Saturday, June 16, 2012


You may have heard about Barack Obama's "millionaires only" fundraising party at Sarah Jessica Parker's home (did I say "millionaires only?" I should specify that the rabble bought lottery tickets from the president himself so one of them could sit with the royalty and bask in their liberal magnificence).

But odds are that you didn't hear who paid for Air Force One (at $181,000 an hour) and many of the other ancillary expenses for the event: you did.

And how did Obama pull off this neat little trick? By arranging an "official" trip which just happened to be near his fundraising event. In this case, visiting the construction site at Ground Zero and asking the workers "howzit going?" before signing an autograph or two and hurriedly getting back in his limousine to speed off to the celebrities, champagne, and campaign dollars.

That's right: Barack Hussein Obama whored out the site of the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks as a dodge to jam Americans with the bills for his fundraising.

I'm beyond furious and disgusted. We all understand the little games presidential candidates (of both parties) use to get taxpayers to fund their campaigns. But Ground Zero is sacred.

Not, of course, to the president who chose his Ramadan dinner as the time and place to announce his support to an all-Islamic guest list for building a mosque atop the ruins. But to every real American, 9/11 should be treated with the utmost respect and humility...and not as a fundraising tchotchke like a t-shirt, mug, or bumpersticker.

(Long sigh).

When this story is boiled down to its essentials, you have a president who loves hobnobbing with celebrity millionaires (while claiming that the wealthy are to blame for his failures), a man who has NO respect for Ground Zero and the people who died there, and who is happy to screw America's (fewer and fewer) taxpayers with the bills for his campaign.

The man is an obscenity. A stain. A liar. And a thief.



BS Footprint said...

Absolutely nothing about the current President surprises me. Perhaps OT but: if he doesn't, why should we?

mlester101 said...

I realize this might seem like a trivial thing to point out but not to me: while he did everything Stilton pointed out, he did it while chewing gum. Nicorette probably because who doesn't chew Nic. who's quit smoking? Right...Watch the tape.

fwiw: I'd pay a lot more than $3 to have him in our noon ball old man's league.

mlester101 said...

One more thing: he was on a roll. Next day "AMNESTY FRIDAY!!!". I have two kids just out of college who can't find jobs. They just got 1.4 million new competitors in an 8.2% unemployed econ. Later Friday he followed up w/ a LGBT MONTH presser. Did you know wee had a LGBT MONTH? Me neither which is why next year you can look forward to TRAYVON MARTIN DAY. (I got a buck sez Shelia Jackson Lee's already working on it.)

Earl said...

I'd really like to think he's running scared as Rush pointed out yesterday. Some of the crap he's pulled seems better timed to come out closer to the election. I remember reading an article before the last presidential election about angry white men. Obama clearly doesn't give a hoot about them. But these men who love and care about America have working wives, children and grand children. And their families are still intact enough that they talk. Wisconsin shows that a non charismatic governor who says what he means and follows through on his promises is preferred by the majority of voters. Let's hope the right people are finally paying attention to the right things. We're in for a wild ride. But I think there really are more people of all faiths, colors, sexes, etc., who can eventually see their way through Obama's divisive rhetoric.

Goldenrod said...

I see a minimum of two obstacles, first, about 48% of the population survive off the government, making them low income and basically immune to this lousy economy.
And, second, the RINOs have little or no cojones to confront our adversaries.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

Shit! The crap he's pulling isn't worthy of a lame duck session! Are they panicking, or have they simply accelerated their original plan with an impending defeat on the horizon? Any rational person should be able to divine how these actions would play out with the people and come up with a better plan, if the goal was to save the reelection chances. This all seems very deliberate to me - I don't see these people going rabbit-ahead-of-hound panicky- they've been at this business way too long to make that hypothesis easily acceptable. But, Of course, I've been accused of giving people too much credit for intelligence before. Hope it's the case here...

Anonymous said...

The Obamination reminds of of a passage from the late Barbara Tuchman's book, The Distant Mirror, from a chapter discussing the papacy at the time. One pope described in the book (forget which) said 'We have attained the papacy, so let us enjoy it'

JustaJeepGuy said...


The 48% WON'T be immune to the economy when it crashes and there's no more taxpayers to support them. Maybe they'll wake up then....when it's way too late...but probably not.

Cookie said...

I'm speechless! How much more obscene can this man get? Considering all the sweets he's pulled on us recently (as stated by mlester101 for starters), it scares the daylight out of me to think what will be coming in the months ahead.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@BS Footprint- "If he doesn't, why should we" was my very thought while sending in my self-employment tax the same day Obama was saying he's just going to ignore people who break the law (if, of course, he can get votes for them). How long can this go on before everyone decides - accurately - that they're being fools if they play by the rules?

@mlester101- I'm sure you're right. I haven't seen Obama exhibit any personal strength or discipline in anything else.

And regarding "Trayvon Martin Day," there was a recent news story about a school that held it (and gave each student Arizona Ice Tea and a bag of Skittles in Trayvon's memory). It'll probably be a national holiday soon.

@Earl- I completely agree, but just want to clarify that the "angry white men" aren't angry out of any racist leanings (nor did you imply such). Rather, they're just tired of doing the right thing and being disparaged for it - in no small part because of their race and gender.

@Goldenrod- I'm also worried about those points, but they were essentially the same in 2010 when we gave the Dems a spanking. I think it can (and will) happen again.

@Emmentaler- I think the goal of the amnesty plan is simply to provoke a reaction from the Right which can be turned into "The War on Latinos." But there is a larger issue which can't wait until election day: this president is simply throwing out the Constitution and declaring himself a monarch. Our elected representatives mustn't sit on their hands and let him get away with this. Impeachment only months before an election? The idea is growing on me.

@Anonymous- I think Obama sees himself as skipping straight past becoming Pope and self-canonizing himself as Saint Barry.

@JustaJeepGuy- The eventual crash will certainly affect those who've been feeding off the government, but I wonder if they'll ever understand or believe what happened - or who really betrayed them.

@Cookie- I'm with you. I don't think we've seen the lowest depths Obama will sink to. And that's very, very scary.

REM1875 said...

Come on Stilton, stop holding back. Why don't you really tell us how you feel about barry? Sometimes these ambiguous statements just leave me confused not knowing how you really stand. :-)

p.s. I stopped asking how he can sink any lower because he continues to show no matter how far down he goes he can always go Lower! It seems to be his one and only great talent.

FlyBoy said...

Here's a scary thought: let's just say for the sake of argument that Barry loses in November. There's little chance of a lame duck congress passing any bills before the newbies come in. So what will the Bamster do with executive orders then? How about presidential pardons? I'll bet my next paycheck that Holder gets one.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@REM1875- Believe it or not, I'm holding my tongue with both hands. You already know I dislike the man's policies and anti-American views - but when he dismissively uses 9/11 and Ground Zero as political game pieces, all of my anger gauges slam into the red zone.

@Flyboy- If Barry loses the election, we will see abuse of executive orders on an undreamed of scale. And pardons will be passed out like food stamps.

graylady said...

JustaJeepguy is right, when things crash and all those welfare/food stamp bloodsuckers start going without, there will be riots in the streets that make the sixties look like Boy Scout Jamborees.
And you are right too, Flyboy, Obama will go to town with his reign by imperial Executive Decree and the rest of us and what's left of our country and the Constitution will go down the toilet.
Presonally I fear some sort of emergency will occur (or be manufactured) and he will delay the elections or nulify the results and declare himself "President Pro Tem" (which will be, in effect, for life.

REM1875 said...

Sadly flyboy I am afraid we have far more to fear from about 7 or 8 UN treaties that only require senate ratification to override the US Constitution and laws that will be rammed through by wounded, hurting democrats.
These treaties will destroy sovereignty, land ownership, gun ownership, car ownership,religious freedom, will include taxes and penalties on each American citizen and destroy anufactureing, businesses ownership and put many of our nation resources in the hands of unelected, unaccountable UN bureaucrats. We will be demanded to bow to regulations that no other countries we be expected to comply with.
Then Barry will have someone else to blame and will run rough shod over us to comply with the UN- backed by a an American hating UN peace force if needed.

Reaganite Independent said...

You are really 'in the zone' lately, Stilton- good job, man