Monday, May 21, 2012

Snippy Remarks

Although humans and dogs have a great deal in common, there are some key differences.

For instance, when a male dog is taken to the vet and the knives come out, the pooch is said to have been "fixed." However, when a politician like Barack Obama
fails to be vetted (and no knives are taken to unsubstantiated "facts" surrounding his past), we then say that the election was fixed.

Which is why
Hope n' Change Cartoons is so delighted to see the folks at, among others, truly vetting Barack Hussein Obama in a way that the mainstream media didn't do last time, and is trying their best to bury this time.

As a case in point, Breitbart recently produced a 1991 publicity brochure for a book (which Obama never actually got around to writing) which described the alleged author as being "born in Kenya." Which could seem like a harmless error except for the fact that Breitbart has produced evidence that Barack Obama himself
may have written that description (as all other authors working with the publicity company were required to do).

Breitbart doesn't offer this as proof of Obama's non-citizenship. Rather, it suggests that Obama probably
lied about being Kenyan to make his personal biography more interesting. But the mainstream media isn't touching the story - nor looking into claims that Mr. Obama (or "Barry Soetoro" as he called himself at the time) may have also falsely claimed to be Kenyan to help him get into college and land scholarships intended only for foreign students.

Similarly, other parts of Barack Obama's political autobiography are getting closer scrutiny than they did last time around. Four years ago, the MSM thrilled to the story of the exotic Mr. Obama finding Jesus and good old heartland Christianity thanks to his
dear spiritual mentor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

But that facade is cracking this time around. Jeremiah Wright, no doubt unhappy about being thrown under the bus by Obama four years ago (and being offered $150,000 by Obama's team to
shut up and disappear until after the election) is now being surprisingly candid about the president. Specifically, Wright describes Obama as someone who was "steeped in Islam" when they met...and added that it's "hard to say" if the president actually ever converted to Christianity or not.

The list of unanswered questions about just who Barack Obama is goes on and on: his past is hazy, his acquaintances few, his records (including college transcripts, travel records, medical records and more) are sealed, and his personal history is so confusingly contradictory that it increasingly seems like the story must have been changed by Mr. Obama himself on multiple occasions.

All of which was utterly ignored in 2007 by the liberal media in order to sweep their "clean, articulate black man" into office with as few troubling questions as possible.

But even as the twin myths of "Hope" and "Change" have failed -
spectacularly - since Mr. Obama's election, so too is his personal myth now unraveling. And the ability of the mainstream media to cover up for him a second time is now considerably degraded.

So if a new round of vetting leaves the president feeling like he's just left the vet's office with his testicles in a carry-out bag, that's just too bad.

Because it's a dog-eat-dog world out there. Especially for presidents who eat dog.



REM1875 said...

Not sure valarie or mooch would loan him the testicles and danged sure they would not allow him out of the house with the testicles.
His story is more confusing than blood lines at an Oklahoma funeral.

JustaJeepGuy said...

This is why we should NEVER allow a Demo_Rat to run for the presidency. The MSM refuse to check Demo_Rats out thoroughly, but they WILL check Republicans out. As long as only Republicans are running, at least THEN the news media will do their jobs.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

@JustAJeepGuy: They're not doing their job with the people having an (R) next to their name - they're doing the same as when there's a (D). The difference you see is called "character assassination", usually through falsehoods, and is simply the complement to letting the (D) go unvetted.

Personally, I view someone who claims to have been foreign born when they weren't as having denounced their US citizenship. Frankly none of what I'm hearing about him now is surprising in the least.

Colby said...

So, if someday down the road, it comes out that "The Nutless One" really ISN'T a US citizen, what happens to all the bullship laws the focker signed? Not to drag out the whole birther thing again, but if he really was born in Kenya, I don't see how one damn mandate or law can stand. I also think he should become Blago's room mate.

Earl said...

I kind of agree with you, Stilton. Obama used the "born in Kenya" line to sound more exotic. And a la Elizabeth Warren, maybe get invited to some dinners so he could expand his circle of friends. He could buy and sell dope and have the best discussions about this horrible country. Why, I'll bet Doonsbury is already running a cartoon along those lines. Wait. It's not? Oh, I get it. A Vice President accidently shooting a friend is important information to satire ad nauseum, but a president shooting up with friends in his past is sacred territory.

Suzy said...

It just makes me angry that he should have been made to PROVE his birthplace, wherever it may be, BEFORE he got into office...BEFORE he even ran for office!!!!! There have also been multiple sources to say the Hawaiian birth certificate is a forgery.

Usually, people who keep this many secrets about their past have a CRIMINAL PAST.

He's an evil man and the country should drop everything RIGHT now and demand the truth. Once the truth comes out, I'm pretty confident he would be impeached immediately and all his policies reversed.

Unfortunately, I am also pretty confident the truth won't come out. Not until after he is out of office, the damage done...and people who have been paid to stay quiet (those still alive, anyway) no longer stay quiet.

koaiko said...

Laughed my azz off over this one.
Another fantastic morning thanks to SJ

Chuck said...

We will never know the truth about Ă˜bama ... at least not as long as the propaganda machine of the left controls what the masses hear. It is more likely that truth will be squelched than we will ever have even the most basic questions answered about the current POtuS. Any source of truth will continue to be demonized, vilified, trivialized and even criminalized ... and the truths themselves will be totally ignored or appropriately re-invented to be favorable to the left. Too many honest but distracted people are not hearing the rest-of-the-story. They are busy with their own lives and hear only what the leftist media (which is most of the media) feeds them.

Gang of One said...

@Chuck and Suzy -- Yes, this is the nature of the tyrannical beast: the Left has convinced itself that the Right/Conservative is absolute evil. They have told the lies so often that they cannot comprehend the absurdity of their illogical position. They cannot see that they are the textbook definition of projection. This will not change or end calmly or quietly. I fear that a lot of blood will be spilled in the next few years as sensible, realistic people wrest control from these fools and despots.

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

@ Suzy:
I hardly expect the LSM to expose the truth even after Turdboy leaves office. After all, the myth is so much greater than the man and the legacy of the first "black" president must be protected.

John the Econ said...

This whole thing is an indictment of the fraud that is the mainstream media, "affirmative action", "political correctness" and modern academia.

First, we've had Elizabeth Warren's "I'm 1/32nd Native American; Respect Me!" nonsense. It served her well, getting her to the top of her profession. She dropped the pretense the moment she got her Harvard tenure-ship and it was no longer any use to her. If she was so proud of her 1/32nd Indian heritage, why did she drop it? Because once she got to the top, she didn't need it anymore, and did want to be associated with the other otherwise mediocre people who get promoted merely because they're minorities.

It's no accident that the terms "affirmative action" or "quotas" are pejoratives; even liberals treat the concepts with contempt.

So now get see that Obama used the same tactic to get ahead as well. It's far more exotic to be "born in Kenya" at Harvard than to be from Hawaii. That sort of pedigree makes liberal academics swoon and helped to assuage their white guilt as they proceeded to promote him to editor of the Harvard Law Review where he manages to write absolutely nothing worthwhile, if anything at all. It didn't matter; Warren & Obama served their primary purpose by making Harvard a little less white. There were few expectations for them beyond that.

As for Obama and his "spiritual adviser", I wouldn't write so much into that either, beyond the obvious. I don't think Rev Wright believes half the crap he spews; he's just delivering what he thinks his audience of fellow haters wants to hear, and makes a good living doing it. Obama only joined that church because he was urged to by his political patrons; it was a prerequisite for being politically connected on the south-side.

Obama is no Christian. But I don't think he's a Muslim either. Obama is a Marxist. There is no room for any religion in Marxism other than complete devotion to the state.

As Stiltion points out, the real scandal here isn't just that Warren and Obama are frauds, but that academia and the media are complicit in perpetrating these frauds.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- I want to offer up an apology for a couple of typos (now corrected) in today's commentary. I'm still fighting a tenacious cough which requires me to take narcotic cough syrup (whoopee!) and shaves quite a few IQ points off my usual score. The experience is interesting: it's pretty relaxing to be unable to think clearly, but gets frustrating as all get out when you actually try. I think this must be how liberals feel every day.

@REM1875- Barry's "story" would be confusing in any circumstances - the fact that there are multiple, contradictory stories makes it nearly impossible to discern the truth. Applying Occam's Razor helps to cut down on the really obvious lies...but doesn't actually leave much on the table.

@JustaJeepGuy- The MSM has never shown any interest in the fact that Obama was raised and mentored by communists (and then sought them out in college)... yet tries to convince us it's Armageddon if Mitt Romney once hung a roll of toilet paper with the last sheet "over the top" rather than "under the bottom."

@Emmentaler- A thorough, dispassionate examination of the media's relationship to Obama's election will someday make for fascinating reading; a lot of elements needed to come together (not all of them accidental) to create a fiasco of this size.

Regarding Obama's apparent "sometimes" denial of US citizenship, I think it just shows the casual disdain he has for all things American. Much the way his wife found (and probably finds) nothing to like about America other than it's coronation of her husband.

@Colby- I have no idea what would happen to the legislation already passed, but would be fascinated to find out. For now, I'm not particularly interested in the "birther" approach to getting Obama out of office because an election can do the job much more quickly.

@Earl- Obama's admitted drug use (which even he described as long-lasting and "enthusiastic") is a particular sore spot for me. Why has no one in the MSM ever asked him about those years? Where did he get the money for his habits? Who did he buy from? Was he involved in sales? What was the effect on his home life with his maternal grandparents? How much cocaine did he use? When, or did, the abuse of illegal drugs stop? Are Obama's sealed medical records related to the effect of drugs on his body?

But no. Instead we hear that in a country with millions of dogs riding in the beds of pickup trucks, Mitt Romney's dog may not have enjoyed riding in a cartop carrier.

@Suzy- Asking for embarrassing things like "proof" last time around was treated as blatant racism. Had Obama been white, there's no way he would have survived even the earliest rounds of political elimination because there was nothing, nothing of interest about him other than his blackness and his compelling history. One of which has been severely overstated, and the other seemingly invented out of thin air.

@Koaiko- Glad you enjoyed it. Maybe you're drinking the same cough syrup I am!

@Chuck- I think you're right, and the actual truth about Obama will be a very, very long time in coming out. Too many news organizations helped create his myth and hide his past - and now they've got to cover their own keesters too.

And you make a great point that there are huge numbers of "honest but distracted people" who might do the right thing in the voting booth if they knew even a smattering of the truth.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Gang of One- Good perspective; at this point a lot of people in the media surely believe their own lies simply because they've repeated them so often. And sadly, by throwing out the basic tenets of responsible journalism, the MSM has made itself an enemy of democracy by tainting the election process so thoroughly.

@Angry Hoosier Dad- I agree; even when Obama is out of office, the cover-ups will go on and on. It will be a long time before anything remotely like the truth will be widely accepted about Obama.

@John the Econ- Great analysis of the liberal cachet attached to minority status - however undeserved.

mlester101 said...

Steven Rattner, Campbell Brown, Cory Booker, David Brooks to an extent, Bill Clinton ditto (there are more but these off the top of my head) -when these (up to now) sycophants start balking at swallowing and advancing the "and I invented post-it notes" narrative, there's a problem in Affirmative Action Land.

(SJ, think enough people remember the "Post-it-notes" line from "Romey/Michele h.s.reuinion? Because it works.)

Gang of One said...

Are these people actually this mendacious? I have no doubt that they actually are this incompetent, unprofessional, and ignorant.

And speaking about lies and liars -- this asswipe continues to beclown himself.

These useful idiots must honestly believe that we don't read or pay attention to anyone but them.

FlyBoy said...

What would the result be if Barry were impeached & removed from office? Do you really want Joe Bite-me as your next preezy? (just sayin)

On a side note, I have been friends with an individual for the past several years who attended Hah-vahd law school the same time Barry was there, and was in some of the same classses together. This person swears that Barry was the "go-to" man if you wanted quality illicit drugs.

Colby said...

I just have to know. Are you taking your cough syrup "enthusiastically" like you should? A couple of little typos is pretty impressive, I must say.

President BiteMe? Scary? Yes. Still beats President Screw America. And, ol' Joe is like a flag in the wind. I swear if he was VP under Reagan, he'd turn into a big time conservative. I don't think the guy has ever had an original thought. And your friend that went to Hah-vahd best watch his back! I'll betcha anybody privy to that kind of knowledge are all either paid off, discredited, or dead... accidently mind you.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@mlester101- If you look closely, you can see the cracks starting to appear in what was formerly a unified facade for Mr. Obama. And as anyone who's lost a windshield can tell you, sometimes it doesn't take much for those first few cracks to turn into flying shards. (And regarding the "Post-it Notes" reference, I'm afraid I had to Google it. I really should expose myself to popular culture more.)

@Gang of One- Ah, yes...Bill Maher. One wouldn't expect impartiality from a guy who just gave Obama one million dollars with which to wage his "War on C*nts." I detest Maher.

@FlyBoy- I can't say that I want Crazy Uncle Joe to be the president, but I'd sure as hell rather have him in there than the Bamster. I think Biden is too much of an idiot to do the same amount of damage that Obama does.

Regarding your acquaintance's recollection that Barry was dealing drugs, I've never heard the president deny it because, oddly, I've never heard him asked if he was a drug dealer. I'm betting there's truth to it; Obama just makes too big a deal out of his infatuation with the drug scene for me to believe that he only bought a nickel bag of weed a couple of times when on his way home from a church picnic.

@Colby- I'm not taking the cough syrup "enthusiastically," but when I start hacking my eyeballs out I'm forced to take a dose. It's some sort of orange-pineapple concoction laced with hydrocodone (or, as Obama calls it, "ice cream topping.") And frankly, I was surprised this morning to see that today's commentary made any sense whatsoever, because writing the darn thing was like swimming in mental quicksand.

JustaJeepGuy said...

@Stilt, Re: your reply to @Suzy- "...Had Obama been white, there's no way he would have survived even the earliest rounds of political elimination...", I have to disagree. Who in the media really vetted Slick Willie Clinton? Remember how they ignored the Monica Lewinsky story as long as they could? It's when someone is a Demo_Rat that the LSM refuses to look closely at them, no matter the color of their skin.

Colby said...

Completely unrelated, but I have to bring it up...

Finally a bit of semi-justice, and it is close to home (about 25 miles close). The flaming psycho liberal teacher in Rowan County, NC got suspended. Granted, she is now getting paid to sit on her ass at home, but it is awesome that 18 year old kid had the cajones to record her rantings. This kid should work for Breitbart.

"...swimming in mental quicksand." Now you know how poor Joe Biden feels all the time! Maybe he's on drugs! That might explain a lot; BO is selling Joe drugs to keep him docile and submissive.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@JustaJeepGuy- I certainly agree that the liberal media tries not to report (or dig) dirt on any of their chosen candidates, but Obama's case was something else entirely. At least Bill Clinton really did have a governorship behind him and other measurable accomplishments. For Obama, it was always all about the myth... and had to be, because the man had/has no demonstrable substance apart from the tales told in his autobiographies.

@Colby- I'm pleased to see that the teacher is on suspension, though I predict she'll not only be back in action soon, she'll probably file a lawsuit over being "disrespected" and held to national ridicule. Meanwhile, I'd like to see good things happen for the kid who revealed her hopes of inspiring copycats in all of our schools.

Regarding the dopiness caused by my prescription drugs, it would actually have made for a comfortable foggy feeling except for the fact that I knew what clear thought should have felt like. I think Uncle Joe Biden must only exist in that first state - enjoying the fog and not really believing that any other logic-intensive state of mind even exists.

John the Econ said...

On no, @Stilton. I love Maher. Oh, I do detest him as a human being. But he's a gift. He openly vocalizes the hypocritical ugliness that is much of the left today. And that Obama simultaneously decries "uncivil discourse" and takes million-dollar checks from sleazbos like Maher is golden. You really can't buy that kind of publicity.

@JustaJeepGuy makes a great point. The media's see-no-evil blindness is hardly new. Everyone who cared to look knew that Clinton was a sleazeball. The media absolutely didn't care. The price the Democrats pay for this willing blindness is an entire presidential term spent dealing with scandals versus running the country. This is an advantage that unwittingly, the GOP enjoys over the Democrats; GOP contenders are so thoroughly vetted before they are even nominated that there is absolutely nothing left by election day. (The media is now writing 5000-word front page stories about Romney in high school?) The situation is so bad for the media, that they actually have to invent scandals out of thin air (Dan Rather & the obviously phony documents) in order to have anything at all.

Gang of One said...

@JustaJeepGuy -- I could not agree more. However, time after time after time, the Republicans screw up because they can't or won't bring the fight to the next level, they're too busy taking 'the high road', 'going along to get along' or just lacking the courage of their convictions. Truly, the only thing Republican have done is slow the Long March toward EuroSocialism in America. I hope that the 2010 tsunami was not some anomalous political hiccup. Romney and his team have to play for keeps, and they have to play hard-ball. I find this slightly encouraging:

Mike Porter said...

I recall way back when, seeing the Clintons on sixty minutes attempting to patch up fallout from all of the looming scandals... and this was before his first election. Watching this segment made it very obvious to me that these were at best disingenuous people, and at worst complete scum-sucking pigs. I just could not fathom how any thinking person could believe that this clown even had a chance. I can honestly say that the results of that particular election became the nexus of my afore-mentioned 'nagging sense of doom'. It was his winning of a second term that then demanded the word 'constant' be prepended to the description of that particular symptom.

Add to this the recurring shingles that are Pelosi, Reid, Frank and the like, and I then find myself chugging the cough medicine too. Though not to treat a cough in as much as an overwhelming urge to gag.

Steve Burri said...

Do you remember that 'hot mike' incident early in the 2008 campaign when Jesse Jackson said he wanted to cut off Obama's nuts?

John the Econ said...

@Mike Porter, remember when the central theme of the Clinton campaign was to combat "the greed and corruption of the '80s"? Anyone who bothered looking could easily see that the Clinton's would know all about "the greed and corruption of the '80s" in the financial sector; they were squarely in the middle of it. From Whitewater to Madison Guaranty to Hillary's miraculous 10,000% cattle futures picks, there was little doubt that the Clintons had vast experience. The media media turned a blind eye to it, as they did with Bill's sex life. And the Democrats ultimately paid dearly for it.

It was in this era that I formulated my theory about liberals and their financial views; since most of them seem to achieve the bulk of their wealth either through political graft or other forms of corruption, they just assume that everyone must achieve it that way. And since they're obviously the brightest people in the room, it's inconceivable to many of them (especially in academia) that anyone could get rich any other way.

Colby said...

@Steve Burri,

What you didn't hear about is the outcome. Seems, Jesse snuck up on Da Won during a nap, pulled out a knife to do the dirty deed, but discovered, to his chagrin, that there was nothing to cut off.

Blameless, clueless, AND nutless.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- I'm still fighting my cough/cold, but am reading and enjoying all of your comments from the sidelines today!

Chuck said...

@Stilton - Get well soon!

pry said...

Stilt, I musta breathed the same pollen you did up here in NE OK! Been coughin n snortin for about a week now!

Great posts again from everyone...and ANYONE who votes for his second term,wellll, never mind...I'll be nice today!

Gang of One said...

@Stilton and Pry -- I am recovering from the same thing, a viral ass-kick and I rarely get sick. But I did not have any cough medicine with which to make cocktails ...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Pry & Gang of One- Mine started over a month ago with a bronchial infection that I think my daughter brought back from the nursing home where she works, and then was compounded by the allergens in Texas (which is one of the few things that we have even more of than cattle, guns, and oil). I'm not really in bad shape other than occasionally coughing hard enough to make me drop to my knees, and a dazed expression which goes well with my new fascination with walls and air molecules (as Dave Barry would say).

Tomorrow's commentary actually comes with a disclaimer that I couldn't focus to my usual lofty professional standards. Would that everyone in the media was so honest when they're having hallucinations (grin).

Gang of One said...

@Stilton -- I know The Cough®, the one that fractures ribs, tears transversal muscles and shreds the diaphragm and makes the lights in the room go all disco mirror-ball.
Note to self: DO NOT crossfit train with said post-bronchitis pulmonary scar tissue.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Gang of One- Yeah, that's pretty nuch The Cough alright. Though there's little danger of injuring myself during crossfit training. My idea of increasing exercise is to buy a bottle of wine with a cork instead of a screw cap.