech, but plan to do the next best thing by lighting our hair on fire and putting it out with ice picks.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Andrew- I've never read "Alas, Babylon" but will put it on my list. I assume it's still considered fiction. For now.

@Colby- Yes, I plan to watch the speech and then do tomorrow's cartoon and commentary immediately afterwards. Which, frankly, I'm already sulking about. Watching Obama is like rubbing broken glass in my eyes, and listening to him elevates my blood pressure dangerously. Also it scares the dog when I start shouting at the television.

And speaking of Irish music, you remember that Barack O'Bama is Irish, right? He has kin on his mother's side that come from Moneygall - which, for obvious reasons, I've always found very easy to remember.

RainCloud said...

@Colby - sounds like a plan! I'd pay good money to watch "The Won" engage in your plan instead of giving yet another useless, self-gratifying, self-righteous, whiny speech!

Debt/Deficit problem solved!

JustaJeepGuy said...

In regards to the question of ammo purchases, I think Pete(D) mainly meant to get ammo, even if you can't use it, when the price is right. My personal accumulation of firearms is mostly in semi-obscure calibers because they interested me way back when I bought them. Also, they were MUCH less costly then. Now, it seems that calibers I don't use/load for are more attractively priced than those I do use, and I can't afford firearms that take the less expensive ammo.

On another note, isn't it funny that Barack Hussein and Slick Willie are the best salesmen the firearms industry in this country ever had?

Colby said...

Yep! BO is Irish. I think the name Barak means "leprechaun turd" in Gaelic, but I'm not sure.

Why not skip the speech and just rub the glass in your eyes. It would be a lot less painful. You could probably do the cartoon without watching; you already know what he's going to say!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@RainCloud- "Another useless, self-gratifying, self-righteous, whiny speech." See, that's why I'm sulking about having to watch it!

@JustaJeepGuy- Let's be fair, Jimmy Hoffa is helping sell guns, too.

@Colby- I'm tempted to do the cartoon right now, because there's a 99% chance it would be accurate.

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

Go for it, I would. Hell, I've never been 99% accurate on anything. Ask my wife.
I don't speak Gaelic though 1/4 of my bloodline is Irish, but I'll bet you're spot on with that translation.

John the Econ said...

I have to admit, that his speechwriters were quite deft at attacking the Tea Party without seeming to attack them by name. And notice that when liberals get desperate, they start channeling Reagan? (All of a sudden, tax cuts are good?)

Of course, it wasn't totally free of standard liberal sop; people need to "pay their fair share", people have paid for their Medicare, etc. (Sorry folks, but you have never paid for your own Medicare - You've paid for someone else's - the real question is "will someone else pay for your's when your time comes?") “We can help”. (NO! Stop helping! You've done enough!)

And these are temporary measures? When it comes to government expansion and intervention, there's no such thing as "temporary". To a large degree, today's economic ills are due to supposedly "temporary" measures put in place during the last depression.

And it sounds like a wonderful "plan". But will we have to vote for it first to see what's in it?

John the Econ said...

And why does everyone think that former GE CEO and member of the President's panel of economic advisers Jeffrey Immelt is such a genius? Is it because GE lost money during his tenure? Or because he saw over the massive off-shoring of GE jobs? Or is it because through lobbying for "green" credits in the tax code that GE has become the prime example of crony capitalism that the Obama Administration sees as our peaceful transition to outright socialism that today means that GE pays ZERO in corporate income taxes?

He's the Paul Krugman of CEOdom.

John the Econ said...

Oh, I get it. It's a two-part deal. We vote on the "spend" part now, and he'll get back to us on the "pay for it" part in a few weeks.

The Democrats pulled this on Reagan 30 years ago. Let's not be fooled again.

jselvy said...

I predict:

Elections are 'unfair' and 'racially biased'.

Predisident Obosama will retain power until 'fair' elections can be held.

Any widespread dissent will be suppressed by UN 'peace keeping' troops

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- Clearly you watched the speech (as did I). It was everything I expected...and even less. I has halfway expecting him to launch some really bold proposal instead of the same old baloney...but no. Just take more money from the evil rich (oops - now they're our "most fortunate citizens") and throw it at crony capitalist projects. Cutting taxes which support Social Security (because it's already running such a surplus, I suppose). And on, and on, and on. What a steaming load...!

@jselvy- I could see that being attempted, but I can't see him getting away with it. Not in Texas, anyway.

John the Econ said...

...and I already know what the media narrative is going to be tomorrow: The Tea Party is going to deprive our poor schoolkids decent schools and our veterans jobs.

Doktor Paulie said...

@jselvy: those UN peacekeeping troops should live so long. >)

@SJ Yes, I work at NASA at the Johnson Space Center, helping to develop the next space suit for EVA (going outside a perfectly good spacecraft). We figure we'll get the hardware ready and the mission will catch up to us. I'm a contractor, not a gov't employee.

And I'm a Christian and a Master Mason and a Past Master of my home lodge (Henderson Lodge #820 in Kenney Illinois) and a Knight Templar. Just in the interest of full disclosure.

I'm a master engineer and a doktor of natural philosophy and I invite all my friends here to join me in legendary silliness, like jumping out of perfectly good airplanes, so that our grandsons and granddaughters will tell our stories to THEIR grandchildren and say, "I wonder what was WRONG with them!?"

Especially, I invite all friends here to keep calm and carry on in this great cultural civil war, resolving that everything that occurs is just another step on the way to our inevitable victory.

There I go again...

Reaganite Independent said...

Excellent, sir

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