Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy NO Year

Hope n' Change Cartoons would like to be the first to wish everyone a very "Happy NO Year!"

Because 2012 is finally the year when we can go toe-to-toe with the "Yes We Can" crowd and tell them in no uncertain terms "No You Can't!"

No you can't
continue to divide Americans and set one group against another. No you can't turn your backs on America's allies and military commitments. No you can't continue to steal trillions of dollars from future generations and enrich yourselves at our expense. No you can't kill individual initiative and turn this into a socialist state. No you can't continue to pretend that patriotism is the same thing as racism.

No you can't
re-elect Barack Obama.

2012 is the year that we just might save the United States of America and that's damned exciting. It's going to be a hard and ugly fight - probably the ugliest political battle ever waged in this country. Conservatives will be demonized, lied to, and lied about - and the Left will do everything in its considerable power to demoralize us if we let them.

So we won't let them.

Knowing what we believe in, and the importance of what we're fighting for, we must ignore the angry and distracting buzz which will arise in the media and amongst the naysayers - and be energized by knowing that this is a battle we'll win.

Personally, I'm excited, revved up, and looking forward to a real bare-knuckle brawl as we head into November and I hope you are too.

Because 2012 is our year. Our very Happy NO Year!

I'd really like to slap this sticker on a certain big black campaign bus...

BONUS: Please take a few moments to watch this video that reminds us of the critical importance of this coming election.


Coon Tasty said...

Unfortunately, I think it is inevitable that the Left will win again. They have manipulated everything into their own favour and conservatives have reacted stupidly, for *decades*, by refusing to use the Left's own tactics against them.

On another note, I wish all of my American (and other) conservative friends a safe and happy New Year.

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

Despite it's vulgarity, the single most descriptive term for him is SCOAMF. It should be as universally recognized as that stupid, self-aggrandizing logo of his. As much as I appreciate having a company truck to drive, I do wish I could plaster the thing with anti-Obama messages. However, I can create a banner and hang it on the front of my house. If I can get this done I will link to a photo of it.
Thanks for the video, Stilton. I do loves me some Bill Whittle speaking truth. Hey, Turdboy, that's gonna leave a mark.
Happy NO Year, America.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Heh - After watching the Whittle video, Pat Condell was one of the 'suggestions' that popped up, ranting about the moronic "atheists" working to get creche scenes banned, and how that leaves HIM feeling 'offended and excluded'.
Whittle and Condell - the day is off to a GOOD start.

Happy KNOW Year, all! (as in, when you KNOW, you'll say NO)

DavidD said...

Meanwhile, the Republican party gives us a slate of candidates who are uninspiring, at best, and as--dangerous-as-Obama, at worst.

Where have you gone, Sarah Palin? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you, woo-hoo-hoo.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Coon Tasty- I understand your pessimism, but I take heart from the 2010 election cycle. I don't believe that the Tea Party has gone anywhere; we're just in "idle" during the primary process...and will come back roaring when it's time to go head-to-head.

@Angry Hoosier Dad- Oh, SCOAMF is completely on the nose for this guy. And regarding banners hung in front of homes, that's just the sort of active involvement I'm talking about that I expect to see this coming year.

@Pete(Detroit)- The Whittle video is delicious, and should make every real American angry about what has been done to our country in the past three years. One thing that he mentions that didn't get featured here on HnC is the actual cost of $250,000 for each and every Chevy Volt produced, with taxpayers picking up almost the entire bill. This for a crap car with a cruising range of 40 miles, and a tendency to burst into flames. They should have just called it the Chevy Obama.

@DavidD- While it would be great to have a presidential candidate we were all 100% stoked about, nearly anyone in the field will be a huge improvement over Obama. To me, Job One is taking away future Supreme Court picks from this president. Any other accomplishments by a Republican president will be gravy. And let's not totally focus on the presidential race: we've GOT to get a supermajority to start enacting legislation which can turn things around.

CenTexTim said...

Stilt, IMO you've hit THE major thing to fear from an obama second term - the Supreme Court appointments. We're already stuck with two losers. God save us from any more. Can you imagine Eric Holder in a black robe? Talk about a legacy.

And you're spot on in rallying the troops. Too many people sat out the 2008 election because they were disappointed in the nomination of John McCain. He may not have been inspiring, but he would have been a damn sight better than the current SCOAMF.

So folks, don't just vote on Election Day 2012. Get active in supporting candidates at the local, state, and national levels that share our values. There's too much at stake here to be passive.

Colby said...

Remember though, we are not the party of "no." We are the party of "HELL no." Newt, Mitt, Rick, Rick, Michelle... ALL expotentially better than what we have. Ron Paul... not so much, but I'd take him any day over Vacation Man.

There are two huge changes that I am practically giddy considering. The first is (obviously) seeing the chief socialist going back to Chicago with his tail between his legs, and the second is the unceremonious end to Harry Reid's reign of giving it to us in the butt, over and over and over and over and... How the hell our constitution gives one man that much power I will never understand.

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

I was all set to work my considerable a$$ off for Sarah Palin. When she chose not to enter the race I was left with some tough choices, none of whom inspire me to sacrifice any shoe leather, time or money on their behalf. I have to believe in what I'm working for. I'm not a woman and I can't fake it.

Colby said...

AHD, you may still get your wish. Just the other day, Sarah Palin said something about it was not too late for another candidate to get in, and I got the feeling she was referring to herself. I (like you) think she would be a great POTUS, but the libs hate her with such a vengence, I don't think she could win. Same deal with Bachmann. What is it about conservative women that sets them off so badly??

I'm not really excited about any of our Republican choices, but you gotta admit, none of them are McCain, and all are huge improvements over Dope and Strange.

A personal note.... Mrs. Colby and I will be married for 40 years as of tomorrow. And she STILL says I am not trained!

Quite Rightly said...

I'm looking forward to the bare-knuckle brawl too.

As a genuine orator once said: "“Never give in, never give in, never; never; never; never - in nothing, great or small, large or petty - never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.”

Churchill knew it, and we know it.

Have a Very Happy 2012, Stilton. God knows you've done your part to help hold the fort in 2011.

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

I think what sets off the libs about conservative women is the "progressive" mind's irrational clinging to the notion that women must be liberals like them. After all, look how oppressed they have been by men since the dawn of human interaction. Any woman who refuses to acknowledge this truth, and partake of the sacrament of abortion in so doing, is denying her true self and wholly unworthy of consideration as a woman at all. They merit scorn and derision.
Congrats on your 40th. My wife and I have been married just over 38 years and she still introduces me to others as her "first husband".

Mike Porter said...

The good news here is that Condoleezza Rice has expressed some interest in getting back into the game as a possible running mate. With this, just about any of the candidates could bolster their own electability (not to mention credibility) should they make the smart choice. This, of course, assumes that their egos can accommodate the understanding of how a spoon full of vastly over qualified sugar helps the mediocre medicine go down. In any event, once in office they would be wise to then let the most qualified of the pair drive... and we all know who that would be. Ah, but to dream.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@CenTexTim- It's impossible to overstate the importance of denying Obama further Supreme Court picks. And as you correctly point out, 2012 isn't just going to be the year we can vote - it's the year that all of us need to get active and involved. We need to sway public opinions, raise awareness of the real questions and challenges that our "leaders" should be addressing, and make it clear that sitting on the sidelines this time around is a moral failing.

@Colby- Imagine a political world without Obama, Reid, or Pelosi. Wow...! And you're right that we need to make it clear that we're the party of "HELL no!" now. And happy anniversary!

@Angry Hoosier Dad- My passion will eventually be in supporting the candidate who is Not Obama. Admittedly, that didn't even get me fired up about McCain (sigh...)- but in fairness, we only suspected the worst about Obama back then, instead of knowing for a fact that he would be more awful than we imagined.

@Quite Rightly- You can't go wrong taking Churchill's advice. And thanks for the shoutout about my own small contribution here on HnC. I'd like this site to remind people that they can help the cause in their own way, with their own talents, whatever they are. Be creative, be out of the box, be a volunteer - whatever. But be involved.

@Angry Hoosier Dad- Great point; women and minorities who don't toe the Progressive line are seen as traitors to the gender or race, and are savaged for it in the ugliest possible ways. Which, of course, shows that Progressives are actually more sexist and racist than other political groups.

And congrats on your long marriage!

@Mike Porter- I'd be very happy to see Condoleezza Rice back in the game. Her presence on the ticket might also help tamp down the upcoming accusations of racism that the Obama team is already (not so subtly) preparing.

Colby said...

And... Let's not forget another NO. In 2012, NO 100 watt light bulbs. If you want 'em, best stock up today or tomorrow!

Thanks to all for the good wishes on my anniversary, and Happy NO Year.

Colby said...

Ok... I saw this and couldn't resist (apologies to J. Lennon):

Imagine there's no Nancy
It's easy if you try
No Reid to screw us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people, free to make a buck

Imagine there's no Schumer
It isn't hard to do
No Dodd or Barney
And low taxes too
Imagine all the people living life in peace

You, you may say
I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one
I hope some day you'll join us
And we’ll send Maxine way back home

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
If Obama gets his way
He’ll even take your minivan
Imagine all the people, sharing your paycheck

You, you may say
I am full of it, but I'm not the only one
I hope some day you'll join us
And we’ll send the illegal’s all back home

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Colby- A thing of beauty.

Pete(Detroit) said...

@ Stilton @Colby - True! (waving cell phone towards the stage)

And let me pile on w/ the congrads, Colby - anyone who's been married nearly as long as I've been alive (48 years, come Sunday)(even my folks - 52 years on Feb13!) deserves a serious shout out.
And yeah, I know, some of you Real Old Farts have ALSO been married for freaking ever - bring it up, and I'll give props you too, when appropriate!
Now, Fire UP, everyone! Get INVOLVED! vote globally, but work LOCALLY!
Take over your precinct delegates!
Attend TEA party rallies
Fly flyers!
Stick Stickers!

pryorguy said...

Happy No Year, really says it all! And, for anyone who may stumble here...a reminder of WHY we are so pissed!

I got this in an email….please watch and be informed….disturbing stuff, we knew was happening …

now watch this one to refresh your memories of our Muslim president…probably haven’t seen it in a while….spread the word if possible…

see ya next year!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Pete(Detroit)- Exactly! Whether you're an optimist or a pessimist (and believe me, I can be both) do something large or small to help tip the election in our favor.

@Pryorguy- Thank you for giving us a reason to have an extra glass of champagne (or more flammable beverage) tonight. I made it through the first video of Muslims clogging the streets of Paris, but it was too early in the day for me to make it past the first minute or so of the second video. I have to say that the video has edited Obama's words to look as bad as possible - sometimes to a misleading degree. But there's still plenty there which is accurate, clear, and very disturbing. For the record, I don't know that Obama is Muslim...but I have no doubt that he has more belief in, and affection for, Islam than Christianity.

Reaganite Independent said...

Happy New Year, Stilton (and all)


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