Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Haapy Holidaays (originally posted 12/26/10)

Can it really be that a whole year has already gone by since last Kwanzaa? And the answer is "no it hasn't" - because Kwanzaa is a week long, and so it's only been 51 weeks since the last one. Still, it just doesn't seem like most of a year could have gone by so rapidly.

It is, of course, a time of warmth and nostalgia for all of us, filled with holiday traditions and memories. Hearing Bing Crosby sing
Nguzo Saba...watching "How the Grinch Stole Odu Ifa"...or settling in with a cup of hot cocoa to watch Jimmy Stewart in the classic "It's a Wonderful Walimwengu."

We only wish that everyone could keep the spirit of Kwanzaa in their hearts "24/7, 364 days a year" (as Janet Napolitano would say). It seems like it's
always our goal...and maybe this year we'll actually be able to stick to it!

But for now,
Hope n' Change wishes one and all a very Heri za Kwanzaa. And a Hotep Ase Heri!



PRY said...

Yes, mon, a haapy Wednesdaay to you, too....tonight me and me faamily observe the principle of Kwanzaa, the Nguzo Saba; Kwanzaa is aan aancient observaance, daating aall the waay baack to the time of the hippie! We light one of de caandles eaach night, aand reaalize we haave 6 more to go. Keeps us out of trouble. HAAPY KWANZAAAAA!!!!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Pry- I'm glaad you're taaking this holidaay seriously.

Necron99, AKA NecronNitey-nine said...

Yo! Wat up Dawg? It be Kwanza time a-gin! Yoo know wat dat meen homie, sebben month ah-puh-too-nities too grab sum utha brutha's nu swag he dun got frum Kweanza-klaws! AKA; Duh Prezz,Buh-rock 0-bumma. Yoo know he be down wit rep-uh-ratin' a brutha! Dat why we got's ta vote fo duh dim-mo-kratz, yo! Cuz dey be takin' duh money back frum dem rich white republican kahluminatee. Yuh know wut I'm sayin'?

Jim Hlavac said...

Your linguistic skills are to be admired. Wondered about, for sure, but admired none the less. I'm not opposed to knowing foreign languages, as you are no doubt aware (chcete mluvit ceske? quieres hablar espanol?) -- but a made up one? Esperantu lives!

though, now it occurs to me, and having heard the word so very rarely, is it "kwan-zah" or "kwan-zah-ah" hmm, double A's confuse me -- too many vowels. Something else sparkly and mysterious to wonder about this holiday season.

Cheerio, and Happy Boxing Day. I'm going to get my gloves.

Necron99, Cunning-linguist said...

As Barbara Billingsley said in Airplane, "I speak jive."

But seriously folks, that wasn't a fabricated post, but rather an amalgam of comments I overheard at work from some of my "diverse" co-workers.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Jim Hlavac- I believe the pronunciation is "kwan-zah" versus "kwan-zah-ah" unless you're in Hawaii, where every vowel gets its own syllable.

@Necron99- I don't doubt it. Though for what it's worth, the "seven principles" of Kwanzaa actually are pretty good ones. So I'm not mocking the ideas behind the holiday itself, just its artificially created nature.

Anonymous said...

Kwanzaa is a creation of Ron Everett (Dr. Maulana Karenga) in 1966. Everett said Kwanzaa is "secular humanism", and that religion is a myth. Mr. Everett is also a proclaimed marxist.
In 1971 Ron Everett was convicted of felony assault and kidnapping two women. What happened was that Everett, with two accomplices, kidnapped two women. They proceeded to rape and torture both women, for two days.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Anonymous- According to Newsmax, you're absolutely right about the criminality of the man who invented Kwanzaa as a pseudo-African holiday. Which would certainly suggest that Kwanzaa is no more legitimate than "Helter-Skelter Day" if it were created by Charles Manson.

REM1875 said...

Main problem with kwanza is that everybody is supposed to receive but nobody has to give, so I can see where this is a problem waiting for a govt solution.
Happy boxing day or feast of St Stephen for those who hate Christmas to end.

Mike Porter said...

Keeping an open mind, I went to my local Kwanzaa Hut to pick up a diversity pie. I was told that it was the latest in American cuisine, and so being one to ever pursue all things 'hip', I just had to try it. Needless to say, I was a bit shocked - imagine something like baklava, where the first layers are solid Judeo-Christian principles, followed with the blood, sweat and tears of the Founders, patriots and greedy capitalists, up which are layered the workers of the world smothered in class envy and racial slurry. Topped with a layer of elitist whipped frenzy, ever so sprinkled with fairy dust and baked in a unicorn fart powered oven, which is why it was not even half baked. It would appear that the incandescent light bulb in the Easy Bake had been replaced with a fluorescent.

So it's probably no surprise to discover that, as far as I'm concerned, these 'diversity' chimps can go cash in their world view for what they think that it's worth, and shove it up their own damned asses a nickel at a time. And don't make the rest of us watch. Get a room. I believe they call that 'prison'.

At any rate, merry Christmas and happy Hanukkah. And to those who have a problem with that, well, go hang yourself with a string of your favorite non-denominational holiday lights. It's the only form of birth control that I'm willing to publicly subsidize.

Pete(Detroit) said...

I disagree, Mike - I'd support (reversable) sterilization surgery for all parasites. And Kuck Fwanzaa anyway - we already have perfectly good seasonal religious festivities / props, either in thier old school original forms or those approved by the 2nd youngest, and even the occasional appearance of the rotating month of fasting. Or, for those of no particular persuasion, we have generic winterfests (and the occasional Winter Beer Fest!) sprinkled liberally throughout. I hardly think it is remotely necessary to invent more reasons to confuse people and sell greeting cards that no one uses anymore anyway. Just MY grumpy $.02 (yeah, having to move 4" of heavy wet stuff over 1/2" of slush has the day off to a good start, I tell ya... )

Irene Peduto said...

@SJ & the rest of the "posters" - where do I start?
Laughter at first at SJ's cartoon & commentary followed by Pry & Necron99. Didn't realize that Necron99's comments were real - makes it funny yet sad that such attitudes about reparations can still exist.
The info re: the founder's (Elliot) exploits of women were new to me - yikes! Loved the comparison to Helter Skelter, SJ!
I don't remember the principles but morality is always a viable option sans religion. I do recall - back in the 1980's when a colleague of mine jumped onto the Kwanzaa bandwagon. Up until then, I thought she was a smart & chic woman. I guess she felt a need to identify with the African-American community - but in doing so, she abandoned her Christian roots. Until today I wonder about her conversion because she was a moral woman who was beyond needing a secular holiday - or so I thought. I felt confused about her choice and still do.
@Rem1875 - all are to receive but none are to give? It does sound like something the Feds dreamed up.
@Mike Porter - diversity - now there's a disaster waiting to happen. Instead of a melting pot, they initiated a diversity standard - no one has to adopt American values any longer - just be YOU and all will work out - sure!!!
Thanks for the post SJ! Always love the surprise when I find it's there!

Irene Peduto said...

@Pete (Detroit) - I've no snow this morning but the winds & rain were so intense I feared another tree coming down - but not this time. Shoveling snow is one of my least favorite activities - too much of it & I'm back at the chiropractor.
Hope you fare better than I would!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@REM1875- The way all Kwanzaa revelers can receive but not give is simple: taaxes.

@Mike Porter- Well said! "Diversity" has become a dirty word to me in its political context. Real diversity should be the natural result of a colorblind society, not a beureaucratic edict that every group of people needs to look like a pack of Crayola crayons whether they can handle the jobs or not.

@Pete(Detroit)- I, too, would support reversible sterilization (with strings attached to how and when it can be reversed). It would have to be voluntary, and should come with a monetary "thank you" gift from society. Lefties wouldn't like this option being on the table, but surely they wouldn't deny women the right to exercise choice when it comes to their own bodies - right?

@Irene Peduto- Morality is possible without religion (albeit all too infrequent), and I'm in favor of anything which sincerely advances that goal. But I'm afraid that Kwanzaa doesn't quite fit the bill for me.

And wow, your use of the term "melting pot" strikes a sad chord in me. Remember when that was a definition of America instead of grounds for a lawsuit? Now we're a bunch of angry, Balkanized groups divided by race, creed, color, and political beliefs. And the greatest tragedy is the extent to which all of this is by design.

locomotivebreath1901 said...

Kwanzaa: another splintered festival; by commies, for commies.

Colby said...

Welcome to The United Staates of the Offended. I don't personally know much about kwanzaa; I guess I must be a (gasp!) racist. Still, I can't help but wonder the outcome if some white dude invented a holiday for white folks that would by sheer coincidence fall smack dab on MLK Day. Jesse Jackson's head would explode; Al Sharpton would have an aneurism. HRH Obama might even make a big deal about interrupting his luxury vacation to come save the country (i.e. - temporarily move his luxury vacation to the White House).

I guess I have always wondered why people who don't want to celebrate Christmas are still perfectly willing to take the time off from work. I'm sure the boss would let them work instead.


Anonymous said...

I think that one of the biggest problems facing our country is that Kwanza only get SEVEN DAYS while Christmas has TWELVE. We need to redistribute these days more equally.

Freddie Sykes

Necron99, The only White Man the Natives Trust said...

Ah yes, the Pygmy's sing! @Irene, you would not believe some of the other comments these individuals make on a daily basis. Its as if 0bummas election & re-election confirmed the libtard belief that "its impossible for people of color to be racists, only white males can be racist". Well, white females can be racist too (in their libtard mind set), if they reuse to "sexually submit" to any blacks that may take a fancy to them. Sandra Bernhart said so! These pieces of filth feel like 0bumma made their skin tone suits of armor that protect them from being held accountable for anything they say or do, no matter how vile or offensive. And the scaredy cat white libtards bow down and take it like champs "for the cause". Its pathetic.

I remember a few months back when the "Black girl set on fire by white KKK members for wearing 0bumma shirt" story was a hot topic for them. Now then, knowing that I am a Conservative Tea Party NRA type, their ring leader asked me what I thought about it in an attempt to 'race bait me' a la MSM interview style.

My response was, " Where did this information come from and has it been factually corroborated?"

I might as well been speaking Mongolian. They were so convinced the story was true and my doubt was rooted in the fact that I was "A White Iluminati Racist". LOL

(Wo days later burned black girl admitted it was all a lie and she set herself on fire because 'her baby daddy' was seeing some other girl. LMAO!!!!

Did I get even one grudging apology? Not a chance in Hell! They accepted the fact that the girl lied about what happened, but their indignant stance was "that it could happen" and that's what made their initial reactions to my comment "right about me".

I laughed in their faces and told them,sic "they were silly & ignorant, and further more that if there was any racism involved in this situation, it was coming from them. But not to worry. I wouldn't bring charges of harassment against them..., not because I was scared of them, but rather quite the opposite! Because I know they are scared of me! Scared of my knowledge. Scared of my wisdom. Scared of my values. And most importantly, scared of my lack of fear!"

I also told them, "not to be ashamed of being scared of me..., most sissies are."

And that's when they went into the 'old sheepish shuffling of feet' mode and muttered that I was right.

And that's my typical day at work in a "diverse" environment.

Colby said...

@Freddie Sykes,
Ooooo! You gone and done did it now. I feel compelled to make up lyrics to "The Seven Days of Kwanzaa."

Trying..... so...... hard.... to not..... be.............. racist.

It's a good thing I don't know diddly squat about kwanzaa.

"On the first day of Kwanzaa, my true love gave to me...."

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@locomotivebreath1901- I believe you mean "kaamies." (grin)

@Colby- In the very funny and hugely politically incorrect book "CLUMP: An American Splatire" the author gives a hint about the deeper meaning of this holiday by mentioning a song called "I Get A Week Off For Kwanzaa."

I can almost hear Bing Crosby singing it now...

@Freddie Sykes- And Black History month is the shortest month of the year! You're right - this is an injustice! Let's all get out and riot or something in support of this Halfrican/Hallmark Holliday!

@Necron99- I'm afraid that whenever I hear of a case of horribly overt racism these days (frequently on college campuses - or is that campii?) with the N-word scrawled on a door, or a noose hung, or threatening letters, I always assume that the "victim" is the perpetrator, looking to get sympathy, get out of a test, get a better grade, or some damn thing. And over the years, I'm unaware of having been wrong even once. This isn't because I like to think ill of anyone - it's just that as we age and pay attention, we get to recognize the signs.

It's sad, really. This sort of nonsense and lying helped drive my very good and talented wife out of a human relations job in public service. The whole thing was a nightmare of anti-White racism and institutional incompentence. But oh, they were diverse...

@Colby- I used to joke "it's only a few days until Kwanzaa and I haven't even started my shoplifting!" But I certainly don't say things like that anymore, because it would seem insensitive.

Irene Peduto said...

@Necron99 - I truly enjoyed your post re: the skin tone being as a suit of armor - you have learned to deal with a difficult situation by being unafraid of the many - have to say I think that's incredibly admirable.
@SJ - everything you say rings true - but your last reply to Colby was so funny - it really was laugh out loud - once again I'm reminded of your quick wit!

Necron99, "I'm just the cook." said...

Thanks Irene, I'm merely an observer and a commentator.

I sometimes tell them that I'm 'Old South Disinherited Nobility' and they should know better than to push me because I'm the product of over 200 years of selective inbreeding. LOL

But seriously, if these morons really pushed me I'd destroy them in such a way that they wouldn't even know it was happening until its too late.