Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Prophet and Loss Statement

Barack Obama addressed the UN General Assembly in New York yesterday, because of the pressing and urgent need to find a way to stick taxpayers with the bill for his campaign appearance on "The View." And truthfully, Hope n' Change didn't watch that particular estrogen-fest, because if we heard Barbara Walters ask about the "Womney/Wyan wedistwibution awegations," we'd have to throw ourselves in front of a Gweyhound Bus.

But we did listen to Obama's UN speech, and can confirm that the disturbing sounds of appeasement came through loud and clear above all the verbal tap-dancing.

Oh sure, Obama said he was against things like attacking our embassies and killing the occasional ambassador (wink-wink, nudge-nudge)...but then repeated his bizarre assertion that none of this violence was directed at the United States (indeed, it was "an assault on the very ideals upon which the United Nations was founded") and moreover that it was all the fault of the idiot YouTube movie.

Terrorism? It never came up. But he did say the film was "an insult to all Muslims" and "We understand why people take offense to this video because millions of our citizens are among them."

But as if standing on that slippery slope wasn't enough, Obama decided to go down it on skis - declaring: "The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam!"

Really, Barry? Really...?!

Let's pause a moment to chew on that - and the fact that the president was allegedly, at some point, schooled in law and the specificity of legal language.

Which is why he should know that an offensive video (or cartoon, or book by Salman Rushdie) would be an example of libel...not slander.

No, slander applies very specifically to the spoken word. Which means B. Hussein's statement isn't directed at (or limited to) editorial criticism of Islam which occurs in video or means that the president of the United States envisions a future with no room for those who dare to say bad things about the Prophet of Islam.

And it doesn't take much of a logical leap to realize that simply expressing doubt over Muhammed's status as a prophet could be seen as the most unacceptable slander of all.

Damn. Maybe we should have watched "The View" after all...

Yes, he even makes paradise better.


Earl Allison said...

Still waiting on my apology for p!ss Christ ...

Maybe I should murder some people, first?

Seriously, great cartoon -- I just wish more people were outraged with Obama's comments. Maybe we'll see that outrage at the ballot box?

Thanks for another great cartoon!

TrickyRicky said...

Wow. That photo at the bottom. Talk about muslim eye candy. Or muslin eye candy? Maybe that's why the blind shiek is blind. Self inflicted? Just sayin'....

Emmentaler Limburger said...

It only makes sense. Ă˜bama's assault on religious freedom - assuming that, by religion you mean Christianity - is well under way. This signals his doubling down on that strategy to go after freedom of speech in the same battle - no more slandering the profit, er, prophet of the neanderthal religion of (rest in) peace! It's all good, though. Recall that it's "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion"; not "the president shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion"... Sharia law? Coming to a land under you.

I don't care what calamitous events the socialists, anarchists and the holder's DOJ (aka: the new black panthers) have in store for the election. I say bring it on. I am so sick of this fool that we must have him and his sycophantic cronies out of government by whatever means necessary. I'm tired of him sacrificing - not sacrificing for us, but sacrificing us - for his agenda. US Citizens are not cannon fodder, nor are they bones to be casually thrown to the murderous tendencies of those who follow the religion of some sick bastard who was able to convince their barbaric, superstitious, backward ancestors (and contemporaries, for that matter), that there is something divine in murdering those who are not as gullible as they...

After half a century of always trying to find the good in the actions of those around me, this fool has finally stumped me.

Colby said...

"The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam!"

How about, "The future must not belong to those who slander the citizens of the United States?!"

This peckerwood has insulted us and shit on us for four straight years now, while he kisses Arabian ass and pretends he is eye candy for Baba Wawa, Whoopee Cushion Goldberg and Joyless Behar.

I'm with Earl. Where the hell is my apology, ya jackwagon?!

Chris said...

Well,considering how far up his Liberal rectum his Liberal head is currently impacted, one might understand his Liberal misunderstanding that appearing on The View would somehow provide another perspective as opposed to his usual Leading From (Within His) Behind.

Chuck said...

And if/when it comes to pass in the United States of America that criticizing the barbaric, violent, hate-filled pseudo-religion known as Islam and/or its illiterate pedophile founder; I will, no doubt, be among the first wave of casualties.

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

"The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam!"
I understand what "the future" means in a broader context, but how about a more limited context, such as: Their future or their continued existence as living human beings. Or am I just being paranoid?

Irene Peduto said...

@ Chuck - I think all of us who speak our minds on any social media will be the second wave - the first will be those we respect in the alternate media.
@ Stilton - this man's arrogance in actually speaking those words is mind-blowing inasmuch as he is supposed to be the President of the USA, the birthplace of the Constitution which guarantees our freedom of speech. If he wins, God help America & all Americans - libs or otherwise. Fools!

The other Earl said...

Stilton, I didn't listen to the speech. What was the context? I can't figure out (except in pretty ominous ways) what the hell he's even saying.

Cookie said...

Is this man for real??? Why is their never any outrage when anti-Christian barbs are thrown out all over the place? Why is it okay to slander Jesus Christ and this president, who pretends to be Christian (again wink, wink, nudge, nudge)would NEVER consider speaking out against that? And why is it Christians don't rise up in rebellion? Oh, maybe because Christianity really IS the religion of peace! This potus' sorry behind needs to be kicked into outer space come November!

Unknown said...

In reality, what did we really expect? This was the same President that had to be told by the Prime Minister of Japan not to apologize for Hiroshima/Nagasaki on his apology tour visit. Even now, his administration lackeys can’t get their story consistent. The favorite ploy by law enforcement is to separate the suspects to get their statements – any inconsistencies are a pretty good indication that they are covering up. A cover up? In the transparent Obama administration? I’m shocked I tell you!

After viewing many instances of his eminence gracing the talk show circuit, I have to wonder who has their legs tighter clamped, Mr. President or Michelle? I know if I sat like that the boys would be screaming for relief. As to his statement about the withdrawal from Afghanistan to be ‘on schedule” – I wonder if any of the fawning media will bother to go back and view his statements that the withdrawal would be done under the advice of the military commanders on the ground. Let’s see – they needed 45K troops for the surge, they got 30K that limited the offensive to one arm of the pincer, they wanted a full Afghan fighting season before pulling the surge forces, they were told they would be pulled midway. The Afghan forces are being left in the wind to deal with the Taliban welcoming committee in 2014.

Let’s go back a number of years, the Vietnam ‘War’ strategy was entirely run by the politicians – idiot policies and ROE’s handcuffed the ground commanders from interdicting and pursuing the enemy, strategy was determined by polls, and “Vietnamization” (remember that term vets?) was to an announced schedule, leaving Pvt. Nguyen hanging (sometimes literally) after meeting his new local VC governors (fyi – I’m allowed to be critical – I was there with the 1st Marines). And we wonder why the Afghan forces have these feelings of insecurity?
As for our military leaders, I do have to wonder. For the record, I never signed on to the nation-building concept for the Muslim world. I was for the “smash their toys” management method, and leaving a note about not having to come back again. First we have the Fort Hood debacle, then the pentagon bowing to outraged Muslims, see the link:

Now the Joint Chief of Staff for the Army is calling film makers and web site companies to ask if they would pull this joke of a film, Granted this film is a POS, but last I looked, we still had some of the 1st Amendment left – and to send the FBI out to take into custody the ‘alleged’ film maker????

To paraphrase Ronald Regan, “Some in the military spend their entire lives wondering if they are politically correct enough. The Marines don’t have that problem”. I stand with Alan West, “May the Angel of Death in the form of an American Bald Eagle visit you and wreak havoc and destruction upon your existence”.

SeaDog out.

John the Econ said...

@Earl Allison, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for any apology for Piss Christ:

"WH Silent Over Demands to Denounce ‘Piss Christ’ Artwork":

My question is: Where are all of those cutting edge artists who so bravely and selflessly used to confront the stagnant & staid values of conservative society with unimaginative and derivative drivel that was only designed to offend? Where is Piss Quran or Turd Muhammad?

Or is it that these people are only brave and motivated when they're working to offend people who they're certain won't actually hit back, or when there's a taxpayer check in it for them.

Mapplethorpe can shove crucifixes up his ass all day long if that makes him happy. It really doesn't bother me; my Savior is bigger than his anus and can't be the least bit hurt by anything he does. My problem with this "art" wasn't religious, but entirely political; It was the fact that money that I had worked hard to earn was was being taken away from me to be given to these vulgar frauds to do nothing more than purposely offend good people and then rub their faces in their creative excrement with the knowledge that they were forced to pay for it. If liberals want to gather in galleries and snicker at this kind of thing like 8-year-olds, that's fine with me. My only requirement is that it should be done on their own dime.

Which again, begs the real question: Where are all the courageous "creative" types now and why aren't they standing up behind Sam Bacile? And exactly how was what he did any different than what they used to do? The only difference I can tell is that Sam Bacile didn't get a check from the government to create his "art".

John the Econ said...

@Cookie, I think the answer to your questions should be obvious: The real "religions of peace" can easily withstand slander. Obama and the mullahs fear that Islam cannot withstand the truth.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

@John: Bravo - exceedingly well written, and spot on.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Earl Allison- "Murder" is such a harsh word. I think the "words which heal" president would prefer us to use the term "show kinetic displeasure."

@TrickyRicky- But remember, the only "War on Women" is conducted by conservatives who support freedom of religion (even if it forces some women to buy their own birth control).

@Emmentaler- I'm with you. I think this president sees our constitution, our freedoms, and our religious institutions the same way he sees the death of Ambassador Stevens and the attacks on our embassies - as "bumps in the road" on the way to a glorious destination which only he can see.

@Colby- Isn't it ironic that we'll never get an apology from the sorriest president ever?

@Chris- The appearance on The View is yet another insult. I've always felt that Barbara Walters' show is where liberal women go to show off their ideological burkas; covered head to toe, with no real information able to go in or out.

@Irene Peduto- Only days ago, Obama declared that he is the president of all Americans. So how can he then declare that the future holds no place for those who do not accept (or at least give lip service to) Muhammed as a prophet?

By the way, my punchline about "more flexibility after the election" wasn't just there for laughs - I absolutely believe that in a second term, we'd see actions from Obama which would make our heads melt.

@The Other Earl- Here's a link to a great article which puts his statement in context. One of Obama's favorite rhetorical devices is to make a statement, and then quickly make a counterbalancing statement. In college, he was considered a great debater because everyone ended up agreeing with him, but nobody actually knew what side he was on. Here, he was saying that no one anywhere should be allowed to slander The Prophet, but similarly, embassy-burning mobs need to show respect for other faiths. Yeah, that'll happen.

By the way, in the article I linked to, you'll see that in Islamic jurisprudence, "slander (ghiba) includes the mention of anything concerning a person (i.e., a Muslim) that he would dislike."

Jim Hlavac said...

Weirdly, the stricter a Muslim is the more likely he is to off a liberal -- they are far more heathen than the rest of us. Still, who the hell is he to tell me who and what I can denigrate?

Pete(Detroit) said...

When it comes to slander / libel cases, truth is still lteh ultimate defense, yes?
Mo took a 6 year old bride, but was kind enough to hold off until she was 9 to consummate, yes? So, he's a pedophile. Given to fits / spasm / seizures? Clearly had brain damage. Not sure how HE felt abotu bestiality, but some scholar has written a treatise on how to dispose of said goats... (Apparently it was Ayatollah Khomeini - I'd link but can't get there from work...)
Then there's all those rules about how and when to beat your wives and daughters. Saudi Morality police pushing school girls back into a burning building, it was better for them to burn alive than be seen w/ hair uncovered... I mean heck, you do NOT need to make stuff UP to criticize Islam, or Mo, or...

As far as The President's comment, he's so full of stuff his eyes are brown. Islam, and MoHamHead need to be mocked 3 ways - daily, relentlessly, thoroughly.
Just my $.02
Again - Muslims are not necessarily evil, Islam *is*...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Cookie- In his UN speech, Obama claims that it's not okay to express hatred toward Christianity. Yet he's certainly shown himself to be willing to literally tell Catholics to "go to Hell" if they cling bitterly to their faith rather than kneel before Obamacare.

And while Obama proclaimed himself to be a Christian at the UN, I don't really think listening to Jeremiah Wright condemn America for 20 years qualifies.

@Sea Dog- Sir, I have goosebumps (not even kidding). Great comments!

@John the Econ- Great points throughout. I am, by nature and nurture, an artistic sonofagun and will stand with the rights of artists to create pretty much anything and offend pretty much anyone. BUT...not using taxpayer money.

And where the heck is the Hollywood community regarding this huge expression of freedom issue? They'll defend the most graphic porn, come out in force in favor of pedophilia (yeah, I'm talking about you, Roman Polanski), release innumerable films and television episodes in which the bad guys are always rich white oil men who look like Dick Cheney, are psycho-Christians who hear voices, or are war-scarred veterans who become serial killers. But let a filmmaker (even a crappy, stupid filmmaker) be hustled away by the FBI for crimes against Islam and we don't hear so much as a mouse fart from Hollywood.

So here's an interesting thought to chew on: when people don't voice criticism of radical Islam out of fear they'll be murdered by the faithful, is that not slandering Muslims?

Per your point to Cookie, those who are least accepting of criticism are those who are fearful that their beliefs can't withstand such criticism.

Mike Porter said...

"The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam!"

I'm once again reminded of a joke here - a Muslim father and son are at a Star Trek convention, and the father begins to notice that the racial diversity of characters in the various films and displays does not represent Arabs in any way. He complains about this to one of the convention facilitators, and demands to know why.

"Well, sir, it is after all about the future."

As to that genuflecting asshat jackwad son-of-a-whore moron who only got elected on the astounding stupidity of an ignorant constituency showering in the warm piddle of a complicit press (who are equally if not more stupid, ignorant and misguided) - I say that the future does not belong to those who would desire to destroy the best hope for humankind. And though I am of the opinion that beheading would be too kind a punishment for such Cretans, I will settle for a good thrashing at the pols followed by a bankrupt and out of business MSM.

John the Econ said...

@Stilton, I think the answer to
the question of "Where is Hollywood" should be obvious. They are complete hypocrites and cowards.

As you pointed out, these supposed crusaders for freedom of expression and creativity have in the past demonstrated complete comfort with defending the most vile of human behavior with utter abandon, and continuously congratulated themselves for doing so.

So what if Roman Polanski drugged and raped little girls? No biggie. It's the value of his work that is more important. (In Continental Europe, that's called "sophistication") They were all so proud of themselves for standing up for that.

But now? (crickets)

At best, I can give Hollywood credit for common sense; After all, there's little doubt that the first A-lister that would stand up for Bacile would end up with a bounty on his/her head. But selling out to their own sense of survival completely wipes their moral authority on standing up for freedom of expression.

Clearly, all that talk about wanting to by martyrs for their art was complete crap. It was always about the money, and their hides.

The upside? We won't have to listen to any sanctimony anymore, for awhile anyway.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Jim Hlavac- I've got to say that I'm not totally unsympathetic to the idea that the offensive culture of the Left is damaging to anyone who is exposed to it. I think liberals do more to enrage the Islamic world than anyone else in our country.

@Pete(Detroit)- Facts are troublesome things. People who will kill you for stating facts are even more troublesome. Having the president side with those people is perhaps most troublesome of all.

@Mike Porter- You have an enjoyable way of expressing yourself! The future that Barack Obama was describing should be prevented at all costs.

@John the Econ- It makes sense to choose your enemies carefully. I've personally tried to limit myself to consequences like losing employment, losing friends, and being audited for the rest of my life. Getting beheaded? Okay, that one I continue to dodge.

But the Hollywood Left refuses to risk any consequences, failing to take a stand on anything more important than their own smug self-satisfaction.

Want to hear the Hollywood Left scream? Then let's all get behind Obama's UN speech and demand that the big-budget "Zero Dark Thirty" (about the killing of bin Laden) be shelved because it might slander Islam by suggesting bin Laden wasn't doing holy work.

Colby said...

@Mike Porter,
That should have been "MISTER" genuflecting asshat jackwad son-of-a-whore moron who only got elected on the astounding stupidity of an ignorant constituency showering in the warm piddle of a complicit press.

He's the prez; show a little respect here.

Barack Obama said...

Reason #268 to vote for me. If I'm coronated... I mean f**kin' ELECTED again, Maddona says she'll strip bare naked! F**k yeah! I can already see those fifty something washed up singer's saggy boobs! Oops! Here comes Michelle....

Unknown said...

@Barack If I wanted to see a naked washed up skank crack whore, I'd go to Tijuana - be better than voting for yo a**.

With respect, NOT

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Colby- Thank you for making sure that this site retains a certain decorum.

@Barack Obama- I'm still not entirely sure if Madonna is making this claim as a promise or a threat. But if you win a 2nd term, Mr. president, I also plan to strip naked and climb atop a bell tower with a bullhorn, where I will read from the Constitution until a drone takes me out.

@SeaDog- At this point in her career, there's nothing that Madonna can show me which would be distinguishable from beef jerky.

txGreg said...


Neither distinguishable from, nor preferable to beef jerkey.

PRY said...

Great stuff, my friends...and I see his poll numbers are rising in Ohio...I know I know....ya can't trust polls totally...but, if they do reflect a rise in his support, I just don't get it. Obviously, his disciples don't pay a whit of attention to world affairs or care about anything except their wallets.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@txGreg- True fact: Elizabeth Warren claims that her's resembles pemmican. (I didn't actually just write that out loud, did I?!)

@PRY- I'm not fretting about the polls yet. I take for granted that they're cooked, baked, faked, fudged and otherwise distorted. As Rush points out, watch the polls ONLY a week or so from the election: that's when the polling companies actually want something accurate on the record so it will look like they accurately called the election.

Still, there are a lot of people supporting Obama, and I have no idea what (if anything) is in their heads. I think it's probably as simple, and depressing, as their self-satisfaction at voting to give free goodies to the poor, the downtrodden, the people of color, the helpless women, the unemployed, and the college students who don't feel like paying back their loans but don't particularly want to work either.

Because it's more important to give than to receive...and if you're a liberal, it's even MORE important to give what wasn't yours in the first place.

JustaJeepGuy said...

Aw, now ya had to go and ruin the thought of beef jerky for me. Thanks a lot!

Velcro said...

I didn't see his speech, but just when I think he can't get any more offensive or ridiculous, he proves me wrong. Unfortunately.

Unknown said...

Good comments here.

@Stilton: My wife, who is 1/32 Karwankawa Indian, doesn't want anybody to know what her jerky is...

I think Hannity hit it on the head when he said what Obama is afraid of/covering up is that he doesn't want to be the first sitting President to have a terrorist attack on the US since 9/11 on his watch. His problem is that his lackeys are so inept that it is screaming 'cover up'.

Warren is a real piece of work, or probably more correctly, a real POS. Always helpful to remember she was the one Obama wanted to head the Consumer Protection Czarship. I wonder how the 'practicing law without a license, representing an Insurance company trying to screw the little guy and a steel company trying to avoid benefit payments will work out, not that you will hear anything from the MSM.

One last bit, the 'Palestinian Problem'. This was of the Arabs own making - if one remembers back when Israel was partitioned, the Arab nations told all the Muslims living in the territory to leave so that their armies knew that anyone standing before them was Jewish and they could kill every man, woman and child. As we all know now, the 'war' did not go well for the Arab army, and all the ones who left now had nowhere to go. Being basically in the stone age, where tribes were (and still are) the deciding social grouping, these 'refugees' were not welcomed into the fold, thus the refugee internment camps. The refugees were then left to their own devices, to survive best they could, because they were a constant reminder (and embarrassment) to the Arab nations. The preachings of Islamic charity could not overcome the tribe mentality, thus the beginnings of the abject poverty, lack of employment and hopelessness that festers the jihad today. However, the Jihadist's can't blame their fellow Arabs for their plight, there fore it falls on Israel and the west.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@JustaJeepGuy- Sorry about that.

@Velcro- Let's strip away the incidentals: Al-Qaeda kills our Ambassador, and the president's response is "the future must not belong to those who slander The Prophet of Islam." This would be like George W. Bush climbing atop the smoldering rubble of 9/11 with a bullhorn to say "I hear you, Al-Qaeda. The whole world hears you. And you were right to do this and America is sorry."

@SeaDog- From the very first reports, it's been clear that there's been a concerted effort in the administration to put daylight between Obama and this disastrous - and entirely successful - terrorist attack by Al-Qaeda (with Jay Carney practically laughing as he said the attack obviously had nothing to do with Barry's policies).

Regarding the "Palestinian Problem," you've summarized things nicely. For Mitt Romney to admit, in his super-duper secret tape, that the problem may well be unsolvable strikes me as only logical. I genuinely believe that Obama considers Israel to be the source of tensions in the Middle East, and he'd like to be rid of the distraction. Which is why he's done so much to help Iran get their bomb, while simultaneously making sure that the world knows that the United States government doesn't stand with Israel.

Necron99 said...

When it comes to anything 0 and his crew of libtard lackey say or do, as I said in the past, and am still saying in the present, "The only surprise is that anyone is surprised!"

I've been away for a while working my @ss off, but am always checking in and keeping tabs on the site. Thank you for your insight and timely comments Mr. Jarlsberg! And all the comments from poster too. It gives me "hope" that there will be a real "change" in November.

It has been said that 0 split the nation in half..., I disagree. If anything, he divided it into thirds. Those of us who knew he was a worthless piece of excrment & the worst thing that could happen to our beloved nation, those who have vission of rainbows & unicorns generated by the view presented from having their head up their collective @ss's & cool aid running through their veins, and lastly those who didn't have enough information to make an informed descission because they were swayed by a slick-pss MTV style media blitz ad campaign.

I have encourageing news from my end; several former libtards I know personally are voteing conservative this time around after living through nearly 4 years of their massive fail messiah!

Its like P.T. Barnum said about fooling the people...

But, to paraphrase Hunter S. Thompson, "I won't believe 0 is gone until I can gnaw on his skull. Only when I can gnaw on his skull will I believe 0 is gone!"

Unknown said...

@Necron99: I too have had a friend who was a die hard yellow dog Democrat for 50 years and had voted for the One, now to become practically a rabid conservative. Don't even mention Obama's name around him.

John the Econ said...

I can't decide if Madonna is campaigning for or against Obama:

“Now, it’s so amazing and incredible to think that we have an African-American in the White House . . . We have a black Muslim in the White House . . . It means there is hope in this country, and Obama is fighting for gay rights, so support the man.”

Gay rights? Of all the things that Muslims fight for, "gay rights" certainly isn't among them. The only debate in Islam regarding homosexuality is the proper manner in which they should be tortured before murdered.

Madonna later said through her rep, “I was being ironic. Yes, I know Obama is not a Muslim — though I know that plenty of people in this country think he is. And what if he were? The point I was making is that a good man is a good man, no matter who he prays to. I don’t care what religion Obama is — nor should anyone else in America.”

That's the problem when your whole shtick is built about being "ironic"; nobody knows how or when to take you seriously.

Necron99 said...

@SeaDog: here's the laundry list -

A friend who's an ageing hipster and still follows the "college crowd" & gets his "news" from John Stewart (I get my news from Carrot Top LOL), voted for 0 last time because (in his words), "I was kinda hopeing he'd do something with the economy." This guy went from seeing his family business go from 10 jobs a day down to 3 jobs a week! I refrained from saying, "I told you so." At this point I don't have to.

My MIL, who is a product of Libtard Arts Edu-ma-cation, and a rabid yella dawg didn't belive in 0's death panels until she found out my FIL's medical would be severly cut because he's retired and has Parkinson's. He won't make the grade as a worthy participant in the "new order". Now she's voting conservative. Again, I refrained from saying, "I told you so."

Then there's the young couple who claimed to be rabid socilists, and found it trendy to live on a commune while attending med school. He's an intern now and she's a stay at home mom..., and their both Jewish. His career is in jepordy & their faith is being attacked (don't even bring up 0 and Isreal in a conversation!) Once again, no "I told you so!" from me.

Etc., etc.,

What I find disturbing is the number of people who welcomed this foot on their neck, but didn't realize it was there until the pressure started bearing down.

And as for the big conservative win in November? Even with the handfull of converts I know who have seen the light, I still say, "Never under estimate the stupidity of the average American citizen."

Let's pray more of them come to their senses.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Necron99- There's still one source of sensory input that the libs can't control: reality. And she's been such a bitch for the past four years that even a few liberals are noticing.

And per Hunter Thompson's sentiments, I'm metaphorically in the same place. It will be huge when/if Obama loses the election, but I won't really be satisfied until he's out of the Whitehouse - and hopefully halfway across the Pacific in his new home.

@SeaDog- It's only 9:12 am, and your anecdote just gave me a flicker of happiness. That almost never happens before noon.

@John the Econ- There's no irony whatsoever about this woman totally talking out of her ass. Which I hope is metaphorical.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Necron99- Your most recent comment ended up in the "spam" filter for a short while (I rescued it). I have no idea what Blogger's algorhythms found offensive, because it's all great stuff.

Interesting to read how people's opinions change when their candidate's policies start to play out. I applaud your strength and discretion in not saying "I told you so," because no one wants to be reminded that they were a fool, and we sure as hell don't want them to vote for Obama again in hopes of proving that they were right the first time.

I wish there was some way that liberals could be shown that every failure of this president's policies was clearly predicted by conservatives years ago (even before his election). Not so much to rub their noses in it, but to alert them to the importance of credible alternate news sources.

Red said...

What SeaDog said.

Necron99 said...

@Stilton Jarlsberg, I know, right? But we understand getting libtards to do that is like expecting a 4 year old to comprehend quantum physics!

One of my big beef these days (among countless other beefs!) with these ostrich immitators is the fools who say, "Nobody wants to be on welfare."

If they pulled their heads out of the sand and examined the situation without the rose colored (red cool aid tinted) glasses on, they would see that those non tax paying loafers have created a career/life style out of living on the gubba-mint dole since LBfrackingJ's so called "Great Society"!

Further more, a friend of mine is a medico working for public health. She relates how every day mothers bring their 14 to 16 year old female progeny in to get contraceptives so they won't be in the same government dependant boat. But when the girls are alone in the exam room, they refuse it on grounds of; "I wants a baby so I don't have to work and can get my check!"

Just like every other slacker in their so called culture. Where do they learn this? Public school and the projects they call home.

Now tell me again about people not wanting to be on welfare?

My friend also goes on to relate how her supervisor ordered the staff to, "Refuse non ethnic patients (ie: caucasions & asians) but give complete service to ethnic patients no questions asked."

Now explain to me the definition of racism again?

Colby said...

@John the Econ,
You have pegged one of the greatest problems with a big chunk of our voting citizens. They take people like Madonna seriously. Makes me wonder what would happen if she suddenly found herself alone in a room full of Islamic terrorists. Would she still think they are cool and hip as she is being drug half naked through the streets of Benghazi after being brutally raped and beaten?

In another subject, has anyone heard any facts about all of obama's Executive Orders, and if he does indeed have the power to take control of the media and postpone the elections in a "crisis?" This is going around on the internet like mad. Supposedly, he can basically take full control of damn near everything, and the Congress can't do shit about it for 6 months. Snopes is useless, and I don't trust them anyway.

Ben Dover said...

October 26, 1980 - Gallup had Carter up by 8 points.

About a week later, Reagan won by 10 points.

I think most polls are designed to discourage people from voting. It's either, "My guy's so far behind, it's hopeless," or "My guy's kicking ass; my vote won't matter." And I personally know 4 people that voted for the moron in 2008, but are staunch Romney voters this time around. If this is any indication, O-buttma's in for a rough ride in November. I pray so!!!

JustaJeepGuy said...

@Ben Dover,
We can certainly hope that history repeats itself this election! The MSM has almost always been in the tank for the Demo_Rat, at least during most of my lifetime. I wonder when they will notice the feet of clay of their current new messiah. More importantly, I wonder when they will admit he has feet of clay.

Anonymous said...

"I disapprove of what you say, but WILL DEFEND TO THE DEATH your right to say it." -- Voltaire

Where is the Muslim Voltaire to defend the rights of invidels?

Oh, I forgot, he was killed for apostacy.


Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Red- Roger that.

@Necron99- I don't buy the claim that people don't want to be on welfare (with some exceptions, of course); I think they don't want to be chastized for being on welfare. Hey, who doesn't like free stuff? And at the point you come to think of those freebies as your entitlements rather than the kindness of strangers, then things start to fall apart.

The story about the teen mothers who pop out babies to collect their checks is heartbreaking - and to me exemplifies why liberal social programs are the farthest thing from true compassion.

And regarding racism in the system? Let's just say I have far too much knowledge about that situation, and the anti-white racism which is practiced openly and without shame in governmental agencies.

@Colby- I don't wish harm on anyone (okay, almost anyone, but that's my business) but I've got to say that Madonna could provide a useful object lesson by performing her show in a country run by the Muslim Brotherhood, and then letting the world see what happens.

As far as Obama grabbing control of everything, I'm not really buying it or worry about it. Let's just say that if he tried anything so bold, I don't think it would sit well with the citizenry. Ever since Todd Beamer said "let's roll," I don't think tough-talking assholes with boxcutters are going to get their way without a helluva fight.

@Ben Dover- I'm currently completely unworried about the polls. I think they're faked and spun so much that they're meaningless.

@JustaJeepGuy- I think we'll have to wait a very, very long time for the media to admit that Obama totally sucked as a president, and that they were largely to blame for putting him in office and propping him up. In fact, I think it won't really happen for at least a generation.

@Anonymous- Excellent point. Just where is the Muslim Voltaire?