Monday, January 23, 2012

State Fair of the Union

On Tuesday night, Barack Hussein Obama will deliver what we sincerely hope will be his last State of the Union speech. And since the state of our union currently sucks, and the president can't point to a single policy success in the past three years other than his claim of taking a break in his golf game to personally kill Osama bin Laden, he's decided to focus his remarks on our glorious potential future.

In a preview of his speech sent to political allies, the president made it clear that the thrust of his speech will unsurprisingly be the same as his campaign theme: "War On Wealth."

Just kidding (barely). No, Obama is going to be proposing aggressive new initiatives to create a new Fair America in which "everybody gets a fair shot, everybody does their fair share, and everybody plays by the same rules."

In other words, we'll all soon be able to go golfing every weekend, take taxpayer-paid vacations in Hawaii and Martha's Vineyard, skip work for days at a time, and enjoy pick-up basketball games while we're supposed to be busy at our desks.

No, wait - those are still just Obama's rules.

But his speech also declared, "We can fight for where I think we need to go: building an economy that works for everyone, not just a wealthy few."

Despite adopting Occupy Wall Street's message for his State of the Union speech, it's not yet known if the Democrats attending the Joint Session will form a drum circle to emphasize the president's talking points...mostly because it's so hard to beat a drum if your hands are in someone else's pockets.

Among the other talking points the president has previewed for his speech:

• More products stamped "Made in America" (although the MLK monument, the president's "Darth Obama" tour bus, and taxpayer-funded electric cars built in Finland won't be among them).

• More American Energy - unless it has to be dug from a mine, pumped from a well, requires construction of a nuclear reactor, or if the production or transportation of that energy might "spoil the view" or discourage a caribou, snail darter, or environmentalist from having sex.

• Education and Skills for American Workers - Because for some reason that no one can figure out, the kids currently coming out of schools controlled by the nation's highly-paid teacher's unions don't know their asses from elbows.

But Obama has saved his biggest, and potentially most frightening, initiative for last:

•A Return to American Values - which he defines as "Fairness for all...Responsibility from all." And if that phrase doesn't chill your blood, let's try it in German: "
Gerechtigkeit für alle, die Verantwortung von allen!" Doesn't that sound more natural? Especially if delivered in a spit-flecked shout from behind a podium?

A lot of very bad things can happen when scared and distressed people are told by a charismatic leader that their suffering is entirely the fault of oppression by "the wealthy few" and that the time has come to fight and make them pay.

That's something important for all of us to keep in mind during Tuesday night's speech as Democrats leap from their seats, cheering and clapping, in celebration of their new Führer of Fair.

Welcome to Fair America. Hang on to your wallet.


Coon Tasty said...

"3 Darts For $38,500"


niteowl said...

First Prize: Your choice of a bailout for your mismanaged company (up to $1,000,000,000), or a presidential pardon for any offense (normally a $500,000 value).

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

Turdboy cannot find a single branch on which to hang his hat and display his accomplishments. Clearly the answer is to burn down the entire forest. Even those Democrats who would normally be utterly disgusted by this are embracing it as their only hope to maintain power. Win at all costs...maybe we can fix it later.

CenTexTim said...

"On Tuesday night, Barack Hussein Obama will deliver...his...State of the Union speech."

Actually, it will be his opening campaign speech of the 2012 election.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Coon Tasty- As the old saying goes, "it's funny because it's true."

@niteowl- No doubt about it, the taxpayer-funded prizes are really good...if you can afford to play.

@Angry Hoosier Dad- When you think about it, this anti-wealth initiative is being funded by Dems who think nothing of paying $38,500 for dinner with the president (and another $10k to take a picture with him). And though the president claims to be fighting for the common man, every $38,500 donation could have paid a full year's salary to an unemployed American. Maybe there really aren't any "millionaire job creators" as Harry Reid least if that millionaire is a Democrat.

@CenTexTim- I think we're already pretty deeply into his campaign, though you're right that this speech will allow him to officially debut the highly-polished themes and catchphrases he'll be using to try to divide the country for the rest of the year.

Chuck said...

Help me out here: if there has ever been a more divisive president in the history of the United States, my studies have failed to discover him. Maybe you have to live through it to notice it? But no, half of the county doesn't seem to notice it, and they are living through it right now. Are we too far gone, as a nation? Is it even possible to return to individualism when so many feel they are owed a home, food, health care, entertainment, and an allowance?

Jim Hlavac said...

Stilt, as you know, (and perhaps many have wondered where I've been,) I've been busy with the family archives, and hence not posting here -- and lo, just last night I translated a letter from the Czech, by my Great-Uncle Otto, dated 1953, which warned of the threat of Communism & Nazis, who he says "are the same." [He was in a German Concentration camp before escaping the communists, he should know, eh?] He rips and rails against the teachers preaching it, against the Lies of the politicians, against the false hopes of a mangled idea that leads to no good, against the vibrant stupidity of a system that winds up controlled by the 1% who become politicians while the 99% suffer equally -- and he specifically warns my grandfather to "beware, you Americans, of what we know." And what do I find today? Our own president spewing the Marxist garbage, who Uncle Otto would have thrashed within an inch of his life. What's that French phrase? Oh yeah, "the more things change the more they remain the same." Sad, stressful, disheartening. And the mush heads of our nation think this is a good thing. Yeesh.

Earl said...

What will they be eating at the Obama fair? Chicken-fried bankers? CEO's on a stick? Deep-fried oil executives?

Mike Porter said...

Chilling as in: "from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs"? Even in disguise the big bad wolf never resembled grandma in the least... red riding hood was obviously an idiot. At any rate, what abilities may we expect from this bunch of tools? Well, screwing folks over, so all we should hope from them is that they go screw themselves for a change. As to needs? Well, clearly, they need their asses kicked back into Hell from whence they came. Stomping your feet and complaining may be pointless, but it at least takes off some of the chill... I feel a little warmer already (and no, I only spike my coffee on weekends).

John the Econ said...

@Jim: So sad, but it's true; Even when it was happening, so few knew of and appreciated the world your great uncle lived through, and the lessons not learned.

"Fairness for all...Responsibility from all."??? If that phrase doesn't send shivers up your spine, you've got a rude surprise awaiting you. "Responsibility from all?" Exactly what does that mean? I'm quite certain that Jim's great uncle would have understood.

Whenever a politician, especially one with statist ambition and goals spews about "fairness", freedom is in peril. America is in peril. How will the GOP squishies respond to this? (My guess is that this will play better to Gingrich; Romney is toast)

You know what would be "fair"? If the incompetent & corrupt meddlers like Dodd, Frank, Pelosi, Ried & Obama and their army of cronies and hangers-on would be held responsible and sent into exile for the collateral damage caused by everything they've ever done in the name of "fairness". But that will always be too much to ask.

Anonymous said...

please read and redistribute. its what has been done to this country in 3 years of hope and change.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Chuck- You ask "Are we too far gone as a nation?" I sincerely hope not, but concede that we may be. But because I'm not certain, I'm going to continue to fight as best I can. And as for how we got here, you've got the magic word right in your comment: too many people feel they're entitled to everything these days. And as a rule, progressives don't think...they only "feel" what is right. Logic never enters the equation.

@Jim Hlavac- I thought of you and your family when reading the previews of Obama's speech. We would all do well to heed the warnings of your Great Uncle Otto. The lessons of history are there for us if we'll only pay attention.

@Earl- Funny stuff! Take any prize from the top shelf!

@Mike Porter- The quote you cite ("From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs") was very much on my mind when I read Obama's latest attack on our country. And the fact that he's labeling this Marxist initiative a "return to American values" is just an effing obscenity.

I find it laughable that Obama is going to suddenly start preaching "responsibility" to anyone other than those earning $250k and up. To me, responsibility means nothing without consequences - yet where are the penalties for dropping out of school, for buying what you can't afford, for having children out of wedlock, for promiscuous and unsafe sex, for gaming our many "safety net" social programs and on and on and on?

And really- are the Democrats who haven't passed a budget (or based their spending on one) since Obama was elected really going to lecture the rest of us about having responsibility?!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- Yes, this is scary stuff. Of course, Obama can (and will) make this sound sweet and reasonable to the aforementioned liberals who feel but do not (cannot?) actually think.

And I hope that Gingrich will tear into this speech like a junkyard dog thrown a piece of raw meat. If he wants my support, it's time to STFU about Romney capitalism and get vocal about the anti-capitalism and anti-Americanism coming out of the Whitehouse. There is no other issue.

@drozz- That's a great piece! I'm going to find someplace in today's commentary where I can add it as a link. Definitely worth reading!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- The article cited by Drozz can now be easily reached by clicking the link "the state of the union currently sucks" in today's commentary.

Don Surber said...

Classic cartoon

Pete(Detroit) said...

Funny how the same words mean different things to different people - "fair" means that you get to keep what you earn, or when you work harder / smarter than I do I am entitled to the fruits of your labor. "Responsibilities" means I take care of MY needs, or I have to care for YOUR needs. "Equality" - we all have equal chances, or we all have same result (poverty)

Earl, the theme of "eat the rich" is old and famous in some circles, the main problem w/ it being that you soon run out of 'rich' to eat, and keep having to define it down. I prefer 'eat the poor' - there's more of them, and they're better marbled. And we're not likely to run out of them any time soon. If we do, that's a GOOD thing, yes?

Emmentaler Limburger said...

In the book The Salmon of Doubt, a posthumous collection of assorted writings of Douglas Adams, I find this gem:

"I don't accept the currently fashionable assertion that any view is automatically as worthy of respect as any equal and opposite view." Hear, here!

Then I read John the Econ's comment regarding certain individuals being exiled for the damage they've done (note: in my worldview, traitors should be executed; not exiled ala Philip Nolan in The Man Without A Country.) and Adams's comment suddenly came home to me.

The equality of opinion as stated by Adams is a part of the great "political correctness" movement that we've all been shackled by over at least the past 50 years. Not only have PC tenets been employed to "soften" language to make all order of egregious deeds sound innocuous ("Pro-Choice" in lieu of "The wanton murder of the yet-to-be-born simply because they're deemed inconvenient" - in their view, the robot in Terminator is merely a cybernetic abortionist...), it has also been used to lend equality and acceptance to concepts that are anathema to the freedoms our country was founded upon. This is why actions as performed by the likes of ØPRFD don't result in their collective dangling beneath the executioners limb. Coupled with the redirection of youth into the Gimme Generation we see about us, it is not surprising that they (ØPRFD) run roughshod over the constitution and their oaths with no reprisals.

And I will *NOT* waste my time and sanity on Øbama's speech. I can look about me and assess the state of the union far more credibly than that lying bastard could ever hope to. Plus: his voice grates upon ones nerves...

John the Econ said...

How "fair" can any country be where a citizen is not even entitled to the fruits of his own labors? At exactly what point can I consider myself a "slave" to the Progressives?

"Hey, but the state will promise you health care and food." Well, so did the slave owners we formerly considered so immoral that we once tore the country up over it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's a LITTLE off topic but one could argue that we're discussing Obama putting his foot in his mouth so how about his assertion that abortion is a "fundamental constitutional right" that enables "our daughters" to "fulfill their dreams"? Odd thing is I don't remember James Madison, Thomas Jefferson or John Adams slipping the abortion clause into the Constitution. (WARNING: Heavy use of talking points and spin ahead. Use caution.)

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Don Surber- Thanks, though I have to say Obama gave me a lot of help with the topic.

@Pete(Detroit)- Your definitions of fair, responsibility, and equality are exactly the same as mine. And it really galls me to hear the president redefine (and defile) these important words.

Per the "Eat the Rich" idea, I think Earl is really on to something by dipping the bankers in batter like corn dogs. That way, when we run out of rich and start feeding the poor other poor, they won't notice the difference because of the crispy coating!

@Emmentaler- GREAT quote from Adams (whom I miss). And it's exactly right. For some reason, the geometry of political thought these days is that you take any opinion, then take the opinion which is the 180 degree opposite, and what is fair, unbiased, or moderate is what's dead center.

I remember catching considerable crap on these pages with a singularly tasteless (by design) illustration of a mass grave half-filled with dead Jews. The Nazis thought all Jews should die, while others thought that none should be murdered. Therefore, according to current PC sentiments, the "fair" thing is to kill just half the Jews. Right? Right...?

WRONG, of course - which should be obvious to anyone who saw that "only" half-filled grave.

Compromise is a dirty word when it means throwing out your logic, morality, and humanity. There are such things as right and wrong.

Regarding the State of the Union address, I plan to watch it out of a sense of obligation to this blog and its readers...but I'd rather be waterboarded.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

@John the Econ: Amen! Joseph Stalin, too, provided free health care for "his people" for decades. His word for "doctor" was "gulag", I think... His cure for most mental malladies, such as dissention, was the gulag or, for more advanced cases of the "disease" immediate lead inoculation from a supersonic syringe. Communism at its horrific best - and the usual terminus of the socialism train. When those in power get to make all the rules, all the rules eventually turn to their favor. But those who support the free handout rarely have mindsets that have any basis in history. Wonder how many even know who Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Hitler, etc. are? Hitler probably will get the most points on name recognition; however, do the know who he was through the things he put in motion for his own countrymen? I'm betting, for the vast majority: no. Hence the downhill freight train with pristine, barely-used brakes as we careen our way to our doom in Sierra Socialism - they simply don't know, so they truly don't care.

Need more and bigger hands on the brake lever. Wish the GOP would lend a better hand than they have, but we need all hands on that lever...

John the Econ said...

@Emmentaler Limburger, in less than a century, communists have killed many an order of magnitude more people than the Nazis were even capable of.

When I was in school, I had many professors who would sing praise to Mao & Stalin, often with exchange students from many communist countries in attendance afraid to speak up to counter the fantasy. The memory of what happened in their home countries to those who dare question authority was far to fresh in their minds, and they were still coming to grips with this new-to-them concept of freedom of speech.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- I don't think "slavery" is too strong a word for what the government intends. As I've said on many an occasion, I think the Dems see themselves as the benevolent "Good Massa" who cares (with a firm hand, of course) for the sub-humans who are too dumb to take care of themselves.

In your next post, you refer to the atrocities committed by communists, and the way the left still idolizes Mao and company. Makes me think of Obama advisor Anita Dunn, who infamously referred to Mao as her "favorite political philosopher." I'm sure that many others in the Obama administration (including Obama himself) feel the same way.

@Emmentaler- I'm afraid that History itself has become History... in that it's no longer learned, understood, or remembered by far too many people.

Colby said...

Anybody see the Jim Carrey movie, "Liar, Liar," where he could not tell a lie and the truth just slipped out of his mouth, even if he tried to stop it? I have a fantasy of that happening to BO tomorrow. His speech would be all of 5 seconds long, tops. "My fellow Americans; we're f**ked! Thank you and good night."

...and Stilton. I think all will agree with me that you do not need to take one for the team tomorrow night. We all know what complete bullshit is going to spill out of his teleprompter, so I for one see no reason for you to have to get tanked enough to actually WATCH it. If you just want to get tanked, fine, but nobody is going to think less of you if you leave the TV off, or watch a good movie.

I was beginning to wonder where you went. My parents' generation fully understood what your uncle went through and fully understood the consequences of communism and risked their lives to stop it. It sickens me that so many now embrace it; even people my age (60ish). What, oh, what have we come to? We must find a way to educate the youth of today,lest they repeat the past.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Anonymous- Oops, I didn't mean to overlook your comment about abortion, which is a HUGE story...and very much speaks to Obama's lack of respect for human life and the Constitution. I had a bit of trouble getting to the article through your link, but readers can try this one.

DragonAgnstEvil said...

Before I get started, I thought you guys would appreciated this. Check out Madison Rising on Amazon ;) They are a conservative rock group, and the lead singer is a Navy vet!

I also apologize for not posting in a while. I've been busy. I still have a job, somehow, in retail, and hours and traffic increase greatly for Christmas.

Now I shall continue!


Have you seen Obama's latest self-aggrandizing television spots? He actually claims to have a great ethical record. It was a definite class warfare attack ad on "fat cat" oil companies. It talks about how ethically sound Solindra is/was/whatever. Of course, he also links to his own website.

I cannot make this stuff up.


I'll argue that Woodrow Wilson was more derisive and devisive. He segregated the military, used unjust force to murder innumerable workers, brought the KKK to the White House, managed to throw out black Congressmen and Senators unless they [insanely] agreed with him, supported Jim Crow (or helped create them, can never remember), et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

Sadly, Obama is just one in a long line of tyranny-loving fools.


I believe Obama quoted Hitler in his class warfare rhetoric? Do feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

*sees Mike's post* Yeah, that's the phrase. Now, translate that into German then listen to Hitler's early speeches. Try not to cry too hard.

={My own random thoughts now flow. They may be in semi-response to previous posts.}=

Obama is absurdly predictable. He was lauded and lifted above his capability, and he has shown in every facet just how incapable he is. He has no accomplishments, and he lies at every corner. He is also foolishly inline with statist policies that enslave and kill.

I cannot help but see history repeating, and it's truly frightening to see it in the United States of America. We don't just see Hitler's words in Obama's speeches. If you pay just a little extra attention, you can hear the condescending and murderous words of Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Marx, Darwin, et al.

The media, if you can even call it that anymore, doesn't even bother to research. They don't even bother to stand back and see the bigger picture. They see only their own ambitions, and they throw out logic in favor of emotion.

History. History. History. I didn't learn it in school. Oh, I gained a very general understanding. However, I learned with my own research. It's sickening, and, more than anything, it's depressing.

pryorguy said...

Wonderful comments today!!! I feel here we represent many many people's feelings toward this election! Hopefully, that will result in this fascist would-be tyrant to be sent packing this time next year!

I and some other people prayed to God for the healing of a lady with cancer we least she DID have cancer! She is free of it now; we have ALSO been begging God to turn all this insanity around! We feel it is our best hope! We will continue lifing OUR homeland to the Lord! And expect results!

SC said...

Obama gave his 1st campaign speech for the 2012 election on 1-12-11 in Tucson, Az.

@ Jim H – Glad to see you back…You were missed.

@ Colby – Ah, wouldn’t it be a grand thing if every politician got what Jim Carrey had in “Liar Liar”

@ Stilt – great cartoon & picture; I feel the need to head out to a bar & practice throwing darts.

My Dog Brewski said...

@ DragonAngstEvil:
The media is welded to and inseparable from Obama. They must use all of their diminishing influence to prop him up and paint a pretty facade over an empty and ugly shell. Their only other hope for survival, if Turdboy loses, is that P.T. Barnum was right and that those suckers aborning will continue to listen to them. Many will. More all the time will not.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Dragon Against Evil- Good post and glad to see yoy here again!

@Pryorguy- In a world that seems to have too little good news, it's a pleasure to read of the cancer victim's recovery. Hopefully there will be more good news for all of us in early November.

@SC- Truth be told, I don't know if we've ever seen Obama when he wasn't campaigning.

@My Dog Brewski- You're entirely right about the media. They largely created the monstrosity that is Obama, and now need to protect his image in order to protect their own - no matter how bad it is for the country.

I still don't know if I want Newt for president, but I'd sure be happy to see him appointed "Media Ball-kicking Czar."

Pete(Detroit) said...

I would have loved a Cain / Newt ticket. Anyone else notice that Cain got 1% of SC vote?

CenTexTim said...

Pete - re: Cain

Is it just me, or has there been an absence of 'grand ideas' since he dropped out? Whether you liked his 9-9-9 plan or not, at least it got people talking about the issues.

Lately the discourse has deteriorated into diatribes by the candidates against each others' character and history.

Pete(Detroit) said...

CenTexTim - it's not just you.