Monday, October 31, 2011

Close One

Here at the editorial offices of Hope n' Change Cartoons, we're big enthusiasts for Halloween (which, in these politically correct times, is more properly referred to as "Redistribution of Fattening, Subsidized Corn Syrup-Based Corporate Products Day").

And of course, it's also a big day at the Whitehouse - because no one knows more about wearing a mask to get what you want than Barack Obama.

To celebrate, Barack and Michelle gave out treats on Saturday - which was more convenient for them than waiting until, oh, Halloween - despite the fact that bitterly cold rain and snow fell on the kids paraded for the first couple's photo-op.

The president looked out over the shivering tots and said, "You guys doing alright? It's not ideal out here. Let's give out some candy!" Which is, of course, what his teleprompter has been telling him to say for years now.

Each child received a box of M&Ms with a presidential seal (hello, Ebay!), a butter cookie in the shape of the Whitehouse (hello, Weightwatchers!) and, to ensure fond childhood memories of our gracious and generous first lady, a baggie of dried fruit.

But all too soon, the magical festivities were over and Barack Obama again turned his thoughts from All Hallow's Eve to All Hollow Promises...and making sure taxpayers are the ones left holding the bag.

In any event,
HAPPY HALLOWEEN from Hope n' Change Cartoons - and remember to be generous tonight when scary-looking young people appear at your door demanding goodies.

Unless they've got drums, in which case they're probably members of Occupy Wall Street.


BONUS: Want some frightening art for this (or next) Halloween? Click here for a printable sized version of this scary Whitehouse Halloween painting!

BONUS #2: And don't forget the Hope n' Change Halloween videos! Great for sharing with friends or liberals on Facebook!




John the Econ said...

What better metaphor could there be for the Progressive agenda than the idea of drawing children in with fattening free sweets, or dispatching them to each house in the neighborhood to collect them lest they be disappointed and start "tricking"?

Alas, I choose not to burden poor young innocents with such heady lessons on what should remain an innocent and harmless festivity. It's just that when they grow up and expect that their neighbors should be paying for their college education, health care, and diapers that I have the problem. At least on Halloween, they are required to go to the effort of dressing up and actually walking up and down the street to collect their treats, as opposed to their adult counterparts, who only have to rely upon the political apparatus to conduct the same function for them from the comfort of their own cribs.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Went to a party on Sat, dressed in beachwear. I was "Occupying Summer" "Free sunshine, Free Warm Breezes, Time for the beaches (LOTS of time for the Beeeeeeeechez >wink, leer<)

It went over well - "Makes more sense, anyway"

J. Gravelle said...

Also at the White House, a Satanic Sing-along:


Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- To tell the truth, one of the things I really LIKE about Halloween is seeing parents and their kids together, going from door to door and sharing the experience. It helps remind me that there are still real people doing real family activities out there...and that's balm to my spirit. So at Jarlsberg House, we try to decorate nicely, play some (not too scary) sound effects, and have decent candy for the munchkins.

@Pete(Detroit)- I'll bet a lot of frostbitten Marxists are currently wishing they could Occupy Summer. Well done!

@J. Gravelle- Thanks for sharing the link. I got a laugh out of it!

Jim Hlavac said...

Hey Stilt & all, just got back from Halloween festivities in New Orleans' French Quarter. No children in my sector, but decent fun was had by all anyway (I doubt kids in the hetero side, too many strip clubs.)

I went as a Patriot, with white sneakers, bluejeans, red button down shirt, open, for it was not really cold, and my FDNY T-shirt visible. And well, engaged the folks in conversation, for a little Tea Party rabble rousing. :)) (what, you think I terrorize only you? hahahaha! The horrified looks of liberals was quite scary, hehehehe.)

Oh, more people than an Occupy Wall Street Rally, over a 10 square block area, and well, not a cop to be found; seems we're too peaceful.

Meanwhile, be very happy Obama is not twins, with his brother waiting in the wings should either defeat or term limits eliminate this blot :) Happy Halloween sir.

pryorguy said...

Looks like the Obamas put on their regular clothes to pass out candy! How nice!

My wife and I both enjoy seeing something you don't see's halloween and all the kids and their folks are thick out in the neighborhoods and right in your front door. Just something you don't see except one night of the year; or, maybe a bit on the fourth of July. Way back when, you saw sights like this more often (well, I personally don't remember it!)...back before TV, and now this digital age! People connected face to face in their towns instead of electronically. Something is lost there I think.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

As the Frankenstein Monster once famously said: "Mmmgyar! Mmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg!"

Oops, no. I'm wrong. I think The First Wookiee said that around a mouthful of greasy ribs. My mistake. Confusing my horrors again. Sorry. Happy Halloween!

John the Econ said...

@Jim Hlavac, Mrs. Econ & I were recently in the French Quarter on a Saturday night, and were shocked as to how many people were there with children. Don't know what the hell those people were thinking. The only place I could think of that would be less appropriate for kids was supposedly Lafayette Square.

We had intended to witness an "occupation" that was supposed to be taking place there in front of the Federal Reserve. Unfortunately, when we got there, it was empty except for a handful of joggers. I guess the "occupiers" were still hung over from their previous night's exploits on Bourbon Street. Disappointed at being denied a true freak show, Mrs. Econ & I instead momentarily took over the park in the name of free market capitalism.

DragonAgnstEvil said...

I don't pay much attention to what politicians do during the varied holidays. I find them to be personal times. I do pay attention to their political actions and fraudulent waste - for any government spending beyond the "general welfare" is waste. Please see Alfonzo Rachel, Bill Whittle, and the rest of the kind folks at PJTV if you have any question about what "general welfare" means ( <-- previous message to all our conformist, leftist friends).


See! I'm nice!

Anyway, all I see lately is waste. If it ain't defending our borders, protecting our Constitutional, GOD-given freedoms, or paying for our national defense, it ain't something the gubmint has any business in. That's to paraphrase, and it's a tad bit of a lead in. A transparent and poorly constructed one, but a lead in at that.

The Wicked Witch of the West was by no means our best Speaker of the House. Wait, that's insulting to the WWotW... Let me start over. The butt ugly end of the universe... Wait, that's insulting to the butt ugly end of the universe... Ah shoot, there's only one way to describe Nanci Pelosi. The Nancy Pelosi was so horrible that she makes John Boehner look like Mother Teresa...or Gandhi.

As an FYI lefties, John Boehner has more in common with you guys than the individual-rights crowd, aka: Constitutionalists, freedom lovers, Fredrick Douglas Republicans, et cetera. We generally see him as weak and squishy. Promoting her as a mediocre person is pushing it, and wasting taxpayer money to push such campaign slander and liable is, well, just plain vile.

What other wastes have there been in the past week? How about campaigning on the taxpayer dole? How about using non-elected officials to force new regulations and laws down our throats? I'm sure I could go on for hours, but I just don't feel like it today. It's been a rather miserable week. Instead, I'll continue to something fascinating.


I find the Obamavillagers truly fascinating creatures. They protest Capitalism in one breath, and they demand Capitalism in the very next. They call openly for violence, and they bemoan the necessary use of force to keep them from harming others and damaging property. They practically order fellow Obamavillagers not to report to the police, and they decry actual reports of internal violence and rape. They are the media darlings, and they cry about the Tea Party coverage. They provide free food, and they demand that the homeless and unemployed contribute something.

There are two phrases I'd like to use, and somebody else can provide the original sources.

I think they doth protest too much.
I don't think the words they use mean what they think they mean.

As a final aside, what do you think of the lies the media is finally drumming up against Herman Cain? They must be shaking in their brown pants!
(all who catch the real reference get digital cookies)

The masks are coming off, people. The vile and ugly natures simply can't be hidden for long. Eventually, the masks become as painful as light to a vampire or melt. They are going to bully the candidates they are afraid of, and they will try to make us believe we want to "settle" for electability. We cannot fall for the ruse.

After all, they think it's Halloween all year round, and they think their tricking us with treats.


Corny... -_-;

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Jim Hlavac- Trick or treating and spreading the conservative word? You, sir, deserve some good treats in your bag.

@Pryorguy- I spent an enjoyable evening sitting outside to greet the young trick-or-treaters. Not as many as in previous years, but there was a nice bunch and they were all polite and well-behaved (and many traveling with parents, which gladdens my heart). My front yard was bedecked with colorful inflatables, and a video projection system to show the singing statue heads from Disney's Haunted Mansion.

But what pleased me most is that a neighbor with Down syndrome helped us distribute our Halloween candy, and one family visited...then came back when they realized that they knew him from the restaurant where he works busing tables. They returned to take pictures of their kids AND our Down syndrome neighbor in front of the Halloween decorations.

It was so sweet, and so genuine, that it made all of the Halloween decorations worthwhile...and gave me a wonderful reminder of the good-hearted people who are all around us even when we may not be aware of them. All of which made for a very special Halloween for me.

@Emmentaler- Your message was received loud and clear, and "Happy Halloween" to you, too!

@John the Econ- I'm glad you "occupied" the park, although apparently the media doesn't notice unless you rape someone, masturbate in public, or twinkle your fingers to show that you want Michael Moore to explain Life to you.

@Dragon Against Evil- Your post parallels a lot of points I thought about when considering today's commentary. Most importantly, the masks are coming off in the Obama Administration. They're dropping the "Hope and Change" rhetoric in favor of pure balls-to-the-walls socialism. Which is actually a good thing - it might even lead to an honest election!

John the Econ said...

So now that Cain has to be taken seriously, here come the attempts at character assassination. Sexual harassment? How '90s passee. You'd think that after Bill Clinton, such allegations against a presidential candidate would lack any punch. Or is it that they only retain their power against black conservatives?

@DragonAgnstEvil, many of them are just smart enough to know that without free-market capitalism, we'd have absolutely nothing as a nation. It's merely their desire to turn us into their slaves.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- It's sad, but unsurprising, that one of the major news services characterized Cain as someone "repeatedly" accused of sexual harrassment (since "repeatedly" sounds a lot worse than "twice")...while the same outfit all but ignored Anthony Weiner's phallic flash fest.

Whether the GOP nod goes to Cain, Romney, or someone else, we're going to see unparalleled amounts of money from the left going toward the politics of personal destruction.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Dragon - Hamlet, Princess Bride, respectively, and the joke about the sea captain who has a red shirt he keeps for pirate attacks, yes?

pryorguy said...

Stilt, that is exactly how it was here last evening, too. A nice evening in NE OK, parents and kids out having a good time. Warmed my heart, too.