Friday, November 18, 2011

Inaction In Action

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On Wednesday, the mainstream media was filled with stories about the "tens of thousands" of Occupy Wall Street protesters who were expected to clog the streets of New York, shut down the stock market, and basically give the Evil Rich the big spanking they so richly deserve.

And it's a good thing those stories were written, published, and telecast on Wednesday...because if the media had actually waited for the "Day of Action" to occur on Thursday, they would have had to report that it was a miserable, poorly attended, disorganized failure... just like everything else the Occupy idiots have attempted to date.

But as much as we'd like to criticize the half-witted protesters, we think the punishments they've self-administered pretty much fit their crimes: where they were once simply spoiled, bongo-whacking kids who didn't want to pay back their student loans, they are now spoiled, bongo-whacking kids who are infected with scabies, lice, tuberculosis, rickets, and STDs which don't even have names yet.

No, our real derision is reserved for the mainstream media who are the real "99%" behind this protest "movement" that was never a movement at all. The media which has whipped up false numbers, false stories, and false sympathies to promote their own political agenda (and that of pro-Occupy cheerleaders like Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi) while failing to report on the mongrel horde's taste for rape, murder, drug use, public masturbation, destruction of property, and rampant anti-Semitism.

Simply put, the many reports predicting "tens of thousands" of protesters were never about covering an event...but hoping to create one. And that's a frightening thought.

Hopefully, now that many municipalities have undergone de-lousing and closed their various Obamavilles, the whole "Occupy" myth will evaporate for lack of camera-friendly images to serve as backdrops for the talking heads.

But it would be foolish for us to either forget or forgive those who have been promoting blatant anarchy and anti-Americanism. And more foolish still to think they won't try to up the ante dangerously before next election day.


Fawkes News: They Report, We Deride.


drjim said...

I'll bet it was really #4!

Rick Armstrong (Texas) said...

Once again, the socialist have made their point...the can motivate a certain sector of society without taking any of the real blame. Most of the media was complicient in the fiasco and their veiled attempts at a rally were seen through as easily as the curtain that purports to be hiding the wizard who is stirring the pot and pulling the levers. I simply say that we cannot let down our guard and come spring, it's gonna get ugly and we the people will pay the price.

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

I don't know if those in the leftist media believed they could actually create a movement merely by writing about it or if this was just another attempt to distract the public from the SCOAMF-in-chief's continual dick-stomping vis-a-vis the economy, Fast & Furious, Solyndra and on and on.
There may be random pockets of sanity and truth in reporting on Turdboy's actions from here on out, but I expect the general trend to be the LSM continuing to circle the wagons around him and going all-in to salvage this abysmal failure of a presidency.
Whatcha think, Stilton?

Jim Hlavac said...

I keep pointing out the hypocrisy of millionaire news readers (they ain't "reporters," no,) working for billionaire media companies who were simply thrilled to push a raging mob against millionaires and billionaires. And when millionaires and billionaires are all "for" a movement that is ostensibly "against" themselves, then something else is up. The rocket scientists among my liberal friends still can't see the problem.

Meanwhile, the press ignored the 22nd anniversary of a true "occupy" movement on Nov. 17th -- when 200,000 or more Czechs occupied Prague AGAINST communism and FOR capitalism. And more 100s of thousands all across Eastern Europe did the same. It was fast, it was furious, and soon in every town and burg from the Baltic to the Adriatic the 99% were chasing away the 1% in the Communist governments; most of those governments were gone within two or three weeks. Would have clashed with the narrative and the plan, I guess.

And our media never talks about the 90,000 violent demonstrations a year now across China against the communists and for capitalism, which even the Chinese news agency admits is happening. Seems our mainstream media no longer report news, as try to make it up.

And so now I'm flipping a coin to see which of our media is Pravda, and which is Izvestia.

John the Econ said...

I think the "occupy" movement is the gift that keeps on giving. I have to admit that I'm mesmerized by it. The mainstream media honestly thinks they're promoting a anti-capitalist uprising when what they are really doing is showcasing a daily reminder of the utter failure of progressive policy; a generation of clueless, unemployable, useless "activists" with absurdly expensive educations and absolutely nothing to show for it. They don't understand history. They don't understand economics. If they did, they'd be "Occupy K-Street", "Occupy Capitol", or "Occupy White House". Instead of protesting bankers, they should be protesting their supposed universities that gave them degrees that cost 5 to 6 figures and prepared them for little more than camping out in public spaces.

The media has now turned to romanticizing them in other ways than merely political:

They're now promoting them as examples of sustainable living and urban design! Is that funny & ironic or what? The progressive economic agenda ultimately will reduce people to living in tent cities, but few intellectually intact people honestly consider that a good thing!

As for the "organizers" of this movement, they are at a crossroads. Just camping out is no longer outrageous enough and the public is growing bored. So what can they do to keep the media and people interested? Becoming more of a public nuisance (like they tried on Thursday) or, ultimately violence as has been taking place mostly out west.

Some of these clowns really wish to relive 1968. What their ignorance of history shrouds from their understanding of what they're doing is that the outrageous behavior of the radical left swung the 1968 election from Humphrey to Nixon, and led to the rise of Ronald Reagan. I hardly think that's what they really want.

I sincerely hope the media continues to promote and encourage these goofballs for the next 12 months.

My Dog Brewski said...

Jim Hlavac and John the Econ:
Two barks and a tail wag to both of you. I always appreciate examples of a feckless media stumbling in the dark while thinking they enlighten us.

Pete(Detroit) said...

No Corporations
No Jobs
All Equal
All Broke

AHD, I was curious just what you were were saying (SCOAMF) so I googled it - hysterical!

Anonymous said...

I have little hope for America these days.

Andrew said...

Yup, it's a flexing of media propaganda-creation muscle. And just a warm-up for the re-anointment of The One in 2012.

Goebbels and Julius Streicher would be so proud. And with the OWS anti-Semitism, they'd feel perfectly at home.

Bacon said...

with the right kind of eyes you can almost see the high-water mark - that place where the wave finally broke and rolled back.~

.... To that, Mr. Thompson, I can only add.... Good Riddance.

Jim Hlavac said...

@My Dog Brewski -- why, thank you, sir. You know, having relatives who live in Prague (and some smaller places, too, all four grandparents from Czech Republic, btw,) and having been writing to them in Czech since I was a teen in the mid '70s (FBI file? Hmm.) -- well, one gets a feel for Communism that is rather unknown to Americans. I used to smuggle in the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin to them; for the very music was illegal. I'd slip the RS or LZ record into an old Mozart or Beethoven sleeve, and blithely send it off -- and the "blbeci" (the idiots,) at customs never thought to look inside. Bwahahaha!

Having read Rude Pravo newspaper -- "the Red Truth" -- one can't help but notice that the US media, and by extension liberals, of today is not much different than the "truth" of those times.

But if you want to see liberal heads explode, in the past few weeks I keep bringing up Bruce Harris, newly elected mayor of 99.8% White Chatham Borough, New Jersey, at liberal gay blogs -- for Mr. Harris is quite a conundrum to the meme -- for he's gay, African-American, and Republican! I plead for "repressed minorities," of course -- and few are more repressed on the Liberal scale than black gay Republicans, I'd imagine. I dare say, I don't get a tag wag, no, but more the kick at a cur dog, oh well. :)

John the Econ said...

@Jim Hlavac, the unfortunate aspect of our time is that the kids now graduating and "occupying" have lived their whole sentient lives in a world where the "Cold War" was little more than a history lesson in a class they never likely had to take. "Communism" to them is again a wonderful theory instead of a brutal reality, just like it was 100 years ago.

Speaking of strange bigotry: Today, Herman Cain was granted Secret Service protection, due to numerous death threats. One such threat allegedly comes from the KKK, with a note that says "There is no such thing as a black Republican".

Strange, but isn't that the Democrat's narrative?

Pete(Detroit) said...

John - IIRC, KKK is a predominately Dem institution...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- This has been one of those days when it's hard for me to post comments the way I'd like to, but I've been reading yours and enjoying them! Carry on!

Chuck said...

I was in Savanna, GA on 11/11. Saw the spot where the bench was for the filming of Forrest Gump, where is sat to tell his story in the movie (there is no bench there now). Life is like a box of chocolates.

At one point during the day while walking around, my wife and I found ourselves walking right through the middle of Øccupy Savannah (ØS): 20 feet of signs stuck in the ground and 2 cretins ... leftover relics of the 60's. Later, I was on an “Old Savanna Tours” bus (a very nice tour that I highly recommend … Ӏ may be biased because I got the day pass for free because it was Veterans day and I’m retired Army.) We passed ØS again which now had SEVEN Øccupiers waving and shouting. I wasn’t impressed. As Gump would say: Stupid is as stupid does.

My wife asked if I wanted to take a picture of them, and I said it would be a waste. She pointed out that it’s a digital camera, so it isn’t like there is any film to waste, but I noted that it would still be a waste of my time and it would highly inconvenience 10 mega-pixels worth of electrons!

@Stilton - excellent summation of the Occupiers and especially the media.

John the Econ said...

@Chuck, it's a shame you didn't. You could have played the "Occupy Scavenger Hunt":

I tried to play when I was in New Orleans last month. Unfortunately, I had gone to the park where they were supposed to be on a Sunday morning, and they were all gone. Hung over on Bourbon Street I suppose...

Andrew said...

John, the Nawlins OWSers might have been hung over, but they weren't still loitering around on Bourbon Street the morning after. Unlike Northeastern mayors, the bar owners on Bourbon Street know better than to let the dregs hang around after hours. Creates a host of neighborhood problems. Somebody should tell Bloomberg.

JustaJeepGuy said...

Somebody probably DID tell Bloomberg. There's no way he'd have listened back in September, though. He might be inclined to do so now----when it's W-A-A-A-A-y too late!